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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Geysers and Mine Shafts

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Okay, I've collected what I needed from those other monsters. Now back into the west for a few turns.

Okay, hopefully this will be cool. Step one: kill that annoying Plodder I've been teleporting and towing all over creation. I can't even remember how long ago I captured it anymore. Okay, maybe I'll just let it run away instead. Step two: throw away some stuff (note I throw it away instead of storing it in the Temple!). Step three: teleport! From my new location, I head south (killing a Catamoose and a Reptron Bird as I go). Finally, I get to a square with both Reptron Birds and a Pond, and cast my Ensnare Creatures spell for the first time ever. Lo and behold, it doesn't work! Did I miscast it? Does Shroud frown on my efforts? I simply don't know. In any case, that pretty much kills the rest of my turn, and I soon come back to the same square, set up my Bird Trap, and make camp. I guess I'll do this the very slow way...

My dreams are fruitful as always, and I see the first of the wave of "adoptees" has become teleport-capable. Congratulations, oh monster who'll remain unidentified (you know who you are). Anyway, first thing in the morning, I pull out my Iron Stein, my Dragon Flagon, and I make some Reptron Salve. The combination gets me six of them, which I'm happy with. Since it's not enough to do what I want, though, I wander off for a day. Sightseeing along, I come across a King Ock Mushroom Grove, and decide to explore. What's in here today? A Water Gremlin, two Green Slimes, a Preying Cockroach, a Fuzzy Ock, a Fungus Beast, and a Spore Flower. Ouch! These critters combine for a total health loss of 277 points! And what treasure do I get for my 150 APs and 277 Health? Four Yellow Baubles and a Ivory Iron Shield. Whee. I make my way back to my campsite, stopping to kill a Black Pack Rowt and a Reptron Bird. I set up my Bird Trap again, and tomorrow, I hope, I can hit that Geyser. Thank Shroud for the Heal Self spell...

I seem to have captured another Reptron Bird. Okay, so I make more Reptron Salve. I cast a quick Heal Self, and I'm 185 points healthier. Just in case, I make a couple White Lotus Elixirs as well. Then, a quick trip to a nearby geyser. I pull out my Dragon Flagon, coat myself in Reptron Salve, and in I go. This place is big! There are things living in here, though. As I go, I kill a Grabber Bush, two Feeder Crabs, a Roof Spider, and a Lost Soul. I do find treasure as well- a Sacrificial Blade. There's also someone down here- a ViperKahn. He seems disappointed that I don't come prepared to kill a Dragon, but such was never my intent. I'm here in the spirit of exploration. The ViperKahn lets me pass, and in a chamber beyond, I meet, at long last, a Dragon. This is merely a shadow of a Dragon, a thing made of mist and flame, but still, it is enough. Its breath leaves me in severe pain (126 damage) and I flee back to the upper worlds. I'm singed, but better armed in my pursuit of knowledge. I return to my campsite of the last several nights, and curl up for the night, happy.

I brew up a quick nine more Salves (I _am_ getting good at this), and turn and head for home. On the way, I make a quick stop at that Fungus Forest, but my limited luck last time is more than I have today. Two Snapping Turtles combine to drop my health waaaay low, and I decide to flee everything for the rest of the day. One quick teleportation, and I'm home again! One quick kowtow and I'm healthy again! I jog a few squares south, nudge the sleeping Reepicheep, and hand him the Dragon Flagon and two Bloodmite Eyes. I'm done with them, so good luck to him...

Okay, tons o' health, right? 300+, thanks to my Temple, so I decide to visit some Mine Trolls. Wait, what's this? Due to the Snapping Turtles last turn, my health dropped too low, and my riskiness is at minimal. Sigh. I don't go into the Mine Shaft (twice), return to the Temple, kowtow for a small amount of health, return to the Mine Shaft, and don't go in again. To make the experience complete, OPUB isn't where she's supposed to be, and I also don't transfer her three Reptron Slaves. Joy.

I hop back to the Mine Shaft, and dig a Shield for OPUB out of a group cache, and transfer it her way. I also get rid of my Sacrificial Blade by giving it to a local who is looking for a cheap way to get to level 5 with Pointed weapons. These things done, in I go. Hey, it's a Rock Troll! 49 points of damage later (and 64 to me), he's dead! That was easy. I collect a whole lot of weapons and armor I neither want nor need, and head out. Well, that was anticlimactic, so let's try it again. This Rock Troll dies too, taking 35 while doing 47 to me. I'm already carrying exact copies of all his equipment, so I leave it all behind. I jog over to the Temple, kowtow my way to full health, and jog back. Let's go in again! This Troll is tougher, and doesn't die after one round of fighting. In fact, I do 118 to him, he does 98 to me, and as we part ways he's still hale and hearty. I'll be back to visit again! The good news it that I finally learn level 6 skill with Whip weapons, though, leaving me Bashing, Missile, and Pointed still to go.

