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     A MODEST PROPOSAL  New things we'd like to see

From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 13:26:17 MST
Subject: Re: New Test (fwd)

To Keith and others interested,
        I have thought of another new item I would like to see added to the 
game which I would think would be pretty easy to add and would be a big help
to my monsters and others as well.  I would like their to be a Spell Control
Level (SCL) which monsters can set (say SCL #) to indicate how liberal they
wish to be about spending spell points.  My Kabuki monster has now hit
8 temples and has 184 spell points and serious spell point regaining every
turn.  Depsite this, he almost never casts spells (his set spells are armor
and fireball) deciding the creatures/monsters are too weak to need the spells.
This is Stupid!  He has the spell points and they are doing him no good.  I
want to be able to set a variable to say that he wants to very liberally
spend spell points(at present i would like to be casting both armor and 
fireball [or at least light armor and fireball] against every single enemy
I fight).  My suggestion is that this SCL would range from say 1-7 with 1
being very liberal and 7 being very conservative.  The present system would
be considered to be around 4.  Here is a outline for what the monster would
do given the SCL setting based on his/her present % of max spell points and
difficulty rating of the opponent.

Note: At all levels, specifically cast spells (light, dig, id or read scoll)
will be executed assuming the monster has enough Spell Points.  This scheme
only applies to combat spells.  Also, theoretically it would be nice to
have 2 levels of offensive and defensive spells (player could set both levels
to be the same or different) for different levels of difficulty opponents.

1 - Offensive and defensive spells will Both be cast in every possible combat
until player is under 25% of max spell points.  At that point spells will
be cast only against difficult opponents(effecitvely player goes to SCL level
4 until he regains enough Spell points).

2 - As above but only until players is under 50% of max spell points.

3 - Until player is under 50% of max spell points, cast spells against
moderate opponents(not just the tough ones as the present system does).  Once
under 50% go back to effective SCL level 4.

4 - Present spellcasting system.  Use combat spells only against difficult

5 - As level 4 until player is under 33% of max spell points.  Then as level 7.

6 - As level 4 until player is under 66% of max spell points.  Then as level 7.

7 - ONLY cast spells specifically called for (light, id and read scroll, dig,
etc...).  Never use spells in combat.

Please let me and/or Keith know if you think this idea is a good one.

Fire Rider Disciples Loki (of Kabuki) and Purobi (of Fuvah)

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 16:05:52 -0600
Subject: Re: New Test (fwd)

I think that spell casting level is a great Idea.  If I am not mistaken 
It was on the list of stuff that I sent to Keith.  I will have to check
on that.  Another thing that I was thinking about making it easier to 
join an existing group.  I think the game is a lot more fun, and works
alot better with about 6-10 descent size groups instead of alot of groups 
running around with only 2 and 3 members, which is happening!  I suggest
that you allow monster to join groups for any group that they have seen
Totem makings for.  Maybe make up some kind of a initiaton at far structures.
This would encourage people to join existing groups, groups which will
have new members to replace the erosion of players leaving.  What is 
happening now is that older groups are starting to deteriate because all
of their members are out east where are the cool stuff is.  The are not
back in the jagged mor recruiting new group members.  So these monsters
are forming their own groups.  There is becoming a large number of groups
including my old group that is mostly or completly inactive.
The most enjoyable thing about the game for me is the player interaction.  
Make it easier for players to interact within a group. 

From: Jake Balfour <JB6@KEENE.EDU>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 12:34:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: New Test (fwd)

Aaron Fuegi:
> I would like their to be a Spell Control Level (SCL) which monsters can 
> set (say SCL #) to indicate how liberal they wish to be about spending 
> spell points.  

Instead of having one set of numbers, you could have two sets.  This 
would be just like the Friendliness/Riskiness settings.  The first set 
would be at what point one throws a spell (1 means cast at everything, 5 
is be cautious, the standard setting) while the second set determines at 
what percentage a Monster stops casting spells at lesser foes.  This set 
could use the same set of numbers as Riskiness or a new set.

While we're on the subject, how about greater control over when we throw 
missiles?  While on the way to a dark place, if my Monster could take out 
something with a rock but prefers to hand to hand instead, then that's 
less health he has left for the encounter.  It's much less of a problem 
now than when I was younger, when an extra combat or two could screw up the 
carefully balanced turn.

    IS EMAILING TURNS WORTH THE TROUBLE?  Use the America OnLine Addresses

From: (Bri)
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 21:59:53 -0400
Subject: e-mail problems and steve info

Subj:  e-mail problems and steve info
Date:  95-04-07 22:24:41 EDT
From:  NormKnight

    Talked to Keith this afternoon about not getting a turn back. He said
that his computer is in the shop since the begining of the week and if you
had sent any turns E-mail other than here, he wouldn't be able to get them
run till the computer is fixed. He also said not to reissue the turns here
because he would be unable to remember who's turns to watch out for.
    Steve: He has finished 25 problems in the program and is said to be
possibly working on some of the new stuff. Things are happening!
    If I hear anything, I'll post it.

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 21:37:22 -0500
Subject: Re: e-mail problems and steve info

>    Talked to Keith this afternoon about not getting a turn back. He said
>that his computer is in the shop...

It seems that email-ing turns is a very dangerous business from all the
problems I keep hearing about.......

>    Steve: He has finished 25 problems in the program and is said to be
>possiably working on some of the new stuff. Things are happening!

Does this mean that the game we are playing on now has the bug fixes in it???

From: Dana Wright <>
Date: 15 Apr 95 09:56:24 EDT
Subject: MI:Problems

I am missing a set of turns again! Called Keith...he left message with my wife
that his computer was down...anyone else have any more info. 

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:35:04 -0400
Subject: Fwd: ABM:MI Turns

Forwarded message:
Subj:    Re: ABM:MI Turns
Date:    95-04-23 14:12:03 EDT
To:      Palintir

hi doc, my computer has been acting scewy lately. resend your turns to AOL
until i can straighten all this out. seems our internet provider has been
having mail server problems and we are not recieving our mail.
thanks, keith

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 12:47:53 EDT

From January until March I used to send in my MI turns through e-mail, 
addressed to  They used to arrive fine, while few times I tried
to use address, the message would bounce right back.  Now,
on 4/22 I e-mailed a turn to, and three days later it came back
to me with an error message " does not exist".  I tried sending it ti, and it returned less than an hour later.  Finally I gave up,
filled out a card, and sent it the old-fashioned way.  Did anybody else have
similar problems lately ?

