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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two Point Three

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ID: BCG3 (Vol II)
Date: 23.02.1998
Issued by: Titus Groan


How's it going lads? If what I see is anything to go by then things are going pretty well, or at least they were! My apology for the delay with this General Report, but as you will see (later) I've had some serious stuff to work out before releasing this report. I won't start with this because plenty has happened since the last report, though bear in mind that the contents of this report are TOP SECRET and the priority is URGENT. Restrict the information in this report to only those Brothers listed in this report, and deal with it promptly - Brothers lives will depend on it!

But fust ve haff som qvestions ve vont you to ansver....


  • When did Midg Sanctify Temple II at (194, -10)?
  • When did Vapnajokul Sanctify Temple VII at (168, 89)?
  • When did Aspher Sverilix storm the HoS Fort at (130, 4)?
  • When did Arix Svensvenazuk become Guardian of Temple VIII at (100, -54)?
  • When did Finnlay O'Toole become Guardian of Temple IX at (118, 14)?

Let's try to whittle down some of these questions, eh? I'm going to print them at the start of every General Report until they're gone. C'mon lads, it's for the History!!!


Ok, major moves on this front. Gareth Farrow is definitely back on The Island and Mark Bird might be. We have all 3 of Mark Simmons' old Brothers, O'Malley has been reassigned and we have a couple of new Prospects. Here's our status;

Titus GroanRichard VineActive IV
WyrmbreathRichard VineActive VII
WysdumbMark PhillipsonActive III
TarrasqueMark PhillipsonActive X?
O'MalleyShawn JessopActive
PerrinShawn JessopActive
Baddu-BacEd WebbActive II
ShadowbornEd WebbActive
BosworthPaul DixonActive
Count UgolinoChris ThomasActive
Jamison S'Ped TimeChris ThomasActive
HafnorJoss AttridgeActive
Dreigg DuffJoss AttridgeUnknown
Aspher SverilixAlec BatemanActive
Arix SvensvenazukAlec BatemanActive IX
Furry FiendAlec BatemanActive
KonstantinAlec BatemanActive
Silvarn DrakGareth FarrowActive I
MontinGareth FarrowActive VI
Finnlay O'TooleMark BirdActive? VIII
Willy McToodleMark BirdActive?
Katrina KlawsMark BirdActive?
VicAlistair GroveActive
VapnajokullSebastian BrixActive V
Kittusa ClawsSebastian BrixActive
ShadowtemptressSteven FoxActive
DeathwreakerThomas SimmonsActive
McSpreaderClive EmersonActive
DetritusMark DuncanActive

All known inactive Brothers have now been removed from the list, and as you can see what we're left with doesn't look bad. We've definitely made progress over the last couple of months. Well done Brothers! We no longer have an inactivity problem.

No, the problem has shifted somewhat. The thing is we are still too small! 25 - 30 Brothers ain't bad, but it ain't good either. I would be happy to see us stabilise around 40. To this end I need two volunteers. We could use a Brother to run an advertising campaign in MIAB to get us some more Prospects. Such a Brother would probably require a printer. And I need another Brother to organize Prospects, both their Initiation and information requests.

In the event that no Brothers volunteer I'll (continue to) do both jobs myself, but I could use your help! I really have got a lot on at the moment and thus am not able to sit down with Prospects and explain to them how The Island works. I don't want this any more than they do - Prospects are important. So if any Brother wants to deal with Prospects for me I would be very grateful indeed.


With any luck we might have a decent newsletter soon! Contact either; Alec Bateman, **********************************************, or contact Chris Thomas, **********************************************************.


I still haven't got a printer, but send me a PC disk and I'll return what reports I've compiled. If you require a map then contact; Paul Dixon, ********************************************.


There are some pretty tough cookies out there, and although not the toughest they don't come more determined than Wysdumb. To the best of my knowledge he is the first Monster to clear out a Crypt! What's more he did it alone and in relative secrecy to ensure he got the clearance. A fine job. Wysdumb obtains the first Gold Standard (but ya forgot to tell me when ya did it, so I can't put it on The Log yet)!

After Wysdumb finished off the thirteenth Skeletal Jossman he explored a secret alcove in the Crypt (for religious relics) and got a Shadow Sword, Fuvah Statue, King's Spiked Helmet and 350 Ocs. It has to be said this treasure is disappointing - considering the massive effort required to clear a Crypt. Having said that I'll have a crack at the same Crypt (with Wyrmbreath) as I do think we need to verify the standard of treasure gotten from these places. So well done Wysdumb - but send me the date for The Log!


