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e-Monster Issue Twenty-Two

Editor: Scott Micheel

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Headlines this time:   Far Place List (big)
     Publication data:
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Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Group Man                     Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson

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 If you send it to the old address, it will probably still be forwarded to me,
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 *I* am having trouble reaching certain people from here too, most notably
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 but if you know of anyone who doesn't receive this issue, please have them
 contact me.  As of January, I now also post this newsletter to the newsgroup, and it is also available on the Bif's Monster
 Resort BBS.



 This is a listing of all known Far places, in alphabetical order to help
 anyone trying to find his location.  If you have any additions or corrections
 to this list, please send them in.  As always, this list is in the Net
 coordinate system.

Far Inns -----------------------------------------

#   name                        y      x

506 Black Swan                  440    484
449 Blazing Arrowhead           387    484
414 Blushing Lady               288    482
049 Bottom Hill                 259    427
773 Broken Shield               433    430
152 Claw & Tooth                380    403
957 Cocked Spyglass             240    478
029 Cracked Skull               359    383
966 Crooked Nose                252    377
577 Dark Eagle's Nest           401    442
914 Dragon's Tale               274    395
816 Drokorn's Sted              407    404
700 Grackle,Grouse,& Grail      439    390
665 Grimley's Fiendish Spot     329    379
520 Hamilton's Cove             234    417
416 Happy Junglemon             331    426
131 Illuminated Torch           471    437
694 Jolly Ogre                  356    484
394 Lion's Fill                 294    428
056 Odd Terepus                 496    395
615 Ribuld's Arms               489    472
031 Spear & Club                366    428
327 Speckled Pheasant           504    427
109 Spotted Beak                468    399
964 Twisted Tablor              302    394

Far Forges ----------------------------------------

#   name                        y      x

522 Axlbar's Fine Stop FF       ?      ?
998 Boarstead FF                300    473
692 Dark Anvil FF               250    471
833 Formondon FF                ?      ?
557 Korn's Hammer FF            500    477
410 Polished Rod FF             448    475
607 Silver Hook FF              346    483
027 Spigot Red's FF             388    483  (may be 389y)

Far Posts ----------------------------------------

note, code "v" means this post appeared on at least two lists, and is probably
correct.  "+" means that it appeared on two lists, but on the other list the
location was +36y.  Probably just a translation error, but if one of 'em's
wrong, the whole category probably is.  "?" means I think there's a speling
error.  "s" means hightly speculative.

#   name        code            y      x

366 Dallan's FP  v              455    370
848 Dallar's FP  +              277    350
078 Dallon's FP                 456    435
450 Dallor's FP  v              478    375
749 Daltor's FP  v              440    418
788 Daslar's FP                 277    350
613 Daslok's FP                 287    344  (may be 288y, 346x)
224 Daslon's FP  +              292    405
025 Dastak's FP  +              256    377
001 Dastan's FP  v              400    318
589 Dillan's FP  v              307    430
619 Dillon's FP                 455    340
444 Dillor's FP                 274    435
067 Diltak's FP                 307    309  (may be 310x)
237 Diltan's FP  v              410    344
907 Diltok's FP                 393    346
810 Dilton's FP                 262    350
372 Dislan's FP                 349    310
861 Dislok's FP  +              334    294  (may be 307x)
733 Dislon's FP                 306    338
494 Dislor's FP                 482    436
347 Distan's FP  +              321    338
179 Distok's FP                 353    342
775 Diston's FP                 326    422  (may be 423y, 362x)
689 Distor's FP  +              265    419
591 Fallan's FP                 259    397
019 Fallor's FP  v              490    346
132 Faltan's FP  +              347    374
495 Faltar's FP  v              478    415
473 Faslak's FP                 ?      ?
844 Faslar's FP  v              439    375
319 Faslon's FP  +              366    388
453 Faslor's FP                 465    349  (may be 296x)
371 Fastan's FP  +              325    376
209 Fillan's FP                 497    419  (may be 498y)
127 Filtan's FP  v              464    308
505 Fillar's FP                 ?      ?
703 Fillok's FP                 401    413
004 Filtok's FP  v              481    354
858 Filton's FP  v              425    355
718 Filtor's FP  v              436    402
057 Fislar's FP  v              409    433
192 Fislok's FP  +              334    335
999 Fislor's FP  +              368    406
467 Fistan's FP                 300    386
165 Hokan's FP   ?              289    469
008 Kallan's FP                 418    421
579 Kallar's FP  +              284    374
185 Kallok's FP  v              437    345
650 Kallon's FP  v              509    342
002 Kallor's FP  v              469    318
055 Kastan's FP                 399    373
967 Kaslar's FP                381    399
045 Kastar's FP                 239    403
569 Killak's FP  +              322    401
447 Killon's FP                 504    264
904 Killor's FP  v              496    376
081 Kiltak's FP  +              294    313
199 Kiltar's FP                 305    366
785 Kiltok's FP                 ?      ?
674 Kilton's FP                 388    316  (may be 317x)
271 Kiltor's FP  +              371    364
191 Kison's FP   ?              389    475
768 Kislon's FP                 320    307  (may be 308x)
064 Kistan's FP                 376    309
951 Kistar's FP                 420    376
507 Kistok's FP                 ?      ?
233 Kiston's FP                 493    314
990 Kistor's FP  v              412    398
082 Migton's FP                 498    465
173 Seltuk's FP                 439    471
154 Talor's FP   ?              353    474
847 Tomas's FP   ?              241    468
877 Wallar's FP  v              506    319
677 Wallon's FP                 310    409  (may be 311y)
900 Wallor's FP  v              465    398
568 Waltak's FP                 ?      ?
942 Waltan's FP                 ?      ?
115 Waltar's FP  v              517    413
620 Waltok's FP                 ?      ?
137 Walton's FP                 356    431
730 Waltor's FP                 364    310
126 Waslak's FP                 ?      ?
876 Waslan's FP  +              369    342
923 Waslon's FP  v              438    317
492 Waslor's FP                 339    318 (may be 315x) (may be 388y, 425x)
644 Wastak's FP  v              514    381
490 Wastan's FP                 378    345
201 Waston's FP  v              503    395
911 Wastor's FP                 ?      ?
466 Willan's FP                 449    314
962 Willon's FP                 385    421  (may be 285y)
845 Wiltak's FP                 425    322
206 Wiltar's FP                 266    320
652 Wiltok's FP                 397    391
161 Wislan's FP  +              278    399
885 Wislok's FP  +              344    397
854 Wislon's FP  v              481    319
346 Wistak's FP                 ?      ?
418 Wistan's FP  v              488    399

