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e-Monster Issue Twenty-Six

Editor: Scott Micheel

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Headlines this time:   eMonster Departments: Voodoo, Stats, Inn Prices, more
                       Grousing about ABM

  Monster Island is a play-by-mail game where players role-play monsters
  exploring a huge island.  Among the things to do are discover and make
  weapons and armor, find treasure, kill things (and each other), learn
  Voodoo, join groups, even devote yourself to a deity and eventually
  learn to cast spells.  Monster Island has a humorous bent, sometimes it
  even gets a bit silly -- but this comedic relief is welcome when your
  monster is in a life-or-death battle with a Shifting Wraith.

    In the US                   In the UK                 In Germany

    Adventures By Mail          KJC Games                 Daydream Productions
    PO Box 436                  Thornton-Cleveleys        PF 900315
    Cohoes NY 12047-0436        Lancashire FY5 3LJ        81503 Muenchen
    U.S.A.                      U.K.                      Germany

    US$ 4.00 / turn             GBP 2.00 / turn           DM 6.00 / turn
    rules free                  rules free                rules free
    setup free                  setup free                setup free
    1st turn free               1st turn free             1st turn free

    'Blood Moon Tribune'                                  'Buschtrommel'
      newsletter free                                       newsletter DM 3.00

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Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Group Man                     Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson
List Director                 Sharyl Leis
Hint List & FAQs              Dana Barker


The following players cannot be reached by email (at least by me.)  If they
do not contact me by the next issue, they will be dropped from the list.

Bothwell; Eric =
Welch; Chip =
LeBlond; James =
Schwerdtfeger; Richard =
O'Hehir; John =
monster; a =
Kellner; Brian =


From: "Jerry E. Ritchie" <73537.2505@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 22 Jun 94 13:34:03 EDT
Subject: Sharyl's Lists: Voodoo

Here is some material for the eMonster.  Everyone should thank
Sharyl for her hard work.  How about a spell list for the July issue?

                      VOODOO CONCOCTIONS LIST

The following is a list of known Voodoo concoctions and the requirements
for making them:

Item                      AP to  No.
No.   Voodoo Concoction   make   Made  Ingredients
 19  White Lotus Elixir     9     1    2 White Lotus Leaves, Oil.
 20  Purple Lotus Elixir   15     7    21 Purple Lotus Leaves,
                                       White Lotus Leaf, 3 Oil.
 35  Yellow Lotus Elixir    7     1    Yellow Lotus Leaf, Oil, and
                                       be in Sand & Palms terrain.
 56  Reptron Salve         12     1    7 Purple Lotus Leaves, Blood Mite
                                       Eye, a live Reptron Bird, and be
                                       in square with Waterhole or Pond.
                                       *Note: Using requires 45 Act Pts
                                        and a square with a Geyser.
 62  Shingle Poison        16     2    2 Acorn Hearts, 2 Oil.
                                       *Note: To use, equip it: E 62.
 64  Lime Elixir            9     1    4 Limes, Coconut, 2 Oil, and
                                       a Filled Waterskin.
 66  Brawn Elixir           8     1    Lime, Bolotomus Muscle, 2 Oil.
 67  Zombie Juice           8     1    Dust of the Entombed, White Lotus
                                       Leaf, Tholomite Heart, 4 Oil.
                                       *Note: Using requires a digging
                                        implement, 4 AP, and a square
                                        with an Ancient Graveyard
 85  Thermaway Elixir      12     1    Stench Gland, 2 Purple Lotus
                                       Leaves, 3 Oil
 98  Gnitgnoff              4     1    Guano Plasm, Purple Lotus Leaf, Oil
This information is distributed compliments of the Disciples of Light.
Monster island players are free to copy each list in whole or in part as
long as this note remains attached.  Everyone is requested to contact the
DOL with any updates/corrections.

BBS: Bif's Monster Resort (317) 962-BIFS 8N1.

