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e-Monster Issue Twenty-Four

Editor: Scott Micheel

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       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r    News 04-25-94
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        ee    m     m    oo    n  n   sss      tt    ee    r         #24
Headlines this time:   New Blurbs (tease)
                       Group List update
     Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month, come hell or
high water.  Publisher and Editor is <SCOTT Micheel>;
send all submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription info
to that address.  eMonster News is distrubted free for the asking to anyone
able to receive it on INTERNET, CompuServe, GEnie, Delphi, America Online,
Prodigy, or any other service tied into the net.  Current press run: 147.
To avoid problems with my mailer, I send this out in batches; for a full
listing of players on the net, send a note to Scott (below).  eMonster News
is not affiliated with Adventures By Mail in any way, and nothing in here is
necessarily official.  We like to think they like us, though.  Please copy,
post, print, or otherwise distribute this newsletter to as many players as you
can; especially if they have email access.  We want to promote this here game!
Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Group Man                     Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson
List Director                 Sharyl Leis


Howdy.  It was remarked that there is a lot of information covered in the
newsletter that would be better served by creating a hint list for new
players.  I have seen such hint lists from the Diciples of Light and the Order
of the White Rose, and we have an old one here (jonesey says it hasn't been
updated in two years or so though).

I think it would be a great idea to create such a list.  It would help new
players immensely, and cut down on some of the simple questions here in the
newsletter.  Anyone want to volunteer to work on it?  I envision a short
entry on just about everything (a line, perhaps up to a paragraph.)

Anyone want to volunteer for it?


 Welcome to new subscribers this month: Welcome to the MI net!

Bruggeman Todd Alle (
Craig Barstow (
Holger Hoffmann (
John O'Hehir (
Richard Schwerdtfeger (
Phil Spagnolli (
Per Stromberg (
Ashley Taft (
Patrick Voltmer (
Dana Wright (
a monster (
a monster (
a monster (
a monster (


I am having a terrible time trying to get ahold of
these people.  If you are having trouble getting the newsletter; just
send me a note.  And if you're on the following list, please send me
a note also, so I can try to track the path.



Subject: MI News

The new news is that Jack is back to programming MI again.  So you can expect
some new things shortly.

About the blurbs, we'd prefer if you just listed the name and # of the
blurbs, and not the text in anything you put out in the public domain.  If
you want to exchange the full blurb with specific players, its not a problem.
We just need to protect our copyrights and that isn't done when our
copyrighted text is put in the public domain.  Thanks very much.

*****Editor says:

     That being the case, it is time to list a bunch of new blurbs that have
not been discussed in the newsletter yet!  

     Creatures:  185 Vine Stalker
                196 Xanxu Wart Toad
                 199 Shifting Wraith
     Items:      196 Xanxu Webbed Feet
                 202 Glowing Red Ring
                 204 Silver Temple Sword (class 4)
                 319 Dark Sword (class 4, 2xDamage to Light)
                 320 Wooden Shroud Statue
                 321 Iron Stein
                 329 Dragon Hide Shield (class 8)
                 348 Damaged Heavy Iron Shield (class 4)
                 350 King's Spiked Leggin's (class 4)
                 368 Crimson Chalise
                 374 Dragonbone
                 375 Quartzlight Gem
     Spells:       1 Summon (Random) Creature
                   2 Ensnare Creature (a)
                  71 Divine Monster
                 802 Ensnare Creature (b)
                 828 Armor

     It looks like there is some work being done on the game after all.
     Details are available on request.


eMonster Departments

From: (Brian Derks)
Subject: group list
!Stuff deleted - ADF!

From: "Larry Barrows" <LRDBEAR@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: MI/Capture List
!Stuff deleted - ADF!
From: (Sharyl Leis)
Subject: Lists I have

You had wanted to know what lists I have so here they are.  Some of 
them duplicate lists being kept for you by other people.  How would
you like to handle those?  Did you want to pick a set group of lists 
as my official offering through eMonster?


    Far Inn/Far Forge Appraisal list
    Group Coordinate Conversion list
    Far Post Buy/Sell list
    Far Structure Locations (DOL Coordinates)   --- will be updating soon
    Far Inn Services list   --- am just starting to compile this
    "Making a Living" Make list
    Temple Locations (DOL Coordinates)  --- see below
    Weapons and Armor list

I am trying to recreate the Temple list from scratch.  I tried taking
the DOL list and the last list from eMonster and combining them with
the couple of Temples that our monsters have seen.  I gave up!  There 
were too many that were too close together, or listed for 2 Gods, etc.
So I've started from scratch with only those Temples that I can get 
people to confirm (about 14 so far).  I was hoping to get a Ad 
requesting info posted in the BMT and eMonster, as soon as I get it 
written up properly.  I've already had it up on Bif's (without much 
response unfortunately).