?   ?            s              425    310
?   ?            s              425    315
?   ?            s              421    318
?   ?            s              508    355
?   ?            s              508    375
?   ?            s              341    367
?   ?            s              459    412
?   ?            s              431    392



 I have recieved a copy of the official newsletter of Kabuki's Legion of the
 North -- a group in the European game.  As with all groups, there is a good
 portion dealing with internal group matters like locations, missions, and
 reports.  There is a good deal of data about prices, and a good weapons and
 armor list are included.  There is an impressive list of Strawbin bushes
 (that's about 800 characters long), and I'll try to publish that here once
 I figure out how their coordinates work...  I am impressed with the scale
 of the european game; it's run by KJC in England, but the KLN group alone
 has members from all over Britain, Finland, Norway, Germany, and Hungary.
 Our own eMonster News has about 25 european subscribers already.
 Contact <T.J. Sharrock>

 The third Watch Tower is out, published by <BEN Vincent>.
 This is the place for most recent news of the Demigods.  It was here that
 I recieved the first news of the Crimson Chalice (item 368).

 I have The Fortnight #23, which was delayed a bit by the LA earthquake,
 among other things.  Lots of neat little items, like the fact that you
 get +1 Stealth every 6 turn, unless you've got Adv. Stealth, in which
 case you get +1 every 12 turns; You can get another Curved Machete by
 simply going to a Far Post with Flame Gourds; Xanxu Wart Toads have been
 encountered.  Contact Robert James, 3646 Vinton #4, LA CA 90034.

 Mark English sends out multi-page letters to Shroudians in the North, and
 while not officially a newsletter, it serves the same purpose.  The latest
 includes news of the completion of the English 2 Temple, Loggerhead Camp
 cleanout in the Starth (30 loggerheads, booty from the last one included
 3 or 4 Unreadable Scrolls, King's Spiked Gloves, a Yellow Bauble, 2 Jade
 Snake Rings, and a Silver Temple Sword.  Further, upon staying at a Far
 Inn, the jossmen presented him with a Trident.)


 NOTES FROM OUR READERS with comments by yours truly...

From: usvkn7xn@ibmmail.COM <CHRIS Recruiter DoL - Meyer>
Subject: In search of Jim Wuerch                                          

Hello Scott and anonymous party (Sy Hunter possibly),

  In the most recent e-Monster I noticed that the great search for Jim
Wuerch continues, but with no promising results.  I must apologize for
Jim, he has become an addicted Magic addict and appears to have put MI on
the back burner.  In regards to his Monster Mapper program, he has told me
that he has finally mailed out copies of the program to all those people
that have requested it.  It turns out that he had quite a few
registrations for the software but that there was a bug in the
installation program.  During his numerous moves he lost the source code
for this particular program and therefore was required to recreate the
package.  He has indicated that he has completed this and mailed the
software in late January.  If you sent a request to him and you don't get
anything by mid February, I would contact him to ensure that he has
received it.  Good luck in your efforts.

From: Joshua Singer <JBS@DCS.ED.AC.UK>
Subject: MI/question

I have a Sunka Death Mask. Is it worth keeping, and does anyone know its use?

From: (Jack Vinson)
Subject: MI/emailing turns...

I usually include order numbers, both to be more aligned with the ABM
format and to remind me that I only get 15 orders a turn....

Monster #  
Account # 
Day Cycle 

Order # 1  
Order # 2  
Order # 3  
Order # 4  
Order # 5  
Order # 6  
Order # 7  
Order # 8  
Order # 9  
Order #10  
Order #11  
Order #12  
Order #13  
Order #14  
Order #15  

Special Codes Area

From: (Jack Vinson)
Subject: MI/news - questions

Wow, we really seem to be getting a lot of questions in the newsletter.  I
have a couple of my own:

Is it worth going back to a Hillock (the first one I've seen) after finding
a Strawbin bush and torches?  Or should I just keep moving east along the
road I've been following?  What about the graveyard I walked through but
couldn't loot with no shovel?  Both of these are two or three turns walking
almost due west.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: New address

For those of you who are interested here is my new address and phone

Jerry Hagedorn
204 B N. Olive St
Rolla MO 65401
(314) 368-4896

From: (Joel Halpern)
Subject: MI: Dieting

My Monster has just learned to Diet.  Other than the restriction to 
a friendliness of 3, which is where mine is anyway, is there any
reason not to permanently Diet?

*****Editor replies:  There seems to be no reason not to diet.  But my
     own Stompin Rocksoul has been on a diet for most of the last 20
     turns and it has done nothing for him.  He still eats 6 food a turn
     when he can.  And when he can't, he still loses health like he
     always did.  Anybody else have experience with Dieting?

From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
Subject: Do I need a Knife?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that any pointed weapon will work in place
of a knife when making things -- is this true?  (I'd like to free up the space
for more useful items)

Also, is there a reason to keep a Curved Machete?  I remember reading an 
account of someone entering a Sunken Graveyard, and he used his Machete to 
hack away vines -- will any edged weapon work for this?

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: turn summery

I entered a Koma den three time this turn by Black Swan is is what happened

first hit

  Funnel Snake: I did 8/ he did 2-doa
  Xanxu Cave Snake: I did 19/ He did 1-doa
  Xanxu Cave Snake: I did 20/ He did 6-doa
  Squeezy Snake: I did 8/ He did 3-doa

Treasure- Iron Helm, Two Zoingo silver coins, Silver-tipped Darts

  Six-headed adder- fireball 18/ I hit 2 for 44/He hit 7 for 16-doa

second hit------------------------

  Great Trap Snake I hit 3 times 33/ He hit 1 for 20-doa
  Six headed adder fireball 23/ I fit 1 for 41/ He hit 11 for 28-doa
  Great Trap snake I hit 1 for 21/ He hit 1 for 18-doa
  Six headed adder fireball 21/ I hit 3 for 61/ He hit 7 for 15-doa

Treasure one golden occular, two squzskin

  Six-headed adder fireball 18/ I hit 2 for 56/ He hit 12 for 29-doa

Third hit-----------------------------

  Six headed adder fireball 19/ I hit 3 for 56/ he hit 11 for 23-doa
  Six headed adder fireball 21/ I hit 4 for 70(wow!!)/ He hit 7 for 15-doa
  Six headed adder no spell pts/ I hit 3 for 71(hea!!)/ He hit 4 for ???

