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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Early explorations in the Zargnoth

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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I just learned how to cross into the Zargnoth, and now...

I'm there! Painful landing, and the subsequent fight with the Thermadon Rex I almost landed on didn't help. Luckily I stocked up on White Lotus Leaves before I came over. One quirk I noticed- my travels this turn before riding the Balloon (8 squares worth) were not shown on a map for me, and subsequently screwed up the mapping on my next eight squares worth of movement. This bug may or may not have been fixed by now, but you should be aware it exists and notify AbM if it's still showing up.

My first turn of travels in the Zargnoth, and it's dull! Miles of dreary Jungle, and nothing new discovered, but my Detect Creatures spell turns up my first new Creature: a Grabber Bush. Next turn I'll head for it...

Out of the Jungle, and into more varied terrain. I find a new Creature I'd never seen before: a Sand Thug! Wait, I've heard of these before, though... Oh, well, still- I can't find the Grabber Bush, but my Detect Creatures this turn turns up several new Creatures as well.

Finally, truly new Creatures: a Crunchy Frog and a King Emu. Still bleary from the Balloon exit, I flee the Crunchy Frog. The King Emu dies at my paws, however, and I collect three Emu darts (Damage Class 6). I wander into a Koma den as I travel: no new snakes inside, and the treasure is on a par with what I found back west: a Damaged Iron Helm and a Silver Bauble. Something helpful, though: a trail! It runs due north/south, so I pick south, hearing rumors that one of my fellow Fire Riders just landed to the south of me.

On the trail! I pick a couple of fights with new creatures: a Wanna Bee and a White Tiger. The White Tiger seems a little tough, so I leave it alone. The Wanna Bee dies relatively easily: it takes 18 points of damage, doing 9 to me. I also swerve off and pick up a Plodder, and after a little training I'm mounted again! He'll never take the place of my old mount, though, whom I'd had to leave behind when I caught the Balloon...

The trail soon comes to a bend, as hoped, and I'm heading south-east. I pass a Loggerhead Camp, but can't be bothered to play with them. What do I need another Trident for? I want to see what lies ahead... I kill off another King Emu, collecting more darts. The Emu does 27 to me, and dies after taking 62.

The trail turns again, and comes to a junction. I follow it due east, ignoring the branch that comes up from the south-west. A couple more new creatures- the Chitinous Chaser takes 36, doing 40 to me, and I flee. The Mangy Beast I flee from on sight. I'm starting to notice two annoying things: I'm on my sixth turn and I've yet to see either good water or Cocopalms. I've been Detecting Plants to find the Palms, as I'd really like more Oil so I can make White Lotus Elixir.

So I wanted water? How about a River full? Following the trail, I go plowing right up onto a Bridge over the water, and am forced to spend the night there when the Bridge Trolls there won't let me off without paying the toll. I guess I need a nap to think about it...

So of course I pay the Trolls. I don't know if I could have backed off the bridge, but I suspect that once I got on it I was stuck. What this'd mean for anybody who got stuck there without sufficient money I can only guess. In any case, I pay the trolls, paying double because of my mount. As I cross, my mind flicks to rumors about Rafts that are said to be possible here in the Zargnoth. In any case, I didn't see the necessary plants anywhere near the Bridge... So I continue east.

New creatures again: Nitrohens! They die from one blow, doing only 9 to me. I collect a Nitrohen Egg, which seems to be highly explosive. Then on to meet a Chasuck, which takes 52 while dealing out 54. I flee from this one, still being out of White Lotus Elixir. This lack has been fueling my flight east: I want to get to an Inn and regain my health!

The trail continues to the east, and so I follow on. One of those annoying Demon Condors tries to pull me off my course but I cling tight to my trusty Plodder. My Detect Creatures turns up several new ones in the area, but my Detect Above Ground Places is what pays off: Far Structures! A Post and an Inn! Well, and an Ancient Graveyard as well. I set course for the Inn, of course.

What happens there...

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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