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e-Monster Issue Twenty-Five

Editor: Scott Micheel

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       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r    News 05-25-94
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Headlines this time:   Monster Island FAQ begins!
                       Koma Dens Scrutinized
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        Locusts!  It wasn't my FAULT!"



From: Dana Barker <73734.1241@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 07 May 94 12:34:17 EDT
Subject: MI Hints & FAQ: Cool!

> We want you!  To run the MI Hint List and Frequently Asked Questions.
> Sorry to dump it on you without warning, but we'll do anything we can
> to help you get things going.

     Wow! Thanks! You won't be sorry. However, never feel that you or the staff
don't need to help me. I have a file, in q & a format, that I'm doing for the
DoL.  But I'll accept hints for the hint list from everyone. I do
have some ideas, but, as my results sheet stated, when I was forced to do the
Ancesteral Ceremony alone,..." no monster is an island unto itself". 

     Here's a sample q & a. I figured on aiming at the newbies.

Q: I received a blurb about an ancesteral ceremony. What is it? Can I perform
   it alone?
A: An ancesteral ceremony is a cermeony, performed to show respect for your
monster ancestors. It can be performed alone, but full benefits are achieved if
at least 1 more member of your race is present. The more monsters there are
participating, the greater the benefits. Contact any fellow monsters, (of your
monster's race) and coordinate the ceremony. Try to have everyone wait at least
1 full turn in the square it is to be performed in, before the ceremony. If you
have access to eMonster, place an ad, asking for others to join the ceremony
with you.

     Had I known the above, Bun would now have a Grumbel Amulet. Oh well!
Remember, I'm always open to new info. So, ask for info, if you like.


KOMA DENS (reprinted with permission from the Kabuki Kronicles newsletter)

From: "Jerry E. Ritchie" <73537.2505@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 19 May 94 17:06:18 EDT
Subject: KK received

                                KOMA DENS

     Koma Dens are a structure first found in the Kunbar region, 
consisting of "a strange arrangement of bamboo poles and shoots, rocks, 
and logs" with "several varieties of snakess slithering around and
through it".  No torches, shovels, or special equipment are necessary
to explore a koma den, but your riskiness must be set to 8 or 9 for
you to enter (which is done with the LV order).
     Once you enter a koma den, you will fight four snakes in a row.
Another snake will appear and run away without fighting you.  (This
adds color to the game, or something.)  You then get treasure, and
battle a fifth snake on the way out.  If you enter a koma den twice
in the same turn, you'll fight tougher snakes the second time.  (A
typical first entry would have you fighting a slither snake, a tawni
snake, a jungle rattler, a great trap snake, and a jungle rattler on
the way out.  A second entry might have you fight a six-headed adder,
a tawni snake, a jungle rattler, a six-headed adder, and a goo snake--
if you're lucky.)
     The table below lists the ten snake types found in koma dens and 
gives the percentage chance of encountering each on a first entry; on 
a second entry (in a single turn); the average damage taken by DOL
members in battle with the snake type; and the average amount of damage
necessary to kill that snake type.  Note that weak monsters will probably
take even more damage from the tougher snakes than these averages would
indicate, because they probably won't be as well armored as the typical
DOL member and won't be as likely to kill the snake in one round.  Note
also that the percentage chances for a second entry are unreliable, based 
on a small sample size.

                          First     Second    Avg. Dam.   Avg. Dam.
                          entry     entry       Taken      to kill

Six-headed Adder           9.0%      45.8%       39.8        81
Great Trap Snake          15.5%       ---        16.0        26
Tawni Snake               10.3%      16.7%        8.3        78
Goo Snake                  2.6%      12.5%        5.7        32
Jungle Rattler            18.7%       8.3%        4.5        21
Three-Tailed Rattler      11.6%       ---         4.9         8
Xanxu Cave Snake          10.3%       ---         3.2        15
Slither Snake              4.5%       ---         3.0         9
Squeezy Snake              6.5%       ---         3.0         8
Funnel Snake              11.0%       ---         3.0         7

The following is a complete list of treasures found in koma dens on
a first entry.  There are only two instances in the data submitted of
successful second entries.  The treasure collected in these two cases
are an Iron Knife, Silver Bauble, and three squzskins; and a Golden
Ocular.  While a bit better than average, it's hard to draw any 
conclusion from such limited data about whether second entries tend to 
yield better treasure.  Obviously further research is indicated, which I 
(with my usual air of noble self-sacrifice) will conduct personally at 
the first opportunity. - Steven Desjardin

