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e-Monster Issue Thirty-Two

Editor: Scott Micheel

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       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r    News 02-25-95
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Headlines this time:    ABM Changes Email Addresses
                        Keith Speaks
                        Things We'd Like To See
                        More Stuff
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 ABM has New Email Addresses

ABM has decided to change to another internet server, and this means all new
addresses.  Thanks to Brian Derks who broke the news, and Keith and Bob at
ABM who confirmed it.  Here's the situation;

gone: (No longer receiving email here)

for PBM games (including turns):
questions/general bull about MI: (NO turns here)
for general questions about ABM:
for magic: (or, I didn't test this)

They will still keep their AOL addresses.

Date: Fri, Feb 20 1995

I believe the address is still working but we haven't gotten the
new connection fully setup yet so the address is best for
now.  Thanks.


  Official News From ABM (Keith Speaks!)

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 14:46:03 -0500
Subject: AOL/ABM Keith Speaks...

Subj:  Re:Monster Island in 1995!            95-02-07 20:27:25 EST
From:  BOSTREDSOX's ABMKeith back for another excursion and update into the
happenings on the big isle.

i will be meeting with our English programmer this weekend. (probably
Saturday afternoon) He'll only be hanging out here for the weekend fixing
small things that can be done in 3 days. He's taking my list back with him,
(the list you ALL have been so great in doing for me), and he'll be devoting
FULL-TIME programming to Monster Island. This was straight from Jack. When
ready and completed, the programs will be sent back to us to add to the game.

For those that aren't following me, Steve will be collecting out bugs,
wishes, wants, etc...flying home, then implementing all those things for us
and Fed-Ex'ing the complete programs back to us. He just can't stay here the
many months it would take to get even the basic of add-ons into the game. for
example: Demi-gods in estimation could take a few weeks to implement and
another one to test. :( Same goes for East of the crystal hills. he may do
some smaller stuff now, but I haven't spoken to him myself yet. i'll let you
know after our meeting Saturday.

Anyway..this is very exciting! Monster Island is moving forward and rather
quick too. I think most of, if not all of you will be pleasantly surprised at
the results. :) that's about all for now..thanks for tuning in. as
always..anyone with specific questions or comments for me can feel free to
call hut is always open to you. :)


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 10:46:25 -0500
Subject: AOL/ABM Keith Speaks...

Subj:  Re:New Info...                        95-02-12 23:51:04 EST

Hello all!

This is ABMKeith reporting in again. (this is for all the new Islanders just
making their way here to AOL). *Note* to all you new guys posting, (and you
older posters, too) leave your first or last or both names when you post so
that i know who i'm responding or posting to.* --thanks :)

"NewsFlash Update" --Meeting with Steve from KJC Saturday
Yes, I did meet with Steve saturday as planned. and yes he did return to
jolly 'ole England with a folder of the nice stuff you all took the time to
email, fax and send me. Many thanks again to all those who took the time to
respond to my plea and thanks for getting the stuff to me in such a timely

Now, the updates. As anyone who is a programmer knows, these things may take
time. Steve will be working full time on these things. he was gracious enough
to give me his fax number and email address so i can keep up with his
progress and goings-on with the improvements to the game. As much as i'd like
to give you a positive time table, i can't. it wouldn't be fair to all of you
for me to guess. as i find out things, i'll post them here. Please try to
control the urge to ask when things are going to be fixed, added, etc...
i know it will be hard, but i know you'll all do your very best. heck, i'm
just as excited if not more about this than all of you! i will try to fax
Steve every couple of weeks or so to check on the progress of things and
hopefully he will have new and exciting stuff to report to us. 

Well, that's all for now. keep on posting and having a grand 'ol time! i'll
be getting back to answering game questions in a few days, so think up some
good ones and leave them here for me. thanks! --Keith


  Ideas For Keith (all sent in before the deadline, too)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 10:28:28 -0500
Subject: Re: More ideas for Keith

Jake, I liked all your ideas (as usual!), but I especially like the teleport
spell idea. Eight squares a turn in an island with supposedly 10 gazillion
squares is way too sloooooow.

