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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Three

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Welcome to the third General Report.This Report will be concerned with queries you have mentioned.The reason that I've not answered each of the queries in the letter enclosed is because other Brothers may need to know the answer too! Be warned,I'm naming you!

The most important thing on the agenda is this:

Some of you keep asking for information. All the information I have is on the Reports. If you need information,ask for the relevant Report;that is their purpose. I'm going to run through them once more,but after this time I'm only going to list updates. Don't be afraid to ask for as many as you want! You'll get all the Reports you ask for.

Bad Company Code (BCC2): Every Brother should have a copy of this. The Honours are described herein.

Bad Company Brotherhood (BCB2): Names, Ranks, Numbers and Addresses.

Bad Company General Report (BCG3): Please don't ask me for this!

Bad Company Special Report (BCB0): Send any ideas or complaints here to be voted on.

Bad Company Turn Report (BCT): This tells the Council how well you are doing. Warrior Flax: Send yours in! Any Brother is entitled to any BCT unless otherwise specified, if available.

Bad Company Intelligence Report (BCI2): If you haven't got this, don't blame me!

Bad Company Equipment List (BCE3): All equipment we know about.

Bad Company Log (BCL1): This Contains a current list of Honours gained. In order for your Honour to be recognized, you must send me the relevant Turnsheet. Sergeant HMGII is the first on the list! Fuvian work! A free suit of Barkbrute Armour is on its way.

Bad Company Mission List (BCX0): Currently to rebuild a Temple. Only those who have actually been asked to do this by Fuvah may apply! You have a while yet, because we need to get the Brothers together first.

Bad Company Maps (BCMI2 & BCMII2): Some bugs have been discovered in BCMII2 and are now corrected. Ask for a copy if you think you have the old version. Slight extension too.

Bad Company Black List (BCBL0): Let's hope it stays that way.

Bad Company Hit List (BCHL1): Yes,it's finally out! Victims please!

The thing which seems to confuse most of you is how to actually get the information you need. First decide exactly what you want, and locate the appropriate Report. What you do next depends on what you actually have! If you have a previous Report of that type, then ask for the next edition. For example,if you have BCE2,then you ask for BCE3.

If you have a really old Report,or you haven't got one at all,then ask for the general code. For example, if you want the second map, then ask for BCMIIn and I'll send you the latest copy.

If you had BCC2 and you wanted to know if BCC3 was out, don't ask for BCCn! You'd just get the same thing back if it wasn't! Some of you are getting 15 page letters, and I'm sure I'm sending you the same thing twice! This defeats the original idea behind the Reports!

Now the dodgy bit. I'm going through your letters one by one!

Warrior Flax: Send me a BCT! Cheers for the information, I think you'll find BCE3 very useful! Do you read Warrior Shadowborn's Reports or something? You haven't asked for anything yet! Bar the Maps of course.

Complaint: Warrior Flax & Warrior Shadowborn both complained that the Maps do not include vertical borders (Regions). Sorry, but my hardware can't handle it! You should know approximately where the borders are? Gwardon is about 40 squares in, Mor is about 75 squares in & Kunbar would appear to at least 130 squares in. If you have a Map, simply assume that your Eastern coordinate is the same as that of the Map. You will not be exactly where you think you are,but you'll be close. This should work as I've done it myself.

Warrior Shadowborn: The problem of you not knowing where you are does not matter. That is the whole point of choosing the current Ceremonial Site! See later for details... As to where you are supposed to go: The Site is the destination! Upper/Mid Mor/Kunbar border. As to Brother's numbers, get BCB2! I suggest that you all use 1 order per Turn putting a number on your No Attack List, as attacking another Brother without having issued a Challenge is essentially GBH!

Captain Ugolino: This guy knows where it's at! I would like to point out that the location system first put forward by Sergeant HMGII has been used by myself with considerable success. Captain Ugolino is now engaged in using this system, and its success or failure will depend on whether it works for him. In the event that it doesn't work, don't blame Sergeant HMGII, blame me!

Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II: Your wibbling days are hopefully over with the above information. In answer to your suggestion that only the latest updates should be recorded, I'm buggered if I'm going to send new Brothers a parcel! It's also good to have all the information you need in one place, without having to look through loads of Reports! I think we have enough already! Note that previous Reports are defunct when a new Report comes out.

Warrior Tarrasque: Scathing letter! I'm not hauling your ass out of the fire this time! The rules apply to all of us,without exception! The most important concept pertaining to Bad Company is that we all work together. Brothers are expected to help other Brothers,whether it be in the form of equipment,information,or whatever. Write to your Brothers; every last one:We are a group! The reasoning behind this is that we are all stronger if we work together,than any single individual alone.

Complaint: Many of you have asked why 5 of you have to come south to me and Sergeant HMGII, when surely it would be easier for us to travel to you! Think about it! How would we find you? There are two fundamental reasons why we use the present location system,and why the Ceremonial Site is where it is:

1:The reason why the border system is used is because you can find the location from any point on The Island, but without the hassle of comparing maps to find out where you are. Let me take Captain Ugolino as an example. He is now 103 squares east, in the Upper Mor region. It is obvious that if he travels south,he will eventually hit the Upper/Mid border! Look at your maps. As soon as he crosses the border, he knows approximately where he is in relation to us.Then he travels through the Jungle to reach the Low Hills, still moving south. Then he simply scouts the border between the Low Hills until he finds a landmark. Then he knows exactly where he is, and can use the map to visit anything he needs to. If you think that this sounds a tad complicated,can you imagine what it would be like for me and Sergeant HMGII to find you without the help of the border? It would take months!

2:The Ceremonial Site was chosen for good reason. Anyone can find the Site wherever they are! It's on the bloody borders so you can't miss it. It also saves having to find other Brothers first! Take for example, Warrior Tarrasque and Warrior Malachor. They would be advised to travel southeast until they hit the Kunbar border,or until they hit the Central border. Whichever happens to be first doesn't matter, as they only need to travel to the intersection on the other border to find the Site. The reason why it is so far east is because it is in the interests of Bad Company to be as far east as it can. More things are there, and we need Mounts to build The Temple to Fuvah.

Hopefully all uncertainties have been swept aside in that tide of explanation (confusion)? Now for the good bit!

Bad Company needs a Scribe. His job will be to update the BCL whenever appropriate. He would also be responsible for PR with other groups and the newsletter if it still exists. He would also have to document legal proceedings, and possibly help out with some Reports. Generally just to record everything that happens to us into some sort of History. Anyone interested?

Promotion:Warrior Flax is now Sergeant Flax, by decree of The Council! I'll sort you out with a Swamppus Rake or something,when you get here.

Finally we have Bad Company's first Challenge! Far out,eh?

Warrior Tarrasque doth hereby Challenge Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II to Combat in accordance with the Bad Company Code,as is his right.

Notes:Warrior Tarrasque should find Sergeant HMGII, as it is unfair to expect Sergeant HMGII to wander around in the wilderness, when Warrior Tarrasque can find Sergeant HMGII more easily. The fight must continue until either Withdraws or Submits.Good luck to both of you,and may you both fight with Honour.

General Groan

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