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e-Monster Issue Thirty

Editor: Scott Micheel

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              m     m
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        ee    m m m m    oo    nnn     sss    t      ee    rrrr
       e  e   m  m  m   o  o   n  n   s      tttt   e  e   r
       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r    News 11-25-94
       e      m     m   o  o   n  n      s    t     e      r
        ee    m     m    oo    n  n   sss      tt    ee    r         #30
Headlines this time:    News from ABM

Editor's Note:  Nope, you didn't miss an issue; I took October off.  Even
so, two month's of material here doesn't make a big issue.  Let's see some
chatter here!  Have you got an article you'd like to see published?  A
question you need answered?  Just something you like to bring to our
attention?  Send it in!  When you read the news in a few moments, you'll
see that there should shortly be actual new stuff to talk about...

Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month.  Send all
submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription information to
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Online, Prodigy, or any other service tied into the net.  Press run: 156.
To avoid problems with my mailer, I send this out in batches; for a full
listing of players on the net, send a note to Scott (below).  eMonster News
is not affiliated with Adventures By Mail in any way, and nothing in here is
necessarily official.  We like to think they like us, though.  Please copy,
post, print, or otherwise distribute this newsletter to as many players as you
can; especially if they have email access.  We want to promote this here game!

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 ACTUAL NEWS and a few really good rumors too...

From: <MI liason OnLine America>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 07:06:34 -0500
Subject: ABM Keith Speaks

The Latest From ABM:

Subj:  Re:Morgan's Boycott and other NEWS!!        94-11-09 23:14:47 EST

Hi all.. ABMKeith reporting in again.
Looks like we are going to have to hold a raffle to see who gets
Morgan's old monsters. Nah. Maybe I'll just drop their health and leave them
in a voodoo cauldron in the middle of a Disciples of Light camp. <G> 
.... on a lighter note, congrats to all republicans on the recent overturn in
the house and senate. <G>
.... lost e-mail turns. Yes. Sadly I made some errors a week ago and lost
some turns.  Because I wasn't sure who I had lost at the time, I had hoped I'd
hear from them by now. Some I have. Thanks for being patient with me.
I do not read mail once a week; e-mail is downloaded daily and I personally
input the turns. Turns *do not* sit around waiting to be done.
..... on a special note to my pal Herb. Herb..on your last two faxed turns
you omitted a monster# on one of your faxes. Luckily I was able to
cross-reference it with the one you did give me, allowing me to come up with
the missing number. Needless to have one monster with it's own
identity crisis now. <G>
.....special thanks to Slip Jeem..or D-wayne <SMILE> as I call him around the
office. Your calls have cheered me up and kept me going through the tough
times. It's been a heck of a ride hasn't it! <THUMBS up>. all who have patiently waited for reprogramming and new game
implementations. I hope to bring you good news soon about things being fixed
and new things being added. Keep your eyes open!
..... to those new islanders who's setups I haven't gotten to yet. My
apologies. I will be attending to them this coming week. thanks again for
hanging in with me!
..... Tainted Hollow's, Stone Crypts and Tombs of Mumundus.
No, the Crypts and Tombs of M haven't been implemented as of yet. Tainted
Hollow's have been. A lot of talk about people not being able to get into one
isn't true. Players haven't been able to *get through* one totally...but some
HAVE been able to enter. Maybe you need something special? hmm....
..... Disciple, temple sacrifice, priest blurbs...etc... these are ALL time
constrainted blurbs, meaning you get them only after accomplishing some task
or praying/kowtowing for the proper amount of action points. I cannot tell
you how many nor when these goals should or will be acheived. It's all a part
of the learning experience. <G>
.... to a gentleman out there who may know who he is? I'm still trying to get
that Swine Fat dropped off into the temple you asked for...but the program
won't cooperate. Should be under grips soon. I promise.
..... to all Monster Islanders who hate Magic: The Gathering. Though Magic is
booming, I still spend my day with MI almost exclusively. THE Quest game: 
other my with day the of rest. If anyone out there would ever like to try
Quest: World of Kharne, or would just like info sent, please don't be afraid
to ask. I'll be glad to forward it out to you. To those that might like to
try it, but are afraid to become involved with a new gamemaster...Don't
worry! I run Quest as well. You get 2 for the price of 2. seriously, I'm
hoping to begin game #5 soon. If anyone would like to, or knows a friend (or
enemy for that matter) please let me know. I don't mind sharing you all
between games. <LAUGH>
........ I guess that's about all for now. I'll try to pop on [to AOL] now
and again to update you all one new releases in the game and with ABM in
general as I find out about them. Please feel free to post here or call me at
ABM to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks for spending
some time here in this forum with me and I hope you enjoyed reading this as
much as I did writing it. If the feedback is positive..we'll keep on doing
it. Take care and good gaming,

