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Summer Issue Seven

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Newsletter #7, October 26, 1992

Newsletter Editor:        Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Far Structures:   Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Blurbs:	         Aaron Fuegi 
Coordinator of Monster Profiles: Sean Upchurch 
Coordinator of Battle Cries:	 Christopher F. Jones
Coordinator of FAQ:	 	 Christopher F. Jones

Note from the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers.

>>>>>>>>>>>> I have had such an influx of email that it took awhile to
get through it.  I believe that at this point I am caught up.  If you
have asked a question that has not been addressed please resubmit your
inquiry, hint, newletter submission, etc.. <<<<<<<<<<<<


Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

* LAST CHANCE: NAME THAT BABY.  Details in Newsletter #6.  The baby
  male furrcat should emerge as its own monster next turn and I can
  then name it (I think).

* WANTED: description of monster island game.  From time to time I get
  email from people who want to know what monster island is.  I don't
  want to write up a description.  Could someone please write up a
  short description including how to join and send it to the newsletter?

* WANTED: coordinator for group information.  
	Several people are keeping different group information such as
	battle cries, names, numbers, totems.  Could we get one
	volunteer to collect and group information?  This person would
	be responsible for determining what information to collect and
	periodically getting the information out to the members of this
	MI email group.  Potential format for collecting information:
		Group: Name, Number, Totems, Battle Cry, Region Active,
		How to Join, Contact, ???.
	Please respond to newsletter with indication how much you
	really want the job in case multiple people want the job.

* Mappers: Could someone (or two) write up a review of the mapper
  being offered to monster islanders?  Please send reviews to the
  newsletter.  The address of the person selling the mapper (and
  offering a shareware version) is:

		Jim Wuerch

 [ I have ordered the non shareware upgraded version ($20 was the
   last figure I knew of.  I am awaiting this mapper and will give
   my own review in a few months after trying it out. ]

 The questions I got for a review are: Do you have any more
 information on the program you mentioned in a previous
 newsletter?  Do you have an improved version? Is the program
 worthwhile? Does it provide for nice printouts? Do most people on
 the net have access to MS-Windows?


Section 2 - Tips (this issue from: Micah the Famous)

1. In general, it is best to divide your jazzercising into as many 9
or ten point chunks as possible. Put your largest jazzercize at the
beginning. My best luck has been jazzercising for 14 once, and then 9
four times. Each time I've done so, I've received 6 muscle. 

Has anyone gained 7 (or more) muscle in a turn from jazzercising? 

	[ I second this tip.  I have been dividing my jazzercizes into
	  two or three chunks for some time.  Younger monsters get
	  better muscle on less action points and as monsters get older
	  50+ turns I find 16 action points not enough and do two for
	  20+ ].

2. When travelling through unknown area with another monster, have one
monster travel about 8-10 spaces ahead. Then, the second monster can
take advantage of things the first one found. Every few turns, switch
places. You will get less mapping data, but the extra loot you get is
worth it.

Additional Tip from Ilya Taytslin

3. As you all know, you can Xfer or Rid of only one item per order.  I
am sure it is intended to prevent Monsters from passing large sums of 
Oculars to each other However, monsters of the same religion CAN do
cash transactions.  Both the buyer and the seller must arrive at the
Temple of their god.  One places the item(s) he/she is selling into
Storage Room, the other places the money.  On the next turn each
removes what the other one put in.

Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries

* Has anybody heard anything yet about gods or demi-gods other
  than Shroud, Kabuki or Fuvah?  So far the only religious
  places I have been found have been Shrines of Fuvah so I
  haven't learned the Kowtow order yet and haven't had to
  decide whether or not to follow a particular god.  Hopefully
  these new gods will appear soon. 

	[ I heard a rumor that although there is some way to follow one
	  of these other gods (demi-gods) unless someone gets really
          lucky and does the right things they are not going to figure
	  it out.  And that Jack when he gets back will be putting in
	  stuff to make it easier to find these other gods. ]

* The blurbs for the Xanxu Cave Spider and the Xanxu Cave Snake both
  refer to being "creations of Xanxu" - Who is Xanxu?

