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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Explorations near Dillon: the hunt for Ruins begins (and then is delayed)...

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having concluded my explorations near Fastor, it's time to head out from Dillon.
My goal: Find those rumored Temple Ruins!

I finish up my Weapon Training at The Slaughtered Plodder- this gives me level 5+ in everything! One Pumped-Up Babe and I do some quick trading of items, and it's back into the wilderness. I find several of the "new" creatures, ranging from easy to painful. Nitrohens and Huffinpuffers are the easy pair, taking/causing 34/10 and 69/16 respectively before they each die. The Mad Stalker, on the other hand, dishes out 95 points in damage to me, dying after I do a mere 165 to it. Seeing as you don't get anything from that particular corpse, it's another for my "to avoid" list, I think. My intent here was to go find a set of Temple Ruins, but I'm going to put that on hold for a half-dozen turns or so. OPUB and I seem to have run across a Loggerhead Camp here in easy-access range of the Inn, and I think we're both going to put some time into emptying it. So, probably no new Zargnoth news for a bit as we concentrate on the task at hand...

Nothing new this time about- a Huffinpuffer dies easily (70 to it, 38 to me) and I collect another Air Sac. The Loggerheads don't go down easy- I go in three times, but I only kill one. However, I do leave two pretty well wounded. I think I'll give it another go next turn and then think about how much I really want to do this. By the by, Loggerheads do seem to be equipped the same as back east. They have the same health as back east, and the same treasure as back east. It seems to support the finding that anything that was in the game before is _exactly_ the same out here- though new stuff may have been added to the island, nothing old was changed.

This time the Loggerheads do go down easy. I scratch two in two tries, plus another of those omnipresent Grabber Bushes. I do a quick jog back to the Inn, where I collect my 93 Oculars for my Tomk necklaces, and settle in to regain some Health. I'll keep trying to explore new territories as I dust Loggerheads- I want more new stuff!

Nothing particularly new in the few new squares I do run through. I meet a couple Huffinpuffers, and get a split. One dies after taking 55 Health, doing 14 to me. The other still lives after taking 67 Health, and doing 50 to me. Maybe the first one was a baby... In any case, I also meet my first Jagwere (though I long since have a Jagwere haversuit from killing another Monster). Look! Level '6' with Pole Weapons. I think my third level '6' is a ways away, as the rest of my weapons are only damage class '4'. I need to find better weapons. My Loggerheads continue to die for me- four trips in kills three Loggerheads. Now if I could just convince myself to stop picking up Crab Bucklers amd Barkbrute Armor. I have this fear I'll clear out the camp and take away nothing cool because I'll have collected too many poor armors...

Just two trips in to my Loggerhead Camp this turn, and just one dead Loggerhead. Let's see, I've killed seven, and OPUB's killed four. With eleven down, I think it may be time to head back to explorations and leave OPUB the task of finishing this off. Nothing really new to report, so I guess it's back to the Inn for another relaxing nap.

Out from the Inn again... I quickly unload the last of my Loggerhead miscellany for still more Oculars, something I rarely if ever have any use for anymore. On my way to new and better explorations, I jog through the Loggerhead Camp three more times, and in the true spirit of destruction, I kill three Loggerheads. I'm beginning to think I need a bigger challenge. Running on along, I don't encounter anything new. Next turn: unexplored territory! I'm going to go find one of those sets of Ruins!!!!

C'mon! Follow me on my hunt for those Ruins!

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