What can I say? Sanctified on 29.01.1998 by Baddu-Bac. Also present were me, Count Ugolino, Tarrasque, Bosworth and Hafnor. ShadowCult provided Howling Mad Gav II and Pretzel. Nice job lads, the Teleport Spell works a treat. Looks like it's better than we thought too - no nine Temple restriction, and you can even teleport to Temples you haven't previously visited!


This spell relocates you from one Temple of your god to any other. Issue the CAST SPELL order: C 757 (Temple#). It costs 1 Action Point and 1 Spell Point per square travelled. (Twice this if you're mounted). N.B. The gods make no guarantees either expressly or implied that all your luggage will arrive with you at your destination.

Awesome, eh? If you are not yet in Zargnoth I urge you get there with all possible speed. Don't stop for anything. All you need is a Yell of 300, 500 Ocs and a couple of Ropes. There is no reason why a Monster just 50 Turns old can't get into Zargnoth with the proper work on his Yell. This is a gift for young Brothers. Once you have the Teleport Spell you just Teleport back to the nearest Fuvite Temple and Kowtow for 83 APs. You get all your Spell Points back enabling you to Teleport to the next Temple on your route the next Turn!

In less than 10 Turns you could visit all Temples up to your eleventh, whereupon your Spell Points don't get restored when you Kowtow so you have to wait for them to regenerate - even so at the rate of 40+ SPs a Turn! You could achieve in just weeks what it took us Old Timers years to get! 65 Spell Points ia all you need. I wouldn't think twice about it if I were you....


Ok Brothers, listen up - this is serious. I'll give you the story so far. After we rebuilt Temple X the official plan was to leisurely hunt the odd Darksider in The West whilst getting all remaining Spells and the best possible equipment.

What most of you didn't know was that we were busy formulating a cunning plan to seriously impede The Dark. Now ordinarily I don't speak about our Darksider intelligence unless you are directly involved in killing Darksiders, but The Dark have forced my hand. Due to events I'll cover later I have no option but to tell Brothers what we had planned as it is now directly relevant to all Brothers. Needless to say this information is Top Secret! Don't breathe a word of it to any non-Brother. Anyway, let's get on with it.

Eternal Void regrouped at The Jolly Ogre with a view to crossing The Hills. Darksider intelligence revealed they were rebuilding a Fort within 2 Turns of the ShadowCult Temple (533), so the thinking was that we might start The Crusade by taking out their Fort. The Jolly Ogre is the best place to cross to get to Temple X, so their Fort is an ideal base for Bad Company operations in this area. We thought liberating the Fort would be a poke in the eye for The Dark as well as being a good strategic move.

Since we weren't under any pressure we were taking things relatively slowly and nothing was sorted out. But several Brothers were going to do something in about 10 Turns, and the Fort was looking like a good place to start.

But as I said, The Dark have forced my hand. Before we had a chance to hit their Fort word leaked out about the fact that Bad Company have rebuilt a Temple in Zargnoth. This information almost certainly came from ShadowCult. How you treat ShadowCult from this point onwards is up to you.

What concerns me is what's happening now. Darksider intelligence reveals Eternal Void are on their way over The Hills from The Jolly Ogre. They have the express intention of looking for Fuvites in Zargnoth using Divine Monster. Now I don't need to tell you that if they cross at The Jolly Ogre it's only going to be a matter of time before they locate Temple X. They hope to find our Temple and search the surrounding area for Ruins, in order to rebuild a Darksider Temple.

The situation is that since we were almost ready to start The Crusade anyway, we will do so now as a response to Eternal Void's operations in Zargnoth. We cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war! Quietly, mind....

If you intend to join The Crusade then be sure to contact me as soon as possible. I can't stress this enough - in fact it's better that you phone me as there are always new developments. I am not telling any Brother to fight, nor am I going to ask! Even asking Brothers to do things puts a certain amount of pressure on Brothers to participate, especially if it's done publicly. But if you want to get involved in fighting, for whatever reason, it must be your choice.

You may be thoroughly committed to The Crusade and hell bent on killing Darksiders wherever you can find them. You may not care about Darksiders but be interested in fighting for the experience in its own right. You may not want to fight but feel compelled to defend the Zargnoth Temple (or our Fort - see later). You may want to protect younger Brothers from Darksiders. Whatever the reason it must be your choice to fight - you must contact me. Don't forget, because I can't ask you!

