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Summer Issue Five

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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September 30, 1992
Newsletter #5

Newsletter Editor:        	 Cheryl Frech
Coordinator of Far Structures:   Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Blurbs:	         Aaron Fuegi 
Coordinator of Monster Profiles: Sean Upchurch 
Coordinator of Battle Cries:	 Christopher F. Jones

Note for the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers.

Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

Contest: Name that Baby
With three turns left before I have to name my little whipper snapper
of a male furrcat I haven't yet decided what name would be most
appropriate.  So I thought I would solicite help from all of you.  If
you have a suggestion please send it to me:

	Background:  I am a female furrcat named Felica on turn 77.  I
	am a disciple of fuvah.  The father is a furrcat and is
	either: Phydeaux or Hobbes the Furrball (Jack indicated it
	would become clear who the father is at some point: fact or
	fiction?).  The father is also a disciple of Fuvah.  We are all
	(except baby) members of the Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma group.
	The baby at this point has little or I should say no
	personality but has survived (tucked somewhere) a trip into a
	tomb of mumi and two trips into a koma den.

So I will post the winner (who may end up being me or someone unrelated
to the newsletter) along with the suggestions.

  There has been interest in monster, god and group battle cries.
Jonesey has agreed to collect battle cries so if you know of one not
shown here drop him a line at: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU 

race	Mudwalker Battle Cry: "I'm you're Angel of Doom!"
	Fatblob Battle Cry: "I will squish you flat!"
	Furrcat Battle Cry: "Hasten to your Death"
	Norman Battle Cry: 
	Monger Battle Cry: 
	Viper Battle Cry: "Goodbye Insect"
	Bignose Battle Cry: 
	Loggerhead Battle Cry:

god	Shroud Battle Cry:
	Kabuki Battle Cry:
	Fuvah Battle Cry:

group	The Black Death Group Battle Cry: ?
	Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma Group Battle Cry: 
		"Hey Dude, your shoelace is untied."
	The Shriners: "Your mother mates with Knolltirs"
	Mudd's Monsters: ?
	Dark Fist of Fuvah: ?
	Knights of Sylvester: ?

My monster, Rauf, is currently near Spear and Club Far Inn.  If you can give
me some information about that area, or anything you think of as interesting, 
I'll appreciate it. (Ilya Taytslin)


Section 2 - Tips

You can not sell shields (such as iron) at far inns.


Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries

Top questions (at least I want to know as well as others):

1. Lanterns - anyone out three figure one out.
	Theory one: 4 stemtoad glands and purpumpkin
	variations - at purpumpkin field

	Theory two: waxed ooze/belly baub
	variations - waxed ooze/stemtoad glands/spark sprig/belly baub
	or some combination of the bunch.
   So what have people tried out there?

2. Other Gods - vampire demi-god, gargolye demi-god, spider demi-god,
god of nature ar potential new gods.
	Rumor/Theory One: vampires can be enticed out at tained
	hallows.   Anyone figure out how or have theories how to?
	Rumor/Theory Two: gargolye demi-god can be found out about at
	koma dens.  Can anyone confirm this?
	Rumor/Theory Three: rapid growth on island due to first
	follower of the god of nature.  Any confirmation on this one.

3. Tainted Hallows and King Ock Mushroom Groves.
	Anyone figure out what to do with either of these.  What have
	people tried?

4. Mounts - anyone gotten past novice level?  Found a second mount?

Other questions:

* Anyone entered a great cave yet?

* How much is a slink bauble worth:
  The following is from an appraisal at the Illuminated Torch the worth
  is in (oculars) - the IT is okay on rare items:

	Yellow (4), Red (6), Slink (8), White (13) and Silver (17)
	Zoingo Copper (1), Silver (3) and Gold (10)
	Golden Ocular Coin (33)

* Anyone figure out what a Bori Tree is good for?  Raft?
	[ In newsletter 4 notes on GENCON Jack indicated in the session
	  that rafts wouldn't come into play until the Starth region ]


Section 4 - Facts


Section 5 - Rumors (maybe fact)

* The Disciples of the Light have rebuilt the first Fort on the Island.

* Other Gods:
  Vlados Xi, demigod of vampyres...mentioned in ANCIENT SILVER SPIKE blurb.
  Gruggalos, demigod of gargoyles...mentioned in ANCIENT IRON SPIKE blurb.
  Kadar Black, demigod of dragons...mentioned in DRAGON FLAGON blurb.

  I've also heard rumors about learning more about Vlados Xi at Sunken


Section 6 - Catch All

New Address:

	I forgot in the last newsletter to let you all know that Arron
Fuegi's address had changed.  In case any of you missed it the new
address is:

I received the following weapon/armor chart from (Ilya Taytslin).  


      Bashing-"club"  Pole              Edged                    Whip
1     drift                             curved machete
2     carved          crude spear       tooth sabre              kadda
3     silver studded  silver tip.spear  short sword              dactyl 
4     spiked          smite pike        long sword, Light sword
5                                       great sword

      Pointed                                           Missile
1     knife, silver knife                               sling
2     iron knife, jagged bodkin, silver dagger          hand catapult, mudpie
3     swamppus rake, iron dagger, silver jagged dagger  zinki dart
4                                                       fart bomb, silver dart
5                                                       rattler dart
7                                                       iron dart

Light Sword is damage class 10 against creatures of the Dark, class 5 normally.
I assume Dark Sword is the exact reverse.  Silver darts are damage class 6 when
used against "creatures vulnerable to silver" -- this may indicate what exactly
other silver weapons do to the same.  Gator armor can be destroyed by gators
and a smite pike can be eaten by a smite.  Extrapolate to other creature-derived
objects ??  Needless to say, iron darts are a VERY coveted weapon, but seem to
occur only in graveyards.  Personally, I had found at the graveyards only 
slink baubles (worth 12 oculars) and various coins.

Current Address List:  Please look over and if you find any mistakes,
old addresses, missing address and you get the picture let me and
Jonesey know.
!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!

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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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