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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Four

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Alright Brothers? We have another 3 monsters who have an expressed an interest in joining Bad Company. Looks like we're becoming popular! Keep trying to recruit new members as the sooner we've got 8 Brothers here, the sooner we get us a group.

Here's the latest updates:

BCMI3: This has been enlarged and reduced! You'll know what I mean when you see it. Well worth having now!

BCE4: There is a bit more on here, but not really that much. Ask for it if you want to waste my paper! But seriously, all the Elixirs have been covered now except for Zombie Juice. Can it be a coincidence that all the statistics except Stealth have been covered,too? Someone buy it!

BCI3: As promised there is the information on group formation. Please note that Blurbs are not pooled though. It appears that like most other aspects of the Island, strengths increase through time and experience. A new race has been discovered! Like the Knolltir...But stronger! If any of you haven't got this yet,you're missing out!

BCC3: This includes the idea of various posts (as on the enclosed BCS2) which would help me out if any of you take them up. The Honours are also descibed on this. The Council have not yet discussed some of the ideas in BCC3,so if in doubt rely on BCC2.

BCB3,BCHL2 & BCL2 are all out now. BCS2 should be enclosed.

Good news on the Brotherhood front!

Comrade Ringhals III has decided to renounce Shroud in order to follow Fuvah. I think he's impressed with Bad Company! If he does this, Shroud will be so angry that I don't think he's going to have to worry about the 25% Health rule! Heh,heh. Excellent.

Warrior Smegly has joined us.Incidentally,he used to follow Kabuki,but then changed to Fuvah. That's how I know it's painful changing Gods.

Comrade Cymrych is also a recent addition. I don't want to hear any more crap about Comrades. They are useful! Having said that, don't ever send a Comrade information without The Council's approval! One of us may be negotiating a deal! Also, don't forget that Comrades are not Brothers, so you can treat them in any way you like.

In addition to the above, I received a letter yesterday that asked me if I wanted to join a group! It was on behalf of 4 monsters who are all right next to me. I've told them about Bad Company, so we may have even more Brothers soon.

From what I can gather, The Ceremonial Site will be around 130 East of the West Coast. All Brothers should have sent me their maps by now! I can't locate you if you don't! This applies to Sergeant Flax, Warrior Shadowborn, Warrior Tarrasque and Warrior Malachor. Get them in!

General Groan

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