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Reepicheep's Zargnoth Adventures

About Reepicheep...

Reepicheep is a proud member of the Northern Knights of Kabuki, a brave attempt to redeclare the island as Kabuki's rightful realm, beginning in the north. Reepicheep intends to seek out wrong-doers (of any religion, though it is a fact of nature that most wrong-doers are Shroudovian) and teach them the error of their ways...

Reepicheep lived a former life, under the rather shameful nom-de-guerre of Burrito Bill. He landed on the island in about July or August of 1990 (as part of a foursome that included Madman Thunderbutt, a now abandoned brother monster), and by mistiming his movement, soon missed by two squares becoming a founding member of the Knights of Sylvester. One turn later he was initiated into that august body, and thus became the first monster on any island to join a group outside the initial ceremony (also, in the process, becoming the only monster on any island to _not_ get a bonus for joining a group, as such was not programmed in until Burrito Bill protested this to the powers that be).

Burrito Bill, after a year or two's activity, fell into a coma from which he was twice awakened prior to his current rebirth. The first was to initiate a friendly monster named One Pumped-Up Babe into the Knights of Sylvester (shamefully, she then killed Burrito Bill and took all his belongings). The circumstances of his second re-awakening are lost in the amnesia of his former lives...

  1. Reepicheep's rebirth.
  2. Into the Zargnoth.
  3. Now where is that Temple?
  4. Ponds and Koma Dens.
  5. Sunken Graveyards
  6. Moving westwards.
  7. Looking for Dragons.
  8. Tower Time.
  9. Helpin' others in need.
These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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