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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Movin' Westwards

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having tired of the folly that is Sunken Graveyards, it's now time to move on...

Rise and shine. Another day, another Inn. Hopefully, this'll be my last stay in a Zargnoth Inn for quite some time to come. I jog downstairs, and, hey, it's Nez Percey! It's a fellow Fire Rider! We pull up some Squeezy Sofas, and sit by the fire for a couple hours while he catches me up on gossip. Boy, it's hard to keep in touch out here. You know, if only Nez would give up on Fuvah and come follow Shroud, he'd be one heck of a guy... In any case, I unload some more stuff (don't want to be heading out into the wilderness overloaded) and stop by the Forge and pick up a slightly better Shield. I pop in at the Exotica on my way through, and learn that the Jossmen who work there _still_ don't know how to run a decent business. How is it that these guys have so many Oculars that they're willing to just give them away? Anyway, west. I shadow the trail, but there's not much of interest. I kill a Giant Tree Squid, and run across a variety of plant life, but overall, an average day on the island. I set up camp in a lovely collection of Yellow Lotus Shrub, and await the next morning.

Skizlum had the following note delivered to her today by one of the Zargnoth Jossmen (cleverly disguised as the AbM Bulletin Board):

To Skizlum:
From: The Jossmen Trade Union
Date: 1999-01-05 15:01:07
The Jossman Trade Union would like to extend its sincere thanks to Skizlum Skallaglam for alerting us to the unacceptable trading practices of the Exotica Jossmen. After careful and lengthy investigation, we have determined that the consumption of wine far exceeded the sale of this commodity, thereby rendering sales staff unfit for duty. The Exotica staff have been sent to the Betty Fatblob Detox Center in the southern Zargnoth and future personnel will adhere to the Jossmen's strict payment policy. Thank You.

Skizlum wishes to thank the Jossmen for their perspicacity in taking care of this ongoing problem, and commend them for the excellence of their work. For those unaware, for quite some time there had been a glitch in the Far Exotica, whereby when selling something to a Far Exotica you would get the Oculars you were owed, but you would also end up keeping the items you attempted to sell them. I kept waiting for the Far Exotica to go broke due to these very odd business habits...

In any case, back to my travels. I pack and move west, parallelling the path but not on it. Nothing of interest to be found here, so I spend my time throwing things into the air and marvelling as they fail to come back down. Bye bye, Bloated Onions. Bye bye, Coconuts. Bye bye, Damaged Iron Knife. Thusly passing the time, I quickly come to the Road Bridge. Slipping the Trolls some cash, I cross over and make camp, back on the west side of the river for the first time in better than two years.

Upsy daisy... My days travels north starts with a quick encounter- one of them light-loving White Tigers. One quick wrestle, and its a White Tigerskin Rug. I can't believe I thought these things were tough. A couple more creatures die at my hands- a Rogue Swine and a Stark Sourpuss. I do pass something in my travels- a Tower Ruin. I've heard some interesting rumors about these things in recent days, so I make plans to stop back by next time around.

I jog back around, and pop in at the Tower Ruins I noticed last time. Rebuilding the Tower a bit, I discover the rumored wooden doors under some rubble. Hmm, maybe a torch would be a good idea here. It's fascinating down here- obviously a ruined work room of some sort. I'll leave a lot of the flavor here for those interested to find out on their own, but let me just say that when the gods designed this, they did an excellent job. In any case, after wandering through several chambers, I've killed a Shotgun Serpent, a Tentaculus, a Three-Horned Roach (it died after 58 lost Health, doing 11 to me), and a Spectre (it died after taking 56 damage, doing in return to me 20 damage and a lost point of Muscle to boot, though I have the strong impression that my Silver Bone Necklace protected me from further lost Health). I've gained a Purple Lotus Elixir (and I suspect I would have learned how to make Purple Lotus Elixir if I didn't already know this), seven White Lotus Leaves, and a Dragon Flagon. I think I spent 85 APs and 3 Torchlights. The last thing I notice on the way out is the Gargoyle engraved on the floor. Hmmm... In any case, I continue on, purging the island of an annoying Stark Sourpuss. And, of course, I make camp right next to another of those annoying Sunken Graveyards. Hmm, I also notice a Pond nearby. I'll have to look into that too.

