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Monster Island Mapper

Monster Island Mapper

Latest and greatest mapper

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Monster Island Mapper looks very good. The map itself is very well drawn on screen with three levels of zoom available (one using the icons from this site! The icons are pretty (apart from the medium zoom creature). The creatures, locations and plants are stored in xml files making them easy to add to and the images are also stored separately so they can be added to or changed easily too. Learning from past mappers this has or plans to have all the features a serious player could need.

You need to run this application as Administrator and grant Full Access to its Program Files location to Users otherwise it won't be able to write its map file. Also note that you can't edit the map, only import from this web site or a Shadowmapper file.

You need to add these two entries to the config/features.xml file:

  <feature id="53">
    <name>Unusual Graveyard</name>
  <feature id="54">
    <name>Ruined Temple</name>

and add these two images to the images folder:

I've converted the Bad Company Map into a Shadowmapper file available from here (log in to the map required).

Download (945 KB)

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