From: (Aaron Fuegi)
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 09:36:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Emailing turns

        Has anyone emailed a turn in to recently?  I sent one
over a month ago that never got executed and then went back to snail mail
for a couple of weeks but I tried to email in turns last night and my mail
got returned.  Once before, though, I think my mail got returned even though
my turns went through.  Is anyone else out there still emailing turns and
what kind of results are you getting?

Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 23:42:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Emailing turns

I don't know about the WIZVAX accounts, but the AOL accounts seem to be read
and run daily these days.  I recommend that everyone stick to ABMBOB@AOL.COM

Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 19:07:03 CDT
Subject: MI/Turns & ?

  I don't want to start a complaint session, but is everybody having trouble
with e-mail?  I sent in a new entry card containing a new monster for myself
and new monsters for two friends.  I did this back in early February.  I since
then have sent multiple e-mail messages to multiple addresses and not once
have I received a response except, "wrong e-mail address for this question."
My two friends have since lost intrest and have started to play another game.
I still am playing my original monster, but no new one.  

Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 14:45:12 -0400
Subject: Re: MI Fax Number

Which E-Mail address are you using?  I use  Its seems to be
read daily and I haven't had a problem in months...

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 22:09:41 -0400
Subject: Re: MI


>> I heard from abmbob today.  He says that Keith had to have 
>> emergency surgery & has been out for 2 weeks & consequently 
>> the games have fallen behind.  He is expected back Monday.

From: "Andrew J. Rabenn" <>
Date: 19 Jun 95 14:56:17 EDT
Subject: MI/news

Can You update the situation on Monster Island?  Is Kieth back and
working on turns?  If so is he caught up with all the work on turns that
were on his desk?  My last turn was processed on May 26 and also
recieved by me...however the makeup turn that was sent with it was not
recieved to date.  When should I consider sending it again, all things

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 17:06:22 EDT

In case you have not heard yet, Monster Island is back on the track.  Keith is
expected to be back on Wednesday the 21st, but ABM now has somebody else doing
the data entry, and he was going through the backed-up turn cards since 
Thursday the 15th.  Please send this to everyone on your mailing list, and
hopefully within a month there will be something to put in e-Monster.

From: jlhvhti@MO.NET (hagedorn)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 22:46:51 -0500
Subject: Monster Island

I talked with Keith today, he is still feeling under the weather, but he was
in good spirits.  He did tell me that the English guy (Steve)
has finished a dose of bug fixes and and upgrades to the game.  This
update is suppose to take effect in about two weeks.  Keith also said he
would inform us when the changes took effect.

From: (Aaron Fuegi)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 10:11:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Monster Island
        I finally got turns back for my monsters after almost 2 MONTHS of
hassles with trying to email them in.  Finally, I have decided faxing is
definitely the way to go and started doing that.

From: (Ilya)
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 16:00:08 EDT

For those who like to e-mail their turns:  all of @wizvax nodes have been 
plagued by problems.  The only address on which Keith reliably gets e-mail
messages is (NOT !).

     LETTER BY STRANGE LETTER  About lots of stuff

From: (Jerry Hagedorn)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 15:55:13 -0600
Subject: Turn Results

I just had Claggin dig a 24 hand pit.  I found a depression of 22 hands, dug
a total of two hands, and It cost me 49.5 points using an Iron shovel in
low hills.  It actually used a half a point!!??
That was odd, I had never used half a turn point before.  Another first for
me and monster Island!

*****Editor says: I've had this happen quite a bit lately with Iron Shovels.
     It's weird.  For anyone who cares, here's the table I'm working on...

     Digging Time in APs

     In what terrain  SP   St   LH   HH   Ju   HJ   Sw   CH

               Hands  ?    8    ?    ?    ?    ?    x    x
          Clam Shell  ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    x    x
       Tuvian Shovel  1    2    3    3    4    ?    x    x
         Iron Shovel  .75  ?    2.25 ?    3    ?    x    x
           Dig Spell  ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    x

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 9:04:47 EST
Subject: MI

When Rauph acquired Silver Charm and Silver Ring, the damage mummies do to him
definitely decreased.  Later he got a Silver Bone Necklace, and I did not 
notice any further decrease in damage (granted, with his overall armor it was 
quite low by then).  If anybody got a Silver Bone Necklace or a Silver Amulet
before the ring and the charm, was there a significant effect ?

Has anybody ever tried to track a Monster wearing a Gold Ring?  What were
the results ?

From: (Chuck Miro)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 09:46:26 -0500
Subject: Re: MI/turns

>> ...and one thouroughly distasteful fellow (The Trid) who's a 
>> lightsider displaying totems of Thermadon Rex, Smite, and 
>> Shifting Wraith.  I can't seem to find that group listed; does 
>> anyone know who's in my neighborhood?

The Island Geographic Society, run by Mel Krehbiel ( The IGS
is a mixed-religion group with followers of all flavors, at least since last
I heard.

From: (Larry Barrows)
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 17:07:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Turn Results

Two quick questions:

1)   Two Crobblers had the misfortune of falling on Shorty this last turn and
he now has two very hairy skins and no idea what to do with them once he gets
to 4.  Anyone out there got an idea.

2)  Which is better Silver Bone Necklace or Silver Amulet?  Both are of the
same category, so I can only where one of them.  Whats a monster to do....

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 17:39:37 -0600
Subject: Re: Turn Results

>1)   Two Crobblers had the misfortune of falling on Shorty this last turn and
>he now has two very hairy skins and no idea what to do with them...

I am hoping to find out they are an enhancement of some type for a fort.
I will let you know in a couple of turn once I add all my enhancements
to the fort that is suppose to be finished next week.

>2)  Which is better Silver Bone Necklace or Silver Amulet?