Revision History
1.00 04/27/94 Compiled

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 09:39:42 EDT
Subject: MI statistics

If anyone wants their monster's successes noted, I can add notes to this
table for bragging rights.  Obviously, not everyone wants their Monster's
statistics given away.

The table is pretty self-explanatory.  Each Turn is in a row with the
low/high for each statistic below its average.  The number in () on the
second line is the number of monsters reported for that statistic.

Average Monster Statistics
Turn   Toughness   Muscle   Badness   Stealth Monsterliness Blurbs    Kills
----   ---------   ------   -------   ------- ------------- ------    -----
  1        52        25        27         9       137        12         0
(15)     47/58     18/33     11/43      3/25    119/158     8/20      0/3

  8        70        42        34        12       256        49        13
(54)     20/93     27/79     16/60      4/33    211/355    31/66      4/23

 16        85        64        42        14       361        87        26
(54)     67/101    39/115    17/67      5/34     30/490    48/775    10/51

 24       101        86        52        21       483        96        42
(51)     76/125    46/150    25/99      7/57    377/581    62/124    19/78

 32       118       106        62        25       593       119        64
(45)     84/145    64/195    27/106     8/55    421/733    83/158    33/117

 40       130       117        73        32       681       133        81
(32)    103/160    74/226    34/118    14/80    489/861    98/161    46/121

 50       146       137        86        41       807       156       108
(29)    118/174    93/265    45/125    17/76    583/1011  112/210    66/166

 75       170       159       112        55      1007       188       152
(12)    159/183   135/201    81/137    20/74    806/1131  136/228    80/207

100       188       208       129        74      1319       241       251
(12)    175/206   173/243    98/148    37/124   985/1547  199/296   155/373

125       207       229       148        82      1482       258       320
(4)    197/219   218/251   133/164    50/146  1265/1748  241/283   218/461

For those that don't believe the high number of kills recorded between
turns 100 and 125 here is a quote from the owner of those statistics:

     169 kills in 25 turns?  That's less than 7 per turn!  What's so
     difficult about that?  Just find a Graveyard within 4 squares from an
     Inn, and go back and forth, doing 4-6 LV's per trip.  Add a few
     miscellaneous monsters, like wolfcurs, in between as a bonus.  Do I5
     or I3 each turn to regain Health.  You'll probably collect enough
     booty each turn to pay for the Inn stays.  And you'll get plenty of
     Wrestling practice, along with Edged and Pointed weapons.  Then take
     time out occasionally and visit a Koma Den a few times.  You'll
     probably average a dozen kills per turn.

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 94 02:42:55 EDT
Subject: Inn Prices

Here, finally, is my list of Item values at Far Inns.  Each month I would
stall sending it out because I was expecting new data.  In fact, I just
got 2 assessed today: Diamond Brooch and Quartzlight Gem [no value].

There are some assumptions [see notes below list] so I'm open to challenges.
If so, please let me know.  But please also, give me some particulars as
to why you disagree and where your info comes from.  There is probably a
simple formula for the price structure [excluding the Bounty items] if
anyone wants to tackle it.

I need more data from Poor and High sources [yes, I know they're rare]
and anything from Dixie [Crooked Nose, Hamilton's Cove, Bottom Hill, and
Cocked Spyglass].  I'm working on Forge data also and need input from
them.  The pricing structure is different, and I don't have enough info.

What isn't on the list?  1) Better weapons and armor; bought and sold only
at Forges.  The Iron dagger and Short sword seem to be transitional; the
dagger is sold at some Inns and Forges.  The sword is sold at Forges but
bought only by Inns.  2) Temple Treasures, 'magic' items, and Identified
scrolls.  3) Most natural items, either handled at Posts or valueless.
4) I've still got a short list of stuff that hasn't been assessed.  

Change of subject: Anybody have info on what is NOT acceptable as Temple
treasure?  So far I've seen weapons, baubles, and Ruby dagger rejected.

I'm awaiting any feedback on any of this!

