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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Darker Places

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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I've wasted time on Knolltir, and concluded my kowtowing. Time to move on.

Okay, I whip myself up five more Bow Strings, giving me a nice round total of ten. This Teleportation is nice. Pop, and I'm off again to another Temple. I make myself five White Lotus Elixirs, and then run by a Cocopalm. Convenient. So, I stop and make five more White Lotus Elixir. That pretty much concludes my day, and I stop in for the night at the Blushing Lady. Nobody here, but that's not exactly a surprise. The Innkeeper does give me some hepful hints about Mushroom Groves, though.

After quickly selling what I can, I zip by one more Cocopalm, and whip up one more set of five White Lotus Elixirs. Why was I doing this? Well, I think its time to finally complete a Collapsed Vault. I light up a Torchlight, and in I go. There's a Boggler at the door, but he's no match for me. I'm in! I'll cut straight to the interesting stuff, bypassing the 6 Ghouls, 3 Ghasts, and 1 WuJu Zombie that I kill as I go. Eventually, as I have all the appropriate items, I make it through to once again face a Screaming Spirit. Just as the first time, so many days ago, the Spirit humbles me, and I beg Shroud for aid. This time, however, I have Shroud's favor, and he protects me long enough for me to run the Spirit through. I can move on! This last room seems to be a Prison Chamber, and it holds a Skeletal Jossman. Being the solid citizen that I am, I free the Jossman (okay, maybe the fact that I knew a Blessing would be coming as a result had something to do with it.) I've finished the Vault. Here's the tally: 145 AP, 12 Spell Points (4 Torchlights), and a total Health loss of 162, minus the quaffing of one White Lotus Elixir (21) and some healing from the Skeletal Jossman (56). Oh, yes, besides the one White Lotus Elixir I used, one of my Swinging Balls was broken into parts (I got a Black Ball back) and I used up my Ancient Silver Spike (yes, it is gone). The treasure for all this? Eight Red Baubles, a Damaged Green Iron Gauntlets, and a Wicked Scimitar. And the blessing, of course. I think I was better off before. Oh, well, now I've finally finished it! I move one square away, and set up camp in the shade of a Kongo Mongo Tree. There's an Ancient Graveyard here, and I have time to spare, so I jog in three times. Treasure here? Respectively, a Wicked Scimitar, zip, and zip. Of course, I just spent a godawful amount of time and energy to get that other Wicked Scimitar, and since I now already have one, I leave the one in the Ancient Graveyard behind. Swell. How can I top this off? Some time during the day, the gods noticed that I was up to about 2500 oculars, and took 500 of them away. Bastards.

Okay, so I've got no interest in Yasmin, but my close friend OPUB does. So, I find myself high up on a Kongo Limb, trying to make a Kongo Bow for her. There seems to be something she didn't tell me, though- it's more difficult than I thought. I'll have to think about this. Back on the ground, I meet another new-to-me creature, a Needle Worm, but it dies easy and I have a new type of dart. Okay, here's the King Ock Mushroom Grove I heard about at the Inn a couple days back. Out comes my shovel and, I think, for the first time in my 296 turns on the island, I dig a hole. Hey, there's a whole world of fungus down there! I'm goin' in! It's pretty, but it sure doesn't smell good. Let's look around- Water Gremlins, Spore Flowers, and Fuzzy Ocks. Interesting creatures. The middle one of those is moderately nasty, but the other two are easy. I lose 151 Health between them all, but I use four of my White Lotus Elixir, and I'm fine. Treasure to be found is four Slink Baubles and four Quartzlight Gems. Of course, I already had four Gems, so I end up leaving those behind. 150 APs used. It's an interesting place, but I don't think Shroud cares about these things, so neither will I...

Well, I'm still here, so let's go in just once more. Fungus Beast, Carrion Crawler, Fuzzy Ock, Water Gremlin, Constrictor Snake. I think, if I run across more Groves as I go, I'll stop in and explore for the simple reason that there seems to be potentially a lot of creatures to find down here that I've yet to see. Treasure is a Red Iron Shield and 4 White Baubles, which is not exceptional. I have places to go, though. I head back towards the nearest temple, and pop in at a Tainted Hollow as I travel. It pretty much goes as I expect- between the two places I finish off my stash of White Lotus Elixirs, so I don't _quite_ finish out the Tainted Hollow. Still, I had some laughs, and killed some trees. I also meet up with some Gnitgnats, and, for the first time in about 250 turns, they choose to follow me! Cool! I get to the Temple, gather my spell points, and teleport. It's actually a little amusing, as I teleport myself, my captured-but-as-of-yet-untrained Plodder, _and_ the Gnitgnat Swarm to the next Temple. I'm getting good at this! The rest of the turn turns out to be a wash, as someone has come though since I was last here and removed the stuff I wanted. Sigh.