I am of the oppion that the silver bone necklace is better, mainly because
of the stated protection from vampires.  My guess is that they are pretty
similar otherwise.

From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 95 19:08:15 MST
Subject: Re: Turn Results

>2)  Which is better Silver Bone Necklace or Silver Amulet?

%I am of the oppion that the silver bone necklace is better

Well, I too would go with the Silver Bone Necklace but given I and everyone
else too as far as I know have never seen a vampire I don't think that
protection counts for much in my book.  Isn't the necklace worth more in
seliing at Far Inns?  Usually higher value items are better.

From: Ronald Roff <RROFF@ENCORE.COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 09:02:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: MI/turns

> But there was this one thing... You know how, between turns, you will often
> hear things?  Like other monsters yelling?  And occasionally "the distant
> but unmistakable sound of a fart going off unintentionally"?  Well I heard
> something I'd never ever heard before.  8 days after making camp, from the
> square I was in, I heard:  (and I may be off a few letters...)
> "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh."  Now, this sounds
> just like a monster falling into a Deep Pit.  But there's no Deep Pit here
> (or there wasn't one 8 days ago).  Has anyone ever heard (or made) such a
> noise before?

        Maybe a new Monster being born?? (Just a guess...)

From: Jake Balfour <JB6@KEENE.EDU>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 11:55:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Turn Results

> Well, I too would go with the Silver Bone Necklace...

I've tried to sell a Silver Bone Necklace to a Far Inn with no success.  
Since they won't buy it, we can assume that it's either very good or very bad.

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 13:14:44 -0600
Subject: Forts

        I just heard from a fellow group member that you have to have totem
markings on a Fort before you can guard it.  Can anyone out there confirm or
shoot this down for me???

From: Jake Balfour <JB6@KEENE.EDU>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:25:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Forts

>         I just heard from a fellow group member that you have to have totem
> markings on a Fort before you can guard it.  Can anyone out there confirm

I do know that you can't guard a fort of another group, both before and 
after an assault.  :) It would make sense.  Why guard something that isn't

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 13:10:12 EST

I have a suggestion for MI News, which is less than exciting, but can save
quite a bit of time to many people -- publish blooming cycles of various 
plants.  For example, on 3/9 one of my monsters saw a Yellow lotus shrub 2E 4S
of the Broken Shield far inn, and got a message that it "won't be in bloom for
another 13 days" (I'm not sure whether it means it will bloom on 3/28 or 3/29).
If all MI players on the net who have Advanced Plant Plucking were to send in
similar information in the following format (second example is made up)

 3/9, YL,  2E  4S of Broken Shield,     not in bloom for 13 days
2/28, SB, 12E 10N of Blazing Arrowhead, in bloom for 9 days,

it would not take long to determine just how long each plant species' blooming
cycle is, and when any individual plant will bloom, not to mention their 
locations.  Of course, some players will want to keep such information for
themselves, but then, every time you post anything on the net, you are giving
it to people whi give nothing in return as well as to those who reciprocate.
Lets just hope there are more of the first kind.

*****Editor says:  I'd be willing to keep track of this.  Anybody find any
     plants, send 'em in and I'll compile the results.

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 15:57:39 -0600
Subject: Turn Results

        Just got turns back for both of my monsters, and I am pleased to
annonce that Fort #536 has been completed and is currently under the
occupation of the fire riders.  I also found out you do not have to have any
totem making to guard a fort.  Norm spent his entire turn finishing up the
fort.  He has a makup turn which I should get tommorrow where he hits a
loggerhead camp.
        Claggin, traveled from the fort square to the Great cave nearby and
entered the cave.  He immidiatly found 1 siver and 10 copper zoingo coins.
then traveling farther inward he slaughtered off a flash bat, squessy snake,
and a xanxu cave spider with little effort.  He then found a pond, and a
Bortolatomous found him,  Claggin hit it three times with his long sword for
57, while taking two blows for 49(ouch!!)  I collected the 11 food and
started traving the rock path to the island.  I was attacked by a xanxu wart
toad, which I dispatched with 4 swift blows of my sword, taking another 19.
Once on the island I found a wooden shroud statue(yes!!!) this will be my
first of 17 tailismans I need to become a fuvite priest.  I then exited the
cave running from a couple of creatures because of low health.  I traveled
back to the fort square and stayed in the fort.  Staying in the fort should
restore my health, and I am going to attempt to kill 5 loggerheads in 5
attacks on a loggerhead camp next turn.  Enchant weapon spells are so nice.

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 08:46:31 -0600
Subject: Re: MI/tbd

Stat bonuses for joining The Black Death:  They were +12 Toughness,
+7 Health, +9 Muscle, and +16 Badness.  After Temple Guardianship and this,
I've become one bad mammajamma.

I also know three things that being a Temple Guardian does for you.  Did you
want to know or would that spoil the surprise?  I will say one thing,
Guarding the Temple allowed me to find out the door is sealed with xxx Spell

From: (Dana Wright)
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 21:40:09 -0500
Subject: MI

What's the newest version on MMAPPER?

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 12:34:02 -0500
Subject: Turn Results

        I got back my turn results for Claggin.  This turn Claggin had
dreams of greatness, hitting a loggerhead camp five time in one turn.
unfortunatly it did not go so well. I got back 46 health bringing me to 67%
health to start the turn.  
        First claggin added a spyglass to the fort. then traveled to the
logger head camp.  Casting light armor, and Enchant Weapon he dished out a
mere 78 points while taking 36.  A disapointing start I am use to doing
around 100 with the enchant weapon.  I hit the camp again and found a
loggerhead that I fought a couple turns ago.  I wasted a 23 spell points on
him.  I only did 2 points of damage to him before he died.  I wish that I
would have had ONE ROCK!!!  It would be nice if when fighting monster wheter
you cast you offensive/defensive spells would be determined by the monsters
health also, it does make since.  If you can see monster is really beat up
why waste the spell points?????  I hit the camp the 3rd time finding the
same monster I did the first time.  I wasted another 23 spell points here to
do the last 9 points of damage to him. The fourth time in was much nicer I
fought Sunny-Thorn I delt out 98 points of damage in just 2 rounds of hand
to hand, while only taking 29. The 5th time in my health was low and I only
managed to do 36 points of damage before I fleed.