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 19:13:14 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Jack calls it quits!

I recently sent a mail to keith asking about the situation at ABM.
I got a response from Mike instead.  In response to message I asked if
Jack was going to go back to programming MI, and if not would they
consider hiring someone to do for them.  This is the response I got!!!!

>Subject: Re: Thanks
> Actually, we are in the process of sub-contracting the programming out 
> to a 3rd party. So there is an end to that long dark tunnel.
> - Mike

I am not saying that I request brought this about, I don't I just wanted
to let everyone know. 

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 10:08:11 -0500
Subject: Re: question &

I was talking to Keith yesterday about the game newsletter, and he mentioned
that the next one (under the new editor) hadn't been delivered to him yet.

By the way, Keith says that Monster Island is now officially GM'd by him
rather than by Jack. Also, he said that ABM is flying in a programmer who
works on the British MI version to work on the ABM/US game.


 YOUR BRAIN FAILS YOU but all is not lost...

Date: Thu, 03 Nov 94 11:13:00 +0100
Subject: eMonster

      I thought I might contribute something to eMonster, and I've had
a good idea (well, I think so :-).  I thought it might be good to analyse
*failed* Q orders to see if we can narrow down all the possible
combinations and finally discover what to do with Swine Fat or Waxed

 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


 There are so many possible combinations of items/terrains/events that no
 monster can hope to cover them all in his/her never ending quest to get
 rid of Waxed Ooze.  If you have to carry that Purpumkin another five
 miles, then you're going to try and eat it out of frustration! (You can't
 by the way, I've tried it!)

 There is a solution.  A failed Quest for Knowledge can still be useful.
 If you've been carrying Waxed Ooze and a Black Cave Spore for several
 turns, and all your Q orders have been duds in different terrains, then
 the chances are that combination of items doesn't make anything.  Which
 means there is one less combination for the next monster to try.  Why, if
 we pool our results, we might even find out something useful before we're
 all banging our heads against the Crystal Hills in frustration . . .

 So, here is my suggestion.  You send me details of your failed (and new
 successes, if this system has helped you get there) Q orders, and I
 compile them into a table, and publish the results in eMonster.

 Details, details.  I can't cover everything.  I am only going to look for
 combinations of two items, which don't have a known use, and which the
 blurb doesn't suggest a use for.  Here is a list of all the items I am
 going to look at:

  65     Bow String
  87     Black Cave Spore
 105     Waxed Ooze
 109     Turgid Toadstool
 118     Purpumkin
 150     Stemtoad Gland
 157     Belly Baub
 158     Xanxu Cave Spider Leg Joint
 160     Xanxu Snakehead
 161     Cave-Pecker Feather
 171     Fully Hogtail
 176     Pus Pouch
 187     Swine Fat
 189     Crobbler Skin
 194     Stag Eyes
 180     Tusker Tusks
 149     Thermadon Rex Wings

 Whenever you get a failed Q order (and feel free to look through your
 previous orders!), then I need to know all the following info:

 1.   The Action Points used in the order.
 2.   The number of each of the above items you were carrying.
 3.   The Terrain.
 4.   Any significant Plants and Structures in the square.
 5.   Whether you were carrying: Squzskins, Jute Rope, Spare Rope or
      Spider Springs (these items all have multiple uses - I am assuming
      you ARE carrying a Knife?)