I throw a Red Iron Shield in the Temple Treasure room, and teleport myself and my 'posse' again. I make a quick run through a nearby loggerhead camp (I stop and fight four Loggerheads, and kill three out of four. I've gotten better at this since last I came through!), and then make my way to a nearby inn. Nobody here at the Blazing Arrowhead. The Innkeepers are amazed at my encounter with the Skeletal Jossman, and offer me a free room upgrade. Of course, I did pay for the most expensive room already, but I appreciate the thought. They also give me a hint as to how to make that Kongo Bow I was working on, but I'll keep that one to myself, thank you very much. Then, before I can stop them, they head out and kill off my Gnitgnats. Sigh. I would have paid for a second room for them...

Sell, sell, sell. My health is at 100%, my oculars are up much too high again as well, but what can I do? I won't be hitting a Post or Bank for another ten turns, and there are no Banks out here. This is an "in-between" turn- I pop back to the Inn, and teleport to yet another temple. From there I move a few more squares away.

Okay, a few quick steps and I'm at a Far Forge. I exchange a few secretive nods with the Forger, and he tells me, and sells me the secrets on how to make the Kongo Bow. Only a quick trip away lies a Kongo Mongo Tree, and up I climb. Lo and behold, I have a Kongo Bow. Step one is done. A few more hours travel, and I'm back at the Temple. Tomorrow, its back to the Zargnoth.

Well, I've made arrangements to meet someone at the Z Temple, so this turn promises to be dull. Pop, I'm back in the Z! I arrange to Guard the Temple while I'm here, but nobody is nearby. I kowtow for 1 whole AP and Shroud rewards me with 62 Health. Nice! This has to be a function of being the Temple's Guardian, I assume. I do a quick run by an Ancient Graveyard, just for something to do, and find two pieces of Damaged Iron Armor, and one Damaged Silver. Then its back to the Temple where I restate my intentions to guard it, and curl up inside for a nap while I wait for my trading partner to arrive...

Hey, they're here! They transferred me two pieces of PigIron while I slept! I make an attempt to transfer them a Shadow sword in return (I know, I know, I'm rooking myself, but the Shadow Sword was basically found treasure, so what the hey), but they don't have room to carry it. What was I thinking, asking a Monger to plan ahead? I go ahead and guard the Temple again, but the only monster around is my acquaintance. What to do now? I know- let's attack him! (Yes, he did know this was coming- we're sparring, not fighting to the death.) We look at each other menacingly. This Monger is equipped with a Blade of Doom, a Hand Catapult, a Dragonhide Shield, a suit of Chaser-Plate Armor, a King's Spiked Helmet, King's Spiked Gloves, Green Iron Greaves, a Silver Bone Necklace, and a Silver Charm. He wears a Jagwere haversuit. He displays the following totem symbols: Tusker, Gator, and Terapus. Battle ensues...
I decide on battle magic and recite a spell! My Anti-Spell spell fails! Carbunkle decides on battle magic and casts a spell! I note that my foe looks prepared. Anticipating the target's movement, I fire two rocks at him and hit him in his large waist. [1 Hit reduces his Health by 2.] With a nasty grin, he launches two rocks toward me and hits my shapely stomach. [1 Hit reduces my Health by 2.] With a bewitching grin, I utter a spell! But my spell is negated by my foe's defensive spell! Carbunkle decides on battle magic and casts a spell! Deep shadows surround me! I can barely see (but when you're fighting a Monger, is this really a bad thing?). Quicker than the blink of an eye, I clash with my opponent. My foe's Blade of Doom is coated with Black Lotus Tar. I let out a Battle Cry, "The Dark Takes You!" He lets out a Battle Cry, "Fear Fuvah's fury!" I pitifully slice my Great Dark Sword into his enormous belly. [1 Hit reduces his Health by 2.] Holding his reliable (and mysterious) Blade of Doom, Carbunkle gashes me with powerful blows to my right arm and belly. [4 Hits reduces my Health by 88.] My eyesight returns to normal. The Monger seeks to escape from my Great Dark Sword, but he receives a blow to his right calf and chest. [4 Hits reduces his Health by 80.] Carbunkle swipes my right calf and right thigh with his Blade. [4 Hits reduces my Health by 66.] I've had enough and take my leave. I escape!
Well, if not for the spells, I'd have held up pretty darn well. I do wonder what a "Blade of Doom" is, though. I kowtow before I leave, and Shroud rewards me with 181 health. Nice. I kill a couple more creatures as I travel, and then set up camp miles away from Carby, wondering what we should do about finishing our trade now.