[editor: garbled section due to noise on the line...]

I was a bit disapointed with the treasure that I got out of the second
hit.  I have been told that you get better treasure on the second time
thru, I guess though that this is not allway true.  I got 12 creatures
killed and one monsters battled this turn. (I accidentily attacked another
White Tiger Clan again, need to set a no attack).  I also lost 190 health
total for the turn, but I guess that will happen when you take on 7 adders
in one turn.  

From: (Karel J. Driesen)

A question: how does the game played at ABM relate to the game played
at KJC (England) ? Is it the same game with different map & population ? 

*****Editor replies:  It is my understanding that the maps started out
     exactly the same.  Subsequently, different things have been rebuilt,
     and the european game may be using an earlier version of the program,
     but I'm sure they would get updates to the current US version every
     so often.

From: (Mike)

Shawn Bilodeau informs me that he hasn't been playing MI since the summer,
and wishes to be "stricken" from the list as keeper of the armor list, I
believe it was...Looks like you'll have to see if anyone else is
available.. Okay??

A couple of other things...

When AOL cuts off my eMonster newsletter, some of it is missing...In other
words, it will be in the middle of a paragraph, the other part will start,
but not at the right place...Not even close, really...a good portion seems to
be missing...:(

p.s.. Are there any bashing weapons level 5 and above?? Every other class,
with maybe the exception of whip, has something 5 or above...

*****Editor replies:  The DOL keep a number of lists, Weapons/Armor among
     'em.  These are available on Bif's BBS, or from Jerry Ritchie, who
     is keeping me up to date (I would have included some if this newsletter
     weren't already 62K long.)  America Online is *supposed* to just
     split a large file into 27K chunks, but it doesn't surprise me that
     pieces get lost.  I maintain a special list for some AOL people and
     anyone who wants to have their newsletters sent in chunks of 25K.
     Just ask me to switch you to that list.

From: (David Perry)
Subject: Monster Island help desired

Hi.  I just finally cleared out a hillock and got some nifty items, and I
don't know whether I should keep them or give them over to temple treasure.
What should I do with a Kudo Bone, a Red Bauble, an ancient Silver Spike?
I believe I should just sell the Bauble at the nearest Far Inn, but what
of the other two items?  (For those interested, I also got a short sword
and an unreadable scroll.)  Also, does anyone know where I can find a 
Tuvian plant near the Illuminated Torch?  And finally, a more general
question, what are the advantages and disadvantages of joining a group?
And if it behooves me to join one, which one is the best?

I appreciate any and all responses
e-mailed to me directly or posted for everyone.  Thanks in advance.

Subject: Loggerheads Replenished

Hi Everyone, Goorman sending up a Smoke signal.  I hit a Loggerhead
camp this last turn and It has been replenished with plenty of the 
creatures.  Rumor had it that many of the Loggerhead camps had only a
few Loggerheads in them so I tried to hit one.  I lost lots of points.
They lost lots of points and I ran from the battle.  Need to set my
riskiness higher next time.  Smoke signal has ended with the final
statement, If you follow the Light Goorman will not hunt you and you
will be alright!

Subject: Misland

Thank you for taking the time to send me all the old newsletters.  They
were fun to read and gave me a few more clues.  By the way, Fandil the
Pure, just hit his 5th Shroud temple and got Armor and Fear and spell
points up to 122.  

Subject: Latest news on journal

  Glad to read your latest edition, good coverage on the controversy up
north! <GLAD GRIN BIG involved! not I?m> Anyway, I just wanted to let you
know that Jack has no news on an upcoming issue of the MI journal, I guess
he's busy with other things and didn't go into detail. He really should
think about it soon, its way overdue for another edition! Maybe the readers
of your newsletter should start asking for one???
  Anyway, I'm off to make out my next turn for MI, I'll be at Grimley's FI
within the next turn or two, anybody have info. on whats for sale there?


[asked about his spells, concerned that if you read scrolls, Temples will
 not give you a spell because the scroll already did...]

In answer to your question I haven't read any scrolls yet.  So all 19
spells are from temples.  I've notice that in my last two temples I've
made very few gains in spells or spell points.  It may have to do with the
program giving you less spells as you get more temples.  But I think that
one of the big problems is that my last two temples were very new and as such
did not have any really treasure in them.  My last temple had a grand
total of 923 bit coins and that is all. The one before it was not a lot
better.  I'd be interested to see what some of the older temples down
south would give me.  I think that temple wealth does really affect spell
point gains and spell learns.  The promblem is that it really does not
help your monster to put things in the treasure room since you can't
benefit from the gains (having already KK there).  Maybe the thing to do
would be to gather up lots of treasure (in a group or by your self) then
drop it off at a temple and only then kk at the temple.  What do you think?
From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

        In my experience the amount of treasure seems to have little or no
effect on spells gained.  I just got 4 spells at my 4th temple and all it had
were 1 Kudo Bone and 3528 bit coins.  I think the things that influence it
are luck, how many temples you already have, and the 1 bonus spell if you were
part of the sanctification.  I don't think it really effects spell points
gained either although I guess it is supposed to(in massive quantities) affect
spell points REgained for kowtows.

Subject: Ghosts

As you may recall I have a pagan monster.  I've been giving the idea of
resurrection some thought and it was suggested, by Chris Meyer, that I put the
following questions to the newsletter subscribers:  Can a monster follow a god
after becoming a ghost?  If so, at which level of faith will the god bring a
monster back to life?  Can ghosts kowtow?

I know you were not going to expand on the Shroud's Own controversies from
January's issue, but if I might, I'd like to comment.  It seems to me that SO
has a higher order crisis on their hands than one of their members being a
"bad" guy.  If, as Morgan boasts, SO is a group of role players who "role-play
our position (Shroud's evil purpose)", Ryan's activities should groove nicely
with their philosophy.  "Evil" or "Dark" have well understood meanings.  The
most widely accepted meaning of evil is that it is entirely consumed with
itself and the acquisition of power to itself for its own selfish purpose:
anti-social.  I, therefore, find no problem with Ryan's activities as an "evil"
character in role playing fashion.  