Subject: monster island statmaster, reporting

I am keeping track of monster statistics, to help players judge how well
their monsters are getting along.  If you wish to submit your data, please
do.  We get a few changes every month....

Here are the latest statistics:

If anyone wants their monster's successes noted, I can add notes to this
table for bragging rights.  Obviously, not everyone wants their Monster's
statistics given away.

The table is pretty self-explanatory.  Each Turn is in a row with the
low/high for each statistic below its average.  The number in () on the
second line is the number of monsters reported for that statistic.

For those that don't believe the high number of kills recorded between
turns 100 and 125 here is a quote from the owner of those statistics:

     169 kills in 25 turns?  That's less than 7 per turn!  What's so
     difficult about that?  Just find a Graveyard within 4 squares from an
     Inn, and go back and forth, doing 4-6 LV's per trip.  Add a few
     miscellaneous monsters, like wolfcurs, in between as a bonus.  Do I5
     or I3 each turn to regain Health.  You'll probably collect enough
     booty each turn to pay for the Inn stays.  And you'll get plenty of
     Wrestling practice, along with Edged and Pointed weapons.  Then take
     time out occasionally and visit a Koma Den a few times.  You'll
     probably average a dozen kills per turn.

Average Monster Statistics
Turn   Toughness   Muscle   Badness   Stealth Monsterliness Blurbs    Kills
----   ---------   ------   -------   ------- ------------- ------    -----
  1        52        25        26        10       137        13
(13)     47/58     18/33     11/43      3/25    119/158     8/20      0/3

  8        70        42        34        12       256        49        13
(54)     20/93     27/79     16/60      4/33    211/355    31/66      4/23

 16        85        64        42        14       361        87        26
(54)     67/101    39/115    17/67      5/34     30/490    48/775    10/51

 24       101        86        52        21       483        96        42
(51)     76/125    46/150    25/99      7/57    377/581    62/124    19/78

 32       118       106        62        25       593       119        64
(45)     84/145    64/195    27/106     8/55    421/733    83/158    33/117

 40       130       117        73        32       681       133        81
(32)    103/160    74/226    34/118    14/80    489/861    98/161    46/121

 50       146       137        86        41       807       156       108
(29)    118/174    93/265    45/125    17/76    583/1011  112/210    66/166

 75       170       159       112        55      1007       188       152
(12)    159/183   135/201    81/137    20/74    806/1131  136/228    80/207

100       188       208       130        77      1332       243       256
(11)    175/206   173/243    98/148    46/124   985/1547  199/296   155/373

125       207       229       148        82      1482       258       320
(4)    197/219   218/251   133/164    50/146  1265/1748  241/283   218/461


 Our Readers Write

From: "Obleman.Eric" <OBLEMAN@SSDGWY.MDC.COM>
Subject: eMailed Moves

I've been eMailing moves for several months now and have always used hard
spaces.  I've never had a problem with this method and suggest that you should
not use tabs when eMailing turns.

From: "Bob Cook" <P00661@PSILINK.COM>
Organization: Adventures By Mail, Inc.
Subject: Re: Monster Island ? (fwd)

I'm Emailing the Australian guy about MI.  Thanks for passing along the 
note.  Yes, he can play as there's currently no Australian license for 
the game (their market's just too small).  We charge him an extra $2 
for airmail postage, but everything else is the same.

From: (Dave Thomas)
Subject: Far Structures

I can confirm the location of Willan's Far Post (net coord. 449,314).
My son's monster, Katarak, just made it to Dallan's Far Post (net 
coord. 455,370).

From: (Russ Calkins)
Subject: Making stuff

To the person who had the trouble making an Item when the
slots would have been freed up by using the ingredients neccessary to make
it:  Jack said some time ago (years?) that the first thing the program does
is check for an empty space.  So even if the process of making an item will
free up the necessary space you won't make it unless you have a empty space
available first.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Fuvah temple

There is a newly constructed Fuvah temple in the Vicinity of the
Black Swan.  We just finished sanctifining it on thursday.  We are now
going to head west to another temple ruin location which we will rebuild.