* I just explored Spear & Club and Dark Eagle's Nest Far Inns -- please
  tell me whether you need the data on them.  Conversely, do you know
  of any Far Posts (or anything) in their general are ?
	Ilya Taytslin

* Map Info Needed:  I've got a young Monger wandering down in the
  Westlands, right along the Central/South border.  He's right between
  Killon's and Diltak's Far Posts, not far from Survey Logpost 69.  Can
  anyone tell me the way to a known Far Inn, so I can link up my maps?

* I'm not a Monster Island player, but I'm intrested in some info on
  it. How many players are there in a game?  How many games run at
  once, if you know?  And do you play via e-mail, or snail mail?  How
  much does it cost a turn?

  I'm asking because a friend and I are about to embark in the world of 
  running a PBM game, and I'm interested in what the standards are.

	[For those who wish to respond]
	"Steve Chapin" 

* Is buying advanced stealth (for 162 oculars at Ribald Arms Far Inn)
  really worth it?  What benefits has anyone found having high stealth? 

	[ A friend got between 50 - 60 stealth for his
	  oculars. ]

* One thing that i was thinking is, Has anyone tried to K in a king
  ock mushroom grove? This could be the shrine for the god of

* How do you get the santification blurb (to get your god to grant
  a temple)? 
	[ When you get the action points needed to rebuild the
          temple below 500 then you get the santification blurb.  I
          don't know if you need to do an additional Z to get the
	  blurb or just be in the square and see the temple ruins
	  under 500 AP to go. }

* How are things going with babies?
	[ Personally my baby is near invisible.  Being the second
	  born on the island (and not knowing the first) I can't
	  say what use they are yet.  All I know is at most during
	  these first four turns I get a message during make camp
	  which says the baby has survived the rigors of the weeks
	  and looks happy.  Since day one: I haven't fed it, no one
	  (I mean other monsters, Jossmen at Far Inns or Posts,
	  group members) have noticed it.  When I ended at a Far
	  Inn I wouldn't have even known it was there except the
	  note under my stats that I have a baby monster.  I hope
	  that at turn 6 (for it) something will happen.  Anyway I
	  will keep the group posted. ]

* Has anyone heard of the Blushing Lady Far Inn? If so, and you
  would like to share information about the area, please send mail
  to John Stanton 

* Brawn elixer what have monsters gotten from this?

	[ My two monsters got +11 strength from this elixer.  They were
	  at 150+ when they took it.  Other monsters I know of a
	  similar level also got +11 strength.  Of the two monsters who
	  took a second drink one got +9 the other -7. ]

* Looking for map information around the Torch and between the torch
  and Ribalds Arms.   Jerry Hagedorn.   

* Has any monster gotten their second set (or third etc) of spells?
  Please indicate which god and what you got.


Section 4 - Facts


Section 5 - Rumors (Believe it or Not)

* A Stark Fist member recently found Iron Darts in a Large Cave....

* Someone recently heard a rumor that Porquiquills can be used a 
  form of dart.  Having not seen them listed on the charts
  with the other darts I was surprised.  Any confirmation or


Section 6 - Theories

A few suggestions for what might work at King Ock Mushrooms groves:
	1. Using a torch. (maybe they burn)
	2. Doing a love dance
	3. Doing an extremely loud yell (perhaps with a scatamunga horn -
	   the blurb does mention they move around strangely)

					- Jeff Vogel

	4. Drop a coconut.
	5. Eat a coconut. (It does say the area is void of coco palm
					- Cheryl Frech


Section 7 - New Blurbs (see end of Catch all for index to existing
blurbs in our net monster group.)

Remember if you get a blurb which is not on the index list, send it to
Aaron and the newsletter.

!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!


Section 8 - Catch All

*Please remove <LC1V+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU> from you email lists.  She no
longer is one of us (ie doesn't play monster island anymore.)
!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!

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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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