Tom Richardson, 84 Taunton Place, Buffalo, NY 14216 [716] 876-5664

[Use a monospaced font such as Courier to print this list]

  Class:  1 Weapons    2 Armor     3 Rare items     9 Bounty items
Item Values at Monster Island Inns                          6/16/94

    I#  ITEM                     Max#  Class  Poor   OK   Fair  Good  High
   ---  -----------------------  ----  -----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----
     8  Dactyl Whip                 1    1            20    24    27    31
   342  Dm. Iron Dagger             2    1            17    20    23    26
   341  Dm. Iron Knife              2    1            10    12    13    15
   312  Dm. Silver Dagger           2    1            10    12    13    15
   311  Dm. Silver Knife            2    1       4     5     6     6     7
   332  Iron Dagger                 2    1            34    40    46
   331  Iron Knife                  2    1            20    24    27    31
    94  Kaddawhip                   1    1             2     3     3     3
    50  Rattler Dart                6    1             2     3     3     3
   302  Silver Jagged Dagger        2    1            17    20    23    26
   301  Silver Knife                2    1            10    12    13    15
   126  Silver Knuckles             5    1            20    24    27    31
   309  Silver-Studded Club         1    1      21    25    30    34    39
   310  Silver-Tipped Spear         1    1      21    25    30    34    39
    68  Smite Pike                  1    1       5     6     8     9    10
    45  Spiked Club                 1    1            13    16    18
    51  Swampus Rake                1    1       5     6     8     9    10
    55  Tooth Sabre                 1    1       4     5     6     6     7

   107  Barkbrute Armor             1    2       5     6     8     9    10
   102  Crab Buckler                1    2       1     1     2     2
   344  Dm. Iron Gauntlets          2    2      10    12    15    17
   345  Dm. Iron Greaves            2    2      10    12    15    17
   343  Dm. Iron Helm               2    2      10    12    15    17
   314  Dm. Silver Gauntlets        2    2       4     5     6     6     7
   315  Dm. Silver Greaves          2    2       4     5     6     6     7
   313  Dm. Silver Helm             2    2       4     5     6     6     7
     6  Gator Armor                 1    2      21    25    30    34    39
   335  Iron Gauntlets              3    2      21    25    30    34    39
   334  Iron Greaves                1    2      21    25    30    34    39
   333  Iron Helm                   2    2      21    25    30    34    39
   351  Jade Snake Ring          9999    2                  45
   307  Silver Amulet            9999    2      10    12    15    17
   308  Silver Charm             9999    2      10    12    15    17
   304  Silver Gauntlets            2    2      10    12    15    17
   305  Silver Greaves              2    2      12    15    18    20
   303  Silver Helm                 2    2            10    12    13    15
   306  Silver Ring              9999    2      10    12    15    17
     9  Squzskin Gauntlets          2    2       1     1     2     2
    48  Squzskin Greaves            2    2       2     3     4     4
    49  Squzskin Helmet             2    2       1     1     2     2
    37  Swarth Net                  1    2            10    12    13    15

    38  Bird Trap                   1    3             4     5     5
   354  Black Ball                  6    3            51    60    69
   117  Bolotamus Muscle            1    3       2     3     4     4
   201  Diamond Brooch             11    3      21    25    30    34    39
   361  Golden Ocular Coin       1000    3            34    40    46
    90  Iron Shovel                 1    3                  64
   167  Jagwere Skin                1    3       5     6     8     9    10
   366  Kwando Guilder Coin      5000    3             4     5     5
   398  Large Lockpick              2    3            20    24    27    31
    20  Purple Lotus Elixir      9999    3       2     3     4     4
   356  Red Bauble                 50    3       5     6     8     9    10
    56  Reptron Salve              50    3       2     3     4     4
   352  Silver Bauble              40    3            17    20    23    26
   353  Slink Bauble              100    3             8    10    11
   397  Small Lockpick           9999    3            17    20    23    26
    24  Spyglass                    1    3             7     9    10
   149  Thermadon Rex Wings         1    3            34    40    46
    96  Travel Grub                12    3       1     1     1     1     1
   372  Unreadable Scroll          10    3            13    16    18
    21  Voodoo Cauldron             1    3      10    12    15    17
   357  White Bauble               50    3            13    16    18
    19  White Lotus Elixir       9999    3       5     6     8     9    10
   355  Yellow Bauble              50    3             4     5     5
    35  Yellow Lotus Elixir      9999    3             5     7     8
   365  Zoingo Copper Coin       1000    3       1     1     1     1     1
   363  Zoingo Gold Coin         1000    3            10    12    13    15
   371  Zoingo Ruby Dagger          4    3                  50    57
   364  Zoingo Silver Coin       1000    3       2     3     4     4

