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e-Monster Issue Twenty-Three

Editor: Scott Micheel

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Headlines this time:   Dark Place Reports
                            (Koma Den, Great Cave, etc.)
     Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month, come hell or
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send all submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription info
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Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Group Man                     Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson
List Director                 Sharyl Leis


Howdy.  This has been a fairly quiet month, and the newsletter is only half
the size of the last one.  There are a number of interesting items below,
though, including several reports about Great Cave explorations.  Also, we
have a new official position.  Sharyl Leis, the List Director for the
Disciples of Light, has agreed to provide her services to players on the
net as well.  She has (among other things) lists of weapons and armor,
sale and buy prices, and Make items.  She is sharing an account, so try to
be patient if she does not get back to you immediatly.


>From Aaron Fuegi, Keeper of the Blurbs (
        Aparently, someone (not me) posted the blurb list I maintain to the MI
forum on America Online.  Bob of ABM wrote to me pointing out that these are
copyrighted material.  They don't mind if we share person to person, but they
don't want any such mass postings.  I would therefore like to ask that if you
recieve the blurb list or any such compilation, please do not pass it along
to others by any means other than personal email.  Do NOT send mass mailings
or post the list to any forums such as the MI area on AOL or the PBM newsgroup
on Internet.  Thanks.

From: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (jonesey)
Subject: far post list

I have the one at 508y,375x on my map, though I have not been there.  
?   ?            s              508y   355x
****I don't believe this one exists. There is a far post (kallon) 1n,-13e of
there, which is on a map that you sent me, and there is a pretty solid
looking line of water 4-5 squares west of the proposed space.  There would
have to be some pretty freaky geography for there to be a post there, which
I wouldn't put past Jack.  The main thing is that it is just too close to

Mistah Hurtz got screwed! He had the maximum number of items you can carry
more than one of and tried to make zombie juice, which would have used up 1
multiple quantity item (4 oil) and 2 single quantity items (a tholomite
heart and dust of the entombed).  But he wasn't allowed to make it, because
he had no more room!!  Logically, it just does not make sense, since the
things would be used up before the new item was made.  I
have not yet sent in a note (I just got the turn back), but you can be sure
that it will go in with the next turn.  I will get back with what abm says.

From: (William Kerr)

On my map, Dastan's Far Post (the first one I got to) is Far Structure

Article: 12486 of
From: (CJ Brown)
Subject: MI:Flesh Eaters

Just how hard are Flesh Eaters?  Thanks for the help!

From: Sindre Stabell <SIV91012@VM.BI.NO>

I can also confirm that the KJC game started out with exactly the same map
as the US game, and that KJC gets updates very quickly from the US. For
instance I got a Jade Snake Ring before you listed it as a new blurb in the
newsletter, and I have numerous similar examples. KJC also tells us that 
updates have arrived almost monthly.

From: (Jack Vinson)
Subject: MI: german monster statistics (JAN 1994)

This is from Jens-Michael Krumm, a German MI player.
Hi Jack!

I'm back on the net after some time problems (studying isn't that easy).
Here are the current High Scores of the german Monster Island monsters.
In 2 weeks there'll be a new HALL OF FAME. I'll try to mail it as
fast as possible to you.

                HALL OF FAME    (January 1994)
(out of the German Monster Island Newsletter)

Turn Toughness  Strength Badness Stealth Monsterliness Kills
6    72         71       50      24      259           16      
12   87         103      64      24      363           34      
18   94         115      85      66      465           41      
24   134        106      93      51      558           62      
30   139        113      110     66      735           88      
40   144        133      109     65      711           87      

The statistics are automatically compiled by a program. Each Monster is
inserted in the proper turn range (e.g. turn 8 is in category 12 [7 to 12]).
A High-Score will be saved until it is beaten by a higher one.
Each monster can toggle via a special order if it wants to be included
in the Hall Of Fame or not!

From: warden (Scott Micheel)

> From: "David A. Ondzes" <DAO@ARCADIA.MITRE.ORG>
> To:
> I have been getting copies of the eMonster for a couple months now and
> have decide to start a new guy. Can you give me any advice? Can I get back
> copies of eMonster via email or ftp ?

I have all the issues since last august online, and can send them upon request.
I have a few of the issues from previous editors, and can send them as well.