Morgan goes to great lengths to complain that SO is a just bunch of "regular"
people role playing the dark or evil side.  If this is so, any behavior that
enhances his character's power and the dominance of SO on MI should be cool, if
not desired.  But it seems that not all behavior is acceptable if it doesn't
fit into one of Morgan's comfortable niches of "gamesmanship", and he needs to
run off to ABM for shelter or, even the less honorable route, to civil court!!!
 It's just a game; get a grip.  The corollary to this is that SO does need the
other groups in the game to at least go easy on them; get the SO story
straight.  If SO did not need the rest of us such defenses as Morgan's letter
would not be necessary.  Evil needs no excuses and doesn't care about
reputation.  So, even if the rumors about SO Morgan is so concerned about are
not true, perhaps they are deserved.    Apparently, Morgan is concerned that SO
will, indeed, be perceived as an evil group in a traditional sense and will be
treated as such.  Morgan's defense of SO indicates to me that he is using "role
playing" as a smoke screen to do whatever he wants in the game without having
to feel bad about harming someone else's position in the game; the role made me
do it.  He certainly screams loudly enough when he perceives that someone else
has done the same to him.  Morgan should be prepared to reap the whirlwind if
he is intent on sowing the wind.  Words do have meanings.  Some folks out there
are going to treat evil groups as evil has always been treated, not according
to some new definition Morgan wants to fit to the word. 

MI has a wide variety of people playing it.  With such a wide variety of people
in this game investing both considerable time and money, this game could result
in some interesting social models.  As such, a truly evil group has never
survived openly in human society, as it cannot on MI.  It will either self
destruct or will be destroyed by external forces.  Shroud is not necessarily
evil, except by the description ABM chose to attach to it.  Shroud could just
mean opposite (to Kabuki).  After all, if some strange circumstance happened in
which all attributes within the game of Shroud and Kabuki were suddenly
interchanged, the game would not be changed in function.  Follower's of Shroud
and Kabuki do exactly the same things to get ahead.  If opposite is all Morgan
means, and his arguments seem to say he does, he should wise up and say so. 
Role players?  Bah!

There is, of course, a lesson in this for all of us.  The Roman's said it best
when they said "caveat emptor", let the buyer beware.  It is as true in real
life as it is here on MI.  Ralph Nadar isn't going to protect you in the
marketplace or on MI.  Be careful who you trust and be aware that any
information you give out can easily fall into the wrong hands.  This is why up
to one third of the cost of developing a new weapon system in this country goes
to protecting the secrets of that system (security).  The Defense Department
knows it is worth the cost to be careful with sensitive information.

Scott, I'd like to thank you for bringing this controversy to the newsletter. 
I have often looked askance at anyone who is "role playing" a game and felt
less comfortable with such person's credibility who claims that in this game. 
These letters have let me finally formalize my argument against a concrete
example.  Kabuki, Fuvah, Shroud or pagan play the game and have fun, that's
really all there is to it.  If not, I'll see you all in civil court.

*****Editor replies:  I know a ghost can kowtow to his god and be ressurected,
     but I don't know what he would lose.  I do know that he will not have
     any items, but Temples are usually loaded with stuff.  I believe that
     you *can* dedicate yourself to a god after dying, and then get
     ressurected.  But I've never died.  Anyone know the details?

From: (Peter L. DeWolf)
Subject: Monster Island questions

Thanks for signing me up for the eMonster newsletter.  I've been busy
reading back issues which I downloaded from BIF's (they don't have all
of them, unfortunately) and looking at the DOL's public lists of Far
Structures and such and have been learning a lot.

Can you give me some advice, please?  I'd like to become a Disciple.
I've fought Light monsters before -- but it seems almost impossible to
slay another monster one to one.  I downloaded a huge list of blurbs
from BIF's -- and I see that there is one called "Sacrificing to
Shroud", wherein you can sacrifice 3 creatures at a temple and become
a Disciple.  This seems like the way to go.  Can you tell me what I
need to do to get this blurb?  Will it come to me automatically when I
arrive at the temple, having been an Acolyte for 25 turns or so, or do
I need to Kowtow (how much?) or Quest to get it?

And am I going to be killed when I get to this temple?  I saw a
disturbing message on BIF's, I think, about how a bunch of Kabuki
follwers were camped out at a Shroud Temple waiting to slay Followers
of the Dark  but were being thwarted because they all had Advanced
Stealth and were so Stealthy that they avoided the combat!  Advanced
Stealth doesn't sound like something you'd likely be able to buy in
Jagged Mor, but I still worry.

And any suggestions about activities following Disciplehood?  I
vaguely remember hearing about a Shroud Temple being built.  This
sounds dangerous (considering the recent massacre!) but sounds like a
worthy activity.  Does it benefit the monster, other than having
another temple of the Appropriate persuasion available!)?

From: <STEVE Lindemann>

I know this has been said before, but I think it's time to remind Monsters
that before you Kowtow for additional sets of spells, you should cast
Seal Temple Door for all of your spell points.  As soon as you kowtow, you
will get them all back - and in the meantime, you've increased the defense
of your temples...  Maybe this should be printed in the BMT as well - do
you have contacts there?

From: (Thomas Kiefer)
Subject: MI questions

Just a coupla dumb questions...

(1) For a given Weapon Skill Level, is it better/worse/same to Weapon
    Practice with a weapon of Damage Class higher then, lower than, or
    equal to the Weapon Skill Level?

(2) Has anyone been keeping a list of Creature health points?  (I.e.,
    how many points of damage does it take to kill each Creature type.)
    Does anyone know if each Creature# has a certain fixed number or a
    range of health points?  (I.e., do all Creature #As have X health
    points, or some random number between Y and Z?)

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Koma dens

I am curious if anyone out there has hit a koma den twice getting treasure 
both times.  If so let me know if you got better or worse treasure the secound

From: silent oberver

I'm sure you'll get the info soon, but

The great dark sword is class 5, double damage to kabuki, need to be a
disciple of shroud and have at least 190(?) muscle. You can carry 10.....
(just a joke.)