Summary: killed 3 loggerheads, injured one. spent 115 spell points, dealing
out 221 points while taking 105. No notable treasure.
         Broke the 100 monsters battled barrier, 104 now.

From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 08:12:15 MDT
Subject: Re:  new address

My old account ( will
stay around for a while but it would be best if everyone started sending mail
for me to from now on.  Also, for those of you who use my
MI web site the new address for the index page is
and for the main Last Homely House (that's my general WWW home page) is  You might as well change any links or whatever
that you have now even though things will be around in both places for another
month or so.


From: (Ilya)
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 14:19:05 EDT

Bug alert!  For the last two or three months, KC (Kill Capture) order resulted
in a battle with the creature in question, instead of killing without a fuss.
I mentioned it to Keith already.

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Sun, 7 May 1995 10:53:33 -0500
Subject: Turn Results

Hi everyone, I got back another Turn for claggin.  First he killed of the
last Loggerhead in a camp we have been working on for a couple of turns.
Unfortunatly, I did not recieve anything cool( 1 Quartzlight gem, 1 glowing
red ring, 2 unreadable scrolls, 1 Red bauble).  I then went to a Tomb
killing, a mumi and a blood mumi, and finding 5 silver amulets( to replace
the 5 I dropped, a few turns ago, arrggghhh!!!!).  I am still hoping to find
a cool, sword or something.

From: Ron Blanco <RRBLANCO@MTU.EDU>
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 05:16:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: a turn!

Well Storm'n Norm'n hasn't been storming too much...  I'm down to a turn
every month or two, since nothing much is happening and I'm kind of waiting
for some improvements with this contract programming out of the United 
Kingdom :-)

Anyway, here is a boring turn. 

WARNING!!!!  For those who would be disgusted with reading about a boring
turn, since your's are boring enough to read....  Read no further :-)

Ah, you have made it this far, so you missed reading the warning; you cannot
read anyway, so you are looking this over, not caring what you see; OR!!!!
your truns are SO BORING, you figure nothing can be more boring that what
you have already been reading, so (relatively speaking) this should be
very interesting...

Still with me???  Humm...  Well enough humor, and on with the story...

I was at a Far Forge, and figured out I had NO REASON to go there :-)  So I
left after doing nothing, except seeing what a Far Forge is like -- though 
that was somewhat important to me :-)

Tween Turns:  
  +1 toughness; +21 spell points; +23 health (I'm a hurting puppy)
J 48 => +1 health & -1 food; AND then +19 health & +1 muscle!!!!  :-)
E 360 => Silver Bone Necklace for later dark areas?
M 19  => What the heck, I've a free slot & some extra APs (amazing), so
         made a White Lotus Elixir... (BTW: -1 food & +1 health)
T -- => Gleaned a Yogorilla Lens from a group cache -- humm better turn that
        off, since I'm nearly full of items....
TW   => same old 'training went quite well...'
J 26 => -1 food & +1 health; AND +1 health & +1 muscle!!!!!!!!!
T - => King stag runs away (I'm a Fuvite Disciple, if you forgot over these
       eons of time )  :-)   
    => Sunken Graveyard => gonna try it even though I'm the 'hurting puppy'
       I mentioned earlier...
J 26 => -1 food & +1 health; AND +1 muscle...
                (hey every health & muscle pumping could help)  :-)
LV = here I go... =>  (my FIRST SUNKEN Graveyard EVER!)
     Start digging with tuvian shovel...  Cemetery Creeper =>
               12 damage to it = DOA; 7 damage me = DOA == KIDDING!!!!  :-)
     find 10 zoingo copper coins....  wow!  :-)
     SHIFTING WRAITH (humm, not a nice neighborhood!)  :-)
       Light Armor (-3 SPs)
       Enchant Weapon (-20 SPs)
       4 hits reduces it by 11...
       5 hits reduces me by 54...  OUCHIE!!!
       RUN AWAY!!!!!!!  :-(
       Drink WLE => +17 health...
       {I'm guessing I will pull out a magical or silver weapon next time
        I meet one of these, so this was in fact a good encounter for that
E 88  Let's try using some Silver tipped darts up...  I'm at 12, and cannot 
      add anymore to inventory -- I could have sold some at Far Forge for
      a nice price, but money isn't a problem, and I'd rather gain the skill
      points for using them :-)  (to an extent)
T -- => Found another Cache (I feel like the cleaning lady!)  Well, picked
        up a squeezeskin and a spider spring.
        Coco Palms...  4 oils & 3 coconuts...
           2 darts => 1 hit for 17 damage...
           3 hits reduce its health by 37... DOA
           4 hits reduces my health by 9...
             +1 food ( must be the moose are small in these here parts?)
T - => meet a Viper with a nasty snarl, and an ugly face...  Nuttin new.. :-)
       Zinki bush => 5 darts...
TW => 'quite well...'
T -- => nada...
M 34 => Yep a stink bomb(AKA Fart Bomb)  :-)
Make camp...  Umber grass +20 health...

I hit a Koma Den twice last turn, so that is why I was a might damaged...  When
I find that turn I'll post it...

Ta for now, and yes I was kind of kidding about a boring turn (for those who
stuck it out for the duration)  :-)

From: (jerry hagedorn)
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 16:22:40 -0500
Subject: Turn results

       hi I recieved my turn for Claggin today, it has a couple of high points.
Claggin fought two loggerheads and hit a tomb.  He killed the first logger
head in the first round the second logger head he did 88 pts to, while
taking 44, he managed this with only a light armor spell(no offensive
spells).  After this combat he attained skill level 6 in edged(YES!!!!!!).
he travel north east to the tomb, entering he meet one mummy killing it with
a single blow.  Claggin took another step and ran into a blood mummy he did
80 while taking 30 and killed it, receiving another trick(up to 6) and
gained two wrestling offense!!!  The treasure was nothing to speak of
though.  Then when I weapon practiced at the end of my turn I found out I am
finaly close to attaining skill level 5 in missle weapons(after 70+ turns a
skill level 4).

