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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two Point Four

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Wotcha Brothers, how's it hanging? It's been a while since I've been in touch with some of you so drop me a line and let me know how you're getting on. I'm always interested to hear what Brothers are up to. And since we are all doing different things these days I haven't a clue what you're doing unless you tell me!

There's a lot of news to catch up on, and it's a mixed bag. Ups and downs, but that's the way it goes, eh? To start with I'll cover Holy Crusade II which is just about over. If you can help me out with dates on the following events then please do, otherwise I can't update BCHn/BCLn (History & Log) properly.


Hopes were high for Holy Crusade II, but unfortunately there were no major kills. Having said that we achieved our primary goal and now own 7 Forts - here's what happened (briefly);

I killed Finn Po Noet at Darksider Temple #623. Tarrasque took on Pretzel (Shadowcult) at Temple X. After Teleporting to Temple #533 to hit the Void Fort at (205, -71), I encountered Tarrasque and Count Ugolino along the way, but Aspher Sverilix beat me to the Fort. Disappointment all round - only one Darksider home, and he escaped. This is Bad Company Fort III. Meanwhile O'Malley and Svensvenazuk made for the BKoS Fort at (180, -20).

Then we got a sighting of Thelma Twofang heading towards The Jolly Ogre. We tried to get her but unfortunately she made it to safety - don't know if she's still at the Inn. We were unlucky. I headed off towards the SSS Fort at (100, -136) and liberated that. This is now BC Fort IV. I wasn't sure what other Brothers were doing at this point so I made towards a Shadowcult Fort at (105, -164) as I'd heard Howling Mad Gav II was in the area.

I Teleported to MLF III (Temple #605) and accidentally whacked a Shadowcult Disciple, Guido - (162 vs 11). This was unfortunate as it turned out this Monster was run by a player who had just joined Bad Company. Oops. If you do run Monsters across groups then keep in touch to minimise the possibility of a mishap.

Busting in through the door of the Fort I found it empty. This is now BC Fort V. But on moving out I discovered Howling Mad Gav II, a Shadowcult rank 10 (minimum) Disciple armed with a Great Fuvah Sword, a Catapult, a Large Iron Shield, Gator Armour, a King's Spiked Helm, Iron Gauntlets, Iron Greaves and a Skull Amulet. Ho!

I hit Gav immediately with Shingle Poison but a Black Pack Rowt got in the way and it got wasted. (The Poison and the Rowt...) When we eventually fought I thrashed him 183 vs 101. Though I forgot to use Deep Shadows (to ensure I got the kill)? I used Enchant Weapon and he fled, but not after he hit me for 5 points! Gneef...

He managed to get a move in, but I caught up with him and used Deep Shadows. Score was 76 vs 7 and Gav fled after the first round of combat. Not quite enough to kill him, but I bet it gave him a fright. I'm still cursing myself over this one.

Soon after O'Malley and Sverilix (or Svensvenazuk?) hit the BKoS Fort at (180, -20). Between them they made this Bad Company Fort VI at Gog Hammerhand's expense. I think Alec wound up with the kill, though O'Malley was first in? The third and final kill?

IMPORTANT: If you were involved in The Crusade (or anything else) then please send me a list of what you did and when. All fights and scores, all sightings and all liberations (of Forts), and anything else you can think of - then I can update the History and Log as accurately as possible. Don't forget the dates though. Thanks!

There is still a Shadowcult Fort left to take although it's supposed to be unoccupied, so it shouldn't be a problem - just a matter of putting our Totems on the door. In theory. If any Brother with the Teleport Spell wants to take this Mission then let me know, otherwise I'll drop in there myself. Remember that the other groups might want their Forts back, but they ain't gonna get 'em. Be vigilant at these Forts! Here's a list of what's ours;

IHHC481(195, 68)#502 at (207, 68) Drak
IIHoS???(130, 4)#414 at (118, 14) Sverilix
IIIVoid???(205, -71)#533 at (190, -56) Sverilix
IVSSS514(100, -136)#529 at (106, -128) Groan
VSC408(105, -164)#605 at (107, -170) Groan
VIBKoS??? (180, -20)#409 at (194, -10) O'Malley
VIISC??? (155, -41)#611 at (152, -44)

So Holy Crusade II was a success, despite the low kill rate. We obtained another 5 Forts, and now have the facilities to base ourselves almost anywhere on The Island. Before we were in The North. Now we are everywhere. Additionally we killed members of The SSS, BKoS and ShadowCult. Furthermore Pretzel, Howling Mad Gav II and Thelma Twofang came much closer to death than they would have liked. All in all I think we can consider our muscles flexed. Other groups are likely to be acutely aware of our presence in the future...