The silver temple sword is a class 4 edged weapon, but made of silver...

What about this new jewelled temple sword? Heard it is class 4, but I am 
wondering if it is like the zoingo ruby dagger; You know-all looks and no edge.
I am wondering if any of this temple stuff works better for temple guardians??

so are ya dark or light??????? - comment overseen by my african american friend
             as I asked someone on internet about their religious affiliation.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: loggerhead camps

Don Cy is helping my group rebuild a temple near the black swan.  while 
we rebuilding the temple we we going to clean out a loggerhead camp.  
anyways One of Don's monsters cleaned out the camp after killing only 1 or 2
loggerheads.  This may mean that there are loggerhead camps that are
almost clean out.  Jack may have done that when he fixed the loggerhead
camp bug.  I can't guarntee that every camp is like that or even that jack
did it....we will have to find out.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  boring turns

        To liven things up maybe people would be willing to post some info
I am interested in and probably others are as well.  For those of you who
have monsters who have them, I am interested in where the best items come
from - especially Tombs of Mumi vs Koma Dens vs Anc. Graveyards.  Clearly,
you get really good items for clearing Loggerhead Camps and to a lesser extent
Hillocks but which of the single-attack types of places are best?  I am
really only intersted here in top-notch items(Examples:  Temple items, 
class 5+ weapons and armor, other extremely rare items-black lotus leaf, oil
lantern etc...).  If possible try to include some idea of how many attempts
(successful attempts that is) you have made on the type of structure where you
got the really good item(s).

Subject: MI turn

Fandil just got his turn back. The only thing of note was that Fandil made
and the used his first blotomus potion.  I was vey disappointed with the
result.  Fandil gained a mear +5 muscle.  He went from 262 to 267.  He
also hit a Anc. Grave. twice and gain +1off, a silver studded club and D.
Iron gauntlets.  I'm going to have him hit a grave yard 5 times next turn
and see what happens.  I'm a worried about this since it seem to get a
little harder with every try.  When I hit a Anc. Grave. 3 times the damage
I took was as follows: 9, 23, 57.  The damage Fandil also went down as his
health dropped.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  MI turn

        I don't think that the health of your monster has absolutely ANY
influence on damage done and that this was just coincidence for you.  Also,
of course you may have had less missile ammo or spell points in the later
battles so less attack power because of that.  I don't think I have ever hit
an Anc. Grave more than 3 times in a turn and usually restrict it to two hits.

Sender: "ralphdaynr" <RALPHDAYNR@AOL.COM>
Subject: Monster Island Mapper

     I would not try to import data. Robert James said that the
import function does not work correctly. I would alter the coordinates to
match yours then print out and enter the data into your map by hand.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)

        Since you asked, Scott, I have at least these two blurbs you 
mentioned.  BTW I am expecting a bunch more blurbs in soon and when I get them
I plan to do something to encourage people to ask me for the new list 
(or perhaps even just post the whole list to the group so everyone who
wants the updated version can get it- this includes the fact that I went and
updated everything such that all blurbs in the list are now using the same
formatting scheme).  So to wet your palettes here are the Crimson Chalice,
Iron Stein, and Ensnare Creature Spell.  The list also includes the Black
Lotus Leaf, Vine Stalker, Glowing Red Ring, etc...

!Stuff deleted - ADF!

Loki's turn report
        Lately, Loki has been working on getting more temples and got his
fourth one a couple of turns ago.  Now, working out of a Far Inn, he is
trying to get some kills and good stuff.  He is within single turn round-trip
distance at the inn of both a Koma Den and a Tomb of Mumi such that he can
attack either and still get back to the inn to do an I3 and get full
healing.  On his first turn, doing this he attacked a Koma Den 3 times
(only successfully got through twice) killing a total of 11 creatures.  One
amazing thing is that he did total damage of 719 to the creatures he fought
and that includes NO missile attacks.  Of course, he also took well over 
150 damage and spent an outrageous number of spell points on armor and
enchant weapon spells.  The treasure gleaned was a Damaged Iron Shiled, 
2 Zoingo silver coins and 4 Rattler darts on the first attack and a damaged
iron helm and a black ball from the second attack.  I was a little 
disappointed at this (already haver undamaged versions of both the dmged iron
items) treasure but at least its enough to easily pay for the inn stay and
a bunch of oculars value additional.  One thing that I found interesting,
though, was the equipment of the people I saw at the inn.  I have mostly
been in the far north and am now the farthest south I have ever been.  Up
north it seems that monsters were better equipped.  Several of the guys I
saw at the inn, including a member of the 600 and another member of my group
(the Fire Riders)  both had partly only squizskin armor and yet both of
these guys are more muscular than me and one of them is tougher.  The three
other guys I saw at the inn the previous turn were even weaker and less well
equipped than these two.  I think a lot of people may be a little out of
their league being out here when we disciples are required to collect kills
to advance.  Right now my friendliness is at 4 but I think I may reduce it
and see what happens.

        My other monster, Purobi, is up in the north at the Ribald Arms
selling stuff off that he got as being part of a loggerhead clearing.  His
share of the final clearing out treasure was an Oil Lantern.  If anyone else
out there also have oil lanterns I'd like you to tell me.  Maybe we can work
together to find out what you need to do to fill it and use it.  BTW in
regard to loggerhead clearings, it is now fairly apparent that whoever clears
out a loggerhead camp and regardless of what they get for doing so, by going
to a Far Inn afterwards, you will get a Trident given to you by the Jossmen,
a Class 5 Pole Weapon.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: great caves
        I am going to hit a great cave with one of my monsters this turn.
I just want to confirm that you do a U 33 order to enter a cave.  In a week
or so I will have a report for you.....

From: (Rolf H. Lange)
Article: 12307 of
Subject: Monster Isla HELP!

I have reached the first far post, but I don't know where it is on any of the
coordinate systems! The name of the post is 'Kiltok's Far Post'.
Can anyone give me the coordinates of this place, for this monster doesn't
know where she is! I prefer NET or DOL? coordinates, because this is al
I know of. Thanks and many friendly grumbles in advance,
Medoovoodootooyoo (max)

From: Ron Blanco <RRBLANCO@MTUS5...>
Subject: Hitting place multiple times...