Starting advice?  The best thing you can do is try to get a handful of friends
to start together.  A good bunch of monsters early on can be a great help.
Sharing map data and performing an ancestral ceremony does help.

Other than that, I would contact every monster you meet, to trade maps and
information.  I'd get the "Making a Living" list and use that to maximize
my Quests For Knowledge.  If 'twere me, I would wait to join a group until
you find one that suits your tastes -- groups can be of immense help, but
there is a whole range of types, and you might find more enjoyment in one
than the other.

The question of religion is best left up to the player, but I'll tell you
my experiences; Stompin Rocksoul wandered around for 26 turns before he
dedicated himself to Shroud; this was mainly because the Group he chose to
join was The Black Death, a Dark group.  Had he instead chose the Fire
Riders (a multi-religious group)  I have no idea what he'd have ended up as.
As it is, he's 110 turns old and a Disciple, able to cast spells and perform
certain ceremonies.  My other monster is Big Danny McQuayle, who just had
his 51st turn.  He recently joined the Order of the White Rose, which is
a multi-religious group, dedicated to seeking out the Demigods.  He has
not joined any religion, hoping to become a follower of such a demigod.

As a last note, I would keep in mind that even if you make a bad choice,
it is possible to quit a group, it is possible to change religions, it is
possible to walk the length of the island to meet up with a particular
swell bunch of monsters.
> What can I get from the following people ?
>>Group Man                   Brian Derks

Brian maintains a list of all groups in the US game, with contacts and
most vital statistics.  If you're at a point where you feel you want to
join a group (or form a group yourself) you might want to consult this
list to see what's out there already.

>>Monster Mapper & MI BBS     Jim Wuerch

Jim has written a great mapping program for Windows, which allows you to
enter data, print it out, send it on disk, and other neat stuff.  For a
shareware cut-down version, just put Q3 or Q5 (for 3.5 or 5.25" disk) in
the Special Codes section of your turn card.  Full registered versions are
available for $20 from Jim himself.  He also maintains a BBS for Monster
Island (among others), which is a great place to talk to other players and
download lists; it also serves as a Monster Mapper data trading place.

>>Capture Creature Captain    Larry Barrows

Larry maintains the list for Capturing Creatures; which can and which can't
be captured, what to use, and how to do it.

>>Statmaster                  Jack Vinson

In an early issue of MI News from ABM, there was a list of 'goals' for
monsters; "by turn 10 you should have x number of blurbs and have killed
y number of creatures, etc."  Jack has canvassed our readership on the net
and compiled a much more detailed and expanded list of averages to compare
our monster's progress.

>>Seeker of Demigods          Ben Vincent

Ben publishes the Watch Tower, a newsletter dedicated to seeking out the
elusive Demigods on the island.  He offers advice and help on a general
basis too.

>>Lord of the Hard Sell       Tom Richardson

Tom is the keeper of the prices.  He has lists of what can be sold and
bought, for what price, at Far Posts and Far Inns.  Includes weapons,
armor, rare items, and common items.

Article: 12496 of
From: (Michael Mackinnon) 
Subject: Monster Island-Diciple Ri

-=> Quoting Kenneth Michael Srode to All <=-

KMS> Greetings!
KMS> I am running a bignose acolyte of Shroud.  I have already gotten the 
KMS> sacraficing blurb and have done the three necessary sacrafices.  I
KMS> have tried to KOWTOW at the temple, yet I still do not know how to do
KMS> the  Diciple Rite.  Any comments or suggestions?  Am I doing something
KMS> wrong,  or am I not doing something I need to do first?

If you have done 3 Sacrifices, all that is left is the Disciple Rite.  This
consists of a Kowtow for EXACTLY 61 Action Points.  It should tell you this
in the Shroud Temple blurb.  If this hasn't worked, I would check your last 
sacrifice to make sure that you were indeed ready for the Rite.  It should
say after you did that last sacrifice.

Note that after you've done this, you *still* need to kowtow for 81 APs
to get your first set of spells.

Let me know if this doesn't work, and I try to think of what might be 
the problem.

From: (Ron Blanco)

Well, knock me silly...  I submitted an E-mail turn to ABM at 2:30AM on
Thursday, Feb. 24th.  To my amazement it WAS processed that Thursday
afternoon at 1:18PM, and the postal carriers actually delivered it to
my mailbox on MONDAY, Feb. 28th.  I had my doubts, but it appears the
E-mail route to submit turns can be rewarding.  I've TEN backlogged turns
to catch up, and via US Postal Service I was only getting further behind --
or just keeping up.

