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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Temple Travels

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Hey, I finally got that Zarnoth temple sanctification finished, so now I'm continuing my Temple travels...

Okay, first things first. I whip up five White Lotus Elixirs, using my Iron Stein instead of my Voodoo Cauldron. Then I jog off a square and back, running past a Cocopalm to get some more Oil. From there, I move to the edge of a nearby Pond, stopping only to make five more White Lotus Elixirs, before I heave my three Rock Mushrooms into the Pond and jump in after! While the Rockadiles chase the 'shrooms, I make my way down to the Grotto, and start exploring. Things start to die- a Common Cave Roach, a Stink Roach, a Blood Roach, a Three-Horned Roach, a Spitting Roach, a Sabre-Toothed Roach, a Preying Cockroach, a Walking Dead, and a Giant Rockadile. After I hit the Spitting Roach, my health reaches that magic number, and I start drinking my stash of White Lotus Elixirs. Oddly enough, my Iron Stein seems to be glowing while I drink them... Treasure to be found? Four Quartzlight Gems and a Wooden Dragon Statue. What fun! Maybe I should try it again. This time, the Roaches seem to be scared of me! Of course, the walking dead aren't scared of me. So, I start killing them- a Skeleton, a Walking Dead, a Skeletal Warrior, a Death Warrior, and a Death Knight. I hope that was the last one, because after I kill it, my health is lowered to minimal. Fortunately, there's no other creatures (save the Rockadile at the exit), and I slip away unchallenged. Treasure this time around- a Bronze Scimitar and Damaged Black Iron Gauntlets. I did see a half-million other bits of Black Armor, but wisely chose to pass those ones by (well, okay, I did pick up a couple Black Iron Helms). Net health change on the turn? Minus nineteen. However, I used up twenty White Lotus Leaves, but killed seventeen creatures, learned twelve blurbs, and gained thirty monsterliness. Not bad for one turn.

I wander past yet another Koma Den, and kill five snakes out of this one (it was at 25 when I started, so its ripe for the picking). Treasure is a Silver Amulet, three Kwando Guilder Coins, and eight Silver-Tipped Darts. Then, its back to the Temple, where I kowtow for spells. Eighty-one APs later (yes, I learned my lesson), I have more spells! Ensnare Creature, Heavy Armor, Produce Food, Purify Water, Produce Water. Five spells? I'll take that. I try to teleport again, but seemed to have miscounted my APs, and stay where I am. A Quest for Knowledge allows me to figure out how to remember stuff about creatures. I go ahead and make camp in the Temple, awaiting a communique from one of my fellow Shroudies.

I pop off to a different Temple, and kowtow for some more spells. Well, okay, one spell: Flee Fast. Not my style, I'm afraid. I put some stuff into the Temple for future young Shroudies to find, and attempt to remove something someone else should have left for me. Of course, instead of looking in the Temple, where he said he left it, I look for a cache, and can't find one. Sigh. In any case, I hike south, and, finally, discover my first completed Fort. It belongs to someone else's group (Tusker, Gator, Terapus), but its no group I can identify from memory, and so not worth my trouble. I make camp outside, and plan on looking into the inside in the morning.

I remember making some plans the night before- I was going to Loot and Vandalize the Fort, I was going to equip some armor, I was going to go back to the Temple, get the piece of equipment left for me, teleport to another Temple, kowtow for spells, and the teleport to a third Temple. However, next thing I know its the following night and I can't remember anything that happened! I didn't battle any monsters, for whatever that meant, and I didn't pick up any junk. Does this mean that I didn't get into the Fort? Or is it just that there was nothing worthwhile there? My armor is equipped, and I have in my possession that Ancient Silver Spike (yippee!). I've learned just one new spell (Repair Large Silver Item) and I'm still sitting at the middle Temple. Why did my last teleport fail? I'll just have to try this all again in the morning, I fear.

First things first- I kowtow for a few APs, and discover that there's nothing of interest in this Temple. Surprise, surpise- I am just a tad west. Okay, time to teleport. Wait, nothing's happening! Turns out that my destination Temple doesn't exist. Well, it does, but it is a trifle unusual. Only three people have been there- Tak Thalfar, Shadow Cat, and Caylix Deathbringer. I guess it take much greater magic than I have, though. I spend the rest of the turn running in circles, of course, as I had planned on being elsewhere...

Well, first thing is back to the Temple, of course. These western temples are very dull- not much in the way of high-risk dark places out here, and not much in the Temples either. Teleport, and kowtow, and I learn Heal Self and Ice Storm. Teleport and kowtow again, and I learn Anti-Magic. There's also Mudge Wax in here (and not much else), so I can make myself another Swinging Ball now. I try to jog off to a nearby Far Inn for rest and recuperation, but this Teleportation seems to have confused my brain, and I eventually realize that the far Inn I was looking for is near a different temple. And so it goes...

Back to the Temple go I. I collect a Mudge Wax, and all the Bow Strings they have to spare. I also collect a Kudo Bone from the Outer Room, and move it to the Inner Room. Shroud seems muchly appreciative... Another teleport, and I find myself a loooong ways away. 154 Spell and Action Points puts me at the northwesternmost Shroud temple, that built by Shroud's Own waaaay back when, and one I've always meant to visit. I kowtow for spells, and I'm told Shroud has no more spells to teach me! My temple circuit is done! I conclude the day by wandering to a nearby hillock, and discovering, much to my surprise, that it is occupied. I kill two Knolltir, and consider killing more later.

Knolltir, hmmm? Okay, I can't resist. I'm like a kid with a candy jar. I wander on in and start killing Knolltir. As they start dropping, I do notice something interesting. I currently have 2318 Oculars. When I kill Knolltir, I'm leaving behind their Oculars, as I've got too many already! Fortunately, this isn't about money. I kill three, and then make a quick jog to the Temple, where I get rid of some unwanted stuff, and collect some Umber Grass and (of all things) a Shadow Sword! Any Fuvies out there reading this want to trade with me? Back to the Hillock, and I kill four more Knolltir.

Let's see, where was I? Oh, yes. Eight more Knolltir go down easy. Growing bored, I stop and finally turn some of my loose junk into a Waxed Ooze, which I then combine with some other junk to make a Swinging Ball. That nicely clears up three slots, allowing me to pick up any treasures I might find should I finish this Hillock. Back in again, and three more Knolltir die. That makes a nice even twenty so far. One more turn should do it, and even if not, I still think I'm done here.

Scratch nine more Knolltir, for a total of 29. The Hillock's not cleared out yet, but I've put in enough time here. I content myself with the thought that some young Shroudie will have an easy time of it in the near future. I step back to the Temple, grab some loose Zoingo Copper Coins, and teleport again. I find myself at a small Temple in the middle of nowhere, with no appreciable treasure, with the one positive factor being that there's a Phylo Vine very close. I take one step away, and make myself a Bow String. In the morning, I'll make several more, and then I'll be off again.

Next up: Even darker places.

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