My experience with hitting places multiple times also seems to have me
fight in a decreasingly effective level...  When WRESTLING encounters,
the damage I or they do decreases as the heath diminishes.  For me
wrestling encounters are the norm, and what I pay most attention to.
As for the encounters getting worse...well, yes, AND no...  I have
hit Ancient Graveyards up to 5 times a turn, but usually 3...  I have
usually had the following results...:

(Ancient Graveyard is only multiple attacks for me except Hillocks, and
  you all know about multiple attacks there)  :-)
  First = 1 creature
  2nd   = 3 to 5 creatures (usually a zombie and/or 2+ Creepers)
  3rd   = 1 creature
  4th   = 3 to 5 creatures (same as 2nd, but an occasional six-headed-
                            adder and maybe 2 zombies)
  5th   = 1 or 2 creatures

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject:  Brian's Report

       The following message came to me from Brian Derks today and he asked
me to pass it on to this group and so here it is.

>From Tue Feb 15 21:35:01 1994
>Subject: Re: Status Report
> It's been a long time since I wrote (quite busy and boring turns).
>  Mongers watch out! There is a horny furrcat on the loose in the
>Northern Kunbar. I was just minding my own business between turns and
>out of nowhere comes this very attractive horny furrcat. Before I knew
>it, she was dancing in front of me (she looked great) and I couldn't
>take my eyes off her. The next thing I know, we were doing the WILD
>THING! She was scratching, biting, and doing everything just right
>(this is a family game). As she left she said that I would be a
>father. Basically I was raped and left for dead (in my weakened
>condition). But, I LIKED IT!
>  When she has the child, What will it be? A furrcat, monger, or maybe
>a FURMONGER! She will probably blame me for it's looks! Time will
>   This all happened this last turn. I just went to drop off a short
>sword to one of are members and she gave me this and a bird trap.
>I think Drex would really like to see more of the above. Because of
>all the stress he had between turns I was wondering if it had an
>effect on his turn. He entered a koma den and fought; 3-tailed, 
>great trap, Xanxu cave snake, xanxu cave snake, got treasure, and 
>xanxu cave snake. I may have got some nice wrestling (+2 def) but the
>treasure really stunk! I got a silver zoingo coin, xanxu snakehead,
>and a funnel snakeskin. And it had enough nerve to say that it was a
>nice haul. It was the worsest treasure I've gotten so far in a koma
>   Olmec is now near the Happy Jungle mon and is wondering if anyone
>has fought or knows anything about Boddens? I heard that they are
>between loggerheads and knolltirs. Also they have alot of voodoo
>ingrediants on them when you kill them.
>   Kitra she is somewhere near the claw and tooth and another inn, starting to 
>rebuild a temple ruins.
>   I just found out that a friend was the first person to open a large
>locked box. It requires lock picking skill and a small lockpick. He 
>got 5 unreadable scrolls and a king spiked helm (of coarse an opened
>lg. box). It took over a month to get his turn back since jack hadn't
>programed that in yet.
>  Oh! A large lockpick is for doors and a small lockpick is for boxes,
>etc. You can also WP with silver-tip darts and not loose them as long as you
>don't equip them.

Sender: "Chuck Miro" <CASBAHCARL@AOL.COM>

There's an active Monster Island message board on America Online (AOL). We're
trying to create a list of players who are interested in being AOL contacts
for their groups. Here's the list we have so far:

 The Shadow Guardians       Larry Barrows (Group Leader)
 The Guardians of Fuvah     Larry Barrows
 Stark Fist of Fuvah        Russell Calkins
 Fuvah's Fearless Fighters  Jeff Leggett (Group Leader)
 The White Tiger Clan       Larry Barrows
 Disciples of Light         Josh Knapp
 Shroud's Own               Morgan Hatrick (Group Leader)
 The Black Death            Tom Skovronsky
 Cult of Nine Lives         Russell Calkins (Group Leader)
 Order Of The White Rose    Paul McGinnis
 The Fire Riders            Tom Richardson

A pretty good list so far, but unfortunately there are still many other
groups for which we don't have AOL contacts.

The Six Hundred                     Suns of the Rose            
Knights of the Iron Fist            Island Geographic Soc'ty    
Dark Knights of the Kunbar          The AntiKabukilear Forces 
Cadets of Gascoyne                  The Scarlet Templars
The Fuzzy Fist of Fuvah             The Shriners
The Knights of Sylvester

I know that most of these groups have email contacts, but we're trying to
find players who are willing to be contacts on the AOL message board. **Can
anyone help us out?**

Incidentally, for group-to-group diplos, my Fuvite monster, Sol-Rac Orim, is
the ambassador for the Shadow Guardians.

From: (Scott Micheel)
Subject: Re: Sea Squares...

Ron Blanco writes...

> From:
> If someone were to write a travel or hunt&forage order, which would move
> them into sea square...  what happens?
> 1 - do they enter it?
> 2 - do they remain in the last land square, and get the sea terrain blurb?
> 3 - do they expend one of their 8 square movement limitations?
> 4 - do they expend any APs?
> 5 - has Jack even programmed that into the program yet? :-)
Here's what I learned with Stompin Rocksoul:

You don't enter it.  You get a message that says "Sorry, but you're unable
to enter Sea.  You need a raft."

Rather than aborting the move, you will try to move 45 degrees into the
adjacent square.  First left, then right if that fails, if both
fail you'll just stay in the square.  You *will* use APs (10, 20, or 30
depending on if you issued a Tx or Txx or H order).

I don't know if it counts against your 8 squares (I never tried more than
8 orders) but I would bet that it does.  That seems to be the way other
things in the game work.

The first time you try, you will get the Sea Terrain blurb.  (This is the
only way to get it, I believe.) 

Article: 12406 of
From: (Michael Mackinnon) 
Subject: MI: Jungle Rattler?

-=> Quoting Rolf H. Lange to All <=-

RHL> I just met my first Jungle Rattler. Are they *really* that dangerous?
RHL> And how does poison effect a monster? Will you die emediately, or
RHL> slowly, and if you can't make antidote yet, are you doomed?
RHL> Any answers from fellow monsters would be greatly appreciated!