   108  Gaba Stones                60    9       1     1     1     1     1
    92  Jagged Bodkin               3    9             7     8     9    10
   358  Tomk Necklace               6    9      20    21    22    23    24
   ---  -----------------------  ----  -----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----
                                 9999 = unlimited

  Note:  There are no calculated values or extrapolations in these numbers.
  But like value items were compared and used to fill in data.
  For example, if I saw 5/6/8/9/- on one item and -/6/8/9/10 on another,
  I filled in the blanks.  And when I saw 21/25/30/34/39 repeated often,
  anything with 30 for Fair got filled in.
  A dangerous assumption perhaps, but I did it.

From: Dana Barker <73734.1241@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 08 Jun 94 17:25:35 EDT
Subject: MI FAQ

Here's a sample of the Monster Island Frequently Asked Questions file I
am working on.  If anyone has any comments (positive or negative) or
wishes to help, please contact me.

 Q: What's the best way for my monster to advance their weapons skill?
 A: The fastest way is to purchase training, however its quite expensive.
    This will advance your skill the fastest. For your pole weapon, its usually
the best way to advance your skill. When working on your other weapons,
weapons practice with each different class, 1 per turn. You might also think
on equipping the weapon in question, for this will advance your skill as
well. In addition, hits in battle advance your skill too. If you are curious as
to what level you are at, or, how far you are from the next level, issue a
weapon practice order, for any amount, and you will know.  



From: Joshua Singer <JBS@DCS.ED.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 27 May 94 15:37:09 BST
Subject: MI/boring?

In the May issue of eMonster, Malachi writes...

:I've been playing for at least two years now
:and I also get the sense that there's not much left to be seen.
:the problem still exists of getting a very boring set of turn results,
:causing the attention span to lag.

I agree with this player - my two monsters (both c. 3 years on the
island) have toured loads of inns, attacked hillocks, graveyards,
caves, tombs, koma dens etc. ad nauseam, become disciples, set up a
group, built a temple, built a fort and now what? I'm not really
inspired by the thought of organizing into squads and hunting down
Kabukites particularly, it would just mean going over Kunbar, Jagged
Mor and Gwardon again, seeing the same old stuff. I'm currently doing
a far inn tour in Starth, but what I really want to do is go east.
However it's all doom and gloom on that front, with the crystal hills
blocking the game off from eastern progression. When I started Island,
I imagined that the continent would be so vast and diverse, I could
have my monsters do what they liked, but it seems the only progress
which Jack has left for me is do throw myself into the player-killing
Shroud-Kabuki-Fuvah jihad (which to my knowledge hasn't really started
on any great scale in the UK game).
        I used to get the same high from Island as I do from
conventional RPG's, as it had such a great feeling of discovery. I
think Jack made two mistakes, which have impaired the attraction of
this game:
        (i) The Crystal Hills: Why put limits on a potentially
boundless continent?
        (ii) Why make the demi-gods so impossible to get hold of? If
there were monsters who followed these minor deities, it would add
_so_ much colour to a game which is looking a bit bleak on the
imagination front. 

        (Hope you're reading, Jack)

BTW Anyone got a use for a Sunka Death Mask or Black Lotus Leaves?

     Josh S.