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 23:08:13 -0500
Subject: Turn results

Hi I recieved a turn back for Norm today.  It was pretty dull, he entered a
great cave killing off a slew of small critters and found a damaged large
iron shield(oh boy let me contain my excitement).  He did after three turns
manage to find his way back to the fort.  Adding two spyglasses to the fort.  

From: Mel Krehbiel <MEL@IMAGE.COM>
Date:  Tue, 02 May 95 10:54:12 
Subject:  Re: MI/news

  I would like to promote The Great Bodden Hunt, originated (I believe) 
by Russell Calkins of the Cult of Nine Lives.  Kindness is near the Dark 
Eagle's Nest and looking for Bodden.  I'd enjoy hearing from anyone 
looking to join in.

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Mon, 8 May 95 9:48:14 EDT

Rauph is currently working on a hillock and already killed 30 Knolltir 
(Torchlight spell is wonderful!).  They are not getting appreciably tougher, 
but the 27th and the 30th were armed with short swords; he obviously kept only
one of them.  So far this is the best treasure either of my monsters ever got 
from an individual Knolltir.  Also, two of these 30 Knolltir had 8 white lotus 
leaves between them -- likewise more than I ever got from a hillock.

Up until now Rauph emptied one hillock, getting at the end long sword, kudo
bone, unreadable scroll and silver knuckles, and Kats A. Nova also emptied one,
getting long sword, kudo bone, unreadable scroll and large lockpick.

From: "Donald W. Sy" <DSY@BUFFNET.NET>
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 20:58:12 -0400
Subject: E-Monster and more
        I am a member of The Fire Riders and I do a lot of Mmapper file 
compilations from other players.  I think that I probably have one of the 
largest maps around.  Anyone wishing to know more, just ask.  I was also
wondering if you had any Internet addresses that you could pass on to me of 
Monster Island players, in particular I am looking for Jeff (Marlin Perkins) 

*****Editor says:  I have no listing for Jeff Ross.  Anyone know if he's

From: (Bri)
Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 08:25:05 -0400
Subject: turns

Sorry to say my turns have been boring.
   One of my monsters just got his 4th temple in and got dig, repair sm.
silver items, battle slowness, and fear. He is still waiting on the fireball
   My oldest monster went into a graveyard two times and came out  with 7
oculars and a pair of silver gauntlets. But that same turn he went into a
tomb twice and got a silver helm and a dust of the entombed. The weird thing
was that I got them on one entry and didn't get anything but kicked out
because of two blood mummies come at him. It was a real waste of time for
him. He may have gotten  10 kills but thats not much when you think of the
wimpy creatures he fought.
   My third monster is on a road trip and had to stop because of a populated
hillock. The brakes were put on and we will see what she gets.
   Has anyone loosed a plodder? My second guy has been having glich problems.
first he never got the mount blurb, so they fixed it. When they fixed that,
now my far inn never changes (in the last visited area) when I go into a far
inn. Now all of a sudden, my plodder vanishes. I'm sending the list of
problems  to keith to see if they can fix them. I never really thought the
inn thing was a big problem but it looks like it may have lead up to others.

From: (Bri)
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 20:59:20 -0400
Subject: temple tressure

Does anyone know if a gargoyle goblet and a golden lion tankard are just
temple tressure or are they actual talismans?

From: (Gary Funk)
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 22:29:33 -0400
Subject: eMonster News subscription

Do you think that Monster Island can come back from the dead?
It is very quiet out here at Drokorn's Stead.

*****Editor says: I'm pretty sure things'll pick up once we start getting
     the updates from the UK.  Especially when the Demigods get added.
     I know things are very quiet down south; one monster had walked back
     west to one of the very first Far Posts and was told that no monsters
     had visited there for over six months.

From: jlhvhti@MO.NET (jerry hagedorn)
Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 18:16:37 -0500
Subject: TURN RESULTS!!!!!

        After getting situated after moving I sent in a couple turns,
thursday evening I got them back today.  One other thing I have a new email
please make the change.  I am going to forward mail from my old account, but
if you just send it here it will work better.

dropped a couple of items in the fort.
travel to a tomb of mumi(nothing interesting in transite)
entered tomb
  fought Mummy did 22 took 9 DOA!!
  fought Blood mummy did 126(WOW!!!) took 24 DOA!!!
  found Dragon Ichor
  ran out of tomb
entered tomb second time
  fought Mummy did 24 took 3 DOA!!
  fought Blood mummy did 111(Cool!!) took 20 DOA!!!
  found GREAT FUVAH SWORD (YES!!!!!YES!!!!!!...)
  happily left tomb
entered tomb third time- gready :)
  fought Mummy did 24 took 3 DOA!!
  fought Blood Mummy did 70 took 3 DOA!!!
  found Wooden Kabuki Statue (Oh Yes another tailisman for fuvah priesthood)
  left tomb with shit eating grin on my face
entered the tomb a fouth time (what the hell!!!)
  fought Mummy did 30 took 5 DOA!!
  fought Blood Mummy did 91 took 45 DOA!!!
  found 52 bit coins and Golden Dragon Statue (It is just my day!!)
  Left promising to return
Traveled back to the Fort and camped

Did some fort enhancements
Traveled to the same tomb 
entered tomb
  fought Mummy did 26 took 5 DOA!!
  fought Mummy did 30 took 5 DOA!!
  found nothing
  ran out of tomb
entered tomb second time
  fought Mummy did 20 took 10 DOA!!
  fought Mummy did 28 took 9 DOA!!
  found King's Spiked Helmet
  left tomb
entered tomb third time
  fought Mummy did 22 took 5 DOA!!
  fought Blood Mummy did 67 took 24 ran away :(
entered tomb fourth time
  ran away
Traveled back to fort

Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 19:07:03 CDT
Subject: MI/Turns & ?

     It's Goorman sending up smoke signals again.  Goorman's turns have not
been overly exciting in the last few months, however, he should have his
discipleship as soon as the next turn comes back.