I believe that poison causes damage on a turn by turn basis, when you are
affected by it.  But, I don't believe that you can be poisoned by a Jungle 
Rattler though.  I have three monsters, all of whom have fought Jungle 
Rattlers on a number of occassions.  None have ever been poisoned.  As far
as I know, there is an antidote for poison (a voodoo elixir that one of my
characters have) but no poison!  The only thing close is Fouled Water, 
which causes about 1-2 pts of damage each turn.

Article: 12421 of
Subject: Re: MI: Jungle Rattler?

I have run a Mudwalker for over 135 turns, and battled at least 50 jungle
rattlers.  Never been poisoned...   Of course, I did suffer a mild skin
rash from a slither snake!

From: (Mr John P S Carroll)
Article: 12461 of
Subject: Re: MI: Jungle Rattler?

Jungle Rattler poison affects you depending on what race your monster is,
i.e. Normans are not very susceptible to poison. If you do manage to kill a
Jungle rattler then you will gain very good blowpipe ammunition, the rattler
dart (damage class 5).

From: (Blanco)
Article: 12471 of
Subject: Re: MI: Jungle Rattler?

I was going to say, that Jungle Rattlers were not poisonous, since I have 
battled over 12 of them, and have not been poised as of yet.  However,
I am a Norman, and by JPSC's answer this might be why I never have had it
happen to me...  But anyway, I thought they were not really poisonously
programmed into the game...

From: "Bob Cook" <BOB@ABM.COM>
Article: 12484 of
Subject: Re: Quest/ABM Email Addres
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 12:58:34 -0500
Organization: Adventures By Mail, Inc.

>Advs. By Mail is now online.  Turns for Quest, Monster Island, etc can be
>submitted by email.

Actually we'll accept turns at any of our three Email addresses:

Our preference is to get them at  Its easier for you to 
remember and we access it most often.

>Note that they don't yet have a parser; they just download the mail, print
>it out, and type it in like a turn card.  Turnaround time is thus not really
>any faster than snailmail.  But there isn't any problem with bad handwriting
>(for those of us that have that problem.)

Yes, we do print them and manually input the turns so we request they 
be formatted just like a normal turn card.  Our normal turnaround for 
just about all our games (BSE excluded) is that they go out the same 
day we receive them.  This is usually the same for Email, provided we 
receive it early in the day.  The advantage to Email is obviously the 
time it saves to arrive in our office.

Another advantage to Email is that you can play in Game#3 of Quest 
which has a 7 day turnaround.  We expect to offer an all Email game of 
Quest where players can send and receive results by Email.  However the 
program updates to allow this have been promised to us for the last 
month but still haven't arrived.

Bob Cook                                           Voice: 518-237-4870
Adventures By Mail, Inc                              Fax: 518-237-6245
Box 436                                         Internet:
Cohoes, NY  12047                         America OnLine: ABMBob
        Moderators of Quest, Monster Island, Beyond the Stellar Empire
               It's a Crime!, Isle of Crowns, and Capitol II.

From: (Joel Halpern)

In the last two turns, North Good Thunder has managed to fight 3
Mudges.  Those are nice to wrestle.  First one was +1 Offense and 1 Trick.
The next two each did no damage to me, and gave me +1 Offense and +1 Defense.

Other than picking up a gnitgnat swarm to poke at, there is not much else
to comment on.  Crossing 1000 Monsterliness on Turn 50 is nice, but does
not actually mean much.  (Also got to 262 muscle.  Got to find me a
lime tree.)

From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>

It's time for an update on the travels of Sith Mandrake and Akien Drum....

After not having played for awhile (Christmas, Rose Bowl (go Badgers!),
etc.), I got back in the game with five makeup turns to spare.

Sith Mandrake:  Headed back to the Black Swan for the rest of the Loremaster
Knowledge (he had Lockpicking, and now learned Plant Plucking and Adv.
Stealth).  Then he headed up north to help rebuild a temple to Kabuki (his
fourth).  This latest turn, he put his share of Act. pts. in for temple
rebuilding and went to a koma den for some practice and quick food.  Since
Sith was at full (read: 210) health, I attempted to enter the Den three

1st time: Great Trap Snake (dead), two Squeezys (dead, dead) Xanxu (dead).
     Got: Damaged Iron Dagger, Zoingo Gold coin. (lousy.)

Killed another Xanxu cave snake on the way out.  Sith: -25 health, Den: -76.

2nd time: Six-headed Adder (dead), another one (dead), ANOTHER ONE (dead),
          ANOTHER ONE! (dead).  (ouch.)
     Got: Two Slink baubles, a xanxu snakehead, four rattler darts, and
          eleven Silver-Tipped Darts (at last something useful.)

Ran away from the FIFTH Six-Headed Adder on the way out. Sith: -135 health,
                                                          Den: -339 health.

Needless to say, Sith was feeling a bit under the weather going back to the
temple.  Then he ran into a Loggerhead camp, which he ran from.

Akien Drum: Just having scored a Silver Dragon Statue as his part of a
Loggerhead camp booty in December, Akien also went to the Black Swan to
learn the Lockpicking and Adv. Plant Plucking skills (not to mention selling
off tons of useless treasures).  He then started south in order to help
rebuild a temple for Fuvah (seems like I'm always rebuilding something these
days).  Anyway, he hit a Large Cave on the way down, killing some minor
creatures and gaining three Iron Darts.  He then headed to another
Loggerhead camp that his group (Iron Fist) was helping to clear out, but
found it already deserted.  Having seen a Loggerhead camp through his
spyglass on the way down, he decided to whomp some Loggerhead butt there
before hoofing it to the temple.  He fought three pitched battles with
Loggerheads, killing one, but getting useless (read: silver gauntlets) items
in return.  He then swung around east before returning to the location near
his previous camp site.

During the swing around, he met:

1) Demon Condor (didn't kill it, but it didn't carry him away)

2) Great Trap Snake (dead... and tasty!)

3) Another Loggerhead Camp (fought one battle, didn't kill the 'head.)

4) Ghoul Buzzard (dead (of course))

Now Akien's set to go off to that temple (not to mention there's the added
bonus of a Great Cave not 7 squares away from the ruins!)

P.S. Hey, can you put flying creatures in Deep pits with the Capture Creature
Spell?  Sounds silly, but if Jack didn't think of it, I bet you could...

