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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Trading and Travelling

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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My time in the west pretty much done, I'm heading back for the Troll Bridge and the eastern Z.

Okay, I re-equip that Gold Ring, make myself a Grasping Scourge, equip that, equip some Rattler Darts, change my defensive spell, and I'm ready to face the world again. A little northwest, I find a Loggerhead Camp. Three trips in, three die. Didn't these things used to give me trouble? About four creatures go down easy as well, and, at the end of the day, I decide to stretch my mind a little more than average. I figure out some stuff about Zargnoth Armor Notes, and resolve to ever after Quest for more APs than I had been doing.

In preparation for future events, I spend about half my turn throwing Large Items into the air. Good riddance to lots of rubbish. That done, I move on, killing a Giant Silk Spider, a Wanna Bee, a Rabid Crestcrawler, and a Thermadon Rex. Nice set. Somehow, though, I misjudge where the bridge is, and I end up making camp on it for the night. Sigh. I did figure out more stuff about Zargnoth Armor, though.

Okay, pay the Trolls, move on, kill some stuff. King Stag, Thawk, boom, boom. I pop in at an Ancient Graveyard, and about three trips through nets me about 19 Oculars total. Then I kill a Rogue Swine, a Chasuck, and a Red-Eyed Jungle Cat. I make camp on a Large Quarry, but by this point my health is low enough that its not worth the trouble. Maybe tomorrow. Yet more to be learned about Zargnoth Armor as well, I note.

King o' the world, ma! Into the Large Quarry twice, and my treasure is two Zoingo Gold Coins, a Troll Token, and four Unreadable Scrolls, followed by four Zoingo Gold Coins, three Jewelled Scarabs, a Rock Hammer, and two Black Balls. Nice. I continue my hike back to town, and stop and make camp in an Ancient Graveyard. My first trip in finds a Silver Dragon statue, and subsequent trips get me about 15 Oculars (which I actually keep since I spent 50 crossing the Bridge). So, the end result of this turn was all the above treasure, use of a lot of spell points, a gain of 52 health, 5 new blurbs, and _25_ creatures killed. Hey, for me that's about 8 turns worth. I'm a happy Mudwalker.

Up and at 'em, and back to town. I've got to unload some of this cash. I run by the Far Post, and buy 900 Oculars worth of White Lotus Leaves. Much better. I run by the Exotica, and unload the Wine I bought many many turns ago. I run by the far Forge, and, at a low low cost of 150 oculars, he turns my ugly lump of PigIron into a bright and shiny Black Arrowhead. Thanks! Then down to the Railway Station, where I inform on those nasty Trolls and their dirty habits, and then meet a Voodoo Master. I think I'll come back here tomorrow. Then, on to the Inn, where I automatically sell lots of stuff, and settle in for yet another free stay. Thanks, guys!

More selling. Jewelled Scarabs can go. My Golden Ocular Coin too. For that matter, I jog by the Forge and sell off my Trident (actually, I'm kind of attached to it, but I really need the space). Then I jog to the Railway, talk to the Voodoo Master, and learn all about the Xanxu Construct. I'm happy to get the info, plus, now I can put these Zoingo Coins back on my automatic sell list. From there I run through the Bank (other people had told me enough about them that I'm actually surprised to discover that I've never been to one myself before). From there, through the Post, where I sell my Black Lotus Leaf. Here, I have to apologize. I've now sat down, and made some plans, and have come to the realization that I'll need to be somewhere west of the Inn so that OPUB, Reepicheep, and I can exchange some items in the proper arrangement so that we can all achieve some future goals (well, mostly OPUB, actually). In any case, this means that I shouldn't even have come to Town last turn, so I head back to the Graveyard, and make camp again. Now I wait for OPUB to get her Bow Shaft and come meet me here...

