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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Nine

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The purpose of this BCG is to enforce what I've already said. We don't want to waste any more time getting Bad Company Official.

There are certain things that must be done. Most importantly to find at least 3 good Totems which we can use. Not so important is finding a Shrine. After we've got The Totems we can return to a Shrine if necessary.

Obviously this won't happen on its own. It won't happen if several Brothers help. All Brothers must help if we are to do this speedily.

There are a couple of things to remember. 2 Brothers have to meet each Totem. And we can only find The Totems in Kunbar. Thus you must be in Kunbar to help find The Totems.

I've come up with a simple system that will enable us to do this as efficiently as possible.

Just one quick word about The BCMNn's first. It seems a bit pointless to update maps of an area we won't ever be seeing again. Therefore to relieve the terrible strain of having to send me your maps of The Westlands, etc, I'm only going to keep track of what's in Kunbar from now on. To start with I'll need to locate us all relative to one another so make sure that I can get a fix on any maps you send me. A good way to do this is to send me a photocopy of a turn with Drokorn's Stead on or similar. I can then work out a coordinate adjustment which will enable me to get a precise fix on any map you send me in future without each map having to tie on to the last.

The system is one that all Brothers will be expected to follow. With the exception of Captain Ugolino as he's travelled an obscene distance to get here and deserves a bloody good potter around. The rest of you (and especially those who've only managed to cover a couple of squares in 5 or 6 turns) have to help. The consequences of not helping will be covered later. It's fair. Why should some Brothers put tremendous effort into Bad Company to help other Brothers who can't be bothered?

Here's the system we're going to have to use. As I've already said, we need to find Totems in Kunbar. So first of all you're going to have to get into Kunbar. I'm not talking about just nipping to that Far Post down the trail first. Drop whatever you're doing and get into Kunbar now.

To ensure that we get this over and done with as quickly as possible we'll need to know exactly where we all are in relation to each other, what we have all found, and where we've all been. Bit pointless looking for a Totem in a place which has already been searched, eh?

So this means we must have an absolutely perfect map. The map must even specify which terrain has been explored. It will be based on BCMIIIn. To go with it will be lists of Creatures and Plants (seperate from BCCLn and BCPLn). I can't mark trails on the map but that doesn't matter as there don't seem to be any around here. One thing which does matter is explored squares so these will be marked in italics.

Each of you must send me all maps you have past 125 East (my coordinates). To make this information as complete as possible send me a photocopy of the map on your printouts. I'll update this every time I get an update instead of saving updates for a while and adding them in bulk. There is no way I can get an update to you before each turn as it will be out of date by the time you receive it.

To counter this problem tell me precisely where you intend to move on the following turn. I'll include this information with every update. So we'll all know where we are all going and avoid exploring the same terrain twice. Except when another Brother has to meet a Totem one of us has found.

But to do this it is essential that you send me the photocopies as soon as you get each turn back. I'll send you the map back together with where we all intend to go which will mean that you can plan where to go without someone cocking it up for you.

Think about this for a minute. If 10 Brothers are looking for the stuff we need then we're going to find it 10 times as quick. You should start using this system as soon as you receive this. DON'T send me loads of photocopies together. Send me each map as soon as you get it.

Judging by where we all are I reckon we could be Official in several turns. Then all the advantages of a group are ours. Statistical bonuses, standing Xfers , Group Caches and the long and twisty road to Spells. And a collective map coordinate system. Not least of all, Immortality when we get The Temple up. And we can finally get on with being a group instead of thinking about what a good idea being in a group would be.

The consequences of not participating in this system until we get Bad Company Official are as follows. When we've got The Totems and found The Shrine I will send a message to all Brothers who've helped with the location of The Totems. Though I will set The Group Setup Card with the numbers of all Brothers. Actually I won't as I've already done it. Each Brother should then proceed as fast as possible to The Shrine. Thereafter remember to end every turn in the square with The Shrine until you've received a printout with the results of The Ceremony. Don't assume that it's been done until you see it on your own printout. And don't forget to end all your turns at The Shrine once you get there.

If you haven't helped look for The Totems then you'll have to be INITIATED if you want to go Official. Heh, heh. And you won't be compensated! Furthermore the Brothers who've put most effort into looking will get to Initiate you. That's justice. Together with each map I'll send all Brothers involved in exploring the Blurbs for every potential Totem. That means that you have to send them to me if you find a previously unknown Creature. Don't forget as I can't circulate something I haven't got. Hence we will all be able to decide which Creature's we like best for The Totems. And take a Vote on it. If you find a Totem you really like then give it a point. If you find one which blows your mind then give it 2 points. And if you see one you just can't kill then give it 3 points. Send me these points every time you get a new Blurb. This will save a frantic scrabble trying to get a Vote on The Totems at the last minute.

Don't get paranoid. If you help look for The Totems then we WILL NOT hold The Ceremony without you. Assuming you choose to look for Totems reasonably close to the rest of us.

Yes, this is going to be tedious. But it's necessary. Otherwise we're just never going to make it. To keep you going bear in mind that (hopefully) every other Brother will be doing it so it won't last for long. I've already found a Ruined Temple and an Obelisk on the same turn. And if you're still despondent think about burning Far Forges, vandalizing Crystal Mountains, looting The Lavadorian Treasury, sacking The Civilized Kingdom and pillaging Temples. We're bound to find a few Creatures we can use as Mounts and a couple of Loggerhead Camps to amuse ourselves with. And don't forget that Caves, Tombs and Graveyards in Kunbar have better treasure. And don't forget to remember not to forget to remember what you've forgotten to remember not to remember?

Just read this letter 716 times before you sack out every night.

Grabber Groan

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