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Bad Company General Report

Bad Company General Report Two Point Seven

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Ok, let's get straight into it. In the last parse for inactivity by KJC we managed to reactivate at least 10 inactive Brothers, which brings our number up to about 20 or 25 active. However, we are running incredibly thin on the ground regarding actual players, as KJC have just made another parse of the Group and come up with about 10 additional inactive Brothers. These are;

Hawkwind (#3300), Silvarn Drak (#9772), Finnlay O'Toole (#7461), Willy McToodle (#6804), Katrina Klaws (#6715), Tarrasque (!) (#7862), Wysdumb (#6138), Hafnor (#9874), Bosworth (#3397) and Screaming Mad Morris (#3177). Although Morris has already been taken.

Most of this inactivity was expected, although there were a couple of surprises. I didn't expect Mark Phillipson and Paul Dixon to become inactive! Hopefully they're not, and will continue play, but in the event that you are interested in any of these Brothers, drop me a line and let me know! Though you must be prepared to play them full-time! What KJC will do is ask all the players involved if they want to continue. If they don't reply by 23.12.98 then they'll be put on my account so I can look at their stats and give them to other players.

First come, first served - but I'll reserve the 3 Teleporters for players who haven't yet got Teleport. If you don't want to play these Brothers, the offer will be made to all other players via MIAB, so get 'em while you can! Bear in mind that Tarrasque, Hafnor and Bosworth are all Teleporters, and at least 3 of these Brothers are Guardians.


The most important thing we can do right now, to ensure our survival in the future, is try to get new players into the Group. I imagine that the inactive Brothers who can Teleport will be taken immediately, but that still leaves another 6 Brothers to activate, some of whom are very close to getting Teleport. I might take one or two myself (though not if other Brothers want them), but the remainder should go to new players. Try your level best to find some new players!


There is a rumour that an SSS member has made it to Priest! I reckon this is unlikely, but not impossible. If so, it might just be in name only, but you never know. If you want to make a start on this road then get the Teleport Spell first. Talismans are easy to obtain with this. Then work with us at Fort I (or elsewhere) to collect the necessary Talismans. But don't forget we might also need the kills!


Ponds are definitely in the game, as is one other new structure - which is almost certainly an update of an existing structure. You need an Item to get inside a Pond (to the Grotto), and this Item previously never had a use. I don't think it's a Sunka Death Mask, a Kudo Bone or a Purpumpkin, though I can't be sure. I'll try to check!


This Fort is the best place we have found so far on The Island. Within easy reach are a couple of Koma Dens, a Tomb, a Great Cave, several Ponds, a Tainted Hollow, at least 5 (probably empty) Loggerhead Camps, a Sunken Graveyard, Waterholes, Tower Ruins, a Darksider Temple (for kills), a Crypt (still empty?), Plodders and a Tomb of Mumundus. Ribald's Arms is only 21 turns away, and it's the best place on The Island to increase Creatures Killed - this Inn has an Ancient Graveyard just a couple of squares away.

BC Temple V is 12 squares due East of Fort I, which means a potential Priest can make the return trip in exactly 3 Turns. If you are being supplied (with Talismans) by other Brothers working from Fort I then it doesn't take much time at all to Bestow 17 Talismans. There are many other advantages to be gained from this Fort. It's a long way North, and out of the way of most Monsters, if you like the quiet life. But in 6 months you'll have significant protection if you're based here, with up to 10 Brothers operating in the area at any given time.


I need to know how some Brothers are getting on, so can Chris Thomas, Mark Phillipson and Paul Dixon contact me as soon as possible (if you are still active)! If you are a new player, such as Sarah Phillips or Anthony Austin, then welcome to the Group, and feel free to ask for any Reports you need. Other help can be arranged if you are having trouble, so whatever help you need, get in touch. All Brothers should send in their maps!


The Fuvite situation in Zargnoth is under control, but 'Siders are another matter. The Light were supposed to be going for Site Z, but I haven't heard from them in some time. And The Dark should at this moment be considering a possible deal which would mean they obtain Teleport in 8 months to a year. But it's too early to tell what they will decide to do yet. If they go for a deal then we may have a problem with getting any kills required to become Priest. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We can always take out independent Monsters.


Although Bad Company are still looking very strong, we're going to have a serious problem in the future unless we get more players involved. If you make the effort to communicate with other Monsters, they usually show an interest! But if we don't get the number of active players we need, what will happen is that Bad Company will essentially evolve to be the vehicle for a handful of players, who run virtually all of the active Brothers.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a very different thing! It is impossible for the nucleus of our Group to be destroyed, therefore we will always continue, and we will always continue to be highly effective as a Group. But the reasons why it is necessary to actually lead such a Group are limited. Twenty players need leading, but if the number of players is very small in relation to the number of active Brothers, then communication and discussion becomes both easy and efficient. Things become very simple in terms of organisation.

Let me know as soon as possible what you want your role in Bad Company to be. And let me know if you want to be responsible for making decisions, and if so on what level. You might for example, decide that you want to make decisions, but only concern yourself with what's going on within the Group (or even concerning a single Brother), as opposed to say deciding Group policy towards other Groups. Or you might be content to let other Brothers make all the decisions. Whatever you think, be sure to let me know!

Once I know this I can work out the best way to run the Group in the future. It might be that we wind up with three players making all Group decisions with equal weight? Or it might be that we have some kind of senate with a voting system? Who knows? That's why it's important you tell me what you want to do.

I expect that virtually all Brothers will obtain Teleport, maximise SPs, then operate from Fort 1. This is probably the best idea as it means remaining players will become more involved with other players, being in the immediate vicinity for long periods of time. Though remember that Fort I is not a good place to be if you haven't got Teleport!

If you still need Teleport then head towards The Jolly Ogre or The Blazing Arrowhead, having touched The Crystal Hills to become eligible to get Y 3 at any Eastern Far Inn. Once your Yell is maximised (300+) then you should be able to cross into Zargnoth with 500 Ocs, and get Teleport in 4 Turns. If you have at least 250 APs and 75 SPs after leaving Temple X then I can give you a route between Fuvite Temples which will see you with maximum SPs in 10 Turns! Note you can leave Zargnoth with only 56 SPs, though this isn't advisable on account of a longer route.

Contact Titus Groan at;

Richard Vine, ******************************************************.

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