Just to get it out of my backpack, I quickly drink the Purple Lotus Elixir I found in those Ruins. Of course, it doesn't do anything as I'm not ill, but at least it's gone. Up to the Pond go I, where I bathe quickly, but it seems that nothing lives in this particular Pond, much to my disappointment. Okay, back to the Sunken Graveyard. Tiptoeing in, I quickly kill a Dart Owl and a Carrion Crow. Then, it's a Shifting Wraith, of course. This one is tougher than the others- he does significant damage to me, and I end up fleeing. No treasure- no surprise. So I move on back to the Ruins, and set up camp nearby. Just before settling in for the night, I cruise back in and uncover the hidden doors again. I look in for a moment, but, considering my health, decide to make a few White Lotus Elixirs and try it again in the morning...

I pop back into the Ruins, and open up the door. A Shotgun Serpent dies at my hand quickly, but the Tentaculus gives me more trouble this time, and I end up fleeing. The only treasure I find is five Purple Lotus Leaves, but I didn't make it into the back room. I also note that someone used a Spark Sprig to boobytrap the lock I picked. Only 8 health loss, so I commend their deviousness though not their effectiveness. Leaving the Ruins, I wander back to the Sunken Graveyard, where I plan on setting up camp for the night. On the way, I run across perhaps the island most dread creature- a Feral Gator. He dies at my hands easily, of course, but once again I'm armorless for a couple turns 'til I kill a couple Gators. Fortunately there are some on my way. I'll be exceedingly grateful when we finally get this Temple sanctified and I can wear my Mantle of the Dark.

In the middle of the night, I'm disturbed by something strange sniffing around my campsite. Grabbing my Trident, I get up and chase it away into the Sunken Graveyard. It disappears into a deep hole and I shadow it down- there's a Collapsed Vault down here! Since it's the middle of the night, I decide this is a matter that's better left 'til dawn, and go back to bed. In the morning, though, it slips my mind 'til I've already travelled too far to turn back. I think I'll come back this way in three or four turns. Lots of stuff out in this area- I kill several unimportant creatures, and run across a Tainted Hollow as well, which goes on my list of things to do in the near future. I think I'm in a good section of the island. In any case, before I set up camp I do several Detects, and find two nearby Gators and, holy of holys, a Cocopalm. What's the point of carrying around 160+ White Lotus Leaves if I can never find any Oil? Ah, the problems inherent in being rich.

I make myself a couple White Lotus Elixirs to get my health back up, then jog and grab some Oil. I decide to start purging items as I go, and amuse myself throwing stuff into the air and watching it not come back down. Several creatures die as I go, none likely of interest to anyone. I do grab some Rock Mushrooms I find lying about, and make camp by the side of a nearby Pond. Having heard rumors, I try looking about for a dark place, or for something to loot 'n' vandalize, but nothing seems to be here.

Hey, there's another Monster here! One of those nasty lightsiders, and a Fatblob to boot. He lives up to his goody two-shoes image, though, and passes me a couple Gator Hides and a Great Dark Sword. Looking the guy over, I can tell he's pretty poor, so I transfer him a lot of trade goods he can unload in town for moolah. Seems a fair trade to me. A quick bath leads to a quick surprise (Rockadiles!), and I discover the dark place I'd heard rumored. Well, in three turns or so I'll be back, so I guess I'll check it out then. For now, it's back south for a couple turns. I swing back by the Rock Mushrooms, and collect a few more for when I come back. I head back for the Jute Vine I detected a few turns back, and make myself a bright new suit of Gator Armor. It's good to be dressed. I make some more White Lotus Elixir, collect some more Oil, kill several more creatures, and make camp for the night. All in all, a very productive day...

Time to check out that Collapsed Vault, and some other things...

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