Player of: Gorth Doomdabbler 
                (Female Viper, Disciple of Shroud, Leader of Hand of Shroud)
           Sukkrass Od
                (Male Fatblob, Disciple of Shroud, Member of Hand of Shroud)

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 15:35:31 -0600 (CDT)
Subject: MI stuff

Hi, I have a few more things to talk about.

First is that I got two turns in the mail earlier in the week.  This was
not unusual except that they were both in the same envelope and one of
them was not my turn.  I called Keith and he said that it happens a lot
when people have very short turns like doing a Z 200 order like I did. 
This may be where some peoples turns that are "lost in the mail service"
actually are.  The other thing is this made me think what would happen if
Morgan got ahold of someones monster turn.  Scary thought!!

Second is that I got a turn back for Claggin and hit a hillock 9 time in a
turn and killed 8 Knolltir.  7 of the knollir had between 29-34 hp and one
had 54 hps.  This was quite different from the last time I cleaned out a
hillock in which most of the knolltir had 18-25 hps.  Both of the Hillocks
were in the Kunbar,  Has anyone else noticed that the knolltir's have been
pumping Iron, or is it just a fluke?

Third, I am going to bitch one more time about the slowness of
development of new stuff for monster Island.  In the eletronic news letter
someone made a rebuttle that turning toward group and Religious activities
would make the game more exciting.  I would agree with this, but I would
also like to mention again that Jack has stated that when he gets done
with relgious they will not be remotly the same as religion is now.  This
meanes that people who are activly striving to reach priesthood are most
likly going to be upset when every thing changes.  These changes were
promised a while ago and we don't even have and estimated time for their
completion.  My point was that if the game was developing faster, it would
make the game even more enjoyable than it is now.

Finally, I have Personally turned off my offensive and defensive spells,
by issuing a cast order for the spell I had set.  It works and I know that
I read it in a blurb, It may have been, a blurb for a spell itself.  I
will check into it, and found out exactly where I read it.

Another thing I was thinking is having another stat to control spell
casting.  This would allow the player to have their monster cast spells at
everything that moves or only at other players, or somewhere in between. 
The concept is that *we* determine when we want to cast spells, not Jack...

***** Scott Says: It works!  You *can* turn off your spells by issuing the
      same C order that turned them on.  This is not in a blurb, Jerry
      found out about it through a message on his turn result when he
      had set his first defensive spell.  Finally, monsters can save their
      spell points for specific events.

      I do like the idea of a control for spellcasting.  We have the FR
      stat to control when we attack and when we retreat, I'd like to see
      an Offense/Defense Spell stat, maybe set for 1 (weaker creatures only)
      4 (medium creatures) or 9 (tough creatures and monsters).
From: "Chuck Miro" <CASBAHCARL@AOL.COM>
Date: Fri, 27 May 94 18:19:12 EDT
Subject: ABM misses

Quoting Jerry Hagedorn:

>> First is that I got two turns in the mail earlier in the week.  
>> This was not unusual except that they were both in the same 
>> envelope and one of them was not my turn...

That actually happened to me once, and it was my turn that got stuck in
someone else's envelope. Fortunately, that player (whose name I unfortunately
forget) was someone I'd been corresponding with. I have wondered what would
have happened if the player instead had been someone who doesn't like to
correspond with anyone and would have been unlikely to mail my turn to me.

>> The other thing is this made me think what would happen if 
>> Morgan got ahold of someones monster turn.  Scary thought!!

Well, if ABM says it happens a lot, then I'd say that there's not a real bad
chance that some poor sucker already has had his turn sent to SO.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Mon, 30 May 94 23:12:22 MDT
Subject: Turns to wrong address

        I have been giving some thought to this whole business mentioned 
recently about turns being sent to the wrong people.  

>>> The other thing is this made me think what would happen if
>>> Morgan got ahold of someones monster turn.  Scary thought!!

>Well, if ABM says it happens a lot, then I'd say that there's not a real bad
>chance that some poor sucker already has had his turn sent to SO.