Another interesting note is that my monster will have been on the island
for 3 years as of April 12.  He has 96 turns in now so it seems that we get
32 turns every year (not including makeup turns)

From: (Frits Kuijlman)
Subject: Monster Island news and other stuff

I am keeping back issues of the eMonster News at an FTP site here.  Anyone
who wants to get them (or many other pbm files) feel free.  Unfortunatly,
this site will be changing soon.  I'll let you know.

Ftp site: (
Directory: /pub/pbm/Misc

And if you have anything to upload to the site, please put it here:

Uploads: /pub/pbm/Incoming

Log in as 'anonymous', use as your password your email address, e.g.

eMonster News issues available (and their sizes) are

  7935 news.9207   (#4)
 24628 news.9208   (#6)
 17379 news.9209   (#7)
 10611 news.9209b  (#8)
 12500 news.9210   (#9)
 26489 news.9210b  (#10)
 17143 news.9306   (#14)
 15233 news.9307   (#15)
 30332 news.9308   (#16)
 26226 news.9309   (#17)
 40585 news.9310   (#18)
 50908 news.9311   (#19)
 33174 news.9312   (#20)
 42128 news.9401   (#21)
 62212 news.9402   (#22)
 41611 news.9403   (#23)

There are other files available too.

*****Editor says:  I can send these files to you over email too.

From: (Tom Skovronsky)
Subject: Prices

Prices of Zoingo Gold Coin #363 = 13 Oc.; Golden Ocular #361 = 46 Oc; Kwando
Guilder #366 = 5 Oc; Zoingo Silver Coin #364 = 6 Oc. at a Far Inn with rare
items = good. 

From: Sindre Stabell <SIV91012@VM.BI.NO>
Subject:      sacrifice blurb

My Deathwind has spent the last few turns trying to get the sacrifice blurb.
He has been an an acolyte of Kabuki for the past 27 or so turns and is 53
turns old. He has visited two different temples and kowtowed four times for
between 5 and 76 action points. Still no success. Could there be a turn limit
for Kabuki and Shroud monsters that is set at 60 turns? Any help in this would
be greatly appreciated before I go nuts... ;-O

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  Loggerhead Camps

      The average Loggerhead takes about 100 damage to kill and generally
this requires 2-3 attacks for a pretty strong monster to do.  Also, it is
not reliable that you will fight the same 'head several times in a row so
in a turn where you made 3 attacks you could damage three different 'heads.
      You do LV to fight them but actually while the camp is very full you
will get automatically attacked once when you first enter the square.  
Prepare to take a beating and don't get discouraged if you don't do well at

From: Robert James

   The Order of the White Rose is currently compliling a complete Far Inn
Service List.  We have have the following from hard copies: Dragon's Tale,
Twisted Tablar, Crooked Nose, Bottom Hill, Hamilton's Cove, and Lion's Fill.
Although we have reports of many other Far Inns, given the nature of rumor
and error (and the fact that some Inns will expand), we want verification by
way of photocopies of original printouts.  I have already send Scott the
compilation of the ones we have [editor: also in hardcopy, I haven't typed
it in yet.]  When I receive the others, I will add them and send the updated
list in to the email newsletter as well.

Robert James
3636 Vinton Ave #4
Los Angeles CA 90034

From: Michael Powell <74146.2211@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: MI/sacred creatures

Scott: you asked if it would be a good idea to set a No Attack order for
your god's sacred creatures.

I know that since I declared for Shroud, I have encountered Ghoul Buzzards
at least three times.  I did not have a no attack order set but I just
watched it fly by each time without taking any offensive action.  One turn
before declaring, I fought one.
From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>

>I recently had a message that wondered about killing creatures that are
>sacred to your own god.  It suggested that, for example, Kabuki followers
>should set a No Attack order for Myrrh Dove, and Shroudians should set a
>No Attack order for Ghoul Buzzards.  Anyone have any information on this?

Don't bother setting NA orders up for these creatures.  If you encounter a
creature sacred to your God (this has been valid for both my monsters,
following Kabuki and Fuvah) you will automatically pass it by without

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Re: MI/sacred creatures

I am a follower of Fuvah and have encounter several creatures that
are Fuvite creatures, every time I do i leave them alone.  So I would say
as long as you don't issue and attack order on that creature you will be
As far as I can tell a monster will not attack a creature that is favored
by a god that monster is following.  Therefore it would be uneccisary to
issue the no attack order.  Since the only way I know of to attack one of
the creatures is to issure the attack (A) order, which will override the no
attack setting anyways.  Maybe followers of Kabuki, or Shroud attack
creatures favored by their god, but I know that Fuvah followers do not.