 I know its a lot, so here's a shorthand way of listing it:-

 Say you did a Quest for 30 points, you were carrying a Bow String, 3 Waxed
 Ooze and a Purpumpkin, in Sticks with a Jute Vine and Far Post in the
 square. You were also carrying a Jute Rope, Spare Rope, Squzskins and
 Spider Springs. You could send me a line like this:

 Q30. #65, 3#105, #118. Sticks + Jute Vine + Far Post. JR, SR, SQ, SS.

 (I will probably store all the entries this way.)

 Send all your stuff to  I look forward to hearing
 from you, and to publishing my first table of combinations.



Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 13:57:07 -0400
To: Scott Micheel <WARDEN@RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: pbm.archive/monster.island/minews

In your last issue, when telling people how to FTP the old Monster Island
Newsletters on internet, you forgot the "set binary" in the ftp instructions.

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 13:29:23 EST
Subject: MI

Hello, Scott!  Here are a few bits and pieces for the eMonster:

To exhume a corpse in order to make a Zombie, you don't need a digging 
implement -- your claws are sufficient ("You uncover a poorly buried corpse and
apply the Zombie Juice").  Of course, using clam shells or shovels might make a
superior Zombie -- I don't know.

When used against a Creature with an appropriate vulnerability, weapon's damage
class seems to increase by a factor of 1.5.  Rauph's primary weapon is a Long 
Sword (DC 4), and he switches to a DC 3 Silver-studded Club whenever fighting a
Creature vulnerable to bashing.  Kats A. Nova's primary weapon is a Trident 
(DC 5), and he never switches to a DC 3 weapon.  Once Kats acquires a non-Pole 
DC 4 weapon, I'll test this more thoroughly.

Any particular monster's weapon damage seems to be fairly constant most of the
time, but occasionally you do much better, as the following quote shows:

** BATTLE: RAUPH vs. a Wolfcur ** [missile phase] You swiftly change weapons 
and use your Silver-studded Club... [3 hits reduces its Health by 49.]... [5 
hits reduces your Health by 21.] Using your Silver-studded Club, you slammed
Wolfcur's left side. [1 hit reduces its Health by 31.]... dead.

Even with effective damage class of 4.5, thirty-one damage in one blow is a 
lot, especially considering relatively low damage in the preceding round.

For those young monsters who are afraid to sell their accumulated junk, there 
is still no known use for: 
belly baub, black cave spores, black lotus leaf, cave-pecker feather, crobbler
skin, fluffy hogtail, purpumpkin, pus pouch, rock mushroom, somanda dust, 
sourpuss ear, stemtoad gland, swine fat, thermadon rex wing, turgid toadstool, 
tusker tusk, waxed ooze, xanxu leg joint, xanxu snakehead, xanxu webbed feet.

*****Scott says:  I just learned that Tusker Tusks can be used to Enhance
     a Fort (four sets mounted on the walls to discourage climbers...)

Some of the above items can not be sold, at least yet, while a few (e.g. black
lotus leaf) are so incredibly valuable that you should probably hang onto them 
rather than sell them.

Article: 14418 of
Subject: MI: need map info
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 14:52:12 GMT

Hi, I would like any map info for the Southern Westlands near Survey post #
97.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Article: 14426 of
From: (CasbahCarl)
Subject: Re: MI: need map info
Date: 11 Oct 1994 22:36:02 -0400

Hi, it's possible someone may be able to help you with mapping that far
west, but my guess is that your best bet is to simple head due east until
you cross a trail (if you haven't already) and then follow it until you
get to a far post. People are much more likely to be able to help you with
mapping if you can give them the name of a far post to which you're

All my monsters are in the north/central regions, so unfortunately this
paltry bit of advice is the only help I can provide.

