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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Our friend, the Tower.

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Well, having helped the fellowship of the Xanxu with the construction of the two towers, let's witness the return of the wizard...

It's done! It's done! At last! Xaxnar walks the island again (again). Well, let's see what this almighty wizard has to teach me. I learn about the Elixir of Fire and about the Amulet of Protection. I learn about the Magic Voodoo Cauldron, and Stone Knuckles. That done, I stretch proudly and sprint the heck out of this place. I'm _tired_ of this area! Sorry, Xaxnar, you're a cool guy, but this one wasn't fun. Back on the road, I kill one lonely Grizzly Hedgehog, and stop by a White Lotus Bush that's actually ripe for once. I set up camp in the peaceful wilderness, far far away from the noise and bother of other monsters.

Ah, now this is more like it. Wandering around the wilderness, slaughtering things, with a clear goal in sight and a few easy steps to get there. Thawk, Landshark, Rogue Swine, Walraphant. Boom, boom, boom, boom. I put in at my Temple (I say mine as I'm the Guardian of it), and nose around. All looks well, though its been filling up with junk again in my absence. I leave a gift for a fellow Fire Rider, kowtow briefly, and move on. Rogue Swine. Double-Pawed Cougar. Boom, boom. I stick my nose in at Xamadu's Tower, where they tell me about the latest and greatest in transport- Tower Teleportation. This looks cool! I pay 'em the cash, and lo and behold, now I'm at Xixxil's Tower. These guys have a great cache of stuff to sell- Float, Magic Small Lockpick, Spider Climb, and best of all, the absolutely amazing Sparky Lotus Elixir. I must say, though I'm sending business to the competitors, every moderately advanced Monster will want to come by here and learn about Sparky Lotus Elixir as soon as they find the time.

Well, that's enough time in that Tower. I head on south-east, finally meeting the much-rumored Eight-Horned Plodder, but I don't spare the time to play with it. I pop in at a local Mine Shaft, kill a couple Trolls, and roll on to the local Troll Bridge. Time to fork out some more cash, and after I pay to cross I also go ahead and pay to learn about Oil of Ugli and Stink Bombs. I probably could have skipped the Stink Bombs (being of the female persuasion, I have trouble with Fart Bombs), but knowledge is knowledge. I keep on heading east, and make camp a little further on my way towards town. I feel like I'm travelling lighter, now that I don't have to carry all these heavy Oculars around anymore...

Well, a Large Quarry that I was told about doesn't seem to be here, and I waste a lot of time looking. Sigh. Today's my travel turn in the midst of all this, and I kill a Mondoconda and beat up on (to no avail) my least favorite creature- a Giant Tree Squid. 115 damage and its still running. I set up camp just on the outskirts of Town, ready to be productive again tomorrow.

Well, its just a short bit of travel to the Inn in town, and, as pre-arranged, OPUB and Reepicheep are both here. I transfer all my scrolls to OPUB and a full set of Dragon-creating items to Reepicheep and pass on, feeling much lighter. I sell a _lot_ of things at the Inn, sell a Shield at the Forge, and zip right through town to the Tower on the other side. After a quick walloping of a light-sider (sorry, Birdie), I sit down at the Tower and learn about Fool's Cry and Fell High Jungle. Fun, fun, fun!

Another lightsider comes by during the night- Corin Thunder-Fist. He's got a rather hellacous whack with his Wicked Scimitar. Anyway, there's two more things yet to learn here, so I do. Battle Grease and Pink Lotus Elixir fill out my card quite nicely, and for a period of about five minutes, I know every Tower knowledge on the island. Of course, the DoL are going to finish their third Tower later today, so I'm about to be back in the hole again. Back to Town, where I hop a train north, sell another Shield (and a Scourge), and move west. I stop at the Post to buy some Somanda Dust, and put up camp for the night, just a couple days away from the sight of the Fire Rider's next Tower project. What a productive bit of travel this has been. Over the last two days I went from being completely full up on items to having room for 4 and 10 respectively. This is _much_ better. Of course, I've also gone from 2000+ Oculars to just under 800.

This is one of those weeks. Remember the Large Quarry that wasn't there several days ago? Well, this one is there, its just that I'm not. I screw up my orders, and end up camped one square north of it. Sigh. I do do four trips into a Graveyard, getting nine Oculars and two Silver Knives as treasure. Oh, well, 13 creatures killed on a basic travel turn isn't bad.