        This seems like a Major concern to me.  I am not really all that
worried about someone getting a turn of mine and utilizing the
immediate knowledge of my monster's equipment/stats/location against
me.  What REALLY worries me is that they would have my ACCOUNT NUMBER
which NOBODY but me should ever have.  Using this, they could send in
a turn(s) for my monster(s) and cause Disastrous results.  Considering
this, I would suggest that ABM should Stop printing account numbers on
turn results, if they indeed send results to the wrong address 'a lot'.
I am sure most of us would not use this information in such an outrageous
manner but almost certainly there are those that would (SO's rumored policy
of sending in turns for other members of the group I find horrid enough- what
they might be willing to do with non-member's turns I hazard to guess).

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 1994 22:39:12 -0600 (CDT)
Subject: MI

I recently got some information on MI that I think is interesting.

First there is a rumor going around (I just heard it) that Jack
has finished the new area and Demigods and just needs to turn them on. 
Well this is partially true.  Jack has The Stuff in, but it still needs
some work before it can be turned on.  It seems that it is farther along
than I thought; I owe Jack and apology.  Hopfully, we will see some of it

Date: Wed, 08 Jun 94 21:06:54 EDT
Subject: E-Mail

I've asked Jack about adding e-mail address' to the data under "monsters you
can write to" and if enough people ask him maybe he will do it. So if you
think that it's a good idea, the next time you send in a turn add a small
note at the bottom asking for it.

From: DANA BARKER <73734.1241@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 21 Jun 94 21:31:30 EDT
Subject: from AOL MI board for the 21st..

>From:  PhilPect
>...And speaking of Coasts,  maybe Jack could put in a "Follow Coast"
>order: FC.  Don't you think that would be a good idea.  Or maybe it could be
>formatted like the follow trail/path order only use a "0" (zero) instead of a
>"9".  It's use wouldn't be any more limited than the follow trail/path order.
>Especially once Monsters reach the Kunbar and Starth.



Article: 13200 of
From: (R Vine)
Date: 27 May 1994 15:58:22 GMT
Subject: Re: MI-AC

Garrett R Le-Page ( wrote:
: When you perform the Ancest. Cere. with several other players, does it
: cause a problem if more than one of you uses the AC order to get things
: started?  My group wishes to perform it on turn six and I want to be sure
: it happens.

As long as all the monsters are present at the square you intend to perform
the ceremony in when the AC order is issued there shouldn't be a problem.

If more than one monster issues the AC order (you should really decide who's
doing it) then the one whose day cycle causes his orders to be processed
first will perform the ceremony.

The following AC's _should_ fail, but I have no experience in this...

I also have no information on the possible benefits for the issuer of the
order (perhaps others can comment).

From: eu406@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Davies)
Date: Sat, 28 May 1994 19:50:06 -0400
Subject: Re: MI/news.may

 I like the idea of a one shot publication of group statements.

 When rebuilding ruins, with one other member of your group in the
area, and you both have mounts, the bonus is an extra 50% built.
Not sure if you knew that.

From: (Peter L. DeWolf)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 09:47:52 -0500
Subject: Re: MI

My turn should have been run yesterday.  Hmm.  I just called and found that
it didn't run.  They conjecture it's because my Visa card expired at the
end of April -- which is weird, because I sent e-mail 6 weeks ago with the
new expiration date, which was responded to by Bob Cook saying "thanks for
the update!".  The new claim is that the turn will be run immediately.