From: Mel Krehbiel <MEL@IMAGE.COM>
Date:  Thu, 13 Oct 94 10:38:22 
Subject:  Re: MI/news

One of my group members, Kevin Geller, has apparently been trying to get
Emonster, but without success.  If you could add him to the list of people
you are sending to (or verify his email address), I would appreciate it.

     Kevin Geller:

Note he had a previous address at (or something like that) that 
is now invalid.

*****Scott says:  I've been trying to get to this guy for months now.  For
     some reason anything I send doesn't find him (he has no trouble
     reaching *me*).  I've tries the address you give, and others... the
     latest try is bodedo!! which
     might reach him...  Ask him if he got this newsletter; if not, I'll
     try another variant...

Large portions of this last Emonster looked like it might have been 
a dump from AOL (either edited or not, I have no way of knowing).  In any 
case, it was long on gripe, and short on patience.  So, here is my own 
two oculars on the various subjects:

Things I'd like to see:

1) Understanding and patience on all sides.  Shit happens, y'know?

2) Constructive criticism, rather than just griping.  If you don't know why
something happened (why you got hung up on, why 'the fix is in the mail' never
arrived), find out why; if it can recur, suggest ways to prevent it.

More specifically,
3) An ABM customer service FAQ:
     Who do we talk to about problems with turns?
     Why can't I talk with Jack (or "the GM" or whoever) directly?
     When can I expect my turn to be corrected?
          (and What do I do when it hasn't been corrected?)
     When will the bug that caused my problem be corrected? - or -
          Where is this bug in the "bugs to be fixed" queue?
     ... and (even if only for in-house at ABM) how is the problem
     handled/tracked, even if the fix is done while the customer is on the

4) Jack Insulation. He's a programmer. If he has to handle player calls, rerun
turns, or the like, he's not extending/correcting the MI (or other) program.
Jack's comments (reported in Emonster) say he falls farther and farther behind.
If this is so, shouldn't ABM be looking for ways to take some of that off his
plate?  (... a) so he get back to programming, and b) so he is allowed time off
to sleep (... perchance to dream). :) )

5) Given the number of people setting their MI positions aside, perhaps a list
should be made of those who'd like to be notified when the (anticipated) new
region is opened up.  If they've stopped playing all their positions, a MI J.
or BMT isn't going to get to them....

My apologies if I am proposing yolk-extracting techniques to octogenerians;
these are things I think useful, yet have not seen.

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 11:36:03 -0400
Subject: Re: HELLO.. is anybody out there????

I just discovered from one of my monsters who has an automatic Glean Cache
order set that he can glean the caches of other groups.  I mentioned it to
someone and he thought it was similar to hidey-holes in that members of a
race, say vipers, can detect other vipers in hidey-holes.

Conversely, vipers can glean the cache established by other vipers,
regardless of group affiliation.

Any confirmation?

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 94 14:39:47 MDT
Subject: Re: HELLO.. is anybody out there????

I do know that sometimes one can find caches of other groups, and I assume
if you find one you can glean it.  I don't know what determines if you find
the cache (race, randomness, ???).  I had always assumed it was random but
there may very well be some deterministic control.

Subject: MI: help needed
Date:   Thu, 27 Oct 1994 21:28:01 +0100

I have two problems where I could need some help with:

1. I'm a registered user of the MMapper but in Germany we haven't
   got the recenter utility for the MMapper. Could you name me
   someone from whom I could get this file?

2. I'm currently playing near the Twisted Tablor Inn (I think)
   and I'm looking for a Tuvian plant for making a shovel.
   Could you give me a hint where to look for one?

