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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point Two

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BCG 3.2    1-Nov-2003

Bad Company General Report

Everything is on track and running smoothly. Sorry I haven't been as active as
I should have been. I had a week's training course at work and a week off so
have been quite busy. Too busy to notice that Tripod managed to screw up the 
web site until a couple of days ago. I've found a work around for it and will
upload this version at the same time I send out this report so everything will
be back to looking normal!

KJC should have transferred Tarrasque to Zeb by now (sorry for the delay - it 
kind of slipped my mind). I still haven't written to Vic's player (that's the
next job on my list!)

We have completed rebuilding the first tower down to 400 AP to go. Titus and
Wysdumb have just crossed the Troll Bridge and are now three turns away so we
are still on target of 19th November for the Xanxu Construct. I will email you
all when Titus has constructed the thing and you can start issuing U 466 (APs)
orders. Rebuilding the last 400 APs of the Tower will take 1600 AP of actual 
work - with eight monsters there it should only take 200 APs each to get this 
done in one turn. (Of course since I wrote this the postal strike has started
so if I don't receive my turns this week Titus's arrival may be slightly 
delayed - Ed!)

My monsters continue to pull some good stuff out of the Voodoo Workshop under
the Tower. THere are now caches in at least 4 of the surrounding squares. As
before take anything except talismans.

Apart from the horrendous mangling of the layout and the disappearance of all
the important map pages it's been a quiet time on the site.

You Guys
Poor Karazam got a bit confused and had a disasterous couple of turns:

"I started one square away from where I thought I was. Therefore I spent a turn 
trying to loot and vandalise a non existent Koma Den.

"The next turn was a bit of a disappointment too. I attacked a Tomb of
Mumi twice. All I got was a handful of Zoingo Silver Coins and some
Silver Greaves. I then decided that the Koma Den was too tough 
for me, so didn't go in."

He was then going to head to the nearby Far Post to sell as much as he could
in order to raise the cash for the balloon ride over the Crystal Hills. With 
a bit of luck (and carefully written orders!) we'll have another Brother in
the Z before too long!

Whoops, looks like I missed the deadline for the next MIAB. I'll get a Group Ad
together for next time and try and write something too.

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