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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point One

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BCG 3.1    1-Oct-2003

Bad Company General Report

I've just been looking back through my folder of old Bad Company Reports to try
and discover what number this General Report should be. I found out that Richard
began renumbering them when he returned to lead Bad Company in the late 90s so I've
decided to do the same. So welcome to BCG 3.1!

To be honest we're in a pretty sorry state compared to 5 years ago but compared to 
5 months ago we're looking pretty good. We now have three players, 9 active Monsters
and a whole host of good quality inactive Monsters just waiting for adoption.

I will have updated the "Monsters" section of the Bad News web site by the time you
get this so that it includes all the Brothers in Bad Company. Where I know them I've
included the Monster's current stats too.

Here's a brief list of Brothers:

Baddu-Bac, Wyrmbreath, Magnus Groan, Karl Shadowborn, Wysdumb, Titus Groan - They're
all mine. I've adoped Titus because he is the original leader and Wysdumb because
he was the second leader of the group and a long time member.

Arix Svensvenazuk, Aspher Sverilix, Furry Fiend, Konstantin - these are all Alec's
monsters. From what he was saying before he disappeared he was short of cash and
not short of enthusiasm so I am going to keep these Monsters in safe keeping for
him for several months in case he wishes to return.

Vic - keeps cropping up in Temple Guardians' Tween Turns reports so I'm going to
drop her player a letter and see if we can bring another player back into the fold.

Argus, Lupus and Venus Groan - they are all in the Upper Starth region in a Fort at
68,195. They're all around 130 turn old and reasonably well armoured and developed
for their age. They are all adoptable.

Tarrasque the Mutant - probably the best of the adoptable Monsters. He's currently
staying at the Slaughtered Plodder in Waltan (the most southerly Far Town). He's a 
Temple Guardian.

Count Ugolino, Finnlay O Toole, Hafnor, Hawkwind, Jamison-Sped Time, Katrina Klaws,
Rictus Groan, Tharg, Ugie Bucket, Willy McToodle - These are all registered to
Richard Vine. I'm going to see if I can get in touch with him and get some stats for
these Monsters. Chances are they're all 100 - 200 turns old but should still be
worth taking on, Count Ugolino especially.

Silvarn Drak - registered to Gareth Farrow. He's still playing Monster Island but
not with a Bad Company Monster (unless I can persuade him otherwise). I will get
Silvarn's stats off him as soon as I can.

The Plan
The first thing we need to do is get more players into Bad Company. I'm going to 
ask friends if they would like to play Monster Island and offer them a Brother
to adopt rather than start a new Monster. Do you know anyone who might be interested
in trying a PBM game. We must also use Message In A Bottle to promote Bad Company
and get newer players interested in joining and adopting Monsters (just like Zeb!)

The Other Plan
On Monster Island things are going very well. We have 5 Monsters at the Tower site,
it's down to its last 1000 or so Action Points of rebuilding and Titus has just 
arrived at Dillon Station. It's exactly six turns from there to the site. He's going
to pick up some Somanda Dust and Black Lotus Leaves from the Far Post on the way.
With make up turns he should arrive at the site on the 9th November. He will create
the Construct. We should be able to complete rebuilding within a turn between the
six of us and so by the 17th Baddu-Bac will be able to call the Wizard and we'll be
Did I mention there's another Tower, two squares away, just waiting to be rebuilt?
It's got all the bits ready (except those that Titus is bringing). I'd like Montin
to Call the Wizard. I know he doesn't have the Knowledge yet but Once we get the
first Tower up and occupied he will be able to teleport to Xixmar's (390) which is
right next to Killar Far Town. Zeb, if he's got the Inform Zoingot order (you get
it by buying anything from the Bridge Trolls) then all he needs is a lot of Zoingo
coins and some APs to get the resident Lore Master to teach him the Zoingo Construct
order. We will pool our Zoingo coins together in a cache for him before he leaves
so he'll have enough - fine details to be worked out nearer the time. Hopefully this
time will also allow Screaming Mad Morris and Karazam to join us.

My four Monsters have been sitting round the Two Towers for some time now and have
been caching a fair amount of loot:

(10,221) - 2 Golden Dragon Statues*, Dragon Ichor, Iron Greaves, Crimson Chalice,
( 6,222) - Wooden Bodden Statue, Wooden Dragon Statue, Ancient Iron Spike, 
	   Wooden Kabuki Statue*, Locked Large Box
( 8,222) - Black Iron Helm, Red Iron Shield, Silver Helm, 2 Iron Shields, 
	   Damaged Silver Greaves, Unreadable Scroll, King's Spiked Gloves, 
	   Opened Large Box, Iron Gauntlets

* Everything is there for the taking (whether you want to use or sell) except one of the
Golden Dragon Statues (I want this for Wyrmbreath to raise a Dragon) and the Wooden Kabuki
Statue (as this is going to Baddu-Bac so he can reach the next religious rank).
A word about Talismans of Fuvah - If you find it you can keep it. There was a plan in the
past that they should all be passed to one Monster so they could advance quicker - well to
be honest if you've worked for it then you should reap the benefits. Put it in a Temple
treasure room ASAP.

Web Site
Thanks all for filling in the Turn Report for your Monsters. I've input them into the 
database and they should now be up on the site for everyone to admire! However I did forget
one important field - Turn#. I've updated the form to include this now. 

I will continue to improve the Map Input form - hopefully this will make it easier for
players to keep our map updated.

You Guys
Well I've waffled on a lot. What do you have to say. Once these Towers are built I'm easy
about what happens next. I know there are a lot of things my Monsters want to get up to.
As always if there's any piece of equipment you need, or advice or help then let me know.
Some monster is bound to have what you're looking for.

Also if you should meet other players along the way could you let me have their addresses.
I get the feeling the Island isn't as alive as it used to be and keeping as many players
in our loop as possible may keep this game interesting.

A quick good luck to Tony for the editorship of MIAB. It's been long overdue. I'll even
try and write something for the next issue (along with all the other things I've been 
meaning to do). I'll look out as many contact names and email addresses as I can for you
Zeb let me know which Monster you'd like to adopt (I'm suspecting Tarrasque) and I'll get
him transferred to you. Keep us up to date on your other Monster(s). As soon as they get
near a Temple we can have someone teleport over to him and get him initiated. A Bad Company
Brother in the West - that'll put the wind up 'em!
Till next time, Swabber and Swoopstake!

Since I wrote the above I've been rather ill so I haven't had the chance to do as much as I
would have liked regarding Monster Island. Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week and can
get back on the ball.

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