This method or FAXing, should make "hunting" for religious kills a might
more realistic/attainable -- though, I still don't like to have to hunt/kill
other players to gain my priesthood...

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: emailing turns

I have now been emailing in my turns for about 3-4
weeks for both my monsters and generally it is an improvement.  Unfortunately,
though, I have had 2 data entry problems.  One I talked to Jack about and we
were able to take care of it, although it took some extra time.  The other one
I think was caused by a problem with their mailer or something.  I sent my
last turns (1 for each of my 2 monsters) to the address (I had been
using the aol address).  One of my monsters did a B 14 44 order and they
misexectuted it as B 144 4 (this was especially bad since I had just sold
6 guano plasm (item #144) two orders before and did not want 4 new ones in my
inventory).  My other monster's turn was executed fine (although I made a big
mistake on it) but there was a "Message from the Moderator" saying that the
spacing was screwed up.  I was using tabs as separators for the parts of my
order and I think that their account somehow can't handle this.  
I therefore have switched to using hard spaces and would recommend others do
the same thing.

Article: 12511 of
From: (Kai Hortmann)
Subject: Monster Island Bit coins

Searching some hillocks I aquired 102 bit coins. What are they good for?
No far post or far inn seems to take them. I also found some Zingo coins,
are they of any use?


I just got back another Fandil turn.  I got Adv. Stealth this turn and 
gained +64 stealth.  The second thing that might be of some interest is 
that on my two previouse turns I issued the I5 order but this turn I 
issued the I3 order.  In all three cases my health was around 39%.  The 
two times I issued the I5 order I gained +75 health but when I issued the 
I3 order I gained back +115 health.  The third item is that the white 
lotus leaf plant near the Ribalt Arms is now in bloom but I don't know 
how much longer that will last.
        By the way, does anyone know if you can run over the same square 
twice a turn and gain leafs from the plant twice?

From: (Ron Blanco)

I've never run across the same square WITH the same monster, but with
different monsters, both get to harvest (but at a diminishing quantity)..
My guess would, however, be that one may harvest more than once, IF ONE
bothers to criss-cross the same square in the same turn...

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

>two times I issued the I5 order I gained +75 health but when I issued the 
>I3 order I gained back +115 health.  The third item is that the white 

        With the I7 order you basically just get back around normal health.
With I5 you get a fair amount.  With I3 you get ALL your missing health back,
no matter how much you are down you go to max health.


I just received for the first time your newsletter (#22) and I would like to
request the players list. I would like to talk with people to find out more
before I start playing. I started a game once but on my first turn they totally
screwed up my monster. Wrong race, etc.. So was wondering if this was a fluke.
Anyway, please add me to the subscription list and I will continue to monitor
this newsgroup.


As far as Temple Sacrifices go, to get the Blurb you need to Kowtow at a
Temple.  (The KK standing order does not work at Temples, btw.  I learned this
the hard way as many older Monsters forget to point out some
important facts that they have known so long they take them as
common knowledge.)  I have 2 Monsters that have gotten the Sacrifice
Blurb.  Silk got it after 27 turns by Kowtowing for 16 Action
Points.  Phil got it after 26 turns by Kowtowing for 20 Action
Points.  So, it only seems to take about 15 to 20 Action Points. 
However, I understand it can be learned much earlier than 26-27
turns and it may take more AP's the earlier you try to learn it. 
I waited so long because Silk was busy and Phil took that long just
to travel to a Fuvah Temple.

Continuing on the line of Disciplehood, Phil just got his 5th set
of Fuvah spells and learned Armor and Divine Monster.  

!Stuff deleted - ADF!
SPELL #71: DIVINE MONSTER: This advanced Disciple spell is used to
divine information about the location, Health, Spell Pts, and
perhaps more, of a nearby spellcasting Monster.  Issue the CAST
SPELL order: C 71 (Monster#).  It uses 60 Action Pts and 80 Spell
Pts.  Actual success/degree of success depends on the distance
between you and your target, and, both of yours religion,
site/location, and spellcasting ability.  The spell is pretty
reliable within 24 squares of you target.  The maximum range is
about 40 squares.