Boom. One less Chasuck on this island. I meander by a convenient spot and cache some Xanxu Snakeheads and Xanxu Leg Joints that I'm going to want later. From there I head north. This is an odd looking Lotus Bush- it's black! I've never seen one of those before. More than that, it's ripe. I collect one Black Lotus Leaf, but, unfortunately, this is the last day of its cycle and it won't be ripe for 104 more days. So. I just miss making my Black Arrow Shaft. I move on, offing a Jagwere, and run across a Viper named Mirg Repaer. Let's see, as I _just_ realized a few days ago that a Love Dance in the next sixteen days could lead to pregnancy, I decide this is a good day for Dancing. I've always had a thing for Vipers anyway- the father of my only child was a Viper (Sparrowhawk). I leave Mirg sleeing soundly (and happily) afterwards, and set up camp not too far away...

Okay, so it looks like I'll have to go back after all. I set up a couple of transfers for a group member I plan on meeting, unequip my Gold Ring, and move out (if anybody of evil intent is actually reading this, it _will_ be reequipped again within the week, and I'm usually a couple turns behind on getting these written down anyway). I kill a Nitrohen, a Gorging Sucker, a Tusker, and a Tri-Tailed Lemming (something very new to me). However, I seem to be in something of a daze after last turn's exertions, and I get very confused as to where I am. I try to Loot 'N' Vandalize a few things that aren't there, and eventually set up camp being not exactly sure where I am. Sigh- I'll have to use all of next turn just to move to where I was supposed to be, a whole one square away...

Well, I have a little time to kill, so I pop in at a Large Cave, and collect a shiny pair of Silver Gauntlets (which I'll be throwing away very shortly). From there, I jog past a couple of White Lotus Bushes, one of which is ripe, and collect a couple leaves. Then, back to a nearby Koma Den, and, wait- it's Carbunkle again. Look's like it's time for a rematch!
With hands outstretched, I invoke a spell! My Anti-Spell spell fails! Carby,with utter calm, recites a spell! With a keen eye, I shoot two rocks at him and hit him in the stomach (it seems to be the biggest target) [1 Hit reduces his Health by 2.]. With steady purpose, I conjure a spell! A Lightning Bolt strikes my foe! [23 damage inflicted.] With arms raised in the air, he mutters a spell! Deep shadows surround me again! Once more, I can barely see. As the air seemed to get very still, I initiate hand-to-hand combat. My foe's Blade of Doom is coated with Black Lotus Tar. I let out a Battle Cry, "The Dark Takes You!" He lets out a Battle Cry, "Fear Fuvah's fury!" I hurry forward, my Great Dark Sword slicing his left knee. [1 Hit reduces his Health by 2.] Using his Blade of Doom, he stabs my stomach and right calf. [4 Hits reduces my Health by 88.] My eyesight returns to normal. I move forward, angrily slicing Carby's right calf and left knee. [4 Hits reduces his Health by 68.] I make an attempt to parry his Blade of Doom, but I get hit in the left thigh and right thigh. [4 Hits reduces my Health by 65.] Carbunkle has had enough and flees battle. He escapes!
Well, that was entertaining. If I want to resist this Anti-Spell, it looks like I need a few more temples under my belt. In any case, I find the monster I was really looking for as well, Raven Nevermore, and trade him an Ingot of PigIron and a Great Silver Axe for his spare suit of Silver-Plated Armor (he gifted me with an Ancient Silver Spike earlier, so this pretty much evens us out). Then, into the Koma Den, where I garner a Silver-Studded Club, seven Zoingo Copper Coins, and two Rattler Darts. The rest of the turn passes quickly, with a quick Love Dance with both monsters I just met, and a little bit of spell casting, as I'm rather curious what rests in Carbunkle's inventory...

Well, both those guys are still here, so I do a couple more Love Dances (that's five in four turns, after not doing any in the last 150+ turns- ain't that the way it goes). Twice more into the Koma Den gets me a set of Iron Greaves and eight Zoingo Copper Coins, followed by a Silver Amulet, a Golden Ocular Coin, and a Jade Snake Ring. I throw away some of last turn's treasures, and head out. Twice into a Small Quarry gets me just one Iron Dagger total, and as I set up camp, my Quest for Knowledge teaches me about the Grasping Scourge! Finally, a new DC 5 non-Edged, non-Pole, weapon! A small milestone for me- turn 306, and I just killed enough creatures to have passed my 1000th kill. Yes, I know, I'm very slow, but I used at least half my turns exploring unknown territory. I have battled 285 monsters, though, how 'bout you?

Next up: Back into the eastlands.

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