Well, here's the obvious first step. I travel one square south, and head into the Large Quarry. Treasure here: 25 Zoingo Copper Coins and a Troll Token; 24 Zoingo Copper Coins and a Zoingo Jeweled Flute; 5 Zoingo Gold Coins, a Troll Token, and an Ingot of PigIron; 2 Zoingo Gold Coins and 4 Jewelled Scarabs; and finally, on my fifth trip in, my health tips below minimal and I leave. Yes, I've actually found an Ingot of PigIron! It is possible! Anyway, I head on west, and finally set up camp on the site of the next future Fire Rider Tower (hopefully). I pour my remaining APs into it, and get it down to 1944 remaining. I cache a couple relatively unimportant Tower items, and settle in for a nap while I wait for some more Riders to ride in. That wasn't a bad day: 36 Monsterliness, 27 Creatures killed, a small heap o' treasure, and to top it all off I chow down on my 45 extra food before nodding off for a long nap to digest it all.

Wow! Between people interupting me during the night _and_ people visiting the Temple I guard, I'd guess I had about thirty visitors interrupting my sleep. I tried counting, but once I ran out of fingers and toes it got too complex for me. Anyway, I try to do one last visit into the dungeons under the Tower but, as occasionally happens to me, the adventures of last time had been harrowing, and I forgot I'd had my riskiness lowered. Sigh. Well, I cache a set of Xanxu Webbed Feet, two White Lotus Leaves, and four Somanda Dust. Hmm, you know, there's enough stuff in this cache to make something. I pull out my Iron Stein, start brewing and pasting, and voila! The collected might of the Riders in the area and myself has succeeded in making ourselves one heapin' big Xanxu Construct. Well, the next step is obvious- I put my heart into it, and spend the rest of the day making the thing work on the Tower in front of me. I throw a couple things away at the end of the day, and I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

A few days pass, and I watch as my fellow Riders wander through and motivate the Construct themselves. Eventually, finally, its almost done. I roust myself out of bed, and come over and take my spot energizing the Construct, and we're done! I race around the area excitedly, waking up all the Riders, and finally they all groggily gather in front of the Tower. We chant excitedly, and soon an eerie piping noise fills the Tower. Out of a swirl in the air steps a Wizard: Zamfir! I'm the quickest to volunteer to Guard his Tower (after all, everyone else is still half asleep), and he fills me in on the process. I sit at his feet for a bit and learn some new things (Magic Knives and Ripening Plants), and then head off to bed as the proud first customer in the Tower. Hey, y'know, those doppleganger things can be a bit creepy when its you they're the doppleganger of...

Up early in the morning, and out again I go. I learn about Scarab of Strength and Elixir of Lethargy, and head right out. Unfortunately, _after_ I've left, I'm told that the most interesting (and useful) thing here, Ripen Plant, malfunctioned and now I'll have to go back to the Tower again and relearn it. Swell. Well, some other time. Its not worth another two weeks and $9 bucks to turn around. Let's see... for the second straight week I screw up the Tower Admission orders (being as the Wizard doesn't explain them clearly), but by default there's only one more way they could possibly be done, and I'll do that next week (an appeal to the uber-God Ke-ith gets the two groups involved in the Tower construction onto the list ASAP). My orders then screw up, and once again I miss the Large Quarry I missed on my way here. What a fun day. I'm going back to bed...

Hey! The Admit Groups order does work if you use it properly! cool. I add a couple groups to the list, and move along. Having missed the Quarry last turn, I settle for an Ancient Graveyard this time, and pop in about five times. My treasure is a Kwando Guilder Coin, a Silver-Studded Club, and a Damaged Iron Gauntlets. Hmm, about par for five Greaveyards. Anyway, I move on into Town, and set up camp for the night just outside the Inn, after unloading bunches of stuff. Gotta get that cash back up...

What a busy night! Two and half pages of people wandering by trying to pick fights and people visiting the Temple I guard. Sheesh. Anyway, I unload a _lot_ more junk on the Jossmen at the Inn, and move on. I stop at the Forge, and have my PigIron Ingot turned into a Black Arrowhead. Thanks! I also try to sell my Troll Pike, but the Jossmen get confused, and they take my Troll Hammer! Wait! I need that! Sigh. They won't give it back, and I move on, now having no suitable weapon to use. Well, I guess I'll be heading for a Mine Shaft shortly, then. I make a quick stop by a bank, and head southwards, intent on checking out the DoL's most recent Tower. Not much of note on the way there, I'm afraid...

Well, here's the newest DoL Tower. I attempt to purchase the four Tower knowledges there, but the wizard is only willing to teach me two of them- for the other two he says I'm not granted admission rights. Sigh. I run off far away, and now will have to spend a couple turns travel to redo this. Happily, AbM volunteers to comp me a couple turns, so all I'll be losing is time. Thanks, guys!

Next up: Chosen for something new.

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