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Summer Issue Six

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Summer Newsletter #6

Summer Newsletter Editor:        Cheryl Frech
Coordinator of Far Structures:   Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Blurbs:	         Aaron Fuegi 
Coordinator of Monster Profiles: Sean Upchurch 
Coordinator of Battle Cries:	 Christopher F. Jones

Note from the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers.

Another note from the editor:  A couple of new sections have been
added so I thought I would go over what each section was about for the
new/old folks.

SECTION 1 - Job Posts and Want Ads: This section is meant as a place 
for monster to ask, trade, brag, form groups, etc.  It is also used to 
look for people to take on jobs/tasks of running this email group.

Section 2 - Tips: Think you know it all and want to share.  This is the
forum. Make it short and sweet and your tip will go in (as unedited as
possible) and you'll get the credit.

Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries: Want to know something?  Dying to
figure something out?  Then this is the place for you.  If you want to
ask a question, or look for advice send your question of inquiry in.
If I think I know the answer I will attach my answer and then the rest
of you can poke holes in it or add to my lack of knowledge or answer
the question.

Section 4 - Fact: Know for sure how something works or want to share
how you have found something to work?  Then send in your fact or
knowledge how something works in the game.  

Section 5 - Rumor: Heard something second hand?  Want to start a
rumor?  Have any half-baked theories?  Send in those rumors and share
them with others.

Section 6 - Theories: We all have them and many of us share them.  They
could go under rumors but there are enough theories being shared they
have warranted their own section and this is it.  So have a theory,
want to share, it will go here with your name (unless otherwise state).

Section 7 - New Blurbs: Aaron Fuegi is keeper of the blurbs and is
willing to ship blurbs to those who inquire.  Starting this newsletter
new blurbs I get that Aaron doesn't have on his list will go here.
This way everyone can get the updates and Aaron will hopefully not a
ton of resend me the blurbs requests.  So an index of blurbs kept will
be published in this section (along with new blurbs).  If you have a
blurb not on the list, please send it to me and Aaron.

Section 8 - Catch All:  Want to ask/share/do something that doesn't fit
into the other categories?  This is where it goes.


Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

*       Young, atheist Monger seeks fun-loving group for greater purpose in 
	life.  Am currently in western Westlands, near logpost #14 and,
	of course, heading east.  WILL WEAR PAPER BAG DURING INITIATION
	CEREMONY!  All interested parties/groups please contact:

                Phil Krauskopf
                5662 Rosebury Drive
                Huber Heights, OH 45424-4350  
		 (Phil Krauskopf)

* 	Still looking for those battle crys.  Please send corrections
	and additions to Jonesey:

	##########************ RACE ************##########
	Mudwalker Battle Cry: "I'm your Angel of Doom!"
	Fatblob Battle Cry: "I will squish you flat!"
	Furrcat Battle Cry: "Hasten to your Death"
	Norman Battle Cry: "Dream on, Sloth Breath!"
	Monger Battle Cry: 
	Viper Battle Cry: "Goodbye Insect"
	Bignose Battle Cry: 
	Loggerhead Battle Cry:

	##########************ GOD ************##########
	Shroud Battle Cry: "The Dark Takes You!"
	Kabuki Battle Cry: "The Light Blinds You!"
	Fuvah Battle Cry: "Glory is Mine"

	##########************ GROUP ************##########
	The Black Death Group Battle Cry: ?
	Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma Group Battle Cry: 
		"Hey Dude, your shoelace is untied."
	The Shriners: "Your mother mates with Knolltirs"
	Mudd's Monsters: ?
	Dark Fist of Fuvah: ?
	Knights of Sylvester: ?


Section 2 - Tips

BUG BUG BUG: We just got caught by the following bug - A bunch of us
Fuvites formed a new group.  When the group formed in the name of Fuvah
we got to be raised to Acolyte status.  Many of us had been acolytes
for many many (20-30+) turns.  The bug is our Acolyte status got reset
to 0 turns when the group formed.  Why is this important you ask.  Well
to become a disciple of Fuvah (as well as other gods) there are two
methods.  Killing a member of another god or temple sacrifice.  To
learn temple sacrifice you have been an acolyte of your god for a
minimum of X turns.  (We have so far figured out X is between 12-18
turns).  So when we got reset to zero and four turns later expected to
learn temple sacrifice - well you got the picture.  Jack is correcting
this but in case some of you are caught by this now you can write a
note to Jack on your next turn explaining you have been an acolyte X
turns and Y turns ago you got reset because of forming a group
dedicated to a god.  Jack will correct it.


Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries

* Has anyone actually found a place to worship the rumored God
  of Nature?

* On turn 4, I and another Norman who landed with me each found a
  Zombie.  We each found on on a path just east of a first line far
  post (two different far posts, Kiston's and Wislon's).

	This leads to two questions:
	a) Is it usual to see a zombie this early,  and
	b) Does one frequently find Zombies on the paths?

	[I know we found a Zombie within 20 squares of shore along a
	 path at a pond.  Placement I believe is somewhat random.  It
	 is possible that someone used Zombie Juice, caught a Zombie
	 and then let it go on the path.  But to travel that close to
	 the western edge of the island to do this makes this unlikely. ]

* For anyone out there who has gained spells at more then one temple
  could you please pass on your experiences.  In particular: how many
  additional spell points did you get for the second, third, fourth and 
  so on?  How many spell points do you get back between turns after
  visiting two, three... temples?  How many spells did you get at each
  temple? 	The Editor

	[ I have one monster who has visited one temple and received
	  spells.  She got seven  spells and 20 spell points.  Between
	  turns she gets 4 spell points back.  My monster is a
	  Fuvite. ] 

* Digging at a Cauldi plant: if there is already a hole in the square
  will digging deeper get you a voodoo cauldron?


Section 4 - Facts

There are many bugs in the monster island program.


Section 5 - Rumors (Believe it or Not)

Some monster has attained the next rank in riding skill - fair.  Can
anyone confirm this?

Some monster quested at a sunken graveyard and some creature came out
and talked to them telling them about some demi-god.

There are followers of the god of nature.  Confirmations?


Section 6 - Theories

* I think I have a theory on wrestling.
  Offense deals with chance to hit / base damage(+Muscle bonus) 
  Defense: obvious-chance of not being hit/reduces damage 
  Bouts: How many chances you get to hit/round
  --Tricks-- I think that this number is a multiplier for damage.  I
  got my third trick while fighting a Blood Mummy (didn't kill it) and
  then fought a Landshark next turn. Did 30 damage to the Mummy first
  round (tricks=2) and 45 damage to the Landshark (tricks=3).  Think
  about it & compare with your results.
		from Robert Kazmierczak 


Section 7 - New Blurbs (see end of Catch all for index to existing
blurbs in our net monster group.)

Remember if you get a blurb which is not on the index list, send it to
Aaron and to the newsletter.


Section 8 - Catch All

!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!
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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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