From: Ron Blanco <RRBLANCO@MTU.EDU>


Storm'n Norm'n is the only blonde Norman on Monster Island, and has
found out how to dye his hair red.  We are not totally sure of this rumored
report, but expect his hairdresser knows for sure...  Storm'n Norm'n
Enterprises now markets Red Hair Dye and also Stormy's Natural Bleaching Kit.
Either may be purchased for 1995 (oculars or equally appraised items) for a
limited time.  This secret voodoo item can be your's, so you too may look and
feel like the Norman elite.  (It is recommended the BigNoses buy and use two
bottles, since it takes so much more to improve their looks.  Therefore,
we have a special offer to BigNoses.  They can buy two bottles for the 
special price of 3995.)

Proceeds from the sale of the afore mentioned items will go to 
support the "Old Senile Norman's Home for the Elite Aged" -- NOT!!
It will actually go for the Margarita Party held monthly at selected
Far Inns located NEAR YOU -- red hair required for admittance...

From: Dana Barker <73734.1241@CompuServe.COM>

   Long time no see! As for me, I'm busier than anything. I play Quest, in
addition to MI. I have joined an alliance, and am now running 2 groups. I
publish the game# 1 newsletter, maintain a settlement list as well as a
dungeon/widerness journal. Also, I'm maintaining a q & a file for the DoL.
Anyone playing Quest or just interested is welcome to contact me.

From: "g.mcdougall" <WU0GMC@ORAC.SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>
Subject: ABM vs. KJC

Just a quick note aimed mainly at the UK and European players
of Monster Island.  I asked Bob how long the KJC lag is and his
reply was as follows:

'...the delay between program updates in the US and UK is quite
variable.  We usually update MI a few times a year.  So things 
usually appear in our game at least several months before they
arrive in the UK...'

Also, I hear Bob plans to email turns *back* soon.  I asked how
he'd handle the maps and he thinks ASCII characters are the most
likely solution.

From: warden (Scott Micheel)

Testing The Boundaries:

If you have already bought a particular Far Inn Knowledge, you can't buy it
again.  Big Danny had already bought Basic Stealth, and he figured, what the
heck -- maybe I can buy it again and get it even higher.  No dice.  It said
'you already know this!'.  But it *did* let me keep my occulars.  Looks like
a good thing to guard against mistakes, anyway.

The Cadets of Gascoyne newsletter (Nose News -- they're all a bunch of
bignoses) reports that you can use the BP (Bathe in Pond) order at a
waterhole too.  Nobody's tried it at a geyser.

The Order of the Whoite Rose newsletter (The Fortnight) reports that you
can equip a Skull Amulet, even if you're not a Viper (despite what it
says in the blurb).  No word on whether it actually *works* if you're not
a viper as of yet.

Stompin Rocksoul, ever alert for such 'hidden' things, tried to xfer an
item to a jossman at an Inn.  Maybe he'd give me secret information, or
a neat item.  He use the Xfer order, and said race number 8 --
on the theory that the program might work on the first jossman he met. No dice.
It said 'No such monster number.'  Oh well.

Anybody else have any interesting tales about testing the boundaries, and
trying the untried?

From: Ashley Taft <ATAFT@INFINET.COM>
Subject: Re: I'm Back!

It's been sooooooooooo long since Lord SkyDiver had a turn processed... 
It is my sincere hope to get some money and turns to ABM in May...And my 
sincere DREAD to see how many make-up turns are due...*sigh*

I'm a wee bit saddened by the apparent lack of Fuvah Temples in Middle 
Kunbar (The names come back, like riding a bike...)

I hope to see some of you folks wandering aimlessly about on the Island.  
Endure me, as I ask questions you would expect of a newbie...Not one of 
the earliest players, and THE first to crack a Tomb of Mumi ( I still 
have the post-it note from Jack attesting to that!)

Long live Monster Island, and Long Live eMonster!

     Lord SkyDiver
     The Dust-Covered Furrcat


  "When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal."
 (Richard Milhous Nixon, quoted by David Frost in /I Gave Them A Sword/, ch.8)

 Have fun, and be monsterly!

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