Silver-studded Club, eleven Zoingo Copper Coins
Silver Bone Necklace
Silver Charm, Silver Bauble
Damaged Iron Helm, Red Bauble
Two Kwando Guilder Coins, Small Lockpick
Silver Charm, Golden Ocular
Yellow Bauble
Silver Amulet, White Bauble, seven Silver-Tipped Darts
Damaged Iron Knife, two Zoingo Silver Coins, two Black Balls
Damaged Large Iron Shield, Black Ball
Damaged Iron Gauntlets, Zoingo Gold Coin, Xanxu Snakehead
Silver Charm, Zoingo Silver Coin, seven Ocular Coins, Funnel Snakeskin
Iron Helm, Black Ball, two Unreadable Scrolls, Silver Dragon Statue
Damaged Iron Knife, Silver Bone Necklace
Damaged Iron Greaves, four Zoingo Silver Coins
Iron Helm, two Red Baubles, twelve Ocular Coins
Damaged Iron Shield, Silver Bauble
Iron Knife, White Bauble
Black Ball
Silver Charm, Silver Bone Necklace, Xanxu Snakehead, two Unreadable Scrolls
Damaged Iron Dagger, Unreadable Scroll, three Yellow Baubles
Silver-Tipped Spear, three Yellow Baubles
Damaged Iron Gauntlets, six Yellow Baubles, Unreadable Scroll
Golden Ocular Coin, Xanxu Snakehead, Unreadable Scroll
Silver-Tipped Spear, three Zoingo Silver Coins, three Unreadable Scrolls
Iron Gauntlets, Silver Bone Necklace
Silver Charm, Silver Bauble
Dam. Iron Knife, Silver Bone Necklace, 15 Oculars, Funnel Skin, 3 Scrolls
Iron Knife, three Zoingo Silver Coins
Damaged Iron Dagger, Golden Ocular Coin
Zoingo Silver Coin, Xanxu Snakehead

[Note: this list does not include snake parts gained from killing
          the Koma Den inhabitants (i.e. rattler darts, etc.).]



From: (T.J. Sharrock)
Article: 12935 of
Subject: Re: MI: groups in English MI?
Date: 25 Apr 1994 09:00:30 GMT

Rolf H. Lange ( wrote:

> Hi there,
> Are there any groups in the English game of MI? 

The main groups I am aware of are:
Kabuki's Legion of the North
White Knights of Kabuki
Blinding Dawn

The Hand of Shroud
Eternal Void

Bad Company

Hulk Hogan's Company

There may also be some newer groups, and there are several
unofficial groups heading for formation. The "Message in a Bottle"
game newsletter with details seems to have stopped...

Indeed several of the groups are rather slow at the moment and
in the middle of changing leadership (I am about to resign
from running KLN, I have been doing so for a couple of Years now,
and it is taking too much time, and I still do not get newsletters
out on time).

If you want more info, email me.

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 00:25:20 -0400
Subject: Re: pbm ftp site

All available eMonster back issues are now available online via anonymous
FTP transfer.

The site is ; files are in directory /pub/pbm/Monster_Island
This is a commerical system, please try to access it during off-peak hours.

From: (Thomas Kiefer)
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 00:19:19 -0700
Subject: Re: MI/sacred creatures

About the idea of setting a No Attack order for those Creatures your God
favors....  You can't.

See rulebook: the No Attack order is "N (Race#, Group# or Monster#)".
No place for a Creature# in there.  I tried putting one in anyway once
and got "You can only specify a Race#, Group# or Monster#.  Order fails."
Oh, well.

From: "g.mcdougall" <WU0GMC@ORAC.SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 1994 11:49:41 -562208 (GMT-5623:08)
Subject: MI Sacred Creatures

Following the 'Sacred Creatures' debate.  What happens if a Monster 
wants (or needs) the items from an allied Creature? (I.e. Tusker tusks).
What does the diety do to a follower of his that kills a favoured 
creature, and is it actually possible (with the A order)?

From: "shdowspwn" <SHDOWSPWN@AOL.COM>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 94 20:31:55 EDT
Subject: God Favored Creatures & Boundary Testing

Phillip Pectoralis, a Fuvite Disciple passed through a square with King Stag's
in it in order to get the Blurb.  He ended up killing one even though it's
blurb says they "find favor with the omniscient one".  He has not encountered
them again but maybe the first time you encounter creatures you don't know
things like your God doesn't want you to kill them.