I'm sure most of you are aware of the recent updates concerning Spell Points, but the way KJC explained it wasn't very clear. Or at least it wasn't very clear to me. Anyway, the situation is that you can now increase your SPs at 20 Temples (previously 10). If you have already visited more than 10 Temples (say to get more Spells) then there may be some confusion as to exactly which Temples you visit for more SPs.

What you do is keep a list of all Temples you successfully Kowtowed at for SPs (not Spells). If you subtract the last 10 Temples (you successfully Kowtowed at) from the list you wind up with a list of those Temples you need to visit again for SPs. Though bear in mind it's not quite this simple. In order to keep your SPs 'in line' (400 max?) you may not receive SPs at the first Temple(s) you revisit, but you'll know you're on the right track because Fuvah will egg you on (instead of giving you the usual angry look you get when attempting to get SPs from a Temple more than once). Good luck!

If you have the Teleport Spell then you're laughing. Don't forget that Kowtowing at an appropriate Temple restores your SPs to maximum - you should be able to get 400 Spell Points in no time. If you haven't got the Teleport Spell yet, then get it at all costs!


So what, exactly, does all this mean? Where are we? Well, we own and control Temple X (in Zargnoth) - we have the Guardian so we know when someone uses it. All Brothers can use Temple X to get the Teleport Spell. Any other Fuvite requires permission, but additionally has to pay in Talismans. We are letting up to 3 other Fuvites use Temple X until we have more Brothers with Teleport. The cost is a Talisman for an ally, but 3 Talismans for a neutral Fuvite and 9 Talismans for an enemy Fuvite. Obviously we can't stop other Fuvites using Temple X altogether, but a toll should ensure we benefit most from being the Sanctors.

Between 6 and 8 Brothers should soon have 400 Spell Points which will enable them to Teleport, Divine Monster and Heal (if necessary) at will. This is in effect a rapid reaction force which can reach almost anywhere on The Island in just days. Given the sheer number of Fuvite Temples, Bad Company Forts and the recent deaths, I think we will be able to maintain a grip on The Island without much effort. We have achieved our primary goal and become the most powerful group on The Island! So let us now use this to our advantage....


The way I see it, there are several things we should be concentrating on. Obviously there will be Brothers who have other things to do, but if you are at a loose end or just want to further our cause as best you can, try to focus on the following;


Love 'em or hate 'em, we need 'em. Now we have 7 Forts and over 20 Temples dotted around The Island, with Brothers that can travel quickly between them, there really isn't any excuse for not obtaining a few more Prospects. Try to do whatever you can to get hold of more Prospects. Don't choose just anyone, but if you see a likely looking Fuvite then drop him a line. Advertising helps, but your input in MIAB helps even more. If you send the odd note to Monsters, Bad Company will come across as being active and interesting which in turn will attract more Prospects.


If you have not managed to get the Teleport Spell yet, then this should be your highest priority, even at the expense of visiting other Temples and getting good equipment. As soon as you have a Yell of 300 and 56 Spell Points, get the Teleport Spell. It will enable you to visit all remaining Temples (up to the limit of 20) incredibly fast. You will knock years off the time it will take you to do this on foot. Thereafter you will have the ability to get wherever you want to go virtually immediately, all the Spells and 400 Spell Points. We are currently the only group that can do this, so please don't waste this opportunity!


There will be some very happy Brothers out there who have already done this, and become as powerful as it is possible to get. What you do then is up to you. Patrol our Forts and cause trouble on more Crusades? Explore Zargnoth? Clear a Crypt? I suggest that not being in Rome is as good excuse as any not to do as the Romans did (and sit about on our butts) now we've got it made. Let's prepare for Priesthood.

Regardless of who or what you have to kill, if anything, to get there, the one thing you know you are going to need is Talismans. Lot's of 'em. KJC say when Priest is coded the number of Talismans Fuvites require will be brought into line with the other religions. I reckon we'll need some 10 Talismans each to make Priest.

The best place to get Talismans, as far as I am aware, is Fort I. It has a Great Cave and a Tomb within easy reach. There is also a Koma Den, Crypt, Sunken Graveyard, Hollow and a Tomb of Mumundus nearby. The only downside to this site is the distance to an Inn, Forge or Post - but it isn't a problem if you have the Teleport Spell!

