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Last updated on 17-Jul-2015

Welcome to the Monster Island News archive. This is a vast repository of newsletters, Rule books and other Monster Island releated documentation.

Latest News

17-Jul-2015 - Updated Java Island Mapper to read scrying information from turn sheets.

22-Jun-2015 - Updated Java Island Mapper to read KAOS files (an old DOS map editor). Also uploaded the KAOS mapper to the Mappers section.

27-May-2015 - Updated Java Island Mapper to read Edit MI files (created by the old DOS map editor) and Merge/Diff two maps.

27-Apr-2015 - Added Java Island Mapper.

26-Jul-2010 - Added volume 2 and volume 3 of the Bad Company General Reports.

23-Jul-2010 - Added Monster Island Bulletin Board.

22-Jul-2010 - Added Howling Mad Gav's Zargnoth Adventure.

05-Mar-2010 - Thanks to Bill Acherson who thought of me when clearing out his house found some Kabuki Kronicles I didn't already have.

23-May-2008 - I've been working on completing the Bad Company Reports. I've got up to the end of Titus Groan's first Leadership.

22-Sep-2007 - As you were all so appreciative of the MIAB release I've spent an hour scanning in the Kabuki Kronicles that I received from Michael Pan last year.

17-Sep-2007 - I've rescanned my entire collection of Message in a Bottle to make them more readable and complete the set. I've also altered the way they are listed so that you can see when they were published more easily. I'll be updating the other newsletters and journals to match this new style over the next few weeks.

18-Mar-2007 - With the recent rekindling of interest in the game I've actually decided to add some more to the archive. Thanks to Chuck Miro who pointed me towards the Way Back Machine's copy of the Electronic Campfire. If you have any old newsletters or journals you'd like to share with the Monster community let me know.

20-Apr-2006 - Next to arrive are the Monster Island Newsletters produced by players of the game. These include Lotus Leaves, Blood Moon Tribune and White Lotus Leaf.

08-Apr-2006 - I've received the packet of goodies from Michael Pan (cheers!) First up the Monster Island Journal written by the designer of the game himself.

19-Jul-2004 - Beyond the Beach is now available for those who wanted it.

05-Jun-2004 - After much neglect the Archive site has had a revamp and a move to my new domain.

03-Aug-2003 - Not a lot this month as I've been on holiday; just a couple more Bad Company General Reports.

06-Jul-2003 - Added a mirror of the email newsletters from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page. Plus some more Message in a Bottles.

07-Jun-2003 - The Rules are now on-line here.

05-May-2003 - Added a mirror of the excellent Zargnoth Journals at Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page

03-Apr-2003 - I've split this site from the Bad News site when I realised that the 66 issues of Message in a Bottle would be too big to fit in my limited 20MB of space. Many of the links are not yet valid (anything with a (0) next to it!).

e-mail me at with any news, suggestions and comments.

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