On the subject of stretching the boundaries.  I had heard a rumor that by
Kowtowing for 200 Action Pts you could get the Temple Sacrifice Blurb
immediately. I tried it with Shadow's Pawn who had only been an Acolyte for
about 5 turns and it did not work.  So much for that wild hope.

From: Ron Blanco <RRBLANCO@MTU.EDU>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 01:06:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Points of interest...

During the turn, SideKic captured a Killer Koala Bear.  At the end of the 
turn he did a Kill Capture order...  (I'm going to ask Jack about the change)
It said, as normal, "You kill the Killer Koala Bear. Awww."  Then the change
appears...  I DID NOT get the food and teeth for the kill...  RATHER, I found
myself BATTLING the Killer Koala Bear!  I killed it & received the stuff...

So the "You kill... Awww." may not be relavent anymore...  I mean we might
get this message, but then either the monster or creature might flee after/
during the "battle"...

This was in the Crooked Nose Inn's square, AND there haven't been KKBs in the 
square EVER before during my ten+ (YES, TEN+) visits (I've two monsters, that 
camped out here A LOT, while learning Pointed Weapon Trainings & ...)...

Trapped Pit:  Yeah, I finally, ah, er, "stumbled into" one, so to speak...
:-)  This new addition to the Crooked Nose Inn's square, has appeared since my
my last visit (7 turns/8 weeks ago)...  There has been a Deep Pit for A LONG
time, & I've considered trapping it, but I'm too nice a guy (and I had NO
captured snake)  :-)    Anyway...  "Cah-rash! You've just fallen into a 
TRAPPED PIT. 'Ouch,' you roar. [-12 Health.] Uh, no - there's a Jungle Rattler
in this pit!  And it wants to eat you.  Battle ensues..."

Yep, you guessed it, no missile fire in close quarters, like this...  26 damage
kills Jungle Rattler...  Hits me for 4 damage...  (1 food & 2 darts..  KEWEL!
I needed the food, I can sell the darts for 6 oculars, I'm Inn Staying, so my
health will zap RIGHT back...)  This trap could not have been at a better place
or time for me...  I hope this will ruin the day for whoever set the trap, 
when they see it helped, rather than hindered the "victim"  :-)

From: Ulrich Mayring <ULIM@COLI.UNI-SB.DE>
Subject: Re: German MI 

Scott writes:
> I'd like to get the address the German MI company, and maybe the turn costs,
> so I can direct people how to join.  Does your game offer a free rulebook and
> free first (setup) turn?

Of course, no problem: The setup turn is free, the rulebook too and the
turn costs are DM 6.- per turn, plus an additional DM 3.- per issue if you
want to receive the "Buschtrommel", which is a zine similar to the Blood
Moon Tribune.

The address is:

Daydream Productions
PF 900315
81503 Muenchen

*****Scott says: Would somebody mind sending me the same information on
     the English MI game?  I would like to include it all in my infrequent
     posting on the newsgroup.

From: (R. Eric Reuss)
Date: Tue, 3 May 1994 13:50:48 +0500
Subject: Re: MI/Rumors Greatly Exaggerated

I don't know where you got the idea that I quit MI (esp since I'm still
subscribed to EMonster!!) but I'm still alive & kicking...

Could you please post a correction? Thanks!

Eric Reuss
Leader of the Stark Fist of Fuvah

*****Scott says: Oops.  We did indeed list you as 'past tense' last issue.
     We hereby proclaim that you got better.

From: eu406@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Davies)
Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 14:57:56 -0400
Subject: MI notes

When rebuilding ruins, I have noticed that you can get an extra
7 pts free if you break your pts over 13 orders. If you are by 
yourself, with a mount, you get 25% bonus pts. 13 orders for 2
pts each will amount to 39 pts total, while 1 order for 26 pts
will only get you 33 pts total.

While this will result in a boring turn, 5 monsters doing this
for 5 turns will net a possible 175 pts extra. Not too bad if you
think about it.

Large caves *can* be cleared out, but I do not think you get any
special treasures for doing so. My monster found an empty one
near the Odd Terapus quite a while back.

From: tec2t@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU (Timothy Edward Ciciarelli)
Article: 13019 of
Subject: MI fort enhancement
Date: Tue, 3 May 1994 17:10:46 GMT

I was wondering if anyone had any additions or corrections to
the following list of items that can be used to enhance a fort
in MI:

1. knives
2. snake traps
3. spider springs, carrion talons
4. spyglass parts

I've heard rumors that xanxu leg joints and tar trap parts can
also be used, anyone know for sure?