     Has anyone ever attained Light or Dark Priesthood?  Sounds to me to be
pretty darn tough.  

From: Mel Krehbiel <MEL@IMAGE.COM>
Date:  Tue, 13 Jun 95 11:26:34 
Subject:  Re: MI/news

     Do you know, or could you find out, what people have tried in an 
effort to get into Bodden Camps?  (Or otherwise, into those unreachable High 
Jungle squares?)   Seems you have to have a fairly low friendliness setting to
encounter Bodden and actually fight, and I was just 'looking for an 
easier way'.

*****Editor says:  Someone said that you need to quest and have a Jute Rope
     before you can enter a High Jungle square; and that the only way to
     get in is to do the Tarzan thing, leaving your mount behind.  I have
     not heard of anyone finding a Bodden though.

From: (Dave MacDougall)
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 12:39:17 -0400
Subject: E-monster Newsletter

I assume you welcome submissions from all your readers?  Who should I send
stuff to?  Please let me know.

*****Editor says:  Yes indeed, we welcome everything from any player.  I
     do just about everything here, you can send stuff to me at .  Especially actual articles, but I'm also looking
     for unique items, bug reports, secret techniques, and just questions
     you'd like to put to the readership.  Everyone's welcome here.

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 20:04:44 
Subject: MI

So Jack is no longer in charge of MI?  What is he up to then?

Also, do you know when the demigods will be introduced?  This is important
to me because I know I can convince some of my friends to play if they can be 
among the first to follow the demigods.  Since I am thinking of rejoining
the game, I would wait for them to join.

I just thought of this; is the Blood Moon Tribune still being printed?  If 
so, are all the groups still insulting each other in there?

*****Editor says:  I think Jack is doing the administrator thing; ABM has
     expanded beyond all recognition with this Magic card game, they've
     moved to larger buildings twice and expanded their phone system at
     least three times;  if you call 'em now, you actually have to press
     '2' to get to anyone dealing with pbm games.

     The official programmer (known only as Steve) from KJC Games in the
     UK has been testing lots of bug fixes and adding things (testing 'em)
     in the UK game.  We get hints and teaser from some of the UK players
     sometimes, but whenever you ask the US GM (Keith) when we'll see
     some of it, he usually responds 'about two weeks.'  I suspect the
     Demigods will still be awhile yet.

     The Blood Moon Tribune is no more, as Morgan Hatrick has quit the
     game.  Shroud's Own imploded after he left; I think there may be
     5 players from there remaining.  The new Official ABM Newsletter
     Editor is Jerrie Ritchie of the Disciples of the Light, who has
     not yet put out an issue, and can really use some submissions.
     He can be contacted at .

From: jlhvhti@MO.NET (hagedorn)
Subject: Turn Results
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 19:08:35 -0500

I Received Turns back for both of my monster.  I will give you a very brief

Claggin entered the tomb of mumi that he has been hitting for the last few
turns.  The first time I entered the Tomb I took out two mummies and found a
dragonbone sword(I must be living right!!!!! :) ). the second time In I got
a bit cocky and got my butt whomped by a blood mummi.  The third time In I
killed a mummy and a blood mummy finding a wooden dragon statue and a
handful of coins.

Norm did a few fort enhancements finding out that Fluffy Hogtails, Crobbler
Skins, and rock mushrooms are not fort enhansements.  Norm when also went in
to the tomb twice.  The first time he got ran off by a blood mummy.  The
second time in he fought a mummy and found a dragonbone necklace (a demigod
talisman) and a few oculars.

From: (Bri)
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 15:33:45 -0400
Subject: turns

I just got two turns back. Olmec went in a hillock and killed six knolltirs,
making 20 down and who knows how many left. He will try to get 8 this next
turn. hopefully he can find more than a short sword this next turn. He can't
carry anymore gaba stones, I wish you could carry more.
   Kitra will be heading to her third temple and hope she can get some gator
armor again since the last one was destroyed by a goo snake in a Koma Den
this turn. Nothing worth while for treasure. I haven't had the luck Jerry has
been having.
  Has anyone noticed that their last visited list has not been updating the
Inns. Kitra was at an Inn this last turn (making that the fourth inn she has
been in) and it still has to list an Inn under the last visited list. Olmec
was at the Jolly Ogre and has been two since and it still lists the Jolly
Ogre as the last inn he has visited. Has anyone else run into this problem?

From: (Ilya Taytslin)
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 9:30:03 EDT

Hello, Scott!  Now that Keith is back on the job, I got my long-awaited turn
results, and here is some data on forts and capturing them.

Only monsters who have issued a GF (Guard Fort) order will fight an intruder.
Those who issued FS (Fort Stay) will run.  Even if nobody is guarding the fort,
the intruder may still be hurt by the traps.  The fort Kats A. Nova captured
had three carrion spring traps -- one missed him, while the other two did 20
and 22 damage, respectively.  Since a fort can have up to 12 carrion spring
traps (something you learn the first time you make one), even an experienced
monster can be in serious danger from a fully "spring-loaded" fort.  Especially
since Kats tripped one of the traps AFTER he captured the fort (i.e. he was in
no position to give up the attempt).

Kats' next order was EF (Enhance Fort), and it turned out he had nothing with
which to do so -- wasted 16 APs.  So far I know of four different enhancements
-- carrion spring trap (requires a Spider Spring and 2 Carrion Claws), spyglass
on the wall (if you have materials for the Spyglass), snake trap (if you have
two snake traps), and Tusker Tusks mounted on the wall to discourage climbers.
Does anybody know of any other enhancements ?

Kats A. Nova's last order was GF.  He "took the position inside the wall, 
dozing off occasionally".  From that I think the mosters doing FS will not 
even see an intruder until and unless he overpowers the guardians, if any.

To all Shroudians who may be nearby -- Kats A. Nova, Light Disciple, is 
guarding the fort 2 West 17 North of Dark Eagle's Nest Far Inn, and will be
there for the next few weeks.  You want me ?  Come and get me !

Is there any significance to having battled 100 Monsters (I've heard a rumor 
to that effect) ?

From: (Dana Wright)
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 22:23:24 -0400
Subject: Question

Anyone know about Crimson weed patch?