Step one: equip my Skull Mace. Step two: move to where OPUB is camped. Steps three through eleven: transfer Reptron Salves, one at a time, to OPUB. That doesn't really leave me a whole lot of remaining steps, so I dodge once into the Mine Shaft, seriously wounding a Rock Troll, and retreat to the Temple for the night.

I rid some stuff, and spend a little time cleaning out the Temple of its trash. Then, back to the Mine Shaft, where I kill one Rock Troll and maim another.

Time for some serious trolling. Trip one: I do 117 to him, he does 98 to me, and I flee. Trip two: a different troll. I do 60 to him, he does 27 to me, and he dies. This is moderately painful, so I jog back to my temple, kowtow for Health, and jog back. Trip three: I do 111 to him, he does 108 to me (this one's a toughie!) and I flee. Trip four, and its the same guy from trip three. I do a mere 79 to him, he does 101 to me (ouch!). The good news is, he's dead. I collect PigIron Mail and PigIron Greaves, and depart. I also note that my Monsters Battled history now lists me at over 302 fights.

While I sleep, I hear that one of my friends in the area has cleared out the Mine Shaft. I poke my nose in anyway out of curiousity, and its true! I kill four creatures, find 2 Silver Beads and 3 Zoingo Coins, and do a little work of digging out the now collapsed rubble. I also stop and make 5 White Lotus Elixir, which I transfer to the poorly concealed OPUB. Then, back to the Temple again, slowly, where I kowtow for Health, and then back, slowly again, to the Mine Shaft, where I set up camp.

I _know_ there are more Mine Trolls hidden in here, so I make four trips into the Mine Shaft, trying to find my way though. My treasure is, respectively, two Silver Beads and a Gold Nugget, two Silver Beads and 12 Zoingo Silver Coins, five Copper Ingots and two Silver Beads, and then a Gold Nugget and 16 Zoingo Copper Coins. I am accumulating the small stuff. I make my way slowly through the Temple area again, stopping to take some stuff out of the Temple. From there, I head for the local Tower Ruins, where I try to go in, but discover I failed to save enough APs. Then I do my nightly rid of a lot of things, include some I didn't want to rid. Sigh. A quick Rebuild effort shows 3106 APs to go...

Okay, let's check out the dungeon of this Tower. Right off the bat I meet up with a Shotgun Serpent. I smash him flat quick, and am rewarded with the discovery that I'm now level 6 with Bashing Weapons! That leaves just Pointed and Missile. Anyway, I quickly tear through the rubble, finding 12 Purple Lotus Leaves, one Lime Elixir, and a Wooden Fuvah Statue as treasure. That was fun! Again, again! Okay, much the same result, save this this time I find fifteen Purple Lotus Leaves, one Lime Elixir, and a Mining Pick. Digging tools- how convenient... I mosey back through the Temple, unloading many items (and clearing out some of the junk), and then head back to the Mine Shaft. I go in for my sixth trip since it was cleared, and find seven Copper Ingots and four Silver Beads (choosing to use my Mining Pick instead of my Rock Hammer for the effort). Where are those annoying Rock Trolls?

Two more Mine Shaft trips gets me two Silver Beads and then two Gold Nuggets and five Silver Beads, but still no Rock Trolls. Back to the Temple, kowtow for Health, clean out some deritus, and then back to the Tower. This feels familiar. Treasure this time is a Reptron Slave and a Wooden Kabuki Statue. I try it again, and get another Reptron Slave and a Crimson Chalice. Okay, this is fun, but its really getting me nowhere.

It may be getting me nowhere, but as long as I'm here... Once more in gets me seven Turgid Toadstools and a Shingle Poison, but I'm chased out before I get any further. One good scare, and now I'm a coward for the rest of the turn. I pop back in at the Temple, have my health fully restored, and move on. Good news at the Mine Shaft- the Rock Trolls are back! Of course, even though I'm at full health I'm still too nervous from my earlier misadventure, so I just sneak in, take a peek, and run away. The even better news is that one of my compatriots _just_ found what we were looking for here, so we're done with the Mine Shaft for the time being.

Next up: Great Caves, which should lead to... Towers.

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