Date: Thu, 02 Jun 94 22:45:52 EDT
Subject: EMonster News


Young Island born Ruk available for adoption.  The sleek Furrcat model comes
with all the advanced features including lots of make-up turns.  Looking for
a human with a keen interest in the island.  This young monster is an Acolyte
of Fuvah and is a member of the top new group on the Island - The Shadow
Guardians!!!  This monster has grown tired of spunging off the Jossmen at the
Odd Terapus and is ready to begin his monster spree.  Applicants should
address their inquiryies to the Shadow Guardian adoption agency care of

Date: Fri, 03 Jun 94 12:33:11 EDT
Subject: AndCon`94 Sept 15-18

I have been asked by a few people to put together an announcement for AndCon
94.  Chuck Miro and I, as well as a friend of his and a couple of mine, will
be attending AndCon this year.  It is held in Independece, Ohio next to I-77
near Cleveland.  It is billed as the premier play-by-mail convention in the
Country. (However, for some reason the people at ABM never attend this event
even though my Road Atlas shows that you can get from Cohoes to Cleveland.)

Anyhow, we would like to welcome all of you attending this event as well as
let ABM know that you will be there and would like to see them.  You might
mention that many of their competitors will be there vying for your PBM
dollars as well!

AndCon is a great convention put on by a more than capable staff.  In
addition to having representatives frommany PBM companies they also have had
tables by Shadis and Paper Mayhem in the past.  If you are into RPG's
(role-playing games) they have events for almost every game I have ever heard
of.  Many events are RPGA sponsored so you can participate in that as well.

I just received a letter from Andon Unlimited who puts on the Convention.
This is what they had to say.

Pre-Registration Book:
The pre-registration book will be out in late June.  This is about 4 weeks
later than usual.  The  reason for this is that this year they were putting
on Origins.  As of June 1, 1994 they were done with the majority of the
Origins work and are now able to focus on AndCon `94.

The Planning:
"AndCon will offer everything it has in the past and more!  The RPGA section
has been expanded, and will include 7 Living City events.  AndCon is, of
course, home to the first ever Living City Interactive.  Magic: The Gathering
will be well represented with a WotC guest of honor and the possibility of a
MTG Artist Guest of Honor as well.  In addition, we will be expanding our
miniature line-up.  Our Play-By-Mail Guest of Honor this year will be Bill
Fields of Game Systems Inc.  and Middle Earth fame."

The Hotel:
"You don't have to wait for the pre-reg book to reserve hotel rooms.  Last
year our hotel block increased by 62% and is expected to grow again.  This
simply means that there is a real chance the hotel will sell out on peak
nights!  Reserve your rooms now by calling (216) 524-8050 and mentioning the
special AndCon rate of $60.00 for up to four people."

Most of the above was copied directly from the letter I received.  AndCon
will be September 15-18, 1994.  So that gives everyone all summer to prepare
for this event.  I have attended for the last 3 years and always have a great
time.  There is a kickoff dinner on Thursday as well as a luau type party on
Saturday Night.  In between is all the gaming you could want.  Official
events as well as open gaming and whatever you want to get going in your
rooms.  I hope to see many of your there.

        You can contact Andon Unlimited at:

Andon Unlimited
426 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 3100
Kent, OH  44240
Tel: 216-673-1887
Fax: 216-673-2125

I hope to hear from many of you that you are interested in this fine event
and that you have contacted ABM to let them know that you would like to see
them there.

Article: 13289 of
From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 19:43:22 GMT
Subject: Re: MI: follow the paths?

Rolf H. Lange <BKLANGE@SUS.EDU.EUR.NL> wrote:

>My monster has a little dilemma. I was wondering if it is more
>profitable to follow the paths and trails, or not to.
>Are there more structures, bushes, plants, trees and creatures on
>a path or trail or is it better to travel away from the paths?
>Thanks in advance for any replies!

    This is a good question.  The only advantage to following paths is
that the far structures (posts for you) are basically always on paths and
are thus easier to find if you follow the path.  I don't believe that,
except for maybe meeting more player monsters on a path, there are any
other real differences in what you find.
    The disadvantage of following a path is that you have less control over
where you are going.  If you just want to get as far east as quickly as
possible then just ignore the paths and go east using whatever search scheme
you can think of that looks at the most squares while still getting you 8
east every turn.
    Once you find your first far post, you should be given directions to
other structures or if you have friends with map info you may be able to
find exactly where on the island you are and get data on it.  Thus, until
you find your first far post, I would probably recommend following paths
to help you find it and then from then on ignore the paths completely.

