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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Seven

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Let us begin with exactly where Brothers all are. Some of you may have gathered we are starting to bump into one another! Don't forget to get all Brothers on your No Attack List as soon as possible.

  • General Groan:Arrives at another Far Inn (145,-15) next turn
  • Captain Ugolino:Drokorn's Stead
  • Sergeant HMG II:Heading towards Fislar's Far Post (136,-7)
  • Sergeant Flax:Almost at Drokorn's Stead
  • Warrior Shadowborn:Drokorn's Stead
  • Brevet Warrior Midg:Somewhere nearby

So we now have 6 Brothers in the immediate vicinity!

There are a few things that need clearing up.

1:Considering how many of us have been through Drokorn's Stead The Map is looking pathetic. From now on only those Brothers who send regular updates of their map will receive Bad Company's Map. Those Brothers who can find the time to mark Creatures and Plants will also find that they receive lists of Creatures and Plants. Mark 'em all lads.

2:Brothers keep asking me where and when we are going to go Official. I can only tell you where, not when, as that is up to you. I attempt to pull as many new recruits as I can. For example; All the addresses I've so far been sent have been written to long ago!

We don't want poxy Totems from Mor do we? We want some seriously good one's from Kunbar, eh? So we form at a Shrine in Kunbar. If any of you find one then let me know promptly. After we have selected 3 amazing Totems then we go Official.

And we can't go Official until we find another 2 Brothers because we need a minimum of 8 with which to form. GET RECRUITING! These recruits don't come to us yet,we have to look for them.

3:Which brings me nicely to the 3rd point. Bad Company are not going to be The Baddest Group on The Island without a hell of a lot of effort from each and every one of you.

The reason why you are all here is because of me. I'm the one who has harrassed and pushed you into getting here. I'm the one who circulates The Reports and tells you what's going on. I'm the one who compiles The Map. And I'm the one who gives you information. Etc,etc.

The driving force behind this group is me.

If you want Bad Company to be worth a spit then this drive has to come from you. The more you put into Bad Company, the more you'll get out of it. Most of you haven't even bothered writing to your Brothers!

I want you all to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want out of Bad Company. If you want power then you've come to the right place. Since Bad Company is a military orientated group we've got the unique opportunity to loot and plunder The Island for all it's worth.

We could all be part of an historic occasion. The Baddest Group in The History of The Island may be born in the next couple of months. It's up to you. Up until now most of us have been aimlessly wandering around with nothing to do or go for. Now you have something to go for. Help Bad Company become the greatest group of all time!

Together we stand,divided we fall. Remember that.

But while some Brothers sit on their buns,others are doing Bad Company proud. A couple of Posts have been taken already. I'll briefly run through them to let you know what each does.

The Soothsayer: That's me. Basically The Soothsayer hands information out to Brothers who seek it. He's responsible for the BCMNn's,BCIn's and BCEn's. Those who give will get.

The Keeper: Captain Ugolino has generously taken this Post. Exactly what The Keeper does will depend on how well the Support system works. At the moment The Keeper keeps track of surplus equipment each Brother has together with any equipment that each Brother is prepared to make for another.

The reaction to BCS2 was once again disappointing. Support, Troops and Sections passed,but only just. In fact I'll just collate the results and print them below so you can see what general opinion is:

No I won't. I'll print a BCS2:Result Report that will be included in this update.

The Keeper can tell you where you can get something if you can't get it from your Troop/Section/Company. You then have to arrange something with the Brother in question as this is not normal Support. The Keeper might supply you with a list of what Brothers have if you ask nicely.

All Brothers wishing to participate in The Keeper's system should send a BCT, an up to date reference sheet and a list of every item they own. Try to keep The Keeper up to date. He's doing it for your benefit. Help him to help you.

Bear in mind that this system is not designed to help greedy Brothers. It is designed to help Brothers who just can't get something they need. Don't abuse this system. Greedy Brothers (myself included) should consult their local Cave/Tomb/Graveyard for stuff they want.

A good piece of advice is to keep your treasure instead of flogging it to the nearest Far Inn. Resist temptation. Treasure makes good currency.

The Scribe: Warrior Smegly has offered his services here. The Scribe is the expert on The Code. He updates The Log and may also compile a Company History depending on what your response is. This is The Brother to see if you want to become a legend in your own lifetime. The Scribe can also give legal advice.

This Post is still being assessed so some changes might be made. Then again,they might not. If you want to know more then write to him. If you simply want a copy of BCLn then order it from me, not The Scribe, until further notice.

The 1st Holy Mission Commander is Sergeant Flax. I don't know what/how he intends to rebuild this Temple. If you want to know more ask him. I'm nothing to do with it bar helping to rebuild it. However, I do know lots about rebuilding Temples. I'll tell Sergeant Flax what I know,but if you want to know what/where and when, ask him, not me.

We still need The Champion, The Spy and The Speaker. And any other useful Posts you can think of. Get in touch.

The response to BCS2 was clean apart from Troops and Sections. We will attempt to continue with these to see if they work. There is a potential problem if they fail;

Troops and Sections enable Support. You participate in Missions for various reasons:

  1. For your benefit.
  2. For Bad Company's benefit.
  3. For your Mission Leader's benefit. This enables him to give you Support.

The problem is that if there are no Troops and Sections, who do you rely on for your Support? The answer is that we dispense with Support as it is now,instead relying on The Keeper to tell us who has what we need, then arrange something with the relevant Brother.

That could work in theory, and has the chance to be even better than the Support system regarding Troops and Sections.

But who organizes The Missions? Do you think a system where the Brother that thinks of The Mission gets to lead it would work? Think about this carefully. We might be presented with all Brothers wanting to lead Missions but not participate. And who would do the boring Missions? Then again, this would give us all a great deal of freedom. Brothers who did not want to involve themselves need not. But then again, do we need Brothers who only want to take from Bad Company but not give back? And are not Troops and Sections essential for an effective Slugfest?

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want a change then it is up to you to make it. Put your case to a Senator and it will be discussed by The Senate. Talk to other Brothers to see what they think. We can all compromise. Don't be afraid to stick the boot in if there is something you don't like.

There is one last thing you need to consider before you decide whether or not to take part in The Ceremony of Strength. For all my talk about Support and helping one another,Bad Company are essentially Warriors.

Make sure you understand the consequences of this before you decide to go Official with us. The Code states that we are all expected to fight to the death in the name of The Cause and our Bretheren. There are no exceptions.

It is inevitable that some of us will die along the Most Holy Path. So make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for! In the event you want to leave Bad Company before we go Official then you may become a Comrade without dishonour. The first Slugfest may be sooner than you realize.

We must find these 2 recruits without further delay. Attempt to get them to write to me rather than sending me their addresses. If they can't be bothered then we don't need them.

General T Groan

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