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Skizlum Skallaglamm

The Last Bridge

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having finished with that Mine Shaft, it's time to help someone else with a project and visit that last Troll Bridge...

Okay, I spend an exciting turn clearing out some of the crap from the Temple, and teleporting items off to other people in return for favors soon to come (well, and just to be nice to someone). That nicely got rid of all those annoying spell points, didn't it? Anyway, I head over to the local Tower, and settle in for a longish nap...

Tower Teleportation is nice, isn't it? Here's OPUB- I hand her a lot of my no longer needed equipment (PigIron Armor, level 5 weapons) and transfer some nice weapons to some younger monsters. From there, its just a short walk to another nearby Tower Ruins, so I pop in and spend a day there. A Dragonbone Necklace (well, once I have spell points again I'll pop it to Reepicheep- I still owe him for a Talisman) and a Banded Iron Armor are the treasures. Boy, am I getting jaded. Anything less than a Talisman elicits a 'ho hum' from me. The big news is- Level 7 with Bashing! My first Level 7 weapon skill. At last!

Ah, what a nice 'Tween Turns. OPUB hands me a Shroud Talisman and an Erratic Smoke Bottle in return for the five or six items I teleported and transferred to her in the last few turns (and later on I hand her my level 6 Bashing weapon as well, now that I no longer need it). A friend from back when I landed on the island teleports me a Dark Sword, as payment for some of my teleportations of a couple turns back. Finally, a young monster transfers me a Wicked Scimitar, for which I exchange the Banded Armor I just found. Then a couple more trips into that Tower Ruin gets me a Silver Bone Necklace and (yay!) a Wooden Shroud Statue. Four Talismans in one turn and, of course, now I'm a long way from the Shroud Temple, but I'll get there eventually. The Talisman goal for the next rank has gone from being unbelievably far away to enticingly close. Anyway, after all this, its on the road, for a long days travel towards my next goal. After all that time in one spot, I'm ready for a road trip.

On the road again... Nothing turned up by questing, so I settle for killing about four creatures, and keep on heading for civilization. I set up camp by the River, and try to figure out what to do with my future.

And here's the Troll Bridge I've been looking for. I jog on up, and they teach me the secrets of Folicula Elixir and Spark Oil Bombs. Yay- I know know all the Troll Voodoo that the Zargnoth Trolls care to offer. Thanks, guys! Anyway, its on across the River, and on towards town.

Well, as long as I'm here, I map a little unexplored territory, and then head into a Large Quarry for a half-dozen or so tries. I just keep going in over and over until I run out of Health- after all, I'm only a turn or two from Town and Inns and towers, and a quick recovery...

Ah, I'm back in the northernmost Town. Sell, sell, sell. Its been a while since I've been in an Inn, and I've got a lot of stuff to unload. I clear up 10 slots for carrying, and make about 400 Oculars. Well, enough of that. I hop a train, and head for a slightly more southern Town, and my favorite Town-Tower travel desitnation.

Well, a quick jog by the local Forge gets me another couple hundred Oculars, and I'm starting to worry about carrying around too much money (its a hard life, I know). I need to get rid of stuff. So, after a quick jog over to Xixmar's, I pay for a Teleport, and I'm at a new (to me) Tower. Hey, wait! They won't let me in! I was told they would. Sigh. Well, I try to buy somthing, try to buy another Teleport, none of which works, try to collect Bounty (which does, oddly), and make camp nearby. Unfortunately, by collecting Bounty here I cost myself about 200 oculars, but what can you do?

Well, I have in hand an apology from the Tower Master, and a promise that I'm now admitted. I also have 2500 Oculars, so this is a good Tower to be at, as the spell they have that I don't know costs me 987(!) Oculars. Anyway, Xuxerb teaches me the Weakness spell, and then I'm teleported off to Xozmir's. Once there, I sit down and learn Silver Lotus Elixir (sort of), Magic Silver, and Magic Machete. Well, those nicely cleared up my Ocular problem. I use my Crystal Ball and look around quickly, but there's not much here, so I put myself up for the night in the Tower.

Pop! Another Tower Teleport, and four short travel squares later I'm back at my favorite Shroud Temple. Time to unload things: in goes a Dark Sword, a Wooden Shroud Statue, a Golden Dragon Statue, and a Wicked Scimitar. Wait- Shroud tells me Wicked Scimitars aren't talismans, or even treasures. Sigh. I traded a Banded Iron Armor for this? Oh, well, I put it back in its sheath, and I guess that I can sell it eventually. I kowtow my way back to full health, and then its back to the Tower. Pop, I'm teleported again, this time to Xamadu's. Well, I have time to blow, so I finally go ahead and learn about Troll Voodoo. I also nose about a bit, and find one of those nasty lightsiders outide. Attack! I let out a Battle Cry: "The Dark Takes You!" He lets out a Battle Cry: "I wet my bed!" Snicker. Anyway, we exchange blows, and I slink away, having done 94 to him and taken 46 in return. Victory! Hmmm... now that the flush of battle is off, I suddenly realize that that was Corin Thunder-Fist, a good friend of Reepi's and the person who was good enough to tell me the location of a nearby Hairy CocoPalm Grove. Um, sorry, Corin...

Well, I cast my Divine Item spell, and learn how to use my Erratic Smoke Bottle. Yay! Now to get the other pieces. I head down towards the coast, stopping only for three trips into a Large Quarry. Unfortunately, the Hairy CocoPalms aren't where I thought they were, so I waste a small chunk of my travels. I do set up camp nearby, and capture a Plodder there. I finish up my day by training it, and I have a mount for future transformation.

Okay, its only a little bit of travel, so I jog on up and grab myself a Spark Sprig. Yay- I now have everything I need. Heightening the anticipation, I delay while I run over and explore a local Underwater Grotto. After fighting off a large slew of yucky Roaches, I come up with a Light Sword. Bah. Still, I bet I know someone that I can swap this to. I use my Crystal Ball, but still can't find a Grove. Luckily, Corin reports in on where it really is, so I should be able to hit it tomorrow. Finally, I use the Smoke Potion, only to have it fail? Hmm? The gods seem unpleased today. I appeal to Ke-ith, and hopefully the problem shall be fixed. I need to get a new Spark Sprig, meanwhile, but I can do that tomorrow anyway, so no worries...

Okay- back inland I go, and very shortly I have another Spark Sprig. Then, back down to the coastline again, and here's a Hairy CocoPalm Grove! I collect myself 11 Coconuts, and make myself a mental note to grab another in the morning. Fascinating things to be soon off across the waves, by the by. I check on my Smoke Potion, and Great Ke-ith seems to have fixed the problem, so first thing in the morning, I'll have a Mount. Finally, last thing before I go to bed, I automatically rid some stuff, including... my Spark Sprig! Aaargh! Well, that messes up next turn, doesn't it? I can get another one easily, but it throws about a turns plans worth of travels out the window, sigh...

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