Titus and Wyrmbreath will reside at Fort I until they both have Bestowed 10 Talismans. A lot of Brothers have expressed an interest in doing this, so what we'll have to do is draw up a list of Brothers with the Teleport Spell, and as each Brother comes up all spare Talismans will be given to said Brother. What is a spare Talisman? An Orb of Seeing definitely isn't spare. I consider a Great Fuvite Sword to be spare, but you will definitely want to hang on to one once you have Bestowed 10 Talismans. Shadow Swords, Wooden Fuvah Statues and Golden Dragon Statues are all spare and can't hope for a better use than be Bestowed in a Temple by a potential Priest. Remember, all objects can be replaced. Talismans obtained from the toll on the Zargnoth Gate will be given to Brothers on the list.

I'll start the list as from now, and I'll enter Brothers on it in an order based on seniority, experience and history. It's the only fair way. If there's still a choice between two Brothers then it's first come, first served as always. But note even if you are some way down the list there are still immediate advantages in participating in this venture (hardly a Mission, though it may become one later).

Other Brothers will be much more likely to help you get Talismans if you helped them. You can increase Creatures Killed very rapidly in this area. You can even Snatch off other Brothers to increase Stealth while you're there, if you can find Brothers up for it. Other stats you can increase while raiding the Tomb are Muscle, Wrestling Skills (unless maxed), Monsterliness and wealth (among other things).


Please don't ask me for copies of the MMapper - it's not technically available for security reasons. I have managed to get my hands on a laser printer (at last), and this will enable me to provide a comprehensive information service for all Brothers. Although remember this is a two-way process! Please check Reports thoroughly and send me any information I'm missing.

Send me your coordinates for a map of your area. If you need more data, just ask. In addition to the map, the following reports are also now available;

BCAn: Status List. This list contains details of where Brothers are and what they are doing. Given the nature of Bad Company these days it's a handy guide if you want to see who's in your area - please contribute to this list!

BCBLn: The Blurb List - only available on disk! If you want a small number of Blurbs I'll edit them into a document for you, but the entire list is 65 pages long (and is still incomplete)!

BCBLIn: The Index to the Blurb List. This is the list you need if you want to see what Blurbs we have. This list is also incomplete.

BCBn: The list of Brothers' names, Monster numbers, addresses and phone numbers. If you need to communicate with your fellow Brothers then ask for this.

BCDLn: The list of all Darksider sightings - a great help if you are out hunting them. Please update this list if you possibly can. This is essential for Crusades.

BCEn: This is the old Equipment List. It hasn't been updated for some time, but is still a damned handy list if you have a bad memory.

BCFLn: The Far Forge List - the data from all Western Forges.

BCFn: A list of all known Forts.

BCGLn: The Group List. This holds numbers, totems, and more information on alien groups.

BCHn: The History is one of the most interesting reports. I've tried to keep it as accurate as possible, but I'm bound to have missed things out. Please order this report and add new entries if you can. Hasn't been updated properly since April on account of me not knowing exactly what Brothers have done since then.

BCILn: The Far Inn List - the data from all Western Inns. Where is Hamilton's Cove?

BCIn: General Information report. Unless you know everything there is to know about The Island, order this. There's probably something on it you'll find interesting.

BCLn: The Log is a record of all actions that obtained Bad Company Honours. You can claim them in retrospect, so don't worry if your record doesn't look too good right now.

BCPn: The list of Brothers to receive spare Talismans for Priesthood.

BCTLn: The Far Town List. This is not yet complete - we still need data on the Northern and Southern Towns (1 & 4), so fill in the blanks if you can.

BCTn: The Temple List. This list is still Top Secret, and the full version (including Temples of other religions) is only available to Brothers who attack these sites. This is intended to prevent 'Siders gaining our knowledge, whether run by Brothers or other players.

Once again, please update any reports (or maps) you can. Now these reports are in circulation again we need them to be as accurate as possible. To give you an idea of what the MMapper can do I've enclosed a map of the area around Fort I at (195, 68) - Sorry about the microscopic numbers. I Don't think there's anything I can do about it...


We are already the toughest and most advanced group on The Island by far, and now we have decent information facilities again we should go from strength to strength. In addition the recent implementation of the Teleport Spell means that the pace of events on The Island (concerning us) will increase in the future, which should provide more exitement. And we have the forthcoming code changes to look forward to - All in all, things are looking good...

As always, contact me at;

Richard Vine, ***************************************.

Swabber & Swoopstake,


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