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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three Point Three

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BCG 3.3    1-Jan-2004

Bad Company General Report

Right the first General Report of 2004. Everything has gone well
so far so this year should see us keeping ahead of the game. There
is some new programming coming into the game very soon thanks to 
TMP Jr so I expect Bad Company to be at the head of the charge to
explore these places and recover the new treasure!

I wrote to Alistair Grove at the end of November but haven't had a
reply. I guess it's still just the three of us! I have been e-mailed
by a few new players. I am trying to keep their interest up and get
them into the idea of following Fuvah. Maybe they'll decide to join.
We'll see.

Despite my best efforts to cock up not one but three turns we have 
finally rebuilt the first of our two towers. Xylmix the Wizard is
in residence and ready to hand out knowledge. Unfortunately all the
spells and skills he offers have not yet been programmed (boo) so
we can't use any of the stuff yet! Here's what he has to offer:

This is Tower #397

14 Rooms, 6 Doppleganger Mongers, Defenses top Notch, Tower Like New

Tower Stay
TI 7  8 Ocs
TI 5  11
TI 3  22
TI 1  80

Sell To Tower
Black Voodoo: Good
Temple Treasure: Poor

Buy from Tower
P1 Ancient Silver Spike 325
P2 Iron Stein           210
P3 Wooden Bodden Statue 125
P4 Great Tomk Necklace  125
P5 Silver-plated Armour  90

Tower Magic
TX 7 Certain Direction 285
TX 8 Charm Foe         425

Tower Instruction
TK 2 Stinky Lotus Elixir 435
TK 4 Statue Carving      600
TK 6 Wizard Magic         25

Collect Bounty
Brass Rings     31
Brass Amulets   35
Blackbone Rings 32

There are still two more Towers programmed in the game that haven't 
yet been rebuilt (398 and 399). I'm betting that again most of the
knowledge won't have been programmed but it's all we've got. 
This is the plan:

Baddu-Bac and the other 5 of muy monsters have teleported to Tower 
393 and travelled south to the Temple of Fuvah. Baddu-Bac will spend
a couple of turns Xfering the Talismans into the Treasure room and
hopefully reach the point where he can become a Mage or Warrior. The
others are going to visit Tower 395 Xoxmox to learn the knowledge from
there, probably via Tower 390 and the Far Town to sell some gear to 
raise the money first.

This should give Montin enough time to get the Xanxu Construct and
Call Wizard blurbs. He'll need to teleport to Tower 393 and visit 
Temple XI (5S 3W) (number 669). Wyrmbreath has left 30 Gold Zoingo Coins
in the Storeroom. He will need to take 350 oculars too (also in the
storeroom) to buy another 25 from the Far Exotica. Then he can teleport
to Tower 390 and head west into the Far Town where he can visit the
Exotica and the Railway station. Once he's done this let me know and we
can all teleport back to Tower 397 and get the second Tower done in a
matter of weeks (all depending on Ed issuing the correct orders of 

Happy New Year. On the 3rd of January Baddu-Bac will have been on the 
Island for 12 years. It's a testament to the scale of the game that he
still hasn't found every item, met every creature, visited every location
or learnt every blurb. There's always something new out there, it's our
job to be the first to find it and the first to brag about it!

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