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 94 20:08:18 EDT
Subject: T-Rex Wings!

Maralj casts Battle Dexterity.  He blows two Zinki Darts and hits the T-Rex
once for 9.  Maralj casts Enchant Weapon on his trusty Smite Pike.  He stabs
the right and left wings - 4 hits for 74.  The T-Rex hits him in the thigh
and waist for 19.  Maralj stikes his torso and right leg for 59.  He attacks
right knee and calf for 14.  He's dead!

YES!  Maralj is now the proud owner of a pair of beautiful Thermadon Rex

Now, does anyone out there know what to do with them?

Date: Wed, 08 Jun 94 21:44:51 EDT
Subject: "eMonster News" Submission

I'm submitting the following at the request of Jake Balfour:

"How about a new position on the 'eMonster' bigwig list for a foreign
correspondent? They could give updates on how things are going on the
European Monster Islands.

"Does the number of spells you get depend on how many spells you already
have? If, for example, you pick up eight on your first Kowtow, will you
receive fewer spells later on than a Monster who only got five? In addition
to the Temple's total treasure, does the number of Spells you get depend on
how much you've contributed to any Temple, just that Temple, or your
religious fervor (the length and frequency of your Kowtows to Temples and
other religious areas)?

"What have people tried to enter Tombs of Mumundus and Stone Crypts with?
Have they tried demigod items? Kudo bones or Black balls? What were the

***** Scott says:  I think a foreign liason is a wonderful idea.  In fact,
      one for the UK game and one for the German game.  Do we have any

From: Ashley Taft <ATAFT@INFINET.COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 01:04:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Gold Ring

I was wondering if anybody had any information about how effective the 
Gold Ring (Ring of Hiding) is...I just cleared my first Hillock, and it 
was one of the treasures I received.  

Somebody must have been working on that Hillock...I cleaned it out in two 
turns (8 Knolltir)...

Also...Where is the closest Far Inn that is Northeast of Dark Eagle's 
Nest?  I'm starting to drop my Damaged Iron equipment to make room for 
new stuff...

     Lord SkyDiver
     48 Make-up turns and counting...sigh...

***** Scott says: The Far Inn NE of the DEN is the Black Swan, about 40
      squares away.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 08:40:12 -0600 (CDT)
Subject: Muscle

        I talked to Mike Overstreet last night, he is a friend of mine and
runs a Norman in my group.  Last turn he ran his 100th turn, he had 402
Muscle at the end of the turn.  That means that 400 is not the limit on
muscle either.  Just thought I would let you know.

From: jhalpern@mako.Newbridge.COM (Joel Halpern)
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 11:04:09 +0500
Subject: Tuvian Plants

Can someone out there please confirm two things about Tuvian plants:

1) You need a quest in the square with the plant to learn to make
        a tuvian shovel.
2) There is a Tuvian plant 7 South and 20 West of the GGG.

PS This is particularly important because I am probably going to
        have to send in a couple of turns blind due to mail 

***** Scott says:  You do need to quest to get the blurb.  I would add
      that you need to find the Tuvian plant in the square before you
      can do anything.  My Big Danny quested, got the blurb, wandered
      away, then returned a turn later, *didn't* find the plant, and
      the make order failed.  I'll have to do a Jazzercise or Weapon
      Practice in the square next turn.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:10:23 -0600 (CDT)
Subject: Forts

        I have a question about forts.  How much health do you gain back
each turn you stay in a fort.  Is it equivalent to an I3 or I5 at a far Inn?
Can members from diffent groups say at a Fort if they have no attack
orders set?  I found a Fort Ruin that is within 8 squares of 4 different
loggerhead camps and within 4 squares on another.  So I am curious as to
wheter it would be worth it to rebuild the fort to clean out the
loggerhead camps.

        Thanks in advance


    "A lion must feel more secure that God is on its side than a gazelle."
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