*****Scott says: So far nobody knows any different.  But we are hopeful.
     The current theory (from the Order of the White Rose) goes like
     this:  When you issue the EF order, you *won't* use your Snake Trap
     unless you've got an extra one.  You won't put a spyglass in there
     unless you have one complete one and all three parts to make a second.
     So, experiments are being conducted to see what other 'extra' items
     might possibly be added, that we didn't know about before, because
     we only had one of them when we tried earlier.

     Also, the latest bug report fits in here; When adding spyglasses to
     a Fort, the fort is designed to use up to 4 of 'em, but somehow the
     counter was not being increased -- the Order of the White Rose had
     added 8 (!) spyglasses to one Fort before anybody asked Jack about it.
     Jack corrected the error and offered to return the extra spyglasses to
     the monsters or leave them in the storeroom.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Sun, 15 May 94 12:07:19 MDT
Subject: Re:  MI/spells

Scott writes,
>Once you've set *any* offensive or defensive spell up,
>you can *never* say "Don't cast spells, I want to save up spell points."

I COMPLETELY agree.  This drives me CRAZY.  Has anyone complained to
Jack about this?  It would be so easy to fix.  Just say cast like 800 or 899
or somethig to turn off defensive spell and 900 or 999 to turn off offensive
spell.  I have my offensive spell, for example, set to a really powerful and
expensive one in the hope it either won't be cast because of power issues or
that I won't have enough SPs to cast it but this is a poor solution as when
it is cast I lose a huge amount of SPs.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Sun, 15 May 1994 15:38:12 -0600 (CDT)
Subject: Turning off spells

You can turn off offensive and defensive spells by just recasting
that same spell.  I.e.: to turn off light armor issue a C 805 this will turn 
light armor off and you will have no defensive spell.  The same is true 
for offensive spells.  If you read the spell casting blurb carefully it 
tells you how to do this.

*****Scott says: Does this work now?  I haven't tried it for almost 6 months
     now, but it didn't *used* to work, and it drove me (and certain other
     people I could name) buggy.  I'll try it again this turn, but I've
     looked over the blurbs and can't find a word about it.

Date: Thu, 19 May 94 16:34:15 MESZ
Subject: mi-baby monsters

My name is Bonnie and I'm a little nice monster in the german MI-game.
As a very unexperienced monster I would like to ask you what are the advantages
or disadvantages for my monster to become pregnant?  I hope there is somebody
out there with some experience in this.

From: usvkn7xn@ibmmail.COM <CHRIS Meyer>
Date: Fri, 20 May 94 10:56:37 EDT
Subject: Group Mailer by ABM                                              

      While sitting around today trying to make myself do some work,
I had an idea pop into my head concerning Monster Island.  This idea is
along the lines of the Lotus Leaves & Blood Mood Tribune.  What I was
thinking about is approching Jack with the idea of assembling a mailer
(a one time mailing) that was devoted fully to the groups on the island.
This journal would have perhaps a paragraph written by each participating
group explaining their group for the newbies on the island.  This would
essentially be a single flyer that new players (and old too) could get an
idea of what groups are available on the island.  I would also suggest that
a short article be co-written that suggests those considerations that should
be made by a player before actually joining a group.  Opinion ?

*****Scott says:  I think this is a great idea!  Of course, I am the
     leader of The Black Death and that might influence my decision.
     I am concerned that the only exposure most players get to groups
     is through the BMT, and that is understandibly weighted towards
     promoting and defending Shroud's Own.  I would welcome a chance
     to let players know that there are other kinds of groups out there.

     Chris also says, and I agree, that this project should be under
     the auspices of ABM itself -- any player-run document is bound to
     suffer from bias, lack of participation, and especially lack of
     distribution.  (Though I would be willing to send such a thing out
     as an eMonster Special if ABM declines the idea.)

     What do the rest of you think?

From: (CasbahCarl)
Article: 13127 of
Subject: Monster Island: BMT #11
Date: 19 May 1994 17:56:04 -0400

In the lastest edition of the American game's player-edited
newsletter, the "Blood Moon Tribune," the editor wrote an article on
behalf of his group that attempts to create incentives for members of
other groups to betray the trust of their fellow group members and of
followers of their religion.

The following is a copy of my post on the AOL MI board:


Subj:  Re:BMT #11                            94-05-19 17:47:20 EDT
From:  CasbahCarl

Hi All,

I'd like to make a comment regarding Morgan's ad on behalf of
Shroud's Own (SO) in the latest BMT. First, though, I'd like to
preface my comments that from my experience on this board, I think
that SO members Bob (Ewop) and Cathy (Cashew Nut) are decent people.