We have a plan which will involve Brothers in roles ranging from high risk assaults to relatively low risk reconaissance and patrol. Even if you can't fight because you are not sure of your skills, there are still a number of ways you can help - possibly the most important of which is brewing White Lotus Elixir and Poison for use in the front line. Do not underestimate the power of support. A Brother that spends his time brewing Elixir is just as useful as the Brother that gets the kills!

Since Brothers' lives are on the line I can't be specific about what we plan to do now. Only myself and a single other Brother are definitely in The Crusade - I can't name him because Void may attempt to Divine his location. If it comes down to it I'm going to take care of The West and he'll take care of Zargnoth, but hopefully more Brothers will get involved shortly - otherwise it could be a damned short Crusade, heh, heh. I look forward to it regardless. We'll be moving out in about 5 Turns.

Keep an eye out for the following, and it goes without saying let me know if you see any Darksiders, especially around The Jolly Ogre or in Zargnoth;

Kal Torak 1032 ? Void 1995
Guybrush Thrpwood 1952 ? Void 1995
Ghetto Slime 3690 ? Void 1995
Vuzzy Vace 4010 ? Void 1995
Barry Manilow 4831 ? Void 1995
Gringmar 6605 ? Void 1995
Semtex 8425 ? Void 1995
Eternal Slimes 9467 ? Void 1995
Azrael Darkside 1044 Arrowhead Void 13.03.1996
Hairball 2702 ? Void 1995
Balthasar 3706 ? Void 1995
Harry Hammerfang 4652 Blshng Lady Void 15.11.1997
Cymrych 6078 ? Void 1995
Osidiradadumpf 7104 ? Void 1995
Apocalypse 8530 ? Void 1995
Rumata 9968 x Arrowhead Void 31.10.1997
Drekhead 2828 x Arrowhead Void 05.09.1997
Thelma Twofang 2890 x Arrowhead Void 31.10.1997
Puke 5353 Arrowhead Void 01.07.1996
Carol Vordeman 7090 Arrowhead Void 20.05.1996

Note that the x signifies that the date on which the Darksider was last spotted does not apply to where the Darksider was last spotted. In all other cases it does. Though they could be anywhere between their Fort, The Jolly Ogre and Zargnoth by now. It's not much, but I have a feeling we'll be finding out more soon.


It's obvious given the level of Darksider activity in our area that fighting is going to break out soon. What I didn't realise was just how soon! Today (25.02.1998) Wyrmbreath spotted a Darksider (HoS) very close to our main Fort. Naturally Titus armed himself immediately and set off to resolve the situation. Why am I telling you this? Consider it a warning....

Titus has a Dragonbone/Great Fuvite Sword, Silver Plated Armour, Dragonhide Shield, King's Spiked Helm, Greaves and Gauntlets, along with Skin 7 (AC 39). I thought for this occasion the Dragonbone Sword would be appropriate. I set Enchant Weapon and Battle Dexterity, and used a dose of Shingle Poison just before the attack. I even removed my Missile weapon to go straight in with the sword.

You'd expect a short fight, but this is a primary example of what can go wrong in a combat situation. I had about 15 minutes to analyse and return 2 Turns in order to get them in before the last post (essential). This is not an uncommon problem. But I'm sat here now, looking at my last Turn and I notice I was only on 20% Health! Oops....

The moral of this story is don't forget to tie your bloody bootlaces before you try a triple jump. This was a senseless error, and the only saving grace is that I'll probably get another strike in before the Darksider realises what's going on. Since it's out in the open with Titus it's survival chances are nil - but that's not the point! Under different circumstances a mistake like that could have cost me dearly. Be aware that even simple situations can turn nasty quickly when fighting other Monsters! Keep your wits about you! Of course I'll let you know what happens....

Bear in mind that HoS aren't going to like what I just did, regardless of the outcome, and may well retalliate. Strathel Wurgess told me specifically not to kill any more HoS members so I guess this might try his patience. So make sure the main Fort is Guarded when I leave! One more thing. Who left those 6 Great Dark Swords and 2 Great Light Swords in that Fort? Lunacy! Get rid of them as fast as possible! If Darksiders found out about that we could expect an attack regardless, and don't forget you can take items from a Fort without entering it! Always PR stuff like that - never leave it lying around.

Contact me at Richard Vine, ******************************

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