As you can see it seems to be a pretty nifty spell but you need the
Monster # of the target.

From: (Ron Blanco)

Has anyone received a longsword (even a shortsword) as a treasure, or is
the only way that we know of obtaining one by buying it at Far Forges?

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

Brian ( asked me to pass on the following 
message.  Also, to answer Ron's question about swords you can get them lots
of ways.  The most common ways are from hillock clean outs and off of
individual loggerheads.  If you can kill loggerheads and really want a sword
that is definitely the most likely way other than buying it.

>   I talked to Keith on the phone yesterday. He mentioned GenCon.
>I asked if Jack was going to put on a Question seminar. Keith said
>that no one has asked about it and if we want to see one, we would 
>have to start writing Jack and tell him that we want to see a seminar.
>   So if you plan to be at GenCon, start to spread the word!
>  Jack just got that new computer, well he needed a programing 
>computer so he could do the kinds of things he wanted to do (beyond 
>starth, demi-gods,etc.). He has a e-mail address but I think we should
>only use it if it's something we want done (new orders,etc.) to the
>game that will benifit everyone. It's
>  I plan to write him about the Rid order and transfer order (x).
>I would like to rid more than one item at a time of the same item and
>be able to transfer more than one item at a time. Also I would like to
>be able to buy more than one travel grub at a time (order saver for

*****Editor says:  Try not to send to Jack too often, and don't be surprised
     if he doesn't reply.  I think we'll all be happier if Jack spends more
     time working on the program than talking to us.

From: (Ron Blanco)

>   I plan to write him about the Rid order and transfer order (x).
>I would like to rid more than one item at a time of the same item and
>be able to transfer more than one item at a time. Also I would like to
>be able to buy more than one travel grub at a time (order saver for

   I've spoken to Jack over the phone & have sent follow-up letters
concerning these two topics...  He assures me that he IS goint to
implement these changes "within 6 months" -- his normal quote :-(
1) Allow players to purchase more than ONE travel grub per turn order...
2) RID orders...

I suggested a DESTROY/LOSE order -- in addition to RID as is, OR modifying
the RID to accomplish more than just one single item --
which would allow players to "dump" items, that would then be lost to
the game...  Then Jack wouldn't have to save every unwanted item in group
caches...  This would allow us to dispose of scorpoison, rock mushrooms,
xanxu leg joints, and others at faster than one per order or waiting until
we get to a temple or fort...  I feel his concern is "rid"-ding
something like 200 oculars into a cache, and having you "transfer" it to
another monster (most likely one's own -- I guess)...

Frankly, I don't see why he should care what we do between monsters --
our own or others...
Then we could make it easier to buy amoungst OUR OWN GROUP members!!!

Since my original suggestions on this topic are OVER "6 months" old,
it might be advantageous to hear these suggestions from other sources, if you
feel these suggestions are worthy of priority...

*****Editor says:  I seem to remember that there you can't establish a cashe
     in swamp terrain; that anything Ridded there will be lost.  Anyone know
     for sure?

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

For anyone who is interested, the blurb list has recently (since about 2/15)
been significantly updated and had the format made more consistent.  If you
don't have a copy or have a copy from before that date, you may very well want
to mail me and ask for one.  I usually get the list back to those who request
it well within a day of the request and there are NO strings at all attached
to getting it (although if you have blurbs that are not on the list please do
submit them so that the list can be as complete as possible).  Also, unless you
absolutely can't handle being mailed the entire list do not ask for 
individual blurbs as such requests are much harder for me to deal with.

Oil Lanterns
        One of my monsters just got an oil lantern as part of cleaning out a
loggerhead camp.  I think that a bunch of other people have gotten them that
way as well.  If you are one of them, let me know and lets all try to coord.
ways of figuring out how to fill one.  This may be especially important if
I'm right about Tainted Hollows.

From: (Thomas Kiefer)

Anyone have any information/advice on using the Q-order as one's Monster
gets older?  My Monster is about 50 turns old, hasn't had a Q pay off in
some time now, and is wondering whether to bother at all, anymore.