However, it's my personal opinion, humbly stated, that the intent of
Morgan's recent communication is a negative one that will serve to
lessen the enjoyment of the game for many people.

Yes, I know, he'll say that he's merely roleplaying the evil nature
of his character and group...blah, blah, blah. However, I don't think
anyone can legitimately deny that since the Ryan Gaffuri mess (where
an SO member lied to several groups in order to gain confidential
information), MI has been slightly less enjoyable because we can't
trust other players as easily as we used to. I know this is true for
many older and advanced players who've spoken on the same topic to me
personally and on Bif's.

This ad is just going to reinforce the suspicion and mistrust
that was created earlier by one of Shroud's Own. Ultimately, I
believe this will have a negative impact on Monster Island.

Just my .02 worth,



Any thoughts from others?

    Chuck Miro

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: MOnster Island
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 11:22:03 -0600 (CDT)

There have been a lot of complaints lately from many, many people about
Monster Island.  People are complaining that the turnaround
time has slowed and that there does not seem to be anything new to the game.
Well, I have not had problems with turnaround times, maybe that has to do
with me faxing in my turns.  But I would like to see more added to the
game.  I should say before I go any further that I have been impressed
with the aditions that Jack has made to the game, since I started playing
over three years ago.  I am begining to think though that Monster Island
has gotten so big that Jack can no longer handle it by himself.  I think
that can be seen by the growing list of things Jack has promised will be
in the game that we are not seeing.

The Question is what can be done about it?  My suggestion is that
ABM hire someone to do nothing but MI programing.  This would allow Jack
to concentrate of What and how to add to the game.  I may sound like I am
telling Jack how to run his business, and that is not my intent.  What I
want is enjoyment out of the game, and to be honest most of us monsters
who started within the first year have explored almost everything there is
to do.  I am willing to pay a little more for each one of my turns if ABM
could see their way to hiring another MI programer.  I would like to hear
what everyone thinks about it.  If there is a large majority of players
that feel as I do, I think I could discuss it with Jack.


From: deadboy@leland.Stanford.EDU (Malachi)
Subject: Re: MOnster Island
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 12:49:02 -0700 (PDT)

> There have been a lot of complaints lately...

Although I haven't complained in the past, I also have been 
disappointed with these issues.  Turnaround time in particular has 
recently been very bad.  I've been playing for at least two years now
and I also get the sense that there's not much left to be seen.
My personal plan for now is just to not send in my turns so promptly,
so that I won't be so disappointed with the time-scale of the game.
But the problem still exists of getting a very boring set of turn results,
causing the attention span to lag.
I almost quit the game last year when I had about five dull turns in a row,
spanning over two real-time months.  When there are no clear goals
(and few strong goals exist for anyone on MI) each week almost *has* to
bring something new and exciting, or it seems like a waste of time.
Of course most *people* I've met through MI have been 
interesting and fun, to talk with, but the game itself is on the whole
lately disappointing.

I hope that doesn't sound too negative.
I like MI.


*****Scott says:  I too have seen large delays in turnaround time recently,
     though for me it seems more due to the snailmail service -- the turns
     I send in through email get back to me much faster.  Anyone else notice
     any delays within the last month or so?

     Both of my monsters have had a few boring turns, but together they have
     over 170 turns between them, and they haven't even *begun* to explore
     the possibilities.  Perhaps it's just the way I play, but in all that
     time I've been devoting my attention to groups and religious affairs.
     If you're getting bored, you might want to look into these things.

From: tec2t@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU (Timothy Edward Ciciarelli)
Article: 13023 of
Subject: MI: Jolly Ogre Far Inn services
Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 21:34:17 GMT

O.K. I know nobody has answered any of my posts thus far,
but hey, the third time's the charm.  Does anyone out there
know the services offered by the Jolly Ogre Far Inn.  I'm
talking about weapons training, knowledge etc.

Tim Ciciarelli

*****Scott says: Robert James should have that info.  Speaking of whom...

From: <ROBERT James>
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 23:31:26 EDT
Subject: Monster Island

Hi, Scott!  Just wanted to let you know I had access to the net through
America Online.  Got all your letters and stuff -- now you can send the email
newsletter straight to me here!  I've got all the far inns now -- please post
my thanks to the email group and pass on my address here if anyone wants to
contact me or the Order of the White Rose.  Take care - Rob James


 Thus ends another eMonster News.  If you have any comments, suggestions,
 submissions, questions, or articles you would like to see included in the
 next issue, please send them to and we'll put them in!

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