From: Jim Wuerch <>
Date: 02 Nov 94 13:33:53 EST
Subject: MI: help needed (fwd)

(This is in response to people in Germany needing RECENTER.EXE or any other
MMAPPER tools)

In the MI Files area on my BBS (317-962-2437) there is a file called
RECENTER.ZIP.  This has the program RECENTER.EXE that contains the program
requested.  If you could find someone, and UUENCODE it, and send it, then that
would help greatly.  (My Internet access is very limited, and not cheap)

*****Scott says:  I'm hoping some kind soul will do this for our friend, as
     I'm using severly ancient non-IBM equipment and would have a heck of
     a time with file formats...

Article: 14542 of
From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re: MI:How do that Voodoo?
Date: 20 Oct 1994 12:21:19 -0600

Quoting Chuck Miro <CASBAHCARL@AOL.COM> quoting Michael Poidinger

>> For my money voodoo is vastly overrated. Some voodoo is useful,
>> healing, curing and building strength, but who would really
>> use an elixer that scared away thermadons or gnit gnats?  
>Mike, you're right. I'd say that there's only three useful voodoo
>concoctions--White Lotus Elixir, Purple Lotus Elixir and Brawn Elixir. The
>rest basically useless or downright silly. I think GnitgnotOff falls into
>both the useless and silly categories.

    I generally agree with you and in fact I don't even think PLE is much
use.  On the other hand, one you didn't list was Scatamunga horn which
apparently is reasonably effective at scaring off creatures.  Has anyone
tried this at any serious Dark Places and if so what were the results? I
spend at this point ALL my oculars on White Lotus Leaves, I've bought up
to 44 at a time (440 oculars worth).

Article: 14586 of
From: (T.J. Sharrock)
Subject: Re: MI:How do that Voodoo?
Date: 27 Oct 1994 10:01:20 GMT

Reptron Salve is also useful, but not worth going too far out of your way

From: Dana Wright <>
Date: 01 Nov 94 21:05:10 EST
Subject: mi:?

Has anyone ever tried the LB <LEVERAGE boulder> order and if so what
Can you use it at a graveyard?

*****Scott says:  Mostly, the LB doesn't do anything.  A very few monsters
     have found treasure! underneath (I seem to recall some Dmg Silver
     somethings being mentioned...)  There is an old rumor that you can
     fill a Deep Pit by leveraging a boulder into it, but it's never been
     proven...  I've never tried it anywhere there wasn't a boulder...

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 19:41:58 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Turn Report

I got a three turns back this week for my two monsters.  I will
start of with the mild news, my second monster (a norman) set forth
rebuilding a temple ruin for fuvah.  He finished clearing away debris and
then using his expert mansonry skills started laying the foundation.  The
interesting thing is that my mount did not aid me this turn.  Last turn my
turn specificly said "your mount assists you".  This turn it did not say
that and I did not get the extra points.  Was my mount just stubborn this
turn and refused to do any work??

My other monster entered a GREAT cave.  He set his fear spell on to scare
away any bortolotumus that might come his way.  He entered the cave and was
immediately meet by a six-headed adder.  He made quick work of the
poor devil, slicing and dicing it into snake steaks (+4 food).  Next a
Xanxu cave spider crossed my path 2 swings and 33 points later I collected
2 leg joints.  I then slaughtered a great trap snake (more snake steaks),
and a Xanxu cave snake.  I then found the pond in the cave and preceded to
walk out on the rock path.  I was meet by a Xanxu wart toad, I cast my
Fear spell and it ran (hopped) away.  Once on the Island I found an
unreadable scroll and an Iron Stein, before I was ran off by four shifting
wraiths.  I wandered my way back out of the cave fighting a sneaky cave
leaper on the way.

Question, can you use an Iron Stein in place of a Voodoo Cauldron??

I had sent in two turns, so my monster entered the Great cave again.  He
went through 2 torch light spells before finding a decrepit zoingo box
containing 7 zoingo silver, and 8 zoingo copper coins (more temple treasure)
He then slaughered a couple of cave peckers and a squeezy snake, before
coming apon a pond.  I then found a Bortolatomus, I cast a Fear spell,
expecting it to run away.  It looked scared but did not leave.  So I
sliced and diced it for 77 points, while taking 40.  I then collected 17
food and waddled to the island.  I fought a wart toad (fear spell had no
effect this turn) I did 70 and it did 22 doa.  I then searched the island
and manged to find King's spiked legg'n before I was ran off the island. 

