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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two

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I'm sure you're not particularly interested in my personal exploits, but I just have to mention this! There are no surviving members of The Suicide Foundation with us now, so none of you will remember that when I first went down a Large Cave I was beaten senseless by an Xanxu Cave Spider [Just goes to show how old these reports are - Ed], and thus never got any real chance against The Zombie. Well, I ventured down a Large Cave last turn to see if I could even the score! I am proud to say that The Zombie fell under a mighty treble blow! Ha!

We have a new Brother! Warrior Malachor successfully got in using the 25% Health rule. This brings the total number of Brothers to 7 now, so try to get to the Upper/Central Mor/Kunbar border as soon as possible. I am presently headed there to find a Shrine of Fuvah at which we can hold The Ceremony of Strength.

By the time most of you get to the Ceremonial Site we will have enough Brothers to go official. The sooner you get there,the sooner it happens! I have heard from various independent sources that all Blurbs are pooled when a group is formed [This is not true - Ed]. I assume that this holds for all Blurbs, so don't waste time looking for that Creature, or fiddling with that Plant. When the Blurbs are pooled then you can buy anything you need from a Far Post. Between us we have a massive collection of Blurbs! 200+?

Even in the event that I am mistaken and the Blurbs are not pooled,you will still be next to Brothers who can get what you need. Another Brother can buy an item from a Far Post and give it to you, thus allowing you to get the Blurb. Be prepared to do this for your fellows! 8+ Brothers who all cooperate are more than a match for anything on the Island!

Try and move 8 squares a turn if you can. When you get a Mount you may be able to move faster, so it is in your own interests to get to the Kunbar region as soon as possible.

Here are the latest updates:

Bad Company Code (BCC2): This contains some very important information many of you have been asking for! The full list of Honours is detailed, along with a revised judicial system. Get this if you want to know about Deeds, etc, but note that they only apply after 15th October!

Bad Company Intelligence Report (Now BCI2): Note that it's changed from BCX. This is absolutely essential for the ambitious Brother as you will find something useful on here! Don't forget to get BCI1 as both are different.

Bad Company Missions (BCX0): Any Brother who is heading this way and who becomes an Acolyte of Fuvah, will be elligible for Bad Company Holy Mission I, which will involve Rebuilding a Ruined Temple in the name of Fuvah. If possible this should be done with Mounts: See BCI1 & BCI2.

Bad Company Equipment List (BCE3): This is utterly essential if you want to know what not to throw away!

Bad Company Log (BCL0): This will contain The List of Honour.

BCI2 & BCE3 will blow your mind! Some of you will have managed to get your hands on BCI1 & BCE2, but believe me, they are nothing compared to BCI2 & BCE3! I have gone to enormous lengths to get this information for Bad Company, so you may as well ask for it. Additionally, BCI3 will detail exactly what happens when a Group is formed! Thanks must go to Warrior Flax who helped me out with some of the Iron and Silver stuff. Thanks also go to Warrior Malachor who sent me some useful Blurbs.

Good work Brothers!

Since we now have 7 Brothers,and I am waiting for replies from several Prospects,we are going to need another Sergeant. To qualify, The Warrior must be tough,and must be heading towards The Ceremonial Site. The Council will decide in the next week or so. There is also a slight possibility that the new Sergeant will be required to temporarily Hold Seat on The Council.

If you have found any Abra Koli or Ku Bom Ba Du then let me know, eh?

Can you send me a complete copy of your map if you haven't already done so? It may seem pointless,but it will help me to locate you all.

That just about wraps it up,

General Groan

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