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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Trolls, Trading, Teleportation, and Talismans

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having learned that new Troll knowledge, it's time to head back for home...

Well, on the way back I stop and kill some more snakes- 20, to be precise. Nothing major gained, but I can sell most of this stuff for some much needed cash, at least.

Okay, let's test out a spell. I pull out some stuff I need to send a friend, and place it on the ground before me. Two impressive spells later, the item is winging off through the ether, hopefully to the person I sent it too. This is fun! Anyway, the rest of the day is uneventful, though I do wander back into a Great Cave and turn up exactly nothing as treasure in it. Back to the Tower, and 'pop', I'm back in my home neighborhood again!

Well, as long as I'm here, I head into the Mine Shaft about four times. Um, wow! I seem to have cleared it of creatures! Killing off a Xanxu Cave Bear, I get my first Bear Xanxu Bear Carcass, plus an Orb of Seeing. Nice! Of course, I'm not exactly prepared for the Trolls, so both drive me off. But who cares!

I teleport another item off to a friend (well, actually an enemy, but that's another story), and hit the Mine Shaft a couple more times, going one for two in Rock Troll killing. I have to work on my average. I'm _seriously_ overloaded on junk, so I head to the local Tower, pop to a Tower near a Town, and walk over and start selling stuff. I feel so light!

Sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. Whee. Then back to the Tower, 'pop' and back to the area of the Mine Shaft. Not the most exciting two days, but I've gone from 370 Oculars and no open slots to 14 open slots and 1070 oculars.

Ah, now I see the other end of the Teleport Items spell, as I start getting some payment back for what I teleported earlier as a Wooden Shroud Statue appears before me. Well, first thing, I hit the Rock Trolls twice (killing two), then I head back to the Temple, donate my new Talisman, and turn and go back to the Rock Trolls (killing one of two this time). As I make camp I cache some stuffies, clearing up a spot for another Talisman to appear tonight!

Except it doesn't. Oops. Well, I bat five hundred against the Rock Trolls again (2 for 4), and make camp in the same area, with one more spot held open for that Statue to make its way over by tomorrow, with any luck...

Ah, there we are. Not only does the Talisman appear as promised, but I actually manage to equip some PigIron Greaves without them exploding. My first PigIron Armor successfully equipped! Well, as long as I'm here, I kill three more Trolls, and then run off and donate that Talisman.

Well, turns out someone else has one as well that they're willing to swap. Boom! In pops yet another Talisman. Yay! I've gone from nowhere to racking 'em up. Doing the usual, this time I kill off three Trolls before I depart to donate my Talisman. Hmmm. How many trolls are in one of these things anyway? Maybe I'll stick around a bit...

Four dead Trolls this time. Okay, now I'm definately sticking around. Not much else to report- I am becoming an expert on exploding PigIron pieces, however. Sigh. Another Talisman pops in between turns, keeping the streak alive. Two for one and three for two trades pay off. In to the Temple with you, my friend.

And what should be the last Talisman in my current streak- a Dark Sword pops in via Tufted Titmouse Delivery. One more for the Temple. I do a teleportation myself as part of one deal, and then go over to play with my neighborhood Rock Trolls. Three more dead. Yeesh, how many is that? I start counting on my fingers, move on to toes, and finally come up with 18 killed so far. Must be almost empty, right? Okay, no more Talismans coming in, but I'll stick around and finish this out anyway.

Um, oops. Too many trips in last turn dropped my Riskiness to six on the final trip in, and I never even noticed. Not exactly a useful day spent here this time around.

Okay, Riskiness back to nine. Two dead Trolls. Twenty and counting.

Four more Trolls brings me to 24. I can do this. One more turn, right? I'm almost there, I hope...

Boom! Boom! Nope, not dead Trolls- more exploding armor bits. Sigh. Okay, back in, two more dead Rock Trolls and... that's it! Its cleared! I get my second Xanxu Cave Bear Carcass, and I get a Gold Ring of Healing. I've never seen one of these before- I'll have to try it out and see what happens. Anyway, there's my magic number- 26 Rock Trolls in my Mine. Hmm, I think I've seen enough of Mines for a while. I also picked up about 10 or 12 pieces of PigIron equipment, and successfully equipped one of them. Oh, well, who cares. I'm done with this place...

Okay, no more Rock Trolls. I gotta go find me some Bridge Trolls now.

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