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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Eight

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Listen very carefully, Brothers, for this is one of the most important General Reports released so far. Don't skip though it,read it.

Ok! Fair enough! I know when I'm flogging a dead Plodder! The Troop and Section concept didn't go down too well. I realize that many of you don't want these restrictions hanging around your necks. So unless there is an outcry,we'll just forget about them,eh?

Unfortunately this means that Support can no longer work in the way it was originally intended. But all is not lost. Captain Ugolino is now The Keeper. He keeps track of what Brothers can make, and also what Brothers are willing to hand over to those in need. If you need Support, contact him to determine who has what you need. You will have to arrange a deal with the relevant Brother. Personally,I won't charge for items I make. I also keep a little something put by for desperate Brothers. This system does actually have the advantage of Brothers choosing whether they want to participate or not. You'll have to find me at the moment if you want anything, but after we go Official I'll just leave it in a Cache for you to pick up whenever.

Missions are now forced into 2 catagories. Holy and normal. In both cases the Brother who thinks of the Mission gets to lead it. There are no Troop/Section Missions you are obligated to participate in. The only consequence of this is that you may have to pay for Support.

Troops and Sections will be used during a Slugfest however. The Senate will assign these just before we enter battle. This is necessary because Brothers from a particular Troop/Section may be far apart at the time,so Troops and Sections will have to be constructed from Brothers who are near each other.

Now that's finally cleared up we will all have a far greater degree of freedom. That doesn't mean you can look the other way if a Brother needs help!

About promotions. Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II, toughest Brother in Bad Company, has decided to take the Rank of Captain. I believe he has also become The Speaker. Henceforth he will be known as Captain Howling Mad Gav II,The Speaker & Senator.

Brevet Warrior Midg is now a Warrior and a full Brother. The decision was made after he reduced his Health to 27%! I don't think anyone would argue about that. Except him that is. He's determined to do it! Stroll on Brother. That's the spirit.

It is likely that we will have at least one additional Brother very soon as I've written to 3 Prospects. That will mean we have 6 Warriors, but only one Sergeant. This will be rectified promptly.

Listen to the following carefully, as it is probably the most important thing we'll ever do (apart from Slugfest). I can't do it on my own. I need your help. Each and every one of you.

We now have enough Brothers in the area to go Official in the next 6 turns. 8 at the outside. Since most of us are nearly in Kunbar then we will need the +20 to all statistics together with the Group Cache order and a Temple,in order to maximize our chances of survival.

I'm not joking. Both Captain HMG II and myself are at The Dark Eagle's Nest. This is in Kunbar (about 140 East on BCMIII1). The following is a SPECIAL HINT you receive when you cross the border;

"You're now in a more dangerous area of the island. Success in this area requires your monster to be well armed and armoured. Chances of dying are MUCH greater in this area too."

So we don't want any casualties. To help avoid this possibility,I will give all Brothers enough cash to buy some Barkbrute Armour from The Dark Eagle's Nest if they can't afford it (12 Oculars).

So here's the plan. Our present Totems are:

  • Primary: Swamppus
  • Secondary: Barkbrute
  • Tertiary: Scatamunga Beast

In my opinion these are embarrassing to put it mildly. We've got to get some decent Totems from Kunbar before we go Official. We have around 6 turns to do this in before we are all around The Dark Eagle's Nest. If you can get into Kunbar as soon as possible,and find some Creatures that we can use,then we will all benefit.

This means that at least 2 Brothers have to meet the Creatures to be used. After you get into Kunbar send me the Blurb and Coordinates of every new Creature you find after each turn. Then we can choose the best and use them for out Totems. I need the Coordinates to make sure that at least 2 Brothers find a Creature worth using, and I need the Blurb to make sure that each Creature is worth using.

Let me know about potential Mounts you find as I will compile a guide to the best Mounts so we know what to look for.

If any of you find a Shrine of Fuvah in Kunbar then let me know as soon as you possibly can. This will be The Site regardless of where it is. Finding both new Creatures and a Shrine in Kunbar are our maximum priorities. Do your best,eh?

There is one potential problem that I have considered. It is possible that no Shrines exist in Kunbar. In this case we will get 3 good Totems together from Kunbar,then backtrack to a Shrine in Mor.

I actually have a turnsheet here with the results of a successful Ceremony Of Strength included. It states that "...these creatures will give us strength..." and almost immediately afterwards the +20 bonuses were awarded. It is possible that the Totems chosen were related to the bonuses given. Even if this is not the case,is it worth taking the risk? We should find the best Totems we can from Kunbar, even if it means a delay in The Ceremony. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we go Official! We must not screw this up. We only get one chance!

And don't forget to put all Brothers on your No Attack Lists now.

If we all put maximum effort in to doing this quickly and efficiently then we won't have to hang around in the same place for ages. We've all come a long way. NOW LET'S GO OFFICIAL!

But be careful Brothers. It's a Jungle out there....

General T Groan

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