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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Crossing the Crystal Hills

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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On October 11th, 1996, Skizlum Skallaglamm (that's me!) became the first American monster to cross the Crystal Hills barrier. How to accomplish this seems a matter of much debate, so we'll start there...

How to cross the barrier...

Approximately 225 squares east of the island's west coast exists a barrier wall of Crystal Hills. These Hills provide an impassable barrier to land travel. At this point in time, there seems to exist only one way across: Ballooning.

The Ballooning blurb can be acquired at Far Inns. Learning this blurb requires that you have at the very least travelled to the Crystal Hill wall and seen the barrier there. It may require that you have camped there as well. After returning to an Inn, you'll need to do at least two stays to learn the blurb. On the first stay, you'll receive some perfunctory information on the Barrier- don't let this discourage you. You should receive more information on the second stay.

Your method of summoning a balloon requires Yelling. If you have, as I have, not bothered doing much yelling (or were yelled out for a long period of time, as was another Monster I know), then your yell may not be strong enough to summon a Balloon. If so, there is an obvious aid: Yellow Lotus Elixir. How many times you need to have yelled to succeed is unknown: 60 yells with an Elixir is known to be insufficient in one case, while 68 yells with an Elixir was sufficient in another.

Note: Word from Keith at AbM is that the strength of your Yell seems to be irrelevant. One Pumped-Up Babe, Skizlum's sister-monster, was unable to cross despite having a stronger Yell than Skizlum. Keith, in order to help OPUB cross, jumped her Monsterliness by a few hundred. She then crossed with no problem. It appears that you need to have a minimum Monsterliness to cross, and that your yell strength may not matter...

Note 2: Or, maybe not. Word comes to me that virtually every monster to cross the Crystal Hills got a +400 Monsterliness boost. If true, this blows that theory out of the water. OPUB got such a boost. Skizlum never did. Any other Monsters that didn't?

Once you're on the Balloon...

The balloon provides a wonderful view, mapping for you much territory you're probably never going to be able to go back to. However, as you've probably heard, the balloons don't land. With the aid of his trusty Loggerhead assistant, the Kwando Aviator who's piloting your balloon will toss you over the side just across the barrier. This is where your parachute would have come in handy. Unfortunately for me, I didn't learn how to make one 'til later. The landing cost me 112 health. Ouch!!!

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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