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 1994 17:13:31 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Fuvah temples

Hi everyone,  

        I have had a couple of requests for Fuvah temple locations.  Here
is a list that I have.  This is from the Fireriders mapps, but are in my
groups mapping system. I have marked temple that my monster have personally
been to with an (*).  

Grackle, Grouse, and Grail(0E,0N)
Black Swan(94E,1N)
1  (38,61) *
2  (114,45)
3  (68,43) *
4  (51,8) *
5  (25,-9) *
6  (100,-18) *
7  (70,-30) *
8  (59,-67)
9  (30,-69)
10  (97,-79)
11 (-12,-84)
12 (39,-125)
13 (-29,-167)
14 (-8,-181)
15 (29,-184)
16 (89,-206)

There is also another Fuvite temple under construction in the Northern
Starth; I hope to be able to give coordinates in a couple of weeks.

From: Ron Blanco <RRBLANCO@MTU.EDU>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 02:00:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: chit chat?

I've been using a Light Armor Spell, rather than an Armor Spell...

Does anyone else think that the extra cost in Spell Points doesn't
warrant using the extra (minor) increase in protection? If not, then
explain...  :-)

For those of you, who have Enchant Weapon (20 spell points) and Fireball
(10 spell points)... you find Fireball better, since it smacks the
creature before it nears you...  ...OR isn't the bonus on the weapon more
than twice the value (comparing spell points used)...???

Does Enchant Weapon or Fireball get used on more creatures, than the other?

What kind of damage does Fireball do?

For comparison, I'll try and use Fireball on my next Loggerhead Camp... :-)

Chau fer now, Storm'n Norm'n...

*****Scott says:  I too use the Light Armor spell rather than the Armor.
     I use Lightning and Sleep (because it's cheep) for offense, depending
     soley on how many spell points I've got at the time...

Article: 15065 of
From: WCK93001@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU (W. C. Kida)
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 1994 20:07:55 GMT
Subject: MI: Small Caves

Hi. One of my monsters found a Small Cave, and he's going to explore it
next turn. What will happen if he explores it twice in a row? Let's say
he successfully explores the cave on the first try, will he find anything
new on the second exploration? What kind of monster(s) will he meet?
Here is my monster's stats:
90 Health
69 Muscle
Carved Club
Hand Catapult
Leather Armor
Squzskin Helmet
Squzskin Gauntlets
Crab Buckler
What are his chances against the creature(s) he might encounter?

Article: 15079 of
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 1994 14:39:30
Subject: Re: MI: Small Caves

Small Caves only yield treasure once in a while. Trying again within at 
least a couple of turns is going to fail. The list of what creatures you 
can meet is really too long to put here. (I can't remember all.)

Any creatures you encounter is not likely to be of any serious threat to 
you, really.

Article: 15084 of
From: (CasbahCarl)
Date: 21 Nov 1994 16:20:20 -0500
Subject: Re: MI: Small Caves

Yeah, in my experience the treasure [from Small Caves] is pretty disappointing.
Mostly just Belly Baubs, if I remember right. Large Caves are definitely
better, or Hillocks for that matter. Boost your wrestling stats and tackle a
Tomb of Mumi.

Article: 15089 of
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 08:10:06
Subject: Re: MI: Small Caves

Good ideas, but doing Hillocks before qualifying for a Spiked Club is a 
waste of time. And Belly Baubs do not qualify as treasure, they are Creature 
parts. And you can sometimes get very nice treasure. I got my Iron Shield 
from a Small Cave in the western Gwardion.

*****Scott says:  I think caves are the only place you can find Blood Mites,
     who's eyes are a requirement for the Reptron Salve voodoo.  (I know
     they can be found in Large Caves too, though...)

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