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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two Point Two

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ID: BCG2 (Vol II)
Date: 11.01.1998
Issued by: Titus Groan

Hello Brothers. I trust things are going well? Things have been moving somewhat slowly given the christmas delays, holidays and what have you. Still, it's time for an update. But before I start I have a few questions that need answering for The History. If you were present at any of these events then please let me know the required information;

  • When did Midg Sanctify Temple II at (194, -10)?
  • When did Vapnajokul Sanctify Temple VII at (168, 89)?
  • When did Aspher Sverilix storm the HoS Fort at (130, 4)?
  • Who stormed the Fort owned by UGLI (or HHC?) at (195, 68) and when?
  • Who is Guardian of Temple VIII at (100, -54) and when?
  • Who is Guardian of Temple IX at (118, 14) and when?

Ok, where to start? We're making progress on the inactivity front. Here's a quick review of our status at this point in time;

Titus GroanRichard VineActive
WysdumbMark PhillipsonActive
TarrasqueMark PhillipsonActive
O'MalleyMark PhillipsonInactive (reserved)
Baddu-BacEd WebbActive
BosworthPaul DixonActive
Count UgolinoChris ThomasActive
Jamison S'Ped TimeChris ThomasActive
Jobfinder TimeChris ThomasInactive
HafnorJoss AttridgeActive
Dreigg DuffJoss AttridgeUnknown
Aspher SverilixAlec BatemanActive
Arix SvenSvenazukAlec BatemanActive
Furry FiendAlec BatemanActive
KonstantinMark SimmonsInactive (reserved)
Karl ShadowbornMark SimmonsInactive (reserved)
WyrmbreathMark SimmonsInactive (reserved)
MalachorMark BrownInactive
Silvarn DrakGareth FarrowActive
MontinGareth FarrowActive
BobGareth FarrowUnknown
Finnlay O TooleMark BirdUnknown
Willy McToodleMark BirdUnknown
Katrina KlawsMark BirdUnknown
VicAlistair GroveActive
VapnajokullSebastian BrixActive
Kittusa ClawsSebastian BrixActive
KarazamEric FulfordUnknown
ThargBob CroucherUnknown
PerrinShawn JessopActive
Garag The SlayerSteve BrownUnknown
ShadowtemptressSteven FoxActive
DeathwreakerThomas SimmonsActive

I want Wyrmbreath, Aspher wants Konstantin, Baddu-Bac wants Shadowborn and Perrin wants O'Malley. Our target is at least 25 Brothers active by the end of January. Once again, if you can get any Prospects who want to join Bad Company then please do. We need all the new recruits we can get. Fuvah will look kindly on those Brothers that go forth and get us Prospects. He will give you more treasure next time you visit dark places, honest.

Ok, so activity is under control. Next up are the reports and maps. Unfortunately I miscalculated how much christmas was going to cost this year, so I won't have the printer for a while - though I will have it within 2 weeks. When I have the printer both reports and maps will become available. Many reports are already complete, but the remaining reports should be available by February if all goes well. I still don't know who is going to be doing the group newsletter, or even if we will have one, so if anyone is interested in doing this let me know as soon as possible. It could be a good thing if someone put a bit of effort into doing it. Tell you what, when Brothers want to speak to other Brothers I'll put entries in a forum at the end of BCGns - if a Brother wants to do a newsletter then we'll look at this again in the future.

A few Brothers were interested in obtaining a copy of the mapper I use as I think I have now figured out a way to get an installable version on disk. In theory we could go ahead and try it out to see if it will work for Windows 3.1 and Windows '95, but it would be best to wait until I've finished adding the remaining data so we wind up with compatable mappers. I will try and do this as soon as possible, though the other reports have priority as they can be accessed by all Brothers. Reports now available are;

  • BCAn: The Activity List elsewhere in this report.
  • BCDLn: The Darksider List. A list of Darksiders along with numbers, etc.
  • BCFn: The Fort List. A list of all known Forts with owner, location and builder.
  • BCGLn: The Group List. A list of all known groups with numbers, totems,etc.
  • BCHn: The History. A comprehensive history of Bad Company.
  • BCIn: General Information. Miscellaneous information of general interest.
  • BCLn: The Log. Lists the awards obtained by Brothers.
  • BCTn: The Temple List. A list of all known Temples with location, sanctor, etc.

Reports I'm still working on (in this order) are;

  • BCBIn: The Blurb Index. Use this index to choose Blurbs you want.
  • BCILn: The Inn List. A list of Far Inns with stats.
  • BCFLn: The Forge List. A list of Far Forges with stats.
  • BCTLn: The Town List. A list of Far Towns with stats.
  • BCEn: The Equipment List. A list of all known Items along with information.
  • BCCLn: The Creature List. A list of all known Creatures along with stats.

I hope it won't take too long to finish the reports and make the mapper available, but I've got a lot on so don't hold your breath. My priority at the moment is completing Mission X and sorting inactivity out. Still, the map data itself will be available to Brothers as soon as I get a printer so it's not all doom and gloom. Before I forget, if you have any Blurbs of Creatures in Zargnoth please pass them on.

Mission X is going well. If all goes according to plan then we should have Temple X Sanctified in about 2 Turns. Once you have visited a few Temples you should look to getting into Zargnoth to visit Temple X as you'll progress faster with the Teleport Spell.

As far as Holy Crusade II is concerned, interest is probably sufficient to warrant a coordinated effort to hunt and kill Darksiders. Let me know if you spot any Darksiders or hear of any likely haunts. Those of you that are interested in The Crusade should take some time to get yourselves into shape before we begin. Make sure you have decent weapons, armour, Spells, and enough White Lotus Elixir/Leaves to survive a sustained attack. To give Brothers time to do this we'll start The Crusade some 10 Turns after the Sanctification of Temple X.

Tactics will differ from Brother to Brother, but I will be distributing BCDLn, BCTn and BCFn to help locate Darksiders and coordinate attacks. The first battles are likely to be skirmishes, building up to larger more coordinated attacks as more Brothers join The Crusade.

Although having said that our intelligence has indicated that some Darksiders are involved in a project that we could do worse than attempt to foul up, so the opportunity does exist to coordinate attacks from the word go. If we managed to take out this particular Darksider project it would drastically increase our notoriety. If you intend fighting Darksiders in the forthcoming Crusade and are looking to cause serious damage to The Dark then contact me immediately to discuss the situation.

Don't forget there are many reasons to attack Darksiders. It tests our fighting ability. It increases our notoriety. It can get us new Forts. It can get us cash, supplies, weapons, armour, treasure and Talismans. It could help us advance towards Priest. And some Brothers have old scores to settle with The Dark. As far as attacking other Fuvites and Lightsiders goes, I'll leave this up to your discretion.

Right, that wraps it up. Now is the time to tell me if you have any ideas or plans, as after Mission X is finished we will be able to concentrate on what we are going to be doing in the future. Whatever you want to do, I will try to provide at least some resources to enable you to do it more efficiently. The next general report will be out on Sanctification of Temple X. Take it easy!


Baddu-Bac is thinking about compiling Brothers stats, so write to him if you're interested in knowing if your stats are good or bad at Ed Webb, ***************************************************.

Chris Thomas (Count Ugolino and Jamison) has asked me to let you know he's now online at; ******************.

If you want to contact Brothers for any reason, or just want to make a statement about what's going on, or whatever, I'll put it in the forum. Contact me at; Richard Vine, ***************************************************.

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