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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Talismans to Conjure with...

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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With my last few Tower explorations not going well, I need to keep working...

I unload some more junk at the Inn, and head back to the Ruins. On the first trip I find a Parachute, on the second a Bastard Sword, and on the and third trip I flee from the Spectre at the last moment. Sigh. Okay, back to the Inn, where I unlock the Locked Box I've been carrying and find a Golden Gargoyle Goblet inside. Well, I can sell the Box at least.

Okay, back to the Tower Ruins. I stop by a Pond on the way, but find only junk in the Underwater Grotto located in it. Two trips into the Tower Ruins finds a Golden Gargoyle Goblet and a Dark Sword. Yay, a Talisman! Back to the Inn.

Sell, sell, sell. Back to the Tower. This is getting to be a routine. Three trips gets a Dragonbone (bah), a Wooden Shroud Statue (hooray) and on the third trip I flee from the Spectre again. Back to the Inn. This should do it: I should now have enough Talismans to impress my deity!

Sell, sell, sell. Then, its up and out as I hike in the opposite direction from that I've been travelling, down to the local Temple of Shroud. I donate the Statue to the Temple. I equip the Dark Sword. I kowtow before Shroud. Shroud rewards me. I'm a Mage! Well, a Conjurer, anyway. I emerge stronger, more knowedgeable, and possessed of new and more exciting combat spells. I'm a Mage! I'm a Mage! Anyway, that's not the end of my life, so I move on, stopping in a local King Ock Mushroom Grove (wherein I find a Firestone- what the heck do I do with this?), and I make camp for the night out in the wilderness. Did I mention that I'm a Mage now?

I nose around a bit, but I think its time to head back to the Zargnoth. I head back to the Shroud Temple, and 'pop' myself back to the Temple I guard for Shroud. I donate my Dark Sword and several Treasures, and then head south to visit the Rock Trolls. No one's home. Maybe tomorrow.

I kill one Troll, and head south to return Reepicheep's favors. I kill a Rock Troll on the way, massacre some plants in a Hollow, and loot a Small Quarry and a Large Quarry both, three times in the latter. I like these densely packed areas!

I find a Crimson Chalice in the Locked Box I got out of the Hollow, and then head for Reepicheep. Unfortunately, I miscalculate, and though I find Reepicheep, I manage to miss out on all the places I wanted to explore. Sigh. I do transfer Reepi two Dragonbones and a Dragon Ichor, though.

Back into a Hollow, and then back up the long hill, killing a Rock Troll before I arrive back at my temple. Ah, health.

I nap for a month or so, and then decide to finish out the Rock Trolls. Unfortunately, while I napped someone else did. How depressing. Well, I head back to the Tainted Hollow, and between loot and Boxes I come up with a set of King's Spiked Gloves and a couple Dragonbones. If only I liked Dragons!

I try to transfer Reepicheep the Dragonbones (he's apparently taking a long nap, and I keep having to wake him up) but he's already got as many as he can carry. Oops. So, I head back north, pausing to equip my new set of gloves, and to kill some more Palms. I make camp just a shade shy of my Temple.

Many weeks later, news of a new Shroud Temple, located conveniently near an Inn, prompts me to waken. I head back to my Temple, and 'pop' to the new Temple. Nice, though a bit sparsely furnished. I donate about four Treasures just to spruce it up a bit, and leave some more junk outside for the younger monsters. Then its a short hike to the Broken Shield, where I start selling things like crazy before the Inn finally closes for the night.

When day breaks I'm waiting at the counter again, and I spend several hours selling off even more stuff. Much better. I spend the rest of the day trekking back to the Temple, where I kowtow for spell points and then 'pop' back to the 'Z'. Home sweet home.

I purge a few creatures out of the neighborhood Mine Shaft, and then head for Xamadu's Tower. I hand over a few bucks and he sends me off to Xoxmox's Tower, where I lay out some cash and learn about 'Ever-lasting Breath' and 'Teleport Item'. Those sound useful. I put up for the night in the Tower, and plan to head out in the morning.

Let's see... there are two Dregs of the Light here, and I note that I'm tougher and badder than both. I smile and wave. Xoxmox teaches me about Elixirs of Poison and Scarabs of Protection, and then its time to head out. After I collect some Bounty and have a quickie Love dance (nice meeting you, Nimrod), I move to a nearby Great Cave, from which I recover a Dark Sword. Nice. From there, I run up to the local Koma Den, from which I collect a variety of very average treasure before I set up camp for the night. Gotta start building up that cash again for the next Tower that I visit!

Three more trips into the Koma Den gets me a variety of stuff for future sale, and a Dragon Statue for Reepicheep. I finish my jog up to the local Troll Bridge, where I learn about Sourpuss Perfume and Retching Poison. From there, I do a quick U-turn, and head back the way I came from. Another day, more knowledge.

Time to head back from whence I came.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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