(e.g. "Great Kabuki!  There's a Giant White Stork in this pit!!")

That's all for now....

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Loggerhead camp

        I talked to Jay Tummelson and found out that he cleaned out the
camp.  Here is what we found; one Oil Lantern, Silver Dragon Statue,
two unreadable scrolls, One short sword, and One Black Ball.  I was a bit
dissapointed with the treasure, but not greatly disapointed.  The camp
we cleaned out was in the Kunbar, We are heading to the starth to rebuild
a temple and clean out another loggerhead camp.  Hopefully it will have 
better treasure.  Also I can confirm that the Oil latern does not use
regular coconut oil you have to make a voodoo concoction to get it to work.

        That is about it. I am going to attempt entering a koma den 3
times during my next turn.  It should prove to be interesting.  until

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: bugs

        There is one other thing that I forgot to mention and that is that
there has been a bug in the routine that erases loggerheads from the camps.
So what was happening is that people were killing loggerheads and they were
not getting increminted.  This bug has been fixed and camps that were being
cleaned out have be adjusted.  Jack said that there will be several camps that
will be cleaned out within the next week or two.

Subject: Fadil's MI turn

Last turn I killed 16 creatures.  15 of these came from a Anc. Graveyard
that I LVed five times.  For those of you interested here is how it happened.

1lv tomb leach
    Carrion Crow x2
        12 oculars

2lv tomb leach
    Carrion Crow x2
        9 oculars

3lv Cemetery Creeper +1 off
    carrion crow
    zombie x2
        Iron helm

4lv Carrion crow x2
    tomb leech 
        nothing gained

5lv Cemetery Creeper +1off
        Ran away

I was happy with the +2 off gain since that is why I'm hitting the Anc.
Graveyard anyway. Plan to do the same next turn in the hopes of getting
more wrestling off so I can pound on a blood mummy.  I did notice that as
I got weaker I started doing less damage.  Especially in wrestling but
also with my short sword.

Subject: rumors or truth?

Rumor has it that one may sell shields (like large iron) at Far Forges...
Is that true?

One can supposedly buy iron shovels at Far Forges...
Is this true, and if so, can one sell tuvian shovels to Far Forge?

Has anyone noticed any advantage in using an iron shovel, rather than
a tuvian shovel?  I noticed blurb of iron shovel states that one can
dig faster with it...  Has anyone have any facts to base this info on?
I mean blurbs don't anyways seem to be programmed as they are written...

From: Sindre Stabell <SIV91012@VM.BI.NO>

I was wondering if anyone in the US have figured out what it takes to
recieve the Sacrifice blurb.  My guess is that it is either a certain number
of rounds or some sort of God Favour statistic. Does anyone know?
One of my monsters has been an acolyte for 23 turns, and Kowtowed at two
different temples for 80 action points, - no sacrifice blurb yet.

Also, the jazzercise system has obviously been changed. Any ideas on how to
maximize muscle with the new system. (For older monsters the system appears
just the same, but for younger monsters there seem to be an random element).
My norman monster has 166 and I can do three for 26 and get +1,+2,+1 , but
for the young monsters (less than 100 muscle) I used to be able to jazz for
5 and then 4,4,4,4 and get +1 every time. Now that doesnt work anymore, and
jazzing for 16 has gotten me anything from +3 to +1.

Also the combat system has changed. Now you only do enough damage to kill
the creature you are fighting and nothing more.

From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  rumors or truth?

        Regarding your rumors I can confirm some of them.  It is true that
you can only sell shields at Far Forges. Also, you can buy iron shovels at
Far Forges (both my monsters have one).  I don't know if you can sell tuvian
shovels there or if the iron shovel actually works better. I have never used
mine for simple digging.
        On the same note, though, does anyone know where to sell a long sword?
I tried selling it at a Far Inn and couldn't.  I guess that means that a Far
Forge must take it as if not, no one does I guess.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: rumors

I can help out a little more on the rumors

You cannot sell tuvian shovel at a far forge, I think you can at a far
inn but I will have to check and old turn to be sure.  Long swords and
iron shovels can be sold at far forges along with silver and Iron darts.

I have not compared iron with tuvian shovels, all though I have heard of
people breaking their tuvian shovels.  Whereas I don't think that will, be
a problem with an iron shovel.  I will try to do some experimenting with
digging with both the tuvian and Iron shovel.


Well here are the results of Storm'n Norm'n -- BUT he/I am elated with
some aspects of the turn :-)

TWEEN:  Inn Stay => +33 health (Paid for I3)
         +1 Toughness
         +4 Spell pts...  (Only 1 temple visit BEFORE this turn) :-)

DI = Back on diet, since I am not seeing much if any advantage in not dieting
      (I thought by not dieting I was gaining 1 or 2 health points back,
       when I ate normally...  I may be in error...)  Does anyone feel we gain
       more health by eating more (not dieting)?

H-- = Lime Tree - NO RIPE FRUIT!  I HATE LIMES! This is my 8th, and I haven't
                  found one in season YET!

J 1 = I'm Norman, if the name didn't clue ya :-)  This gave me +7 Health
      back during my make camp (I'm at 101% Health!!!)  Now to hit an
      A. Graveyard 5ish times next turn :-)

One can practice with Silver tipped darts and iron darts?  So it is
slings, hand catapults, and these darts -- anything else like rattler darts
or such??  (I'm sure we cannot practice with Fart Bombs and Zinki darts,
UNLESS made another change...??  As per:  Quote from Jack, "Doing more
than 50 APs in Jazzercizing in ANY one turn WILL NOT be of any benefit."
four weeks later I found out thru our E-mail/MI-net, that that was FALSE
and we could get some significant Muscle increases...  And that was not the
only "misdirection" I have received over time... It is amazing at how much
Jack doesn't know about what he programmed - Arg...

Since iron darts and silver tipped darts are so valuable, that they
net a tidy profit when selling, are they lost after each use like Zinki
and Rattler darts.  Or can they be retrieved to use again (some or any
of them, that were used)...  Or are they expended, and thus lost from the
game like rocks and other darts?


Zoingo Ruby Dagger, sold at 'good' price for rare items, got me 57 occulars.

 "Beans are more important," replied the bean-counter.  And with that we end
 the February issue.  Keep those notes, questions, articles, & ideas coming.

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