Also, I'd like to see some continuing stat increases for being active members
of a group. Right now there's way too many groups who formed just for the
stat advantage and that's the last time the group members ever saw or heard
of each other.

From: Jake Balfour <JB6@KEENE.EDU>
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 17:23:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: More ideas for Keith

(from Carl)
> I especially like the teleport spell idea. Eight squares a turn in an 
> island with supposedly 10 gazillion squares is way too sloooooow.

I have to admit that idea wasn't mine.  Unfortunately, I can't give credit for 
I am not sure who said it first.  

One problem is that if we improve the tracking, it will make tracking tough 
Monsters that much harder.  And impossible if they disappear without a trace 
- even if it's only to one square away.  So we have to make it possible to 
follow a teleported Monster.  Perhaps a different set of "tracks" to let 
chasers continue their quarry (but what kind?  Ethereal?  Fairy dust?  I 
don't know!).  

And how will young Monsters ever hope to catch up to Monsters that can move 
more than 8 squares a turn?  A hole opens up in space time and lingers for 
x days?  That would require major programming and it isn't very Monster 
Islandish.  Star Trekish, maybe.

> Also, I'd like to see some continuing stat increases for being active members
> of a group. 

What advantages are you thinking of?  I don't think ABM would want huge 
gains.  How could they keep track (they'd only do it if it could be 
done via computer-moderation)?  Besides, don't you think you get more 
out of Monster Island with your group activities than the players who 
don't associate with their group (subtle plug)?  Most of my enjoyment of 
the game comes from communicating with other players, not by filling out my 
turn card.  Hope you don't feel flamed - perhaps I don't understand what 
you're thinking of.

Date: Fri,  3 Feb 95 19:59:42 PST
Subject: Re: MI/news

> *     Less emphasis on spell-casting, more on battles.  After 
> tracking and trying to kill a target, it gets frustrating to see it 
> result into spell trading and the running away of your prey. 

   This can be the result of you or him having a higher monsterliness.
The only way you can not have the person run away is to be a Kabukian
and cast Blinding Light. This allows you to attack the person in at least one
melee round, but then he is able to flee.

> *     Increase movement limitations.

   You want more movement by getting a teleport spell, but yet your
complaining that it's to hard to track someone. Your just defeating 
what you want.
   It would be a nice spell, but the only way I could see it being
implimented would be if you cast it at a Far Structure to go to another one
that you have been at before. Else you would never be able
to kill a disciple that had it unless he was sitting there forever.

> *     Increase tracking capabilities.

   Your monster will always track the newest looking tracks.

> *     More missile types. Redo the Fart Bomb (tho' it can't be too 
> powerful for then females would be hindered).  One bomb every six
> turns or so is ridiculous. 

   I can tell you haven't found a square with Bloated Onions. These 
allow you to make as many fart bombs as you can hold in one turn as 
long as you have enough bloated onions and a who-sac shrub.
   Can anyone verify if a female monster can make fart bombs with the
help of bloated onions?

> *     Attack on sight orders for Fuvites

   I don't have a fuvite so can someone tell me if you have the DD or
DL order. If fuvites done have them, they should, along with a
dispatch demigod order.

> *     Permanent snatch order. 

   If you want that order you will definatly get your monster battles.
I for one would try to kick your butt if you stole something I really 
wanted to keep. I guess I would want it if I did alot of snatches, but
it hasn't been a habit, so I really don't look at this as a meaningful

Here's a list of new stuff that's been suggested so far...