From: (Larry)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:59:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Question (fwd)

Wyvern Sting tried a quest, digging and a few other such past-times without
significant luck.  I'd really like to see someone try it with a crimson
chalice though.  There are a number of patches of the stuff in the south.  If
you get anything, let me know.

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:51:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Question (fwd)

Nice idea about chalice, but I kind of think maybe the 'weed' isn't
programmed in yet, since nobody has ever found a blurb for it :-(

From: (Larry)
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 12:33:33 -0400
Subject: Re: Question (fwd)

I believe there are other places that you don't get a blurb until you do the
right thing.  As there hasn't been anything yet in the game that down't have
an eventual purpose.....
Its just a matter of figuring it all out.

From: (Aaron Fuegi)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 10:11:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Monster Island

  My latest turns weren't that interesting, although LOKI hit his about 9th
or 10th Kabuki temple and bestowed his first Talisman of the Light (a Golden
Dragon Statue).  Purobi also attacked tombs of mumi a bunch of times and
killed several mummys plus 3 blood mummys, but didn't get much in the way of
treasure.  The best thing he got was an Iron Stein.

  What I really need now is some map information.  Loki is still way off
my maps in the South (as a result of his Temples quest) and is at 150 East and
76 North in Fire Rider coordinates (for reference the Happy Junglemon FI is
at 126E, 67N).  I am basically heading NorthEast and would like map info
on the region i'll be entering in the next 4 turns or so.  I don't care about
terrain info.  I am just interested in Far Structures (especially POSTS) and
Dark Places (especially Tombs of Mumi, Loggerhead Camps, Koma Dens, Great 
Caves, Hillocks) and Kabuki and Shroud Temples  I would like to run a couple 
of more turns as quickly as possible so if someone out there could email me
coordinates for interesting stuff I could get to in the next couple of turns

Date: Tue, 04 Jul 1995 17:31:36 CDT
Subject: MI/Turn

My last couple of turns have been exciting.  I just became the newest
lightside Disciple.  I did it the easy way (temple sacrifices)  since I 
couldn't get a darksider to stand still long enough for me to whack him 
over the head with my club.  

Turn 99 went as thus:

H  Great spotting with my spyglass I found a Kabuki Temple.  Just what I 
T  I enter the square with the Temple so that I can sacrifice my last
   of three creatures.
TS I enter the temple and use my tooth sabre to make a mess of a poor
   slither snake.  Kabuki speaks to me, "You have done well.  You should
   now perform the Disciple Rite."  
K  I perform the Disiple Rite.  I am granted Disciplehood and given the 
   knowledge of spell use.  Yeah!!!!  I am then quested.
K  To get spells from this temple.  Why not I am here and another temple is
   not too close.
Y  Praise Kahbooooookee!!!
W  Weapon practice for a while.  I also run into a couple of monsters I
make camp and I am able to fart at any time now.

I made disciple on my 99th turn, but should have made it about 20 turns 
ago.  I just didn't read the blurb good enough.  I was under the impression
that I had to capture 3 different creatures that were considered shroud
creatures to TS.  I will read much more closely now.  

I have now played over 100 turns.  That's $400!!!!  Seems like a lot, but 
it has been over a two year period so it isn't really too bad.  I could
spend the money on a lot worse things!????

From: jlhvhti@MO.NET (hagedorn)
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 13:57:02 -0500
Subject: Turn Results

Hi everyone, I got a turns back for both of my monsters.  Norm hit a tomb a
loggerhead camp this turn and got his butt kicked by both a blood mummy and
a loggerhead....:(  Nothing exciting there.  Claggin also hit the loggerhead
camp taking out the loggerhead he faced, doing 96 points of damaged with out
using spells or missle weapons(dragonbone swords are cool!!!).  He then
moved down to the tomb hitting it twice killing 4 mumies and finding a pair
of king spiked gloves and a golden gargoyle Goblet.  All I need now is a
king spiked sheild and I will have a complete set of spikes (walking

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 15:06:15 -0400
Subject: turn

   I just got a turn back for my monster Kitra Fireforge. She was attacked in
a temple square between turns by a Shadow Guardian, Blitz. I felt bad since I
did a fair amount of damage to him and I hardly  had a scratch. I took 27
from him and I dished out 46. This isn't that bad when she only has 37
monster battles, including this one. I'm just glad I didn't kill him since
I'm on friendly terms with his group. He was the aggresser since I had 48 for
  Then I went into a tomb twice and got 8 zoingo silver coins after killing a
mummy. The second time killed 2 mummies and got 49 bits and a white bauble.
I'm so lucky! NOT!

From: Rasmus Roland Jensen <EX13@IAU.DTU.DK>
Subject: Re: MI/mapping program
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 21:29:29 METDST

> I have heard that you have a Monster Island mapping program.  Is it available
> via FTP or at some WWW site?

It's about 355K as a .zip file which means that it's about 50% bigger as an
UUE file.  There's a .doc file included in the package. 
Make sure that you unpack it with the directory structure kept intact. The
program is unable to find its data files if they aren't in the proper
If you have problems with the programs then send me a note and I'll see what
I can do about it.

*****Editor Says:  Urmm.  Rasmus sent me two zipped files, one 490K and
     another 124K, but I have had no time to try 'em out.

From: (Ilya)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 12:52:41 EDT

Doing a GF (Guard Fort) order gains you approximately as much Health as an
ordinary camp out.  Doing an FS (Fort Stay) gains you twice as much or a little
more.  I am yet to find out (and hope not to!) how much Health you get if you
get kicked out between the turns.

Have you seen the new "Old English" font ABM began using?  Personally, I think
it is a terrible idea.  It is too small, too difficult to read, does not tab
properly, coordinates do not line up with the map, and I pity any postal worker
who must rapidly scan addresses written in this font!  If you agree with me, 
please ask ABM not to use it any more!

From: Andy Marx ( )
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 95 14:19:48 MDT
Subject: Changing Groups

Do you know what I have to to to change groups?  Is initiation to a new group
enough or is there more I should know?