From: Dana Barker <73734.1241@CompuServe.COM>

After worrying whether I would EVER get wrestling experience, boy did I ever
get it! On turn 7, I came across a very angry Landshark. We grappled, and the
Landshark powerfully raked my stomach (16 damage). I grabbed my knife, in the
hopes of dispatching this most foul creature. I missed, however, I angered him
by attempting to skewer him, and he then tried to squeeze me to death. (4
damage). When he found that he wouldn't be able to squish me, he broke his hold
and bolted.  After 20 damage, (YOUCH!) I earned wrestling skill of 3 offense, 4
defense. Phew!
     Bun the Purple has issued the FL order. She is heading se, in the hopes
of finding her future brothers & sisters of the DoL.

From: usvkn7xn@ibmmail.COM (Chris Meyer)

>> [asked about his spells, concerned that if you read scrolls, Temples
>> will not give you a spell because the scroll already did...]

  My monster has acquired spells from scrolls and Temples.  You should
note that the spells received from these 2 sources appear to be completely
different.  For each scroll that my fellow group members and I have found,
the spells have all been some type of detect spell.  I have never heard of
anyone receiving a spell via a scroll that had been gained via a Temple,
nor the reverse.  I believe that these spells reside in 2 different
classes and can only be gained from the source that they were intended.

+> But I think that one of the big problems is that my last two temples
+> were very new and as such did not have any really treasure in them.

  I do not believe that this has any effect.  I have compared spell gains
with several other people with various degrees of treasure and there does
not appear to be any significant difference.  I think that you have a
given chance of receiving any spell upon each kowtow for new spells with
this chance decreasing as you gain more spells.  The first 2 temples that
are visited will result in 6 to 7 new spells each.  The third temple
results in 3 spells gained, 4 if you get lucky.

=> From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
=> In my experience the amount of treasure seems to have little or no
=> effect on spells gained.

  I agree completely.

=> I think the things that influence it are luck, how many temples you
=> already have, and the 1 bonus spell if you were part of the
=> sanctification.

  I agree with the luck and Temples visited, but disagree with the comment
about a bonus spell.  My monster has participated in the reconstruction of
three temples and sanctifications, but has received the same number of
spells as monsters (fellow group members) that visit the site to kowtow
but did not help rebuild.  This may not still be true, the last Temple
that my monster assisted in was sanctified in January 1993.

=> although I guess it is supposed to (in massive quantities) affect
=> spell points Regained for kowtows.

  Has anyone actually regenerated spell points by kowtowing at a Temple ?

From: Timothy Edward Ciciarelli <TEC2T@FERMI.CLAS.VIRGINIA.EDU>

I was wondering if you have some sort of list detailing those
items that can be used to enhance a fort.  I remember reading
some scattered references to 'enhance fort' items such as carion
talons and spyglass parts, but I have never seen these items in a
comprehensive list.  Would it be possible to include such a list
in the next enews letter?
*****Editor says:  Hmmm.  I seem to recall Carrion Talons, Xanxu Leg Joints,
Snake Traps, and enough parts to make a spyglass.  I would bet Spider Springs
too.  I will try to see what else there is, too.
I also seem to recall that you need certain combinations; like all the
spyglass parts, or spider springs *and* carrion talons, to do any good.
Intriguing question though.  Can anybody help us out here?

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>

A group of Fuvites are trying to rebuild two temples; one near the Black
Swan then one near the Dark Eagles Nest.  We are about to finish the temple
near the black swan.  The problem is that I am going to lose two people, 
which means we will not have enotugh to sanctify the next temple.  Therfore
I desperatly need at least one Fuvite to sanctify the next temple.  If you
are within 6 turn of the DEN and are Fuvite, or you know of some one who is,
send them my way.  My phone number is (314) 368-4896

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Great Caves....Ouch!!@#!

I got my turn back for Norm the other day.  He went into the great cave.
First off it requires 160 APs, not the 120 that I thought.  For a little
background on Norm, he has 140 creature kills, 250+ muscle, a short sword
and a mix of silver and iron stuff along with barkbrute armor.  He had 158
health when he entered the cave.

light torch and go in:
     Goo snake did 41 to him, he did 11 to me
new torch:
     found decrpit zoingo box with 5 silver and 26 copper zoingo coins
     Xanxu cave snake 26 to him, 3 to me
     Slither snake 10 to him 2 to me
new torch:
     Xanxu cave snake 21 to him 5 to me
     Bortolatomus    I hit 3 times for 30
                     It hit 2 times for 46
                     I hit 3 time for 32
                     it hit 2 times for 48
I used my steath to sneak back out of the cave.