New Region Opened up-enuff Said!!!!(and have everything working)
Demigods- Needs implimenting
Rid orders-change to allow rid of multiple items
Xfer order- change to allow multiple transfers of item
                both to other monsters and into treasure rooms
Stone Crypts-needs implimenting
Tomb of Mummundus-needs implimenting
Fireball spell- does max dam when spell points and health is near 100%
                then falls quickly down to one point of damage for
                every spell point
Saddle bags-needs implimenting
Mount vs. Mount player combat- Needs implimenting
Wrestling practice for monster between players and at far Inns- Needs
More spells(expecially combat spells)-Needs implimenting
Permanently Rid Order- needs implimenting
Crimson Weed- needs implimenting
Bori Trees- need implimenting
King Ock Mushroom Grove- needs implimenting
Increase Religious Descriptions/ Goals/ Opportunities- needs more work
Fix Missile Equiping- so you go to your next higher missile weapon 
                      instead going right to the hand catapult once
                      you run out of a higher dart.
More Voodoo Stuff- needs implimenting
More Talismans- needs implimenting
Make Items Workable (example: iron stein, golden gargoyle goblet,
          ancient silver spike, sunka death mask, dragon ichor, dragon
          flagon, ancient iron spike, black balls, etc)
Fix Umber Grass- so you can set when you want to use it at a certain %
                 or be able to use the U order to use it, while still
                 being able to have the automatic set point.(I've had 
                 many times when I've gone below 50%, have used a
                 white lotus elixir, have gone to 51% and not been 
                 able to use it, when I wanted to)
Mount Riding Skill Levels- needs implimenting
More Mounts- needs implimenting
Fix Bodden Camps- needs work
Towers- need implimenting
Rafts- need implimenting
Black Magic- needs implimenting
Delete the Account Number from turn results.
Add Rivers to the game-  Make some small, some large.  Some crossable,
                 some not.  Perhaps a Ruined Bridge structure, or
                 Natural Fords that can only be crossed at certain
                 times of the year.  Spice up the map a bit.  Make a
                 Follow River sub-command, like Follow Trail.
Gods Revenge- If you manage to kill your god's favored creature,
              you'll get zapped by a lightning bolt or something.
              Shouldn't there be such a mark of disfavor or penalty if
              you attack a co-religionist?
Being able to Names for Forts and Temple- would enable more group
               interaction and more pride for the groups that rebuilt
               the ruins. Totems get erased. Names wouldn't!
Add Ship Wrecks - we need something exciting when on the coast
                  inland. "You find a half submurged ship halfway on
                  the beach. Also you notice a hole in the lower port
                  side hull." From there you could find treasure, meet
                  new creatures, have fights inside the ship while
                  looking for treasure. (rays, sharks, moray eels,etc)
Group Leaders- They should get updates every so often who is active
               in the group and notified on a turn if one changed
               addresses. Also they should be able to kick a monster
               out if 5 members also agree by writing Abm that he/she
               should be kicked out (stating the reason why and have
               it signed)
Xanxu Construct- being able to make one
Zombie Juice- making it not attack another member of your group, it 
              will attack another member right on even though it says
              it won't in the blurb.


 General Stuff

From: (hagedorn)
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 09:33:42 -0600
Subject: Fire Dust

New Item you may not have heard about, my monster just found it...

Item# 376: FIRE DUST

ABM doesn't want us to post the actual blurb, but I will say that this one
mentions the legendary Black Voodoo Master, Xanxu.

Date: Sun, 19 Feb 95 00:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: your mail

  the new mi journal/bmt editor ?  :) that's one on me, who is he?

[Scott Says:  Oh, how fleeting fame.  Jerry Ritchie is the new editor, and
       is looking for submissions.  Contact him at]
oh a remineder <G> :) just that grodum and reg gordnak are looking to join
groups and their in the Stead far inn area. all the mosters of eric
schneider of maple rige bc are always set to receive membership in groups so
just fire away if ya see one. <JUST <g please bombs stink no> > .

Black voodo, sounds interesting did ya hear anything new about anything
ellse like towers or demi gods ? :) black voodo i'm lookin for black voodo

but i need a steed right now is there one around where they are now?

[Scott Says: Plodders seem to hang out in the Kunbar, way out east.]
-one of my monsters is lost, what's the diffrence between the stead and
kallar's far post (i.e. relative position), any one know?

From: <ILYA Taytslin>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 12:41:12 EST
Subject: MI

For years people have been banging their heads against Tainted Hollows with no
success.  Here is another off-the-wall idea -- cast Detect Fellow Followers and
Detect Rival Followers just before doing a U 33.  Maybe it will work.


"And then the knave begins to snarl
 and the hypocrite to howl
 and all his good friends
    shew their private ends
 and the eagle is known from the owl"


If anyone finds simply *anything* new or buggy, please report it to keith and
to us.  Be Monsterly!

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