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Seeking the Secrets of Teleportation

Reepicheep Zargnoth Adventures

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Having finshed my trek to the Zargnoth Town of Dillon, just that quickly it's time to leave...

Yaaaaawwwwn- another bright morning on the island. I sit up in my room at The Slaughtered Plodder, and plan my day. First off, some spell casting. I repair a couple silver weapons I plan to sell, and then pull out my Damaged Iron Gauntlets, planning to repair them. What? These are Damaged Iron Greaves! But I sold my Iron Gauntlets last night! I dash downstairs, but the Jossmen are firm- no refunds. Swell. So, I sell my Iron Greaves, replacing them with the Damaged set, which I quickly repair. Then I sit down with some Squzskins and make some Squzskin Gauntlets. I feel so underdressed. Anyway, I sell the other stuff I repaired, and have a quick Voodoo lesson with a very knowledgeable Jossman Voodoo Instructor. I never imagined a Scatamunga Horn could be so useful. Anyway, up and at 'em! Sal Manila, the leader of the much-respected Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma is here, and I'm grateful that he's willing to share with me some of his information of the lands to the south. I bid the elder a respectful goodbye, and explore the rest of the town. Nothing of interest that hasn't already been reported elsewhere, though I do note that the last monster through the train station (105 days ago) was that most rare of beasts, an honorable Shroudovian, by the name of Skizlum Skallaglamm. I head south into the wilderness, loosely following the train tracks, beginning my quest through the island's center for the Temple of Kabuki that I know to be located there.

Not being exactly sure where the Railway Bridge is located, I decide to follow the tracks due south for today's travels. This might be a mistake, because as it turns out, there's next to nothing near the tracks. Perhaps the track builders chose their route because there was nothing nearby to interfere with their trains? In any case, my day's adventures consist of killing one Thawk, and one Great Trap Snake. However, late at night, I hear long distance from a comrade who is able to tell me exactly where the bridge lies. Thanks to him, next turn I won't have to follow the tracks, and can veer off. Much to my surprise, however, the bridge is still about two and a half days travel off...

Rumor has it that Kabuki will take pity on those who have been seperated from their mounts if only they ask for their mount's return. I so ask, and I recover my Mount! Or so I believe. I watch carefully for the rest of the turn, and notice that he doesn't graze anywhere, and I don't notice any of the usual things about his Health and status. I'm not exactly sure if my mount is really here or if I'm just feeling somewhat delusional. So, I decide to beg the issue and just travel on. I ditch the train tracks, and find a variety of creatures out here- a Chitinous Chaser, two Wolfcurs and a Thawk fall before me, though I decide to battle a Terapus some other day. I find a Kongo-Mongo tree and shinny up it, noting a nearby Shrine of Fuvah. On the way back down, however, I slip and fall painfully to the ground. You know, I wonder if having experienced something like this earlier might have helped me to figure out how to make a Parachute. Not much else to report, so I set up camp for the night.

Another day, another Swamp. Knowing that a perilous crossing lies ahead, I decide to lower my riskiness, vowing to take no damage from creatures. Off I go, and promptly I meet more of the local fauna. My desire for battle takes over, and I kill a Rabid Crestcrawler and a Crocadowder, taking 38 damage in the fights. Sigh. Fortunately, I run into nothing else along the way. Look- there is is! The rumored Railway Bridge (as opposed to the Road Bridge that the Trolls lurk under). I jump up on the Bridge and start across. However, the fear of oncoming trains makes me pause, and I backtrack and set up camp on my side of the Bridge for the night. First thing in the morning, I'll issue my newly learned Cross Railway Bridge order, and we'll find out how painful these trains really are...

O-kay. A quick yell, and ready, steady, go! I sprint on across, and I can hear the train a comin' as I go. Unfortunately, it's a little quicker than I am- does the word 'Ouch' ring a bell? One hundred and thirteen lost Health later, I'm across the Bridge! From there its a piece of cake, though- I wander past the Fuvite Temple, greeting a couple nervous looking Fire Riders politely as I go, and head towards the Kabuki Temple. Barring incident, I should be just two turns away.

A good time for a yawner of a turn. I didn't want to mention it at the time, but as of the end of last turn, I was at a whopping 35 Health. This time about, all I really run across is one lonely Crocadowder, plus a couple of Wind Reed plants. I end the turn with my health at a much more respectable, and comfortable, 115. I'm also right up against the edge of the High Jungle that my goal lies within.

Pulling out my myriad of ropes, it's into the High Jungle I go. I say a fond goodbye to the mount that I now believe I never had in the first place, and head further in and higher up (and if you get that reference, oh followers of Reepicheep's adventures, a sincere tip of my feathered cap to you). Not much to find here in the High Jungle, save one lone Kongo Mongo Tree. After travelling above the treetops without incident for seven squares, I try to climb the Kongo Mongo Tree and suffer a painful fall. And so it goes. Finally, the Temple! I exchange greetings with Beanster and Quiet Paw, both of whom are gathered outside. Beanster's a Disciple of the Light, and Quiet Paw is a Fire Rider, so I'm sitting with members of two of the island's more venerated groups. Finally, I enter, and Kowtow properly to great Kabuki. I'm worthy! Not only have I now completed one part of Kabuki's Quest of Seven, but my deity teaches me two spells: Summon Creature and Temple Teleport. All in all, a very nice day...

Time to head south and back towards town...

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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