While I nap, I am visited! From Reepicheep, I receive a Golden Lion Tankard and an Oil. From OPUB, I receive two Silver Bone Necklaces, a Golden Lion Tankard, and a Waxed Ooze. Hey, a few days later, here's OPUB again! This time she offers up a Dragon Flagon, a Bow String, and a Crimson Chalice. I hope the favor I'm about to do her is worth it. I triple dip the graveyard once again, netting a Damaged Iron Knife, a Damaged Silver Knife, and a Silver Knife. Then, back to town. Sell, sell, sell, and, oh, yes, I cast a spell to repair this Damaged Iron Gauntlets I found, and learn a new blurb: Iron Gauntlets. Yes, on turn 310 I now know about Iron Gauntlets. I promptly sell 'em, of course, and while I stay at the Inn the Innkeeper helpfully tells me about Dragons. Convenient, as that it the whole reason that I'm here.

Sell, sell, sell. Oh, yes, buy a Bird Trap, can't forget that. I do pop by the bank, and deposit a thousand Oculars. Probably a good idea, as by the time I leave the area I'm back up to 900+ on hand. I pass through my home away from home, that Ancient Graveyard, and collect an Iron Greaves and a Silver-Tipped Spear, and move on. I meet one new-to-me creature, a Vine Snake, but it dies easy. I also meet up with OPUB again, and transfer over a Black Ball, the Kongo Bow, the Black Arrowhead, and a suit of Banded Iron Armor. That makes us pretty even on the trades. I'd intended to pass Reepicheep a suit of Silver-Plated Armor, but it seems to have been glitched out of existence some turns ago. Sorry, Reepi.

_This_ is not a good day. I have a healthy agenda ahead: two trips into a Large Quarry, one into a Stone Crypt, and three into an Ancient Graveyard. However, I wildly confuse myself, and miss all three, ending up camped, strangely enough, on a Tower Ruins. At least I'll have something to do in the morning. I do meet and beat a Spladder Moth, so the turn is not a total loss. Close, though.

Well, since I'm camped at the Tower... in I go. Lots of things die, and I walk out plus one Lime Elixir, and carting a suit of Banded Iron Armor. Kind of annoying- I just carted one around for twenty turns so I could give it to OPUB, and two turns after I give it away, I find another. What do I do with this one, now? Anyway, I jog into the Tower again, but my health isn't _quite_ up to it. Heading for the bridge, I run over OPUB again, so I stop and throw her a Jade Snake Ring that I have no use for. I pay some trolls off, and here I am back in the wetern Z again! I head south, back towards the Temple, and cross paths with a sadly misguided Furrcat who goes by the name of Shelob. Unfortunately, she follows Fuvah, so I feel obligated to hit her with a Lightning Bolt. My Health being low, though, I break things off at that point. Sorry to blast and run, Shelob.

I transfer a Wooden Dragon Statue to OPUB as I wander, and she promises to be middleman in a trade for me. With all I'm about to do for her, she'd better. A quick run through a Loggerhead Camp kills three Loggerheads, and, look, suddenly I'm carrying way too much junk again! Sigh. I kill four or five creatures as I go, but, really, I'm in an in-between stage right now as I tromp back to the Temple.

Binge and purge, binge and purge. I spend my travel time throwing things away as I walk, and then end my turn next to a Koma Den, where I travel in twice, and accumulate more stuff to be thrown away. Fortunately(?), I only get minimal treasure out of the Koma Den, so next turn I won't have any new stuff to rid.

Dead snakes, dead snakes. A Silver-Tipped Spear and four Zoingo Silver Coins come up first, folowed by Damaged Iron Gauntlets, 33 Zoingo Copper Cions, and one lone Rattler Dart. Well, it's cash. Things get rough after that, and I kill a Mad Stalker and then run from, in quick succession, a Rumble Beast, a Nitrohen, a Log Hog, a Rollypod, and a Grizzly Hedgehog. What a time to finally run out of health! In any case, I'm finally home again. I spend several hours rooting Temple Treasures out of my pack, and loading them into the Temple Treasure Room. This place is _much_ fuller now. One quick kowtow later, and I have health again! I love being a Temple Guardian.

Next up: Back into the westlands.

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