The Bortolatomus did 94 points of damage to me alone...Ouch!@#@#@!

I also got a turn back for Claggin.  He fought a couple loggerheads using
shingle poison and silver tipped darts.

used 2 darts 1 hit for 12 pts
he hit me once for 7 pts
fireball him 19pts
hit him 1 time for 20 pts
he hit me 3 time for 29
I hit him once for 2
he hit me 2 times for 14 pts


used 2 darts 2 hit for 25 pts
he hit me once for 4 pts
fireball him 20 pts

...strategic retreat..

I have been doing 12-14 when I hit once first round the shingle poison
added 6-8.  The second round he was almost dead so it is hard to tell there.

From: "g.mcdougall" <WU0GMC@ORAC.SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>
Subject: Loggerhead Booty

Regarding the Looggerhead booty issue.  My best to date has been from
a Loggerhead Kill, where I got among other stuff, a Long Sword and 
a set of King;s Spiked Leggings. Not bad from a single kill. (other
stuff included Dam. Silver Greaves and Oculars).

Article: 12529 of
Subject: MI: Koma Dens

Keep up the discussion of this game!!  Has anyone ever cleaned out a
Koma Den?  Can it be done?


Phil also recently hit a Koma Den for the first time.  He LV'd it
twice and this is what happened.

1st time:

Jungle Rattler: did 14 took 4(dead) got 2 Rattler Darts, 1 Food.
Jungle Rattler: did 21 took 7(dead) got 1 Food.
Squeezy Snake: did 7 took 3(dead) got 1 Squzskin.
Great Trap Snake: did 20 took 18(dead) got 7 Food.
Tawni Snake: scared it off.

Treasure: Damaged Iron Dagger, Black Ball, Unreadable Scroll.

Tawni Snake: Fireball did 22 dmg, did 57 took 12(dead) got 2 Food.

2nd time:

Great Trap Snake: did 33 took 16(dead) got 8 Food. Attained level
5 with Bashing weapons.
Goo Snake: Fireball 13 dmg, did 22 took 7(dead) got nothing.
Six-headed Adder: Fireball 18 dmg, did 49 took 15(dead) got 2 Food.
Six-headed Adder: did 69 took 19(dead) got 4 Food.
Six-headed Adder: scared it off.

Treasure: Damaged Iron Gauntlets, 2 Red Baubles.

Six-headed Adder: did 73 took 31(dead) got 2 Food.

So, he took a total of 132 damage and inflicted 418 damage.  He did
not appear to do less damage as he got hurt.  In fact, he did the
most damage to the creature he fought last and the least to the
creature he fought 3rd.  However, I do not consider the Treasure he
got from the second LV superior to the first batch and he took most
of his damage in the second LV.  He was in a group that was trying
to see if we could find some indication that Koma Dens could be
cleaned out with everyone hitting it at least twice over a 2 turn
period we got no indication that the number or strength of the
snakes was decreasing and decided it couldn't be done.

Does anyone know if a Bodden Camp can be cleaned out?  It seems to
be only squares with Monster races that can be.  Any comments?

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

2nd Generation Structures
        I am interested in all reports that people have on attempts made to
enter 2nd Generation Structures(listed below).  If there is enough info, I
will be happy to compile it all and make it available to those who want it.
BTW I call these 2nd generation structures because all but the tainted hollow
have lesser equivalents and all of them can only be found in the far regions
(Kunbar and beyond).
        1) Tainted Hollows: Has anyone managed to get in and do anything?
If not, what things have been tried?  As of this moment it is my guess
that what one needs is "special lighting"(quoted from the blurb) and
NOT just torches or light spells.  If this is the case, the most
obvious possibilities are the Oil Lantern or the Quartzlight Gem or
the Moon Lantern referenced in the Quartzlight Gem blurb.  I'm betting
on the first at the moment as being most likely since the others seem
too uncommon.
        2) Tombs of Mumundus - I know nothing of these beyond the blurb.  Has 
anyone been to one/tried entering it/etc..?  If you have and weren't
successful what did you try?  Did you try lockpicks and if so did you
have the skill?
        3) Great Caves: A pretty good report was given a while back on
an attempt on one of these but don't seem able to find it now.  How
far is the farthest anyone has gotten into one?  What kinds of 
treasures have been gotten and after killing what?
        4) Sunken Graveyards: I have heard one previous report on these and one
of my monsters is actually screwing with one right now but would like
more info.  Do you always fight a shifting wraith?  Has anyone beaten
the wraith and if so what did you get?  Did you have to fight 
something beyond the wraith or did you just get treasure and leave or

Article: 12535 of
From: (Blanco)
Subject: Re: MI: Koma Dens

: Has anyone ever cleaned out a Koma Den?  Can it be done?

