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Skizlum Skallaglamm

A new Choice

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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I'm very close to being Towered out, but there's a touch more to do...

With all my Tower inspired travails presumably behind me, I head into this Tower one final (I hope) time. The Wizard acknowledges me, and hands me a Crystal Ball and an Elixir of Acid. Hooray! I sprint out the door quickly, vowing never to return to Xelnix's Tower with anything less than a siege engine and a small army at my back, and head west. Not much else to report- I do a lot of travelling and kill a few things, but the Tower is behind me, and I'm happy to be underway with some cool things to come...

Hah! Watch this turn! I travel a couple squares and pop in on a Large Quarry. I sail past these guys (I have a lot of pent-up aggression to release!) and come out with a nice haul: eleven Zoingo Silver Coins, a Zoingo Jeweled Flute, a Rock Hammer and three Unreadable Scrolls. Right around the corner, we come to a Stone Crypt. I smash flat a lot of Zombies, wrestle a Skeletal Zombie into dust, and come out with: 40 Ocular Coins, twelve Travel Grubs, a Sunka Death Mask, a Slink Bauble and two Iron Darts. Not bad. I'm cursed by the Skeletal Zombie to boot, which is something I'd hoped to accomplish, as I now have the distinct privelage of being both cursed and blessed by the Skeletal Jossmen at the same time. Ah, the things I do in the name of science. Anyway, moving on, I run by an Ancient Graveyard, and as long as I have orders to spare I hit it about five times. Cumulative treasure there is about 11 Oculars. Anyway, from there its a short hop to the Tower that I guard, and I'm happy to see that my Wizard does still let me in (I have to admit, I was halfway afraid that he wouldn't!). I relearn Ripen Plant (he taught me a dysfunctional version of it the first time) and get myself a room for the night. Let's see: 4 blurbs, 32 creatures killed, 45 monsterliness. A good day's work, that.

This one isn't bad either. Xamfir tells me about the Hairy Coconut quest right off the bat, and I promise to get right on it. At my request, he teleports me to another Tower, from which its a short walk to the Temple I guard. I kowtow briefly, and Shroud restores some Health and tells me how to remove my curse. I drop in a Wooden Shroud Statue, and Shroud rewards me by telling me about the Balance of Power (happily in Shroud's favor at the moment) and tells me that should I kowtow again, he'll make me one of his Chosen. Sign me up! Anyway, I already made plans today, so that'll wait until tomorrow. I teleport out to meet a friend, and stop and kowtow for spells at this new Temple. At last, Shroud teaches me "Divine Item". I'm that much closer to accomplishing something I've been trying to do since six months after I landed on the island (bonus points to anyone who can figure that out!). Anyway, I jog out from there (seeing and killing my first ever Giant Tortoise) and make camp near the friend. Unfortunately, my last two orders vanish into thin air, and I don't transfer him the Wooden Fuvah Statue that I came down here to give him, but I'm in a good enough mood that I don't care. That can wait for tomorrow too...

Well, I get a Wooden Shroud Statue handed over during the night, so first thing in the A.M.I transfer back that Wooden Fuvah Statue. I pop south and kill another Giant Tortoise, this time making a point to pick up the shell. From there, its an easy jog back to the Temple, where I do a major kowtow and am made a Chosen! New spell, more spell points, enhanced attributes, and finally a way to advance that doesn't involve killing other monsters! I finally have hope for moving up in Shroud's eyes again! Unfortunately, I need to acquire several more Talismans to be able to do so. Anyway, before I head back to the Z, I decide to gather more spell points after all, and pop to another Temple, kowtow for spell points, and pop again to yet another Temple. I bestow my Iron Stein into the Temple roon, and pick up the light equipment that I find there for future use elsewhere.