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 20:42:00 +0100
Subject: MI/NEWS - UK game

Thought I would just write back with some replies, and info on my own UK
monsters - Gretchen, Yomra and Vodka, and my group - The Fuvah Furrcats.

Chris Trobridge wrote:

CT> date info on the new stuff than you. A few weeks back KJC had a pub
  > meet in London and I had a good chat with Steve, _the_ programmer.
  > Of course this also means that we get to play test all the bugs...

CT> As it was a pub meet I got completely drunk and ended up on my own
  > in the east end of London at 1:30AM in the drizzle in just
  > t-shirt/jeans.  I walked the 20 odd miles back to my station and
  > caught the first train home.  In spite of this I can still remember
  > a lot of what Steve told me.

I can confirm most of this, although I left before Chris got drunk. One 
thing that impressed me about Steve (aside from his Iron Maiden T-shirt)
was that he seemed to approaching MI from the point of view of a gamer, 
rather than a programmer. I hope that this will lead to _good_ things 

Someone else wrote:

SE> Fuvah Furrcats: New group formed in the Jagged Mor North region
  > accepting only Furrcat followers of Fuvah (hence the name). Allied
  > with Bad Company (q.v.).

Fuvah Furrcats are allied to _no_one_. I am purposefully avoiding 
official Alliances with anyone, as members of my group requested 
this. We are on friendly terms with KLN, and Black Knights of Shroud. We 
dislike SSS and the MLF. We were friendly and co-operating with Bad 
Company, but that is over after their leader wrote a threatening letter 
to one of the group - currently this is not important as Bad Company 
are far from the Fuvah Furrcat's area.

As for other Fuvite groups - we are open and friendly unless attacked. 
Our two temples are: FF1 [-18N,21E] from the Odd Terapus, FF2 [-4N,8E] 
from the Illuminated Torch.  All are welcome.

The Fuvah Furrcats
Currently Active in North/Central Kunbar and Central Starth, we consist 
of nine Furrcats, and one Norman. We are looking for more - suitable 
Furrcats please contact me!

We have built two temples, and our aims are to build more, at least one 
Fort, and maybe a Tower. We also intend to equip all our members with 
Fuvite Swords and Grumbel Amulets. A long-term aim is to be the first 
group to cross the Crystal Hills.

The leader of the FF is a Disciple with four Temples visited. As of 
turn 108 he has 208 Toughness, 285 muscle, 68 Stealth, 132 Badness. He 
has a Monsterliness of 1612. Gretchen can be found at the Polished Rod 
for a couple of turns.

My youngest Monster is a Disciple of Fuvah with only two Temples. She 
is only 57 turns old, but has an advantage by being Temple Guardian at 
FF's second temple. Stats: 191 Toughness, 184 Muscle, 147 Badness, 47 
Stealth, 1190 Monsterliness. She is also grinning ear-to-ear thanks to 
just clearing a Loggerhead Camp! Vodka will be Guarding the Temple (it's 
her job, after all!) for a few turns yet, so anyone heading that way can 
say hello. A little known benefit of being a Temple Guardian is getting 
Health back when Kowtowing at the Temple - handy!

Yomra is a Monger, and was originally my "experimental" monster - he was 
going to take all the risks, try attacking Jossmen, that kind of thing. 
He's turned out rather good, though. Only an Acolyte of Fuvah: 180 
toughness, 220 Muscle, 112 Badness, 59 Stealth, 1320 Monsterliness. He 
also has Skill Level 4 in everything, which is quite handy! Yomra is 
travelling to Fuvah Furrcats' first Temple.

I need maps of the Blazing Arrowhead and surrounds. I have maps of 
areas further North to swap. I can produce electronic maps in various 
formats on request, since I wrote the group's mapper program.

I think that's enough for now, before I fill your publication!

Thanks, and bye for now . . .

From: Dana Wright <>
Date: 11 Aug 95 23:09:42 EDT
Subject: MI:questions

Some questions re: MI

Sunken Graveyards...the blurb mentions machetes...since I got rid of mine
a long time ago will another weapon do as well to LV these places?

Loggerhead many critter per camp and how fast does a camp 

*****Editor says:  I've been told that all you need to do is take some
     flaming gourds to a Far Post to get another Curved Machete.  And
     I've also heard something about an Iron Machete too.  I've never
     entered a Sunken Graveyard so I don't know for sure what you need.

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 1995 19:21:19 CDT
Subject: Turn Card

Hi I received a card back in the mail with a turn for Monster #2514 is that
anybodys on here?

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 20:37:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Monster Island

I was wondering if you know where I can download Blurbs. I have only about
20-25 of the most recent turns for my Monsters. Some of the earlier, simpler
Blurbs are the ones I don't really have - but I'm missing quite a few. I
heard something about a Bulletin Board someone has/had? Biff's? I'm not sure
if it's still active or not, and the references I did see to it in the past
seems to indicate that it was moved . . . ?

You might appreciate the following info I got (I had pointed out a bug, said
I had the impression there wasn't much programming going on now, though they
seemed to be getting ready to - ) A NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR
So, there ya go. Look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you on the

*****Editor says:  Aaron Fuegi is the official blurb keeper; he can be
     contacted at or at his web site (listed at in the
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From: Joanne Walls <U9500743@BOURNEMOUTH.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 20:12:52 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Monster Island - UK

I've just started University, and don't know if I'll have alot of time to 
contribute but I'd like to get involved with some Email discussions.  
Where can I do this.  I'm not that hot on this software but I've access 
to at least Email, web and telnet if not more.  Any ideas...?

Perhaps I can help you keep up with the UK version now that we are 
getting new programs added.  I'm a couple of weeks out of contact but 
they had revised blurbs for the tainted hollow. And group leadership progs.

I also know what a waxed ooze is used for (a new object) but I promised 
not to tell anyone yet (outside the my group).  But believe me it's 
exciting stuff.

*****Editor says:  Here in the US, the email discussion group is loosly
     run by Jerry Hagedorn ( but hasn't been very interesting
     lately.  Actually, if you'd join in we'd have lots more to talk about
     (if you're willing to give us some hints at least, about what's coming.)

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