My informants tell me NO Koma Den has ever been emptied to their or my
knowledge..  So we don't believe it can be done...

Article: 12550 of
Subject: MI: Koma Dens

How do you get the blurb that tells you how you enter a Koma Den?

Also, if I have a jute vine and set to capture a plodder will entering
a plodder square net me one or is there more to it?

Article: 12553 of
From: (Michael Mackinnon) 
Subject: MI: Koma Dens

It's my guess that no CREATURE filled dark place (except small caves) can
be emptied.  There might be no treasure when you venture in, but I think
that's a random thing.  I've heard of people not getting things at 
graveyards, but when that happened to me, it was the first time going
in on a run of six LV's in a turn.  I got treasure on all the other LVs.

MONSTER populated places can be cleared on the other hand.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>

Reading Aarons note about sunken graveyards reminded me of a conversation
I had with Jim McClure, a while back.  He said that he used a yellow lotus
elixer and a scatamonga horn in a square with a sunken graveyard.  His
monster then entered the sunken graveyard.  He said when he did this that
he did not fight nearly as many creatures as he normally did, and the ones
he fought were all undead.  He also said that this was different from
previous vetures into the sunken graveyard.  Therefore a scatamunga horn
might be a way of getting treasure with out having to fight as many
creatures.  I would be interested in seeing if, using a scatamonga horn in
a koma den square would do.  I don't think that it would work for caves
though.  Let me know what you think.  Maybe someone with the knowlege and
a horn can try it out.  Neither one of my monster have the knowlege.


I just got Fandil's turn back.  It was a good turn.  I hit a Anc. Grav. 
six times and survived all six LV's and killed a total of 18 creatures.  
The really nice thing was that I fought 8 cemetery creeper and gained +6 
off and +2 def in one turn.  Which should give me enough wresting skill to 
try a blood mummy.
        I thought that the white lotus leaf bush was going to be in bloom 
but it was not.  I called up Jack and we figured out that it was a 
problem with the info from the adv. plant plucking skill.  Jack is going 
to give me some white lotus leafs to make up for the error.

From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>

Hello, all!  Another Akien Drum Turn Report:

Akien took a trip into a Great Cave.  Here's what happened:

Found a worthless Iron chunk
Killed a Cave-Pecker
Killed a Xanxu Cave Snake
Killed a Slither Snake
Killed a Cave-Pecker

Found a huge pond of fresh water, just like the first Great Cave report
(complete with the stepping stones to a central island.)

Started across the stones.  Killed a Xanxu Wart Toad.

Reached the island.  Searched the debris at the edge.  Found a Wooden Fuvah

Saw three Shifting Wraiths. Took off quick.

Circled the huge pond.  Killed a Flash Bat.

Scared off a Cave-Pecker.


Net Gains: One Wooden Fuvah Statue (He's a Fuvite, so this is useful.)
           Two Cave-Pecker Feathers
           Xanxu Webbed Feet

Observations:  This was the wimpiest creature response that I have ever
heard of from a Great Cave (except for the Wraiths, of
course.)  But I did notice one important thing:  We all know that whenever
there's a chance to gain treasure and your monster doesn't, he finds
'rotting debris', 'a worthless Iron chunk', 'a crevice that turns out to be
empty'.  Well, Akien found a grand total of FIVE of these chances, but only
gained treasure in one of them (Fuvah Statue).  I count this as both lousy
bad luck and maybe a result of meeting wimpy creatures.  This also tells us
that perhaps you get five treasure rolls per Great Cave/investment of 160
action pts/six torches.

I lost minimal health so I'm thinking about going back in next turn.

From: (Thomas Kiefer)

I noticed a posting last time which mentioned a change in MI's combat system.
"Now you only do enough damage to kill the creature you are fighting and
nothing more."  I remebered noticing this apparent change, and, checking my
turnsheets, found that it seemed (from my turns, anyway) to have started
around late July of '93.