I bestow my Shroud Statue (5 more to go to the magic number), kowtow for spells, and pop out again. Kowtow, pop. Lather, rinse, repeat. Here I stop for the night, and put all the small equipment I've been collecting in the Temple, as a new group of young Shroudies _just_ finished this Temple a day or two before. Just before camping, I sit down and cast my Divine Item spell (which, by the by, seems horribly misnamed- nothing 'divine' about this method of learning stuff, I soon discover), and learn the magic secret of... Mudpies! I can throw Mudpies! Hooray!!!

During the night, one of the youngsters brings me a Squzkin, so I make them a Shield out of that Tortoise Shell. Unfortunately, I lose the monsters number and am forced to just cache the Shield in the Temple, but I hope he just picked it up on the following morning. Anyway, I throw in some more stuff, kowtow for spells yet once more, and head back eastwards. I decide to stop at the last Temple before the Z, and make a quick run up to the Inn. However, I am a officially a moron. I forgot that I cursed myself as part of my experiment, and now the Jossmen won't let me in. Sigh.

Okay, back to the Temple, and 'pop, back to the Z. First things first- I kowtow for 200 APs and get rid of the curse, before I forget again. Then I start jogging south-east, and set up camp next to the Mine Shaft. Sadly, I'm out of APs, and can't kick any Rock Troll butt tonight, but it can wait 'til morning.

Well, I mess with a Rock Troll, but it escapes me at the end. I continue south-east, zipping through a couple Tainted Hollows (to no effect, as I have no Swinging Ball) and a Small Quarry. Somewhere along the line I do pick up a Gnitgnat Swarm, which is always fun!

Well, while I camp Reepicheep swings by, and as part of our ongoing Shroud Talisman for Dragon Piece exchanges, he passes over two Shroud Talismans and suggests that I come back in a couple days. Thanks! Before he leaves, I mention my Swinging Ball problem, and he loans me his. Cool. Excitedly, I turn around and head back north. 32 Oculars and a Kudo Bone, and a Large Locked Box, of course, is my Tainted Hollow treasure- nothing amazing but I'll take it. I pop in on the Tr0lls again, this time killing one, and am overjoyed to get a Troll Hammer to replace the one that I accidentally sold. from there, back to the Temple, where I kowtow to have my Health restored, and donate my two new Talismans to Shroud. Movin' on up the ladder, here, or at least I'm trying.

I equip my Troll Hammer, and cache a lot of stuff in the Temple before heading back south. Worried about how much I can carry, I pass by the Mine Shaft, but I do stop in at the Tainted Hollow, getting treasure virtually identical to last time. I also finally equip my Mudpies, curious to see what they do. Turns out to be not much- they're advertised as much better than they are. Still, I don't care- I plan on using them until I'm on my deathbed- this was a lifelong quest for me!

Hey, here's Reepicheep with two more Talismans! I like this guy! Time to go back north again! I jog through the Tainted Hollow again, but as I'm carrying a Box already I settle for 51 Oculars and a Tainted Sword. I jog through the Mine Shaft, again failing to kill a Rock Troll, and back to the Temple. There, I bestow two more Talismans. leaving me just shy of Shroud's requirements for advancement! I need one more Talisman! I think I'll pop west and find myslef a Tower Ruin and just hunt the heck out of it until I get one more...

Well, from this new Temple its just a short walk to a Tower Ruins, and so I pop in three times. No new Talismans, unfortuately- I come up with a Silver Bone Necklace, a Dragonbone, and a Dragon Ichor. Well, Reepicheep will be happy when next I see him, anyway.

Hmm. I seem to be having low Health problems already, and may need to find a better place to do this type of stuff. I jog in twice more, but fail to kill a Tentaculus and flee on one try, and collect just a Lantern on the other (hey, it'll save spell points!). Then its back to the Temple, where I donate my Tainted Temple Sword and teleport again. From this new Temple, its half a days walk to the Blushing Lady, where I put myself up for the night in the best room money can buy (forgetting I don't need to pay, as I'm still blessed anyway). I sell off some of the Voodoo stuff that I've been accumulating, and plan on more Tower Ruins tomorrow.

On to more Tower work, and hopefully improving my status with my deity.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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