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Bad Company General Report 23

Bad Company General Report Twenty-Three

NB: As far as I am aware this Report was never sent.

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DANGER: Reports suggest that both Void and THoS are engaged in a joint rebuilding operation at (163,-7). There may be as many as 15 Monsters involved!

DANGER: The Dark have access to the BCGns! I don't know how, but I do know that someone has a big gob. We suspect they know of The Holy Crusade.

Very soon all hell is going to break loose. If The Dark don't start something, we will! There are very strong rumours that The Dark are about to stomp something - and it ain't gonna be us. We're going to get them before they get us. But bear the following in mind;

TEMPLES! We need 'em, and we need 'em bad. If we don't manage to rebuild enough Temples we will be crushed by The Dark. Getting as many Temples up as possible is of utmost importance. Make sure you contribute!

1ST PLATOON: Still haven't managed to get their Temple Sanctified. This is sad. Apparently Col Smegley, Cpt Ugolino, Cpt Baddu-Bac, Sgt Konstantin, War Flax and War O'Malley are still around (167,17). War Bowels is excused if he's a Neophyte. Which means Sgt Tarrasque, Sgt Shadowborn, War Malachor and War Mazter are not yet at The Site. If that Site remains Unsanctified when 2nd Platoon get there, 1st Platoon will be regarded as having failed in their Mission. If The Mission fails, any Brother in 1st Platoon not at (167,17) will be held directly responsible!

2ND PLATOON: Have gone on from lagging behind 1st Platoon to achieve much! War Morris located Temple Ruins at (189,-34). Before anyone could get far, Cpt Montin reported a Rebuilt Temple at (194,-10). You heard it. 2nd Platoon managed to Sanctify that with such speed that most Brothers in 1st Platoon might not yet know we've got two Temples! What can I say lads? Awesome technique!

Next stop is (167,17) for most of us. Though some Acolytes will want to become Disciples. ONLY attempt to become a Disciple if you;

1) Have been an Acolyte for 16 Turns.

2) Can find 3 Capturable Creatures near The Temple.

3) Have made sure you're not needed for any Missions.

THE COMPANY: All Brothers should converge on (167,17) and Sanctify. WE MAY STILL HAVE A PROBLEM! If many Acolytes at (194,-10) attempt to become Disciples then (167,17) may remain Unsanctified due to a lack of Brothers. And (194,31) might also not get rebuilt. Hence if you are an Acolyte head to (167,17) IF POSSIBLE. In the event that you DO become a Disciple at (194,-10) then head to (194,31) NOT (167,17) after completing the Disciple Rite. This will save time and you can visit (167,17) on the way back from (194,31).

Assuming I can get 10 Brothers to travel South to The Jolly Ogre on The Holy Crusade then the rest of you can take it easy after we Sanctify (167,17) and (194,31).

THE HOLY CRUSADE: Some Brothers joining The Holy Crusade will be known as Knights. In order to qualify as a Knight you must posses a Shadow Sword and Edged 4. If you don't use a Shadow Sword you have no real advantage over Rival Followers. If you are interested then write to me with a comprehensive BCT. A word of warning. If you die you lose between 20 and 30 off all stats! Brothers can ask to become Knights as from now. The Holy Crusade will be run in Stages. Knights must be involved in all Stages. But you don't have to be a Knight to contribute to The Holy Crusade. All Brothers are welcome. The more the merrier!

THE INITIAL STAGE: All Knights must help Sanctify The Fourth Temple. There may be a short Timeout to get Shadow Swords (if we don't before then).

STAGE TWO: Investigate (163,-7) to see exactly what's going on. With any luck we'll get a direct confrontation with loads of Darksiders - we'll see which Group walks out of there! The object will be to strike The Dark quickly over a couple of Turns. We won't be hanging around to Loot their Temple or Track any survivors. This is only to give The Dark something to think about while we continue rebuilding.

THE REMAINING STAGES aren't described here in the interests of security! Write to me directly for more information. But what I can say here is that The Final Stage will involve a Slugfest - the like of which has never been seen before!


ALL: I'm doing The BCLn again. Send WHOLE Turns to me to get Deeds. [Gnl T Groan]

WARRIOR WYRMBREATH: I still owe you a Scroll and a Slink Bauble - coming your way. [Col Midg]

DISCIPLES: Remember to Seal Temples for as many Spell Points as possible before a Kowtow for Spells as you get all your Spell Points back. [Col Midg]


Both types of LOCKPICK and KING'S SPIKED STUFF. [Gnl T Groan]

CALABASH PIPE - will pay 6 Oculars. [Col Midg]

TUVIAN SHOVEL. [Sgt Konstantin]

SPIKED CLUB & VOODOO CAULDRON - among other things. [War Bob]

LAST WORDS: I know some Brothers at (167,17) are thoroughly annoyed at not being able to Sanctify it - and quite rightly so. But don't give up. Always Make Camp at (167,17) as Brothers are continually trying. If you are not there write to me IMMEDIATELY with your location and the date on which you arrive to avoid getting booted out of Bad Company. Extreme measures? Ask the 6 Brothers waiting at The Site. The first Brothers from 2nd Platoon should arrive at (167,17) around 10.5.94 to Sanctify it if necessary. The Fourth Temple should be up and Sanctified by 10.7.94.

Put MAXIMUM EFFORT into these Holy Missions Brothers. In a few Turns we will have 3 Temples up and Sanctified. Several Turns later we'll have another assuming we get stuck in. We are then able to become ADVANCED DISCIPLES!

Unfortunately my word processor is down until I get it replaced. That means that I can't print maps - though all other lists are fine. Don't forget to keep me updated with ALL Maps/Creature/Plant Lists you have.


THE FUTURE: Whereas Disciples are running around getting Spells from every Temple they visit, the only bonus an Acolyte gets is Health at a Sanctification. I know it doesn't sound like a good deal! I have 2 other Monsters (Hawkwind & Snaggletooth), both Fuvite. They could wait around to become Disciples, but instead they're travelling to The Blazing Arrowhead to help with The Holy Crusade when it moves South. If YOU are an Acolyte, hang in there and help Sanctify (167,17) and (194,31) if possible. If you become a Disciple at (194,31) you can STILL visit (167,17), (194,-10) and the last 2 Temples with The Holy Crusade - you'll have visited 5 Temples (and the first isn't that far from the last). Becoming a Disciple NOW is NOT URGENT. What is IMPERATIVE is that you contribute to (167,17) and (194,31) if you can. Without The Temples, NONE OF US can become Advanced Disciples!!!

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