Anyway, I wanted to ask my fellow Islanders: Is there any way to be certain
that the final (usually smaller) damages reported done to a dying Creature
are indeed exactly equal to its health (and thus usuable to determine the
exact original health of the Creature)?  Anyone have alternate explanations
to suggest we be cautious in making that assumption?  (Well, that's about
how hard I *think* I hit it....")

Oh, and d'y'all think this was an intentional modification made by Jack, or
some buggy by-product of some other modifications he's made?  (I.e., will it
stay this way?)

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>

        I just got a turn back for Claggin.  He entered the Great Cave. 
He fought a 5 creatures including a xanxu Wart Toad.  He got 22 bit coins
and a Wooden Fuvah Statue.  I think that I am going to go in again on
tuesday, and give it another try.  Rob's monster had entered the same cave
just a few days before and had found a wooden Fuvah statue also.  Two
statues in the span of one turn from the same cave.  Yeah, I will give it
another try......

I can confirm that you can weapon practice with silver darts.
I issed a weapon practice with my silver darts and it worked.

From: (Chuck Miro)


Who among you have taken blace, club and spear most often to our fellow
monsters? Who has the greatest fighting skill, battle craft and blood lust?

Those of us on America Online's Monster Island board have been conducting a
contest to determine who's character has fought the most monsters, whether
player-controlled or native (Knolltirs, Loggerheads and Boddens).

Below are our champion monsters -- Are You Up to the Challenge?

Category  Monster       (Rlg)  Battls     Group                Player
^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^  ^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Overall   Tantor         (F)     90    The Fire Riders    J. Michael Kilburn

Turn 86   Slippery Jim   (N)     72    Order White Rose   Paul McGinnis
Turn 76   Snot Locker    (S)     36    The Fire Riders    Jim McClure
Turn 66   Sanskrit Q.    (F)     26    none               Jae Kim
Turn 56   Shadowspawn    (N)     36      ?                Russell Calkins
Turn 46   Macumba        (S)     34    Shroud's Own       Morgan Hatrick
Turn 36   Kilpurr        (K)     21      ?                Josh Knapp
Turn 26   Macumba        (S)      9    Shroud's Own       Morgan Hatrick
Turn 16   Shadows Pawn   (F)     12      ?                Russell Calkins

The AOL Fiercest Warrior on Monster Island:  Tantor (Fuvite)
Michael Kilburn's Fuvite monster, Tantor (a member of the Fire Riders of Kafu
Zush Ma and charter player of Monster Island) won the prestigious Overall
Award for Fiercest Warrior of Monster Island. Tantor (a male Bignose) has a
total of 90 monster-to-monster battles in 86+ turns. Presently, Tantor is on
turn 102 and has talled 103 battles with other monsters (pretty good per-turn

As one of the first players of the game, Michael says that "it was a long
time before anyone found out that Hillocks and Loggerhead Camps could even be
depleted, let alone that there was special treasure in doing it! So we didn't
particularly target them at first."

Turn Awards
Paul McGinnis' atheist monster, Slippery Jim (a member of the Order of the
White Rose), came in second for the overall award, but won the top honors for
the Turn 86 Award. The Demigods' legions will gain an awfully big boost when
Slippery Jim joins their number.

Another Fire Rider, this time a Shroudovian, tops out all comers for the Turn
76 Award. Jim McClure's Snot Locker Lou, along with Michael Kilburn's Tantor,
are among the original players of Monster Island. The Fire Riders, a
multi-religious group, is the third oldest on the Island.

Jae Kim's Sanskrit Quickclaw, another Fuvite, wins the award for Turn 66 with
26 monster-to-monster battles. As of turn 73, Sanskrit (a female Furrcat)
boasts 53 battles, with 43 kills (all Knolltirs). Russell Calkins' monsters
make their battles a family affair. He weighs in with a mother and child
combination--Shadowspawn and Shadow's Pawn--who gain first place for Turns 56
and 16, respectively. Morgan Hatrick's Macumba of Shroud's Own grabs the
award for Turns 46 and 26. And rounding out our competition, Josh Knapp's
Kilpurr is the top-rated Kabukian of the contest, winning the award for Turn


     Keep the reports, questions, and letters coming to .

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