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e-Monster Issue Twenty-One

Editor: Scott Micheel

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Headlines this time:   the Ryan Gaffuri Controversy 
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Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
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Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Weapons/Armor Expert          Shawn Bilodeau  
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson

The Great Ryan Gaffuri Controversy

Ryan Gaffuri runs Ishmael, a former member of Shroud's Own.  SO is known as
the foremost 'evil' group in the game, and has a reputation as a secretive,
insular, and bloodthirsty group.  But Ryan's actions have spawned a great
deal of debate, and at the very least, gotten him booted out of Shroud's Own.

In a quest for information, Ryan insinuated himself into several other groups
(not least of which is the Disciples of Light) by pretending to be a new player
looking to join the group.  He then passed all the information he learned
over to members of his own group, including newsletters with sensitive
information in them.  Anyway, the wrong people found out
about this.  (Rumor says that Ryan's monster stayed at the Odd Terepus
while members of the White Tiger Clan were there; they recognized his
name and discovered that his monster was a Shroudovian and a member of SO).
Suffice it to say that Ryan's name became well-known in an amazingly
short period of time.

For a discussion of gaming ethics, you should go to Bif's Monster Resort
BBS, where the discussion has been raging the fastest.  I understand that
there is talk of a proposal to ABM being distilled out of it.  I hope to
bring you some more news on this next issue.  But this time, I thought I
would offer some space to Ryan himself, and Morgan Hartick, leader of
Shroud's Own.  But first, the letter that broke the news here on the net;

From: Ben Vincent

The word is out about Ryan Gaffuri.  There was a lot of
discussion about it during the last few weeks on Bifs, and eventually Chris 
Meyer told Glenn Fuller the name.  Glenn (the recruiter for SO) says he 
discussed it with the other leaders and they confronted Ryan (apparently he
hadn't been sharing any of the info anyone gave him because he offered to
show it to them -- they declined).  I guess they've asked him to leave.  They
didn't like the reputation SO was getting as a bunch of spies -- apparently 
Ryan contacted nearly every group in one way or another and everyone on Bifs
had some version of an SO infiltration story...

I suggest you contact him and see what he says is going on.
It might be worthwhile for you to download the last 200 messages in the Main
area on Bifs; there's been a lot of discussion of gaming ethics and death
policies and things.  A lot of ideas are going to be presented to Jack shortly
and a broader support base would be useful.  I think you'd find the discussions
very interesting.

Sender: "Morgan Hatrick" <MAMNON@AOL.COM>
Subject: Slander, Lies, and Shroud's Own

     Shroud's Own has been the subject of numerous PR attacks; I think it's
about time I cleared up a few misconceptions about Shroud's Own.  We keep a
political distance from the rest of the Island because we roleplay our
position; the dark forces in the north aren't dark enough, in our opinion. 
Their affiliations with Light monsters disqualify them from allying
themselves with us.  We have nothing to gain from making allies, and we don't
do charity work.  Shroud's Own has everything it needs--for power,
information, and comraderie, we look within our own ranks.  We can afford to
stand apart.
     Because of this distance we maintain, Shroud's Own has presented itself
as a likely target of negative propoganda.  The other reason is because we
are powerful and becoming more so.  It's because we roleplay our postion
(Shroud's evil cause) to the hilt that we seem a great threat, and therefore
subject to slander.  If those who feel threatened can reduce our credibility,
then they have less to fear, and no one likes to be afraid.  There's another
group of people who has slandered us; these are the people who believed the
first wave of hearsay that was spoken against us.  
     There's a few rumors floating around right now that I'd like to clarify
for the benefit of all.  Here's an oldy-but-goody: Shroud's Own has been
badgered about killing one of its own members, yet we're completely
guiltless.  It was said that we bragged about what we did, but the truth was,
we came clean with the announcement of an ugly reality.  We did what we had
to do; where ever we find our enemies, we'll kill them.  Recently, Ryan
Gaffuri has generated a great deal of negativity about Shroud's Own.  Tray
Custar was very much like Ryan, but Ryan is more vocal.  Everyone would
understand if we dealt with Ryan like we did with Tray, but they slandered on
account of Tray anyway.
     There's a real funny one out lately--one of Shroud's Own quit us to join
The Black Death.  When Ben Vincent read our policy on running monsters only
in Shroud's Own, he tried to convince us that it should be OK for him to run
his other monster outside our group because that other monster was so far
south.  I told him that we could make no exception, but I did offer a
severance of 50 oculars, no hard feelings, and he was also given the benefit
of the doubt from the start.  Many would consider a DOL member joining us an
infiltration,  but I said we'd call it a misunderstanding, and move on.  We
were very generous with our handling of this affair, but now it's being used
to make us look less desirable.
     We achieved the greatest victory the island has ever seen.  Because
we're Shroud's Own, every effort must be made to diminish our glory,
otherwise our actions will be allowed to speak against their slander.  So,
while we said nothing, (except among ourselves) our slanderers and Ryan ran
off at the mouth.  The term "pyrrhic victory" was applied to the Odd Terapus
Massacre; such a demonstration of power could not go unslandered in the eyes
of our enemies.  What would the rest of the Island think if they found out
that Shroud's Own policies actually do pay off!  This massacre was far from a
pyrrhic victory--we did not try to poach their temple.  That temple is too
close to the existing Shroud's Own temple, and too close to the Black Death
temple.  Also, we had no intention of stopping the sanctification; we waited
for a time when we knew the most Kabukians would be there.  That Light temple
is a Kabuki death-trap that will continue to do more for us than it will for
Kabuki, and the death cries of so many lightsiders is music to Shroud's Own
     Before you convict Shroud's Own, insist on proof, not hearsay; you'll
find the slanderers can't provide any.  Shroud's Own must be great indeed, to
inspire so much; we've done nothing except gather our power around us--are
they scared?  If anyone has any questions about Shroud's Own, don't listen to
rumors, come directly to us--we'll be glad to put your mind at ease. 

On a lighter and friendlier note, I'd like to commend Brian Derks for
reporting the truth as he knew it about the Odd Terapus Massacre.  He
presented an objective account of the facts.  

From: "Ryan Gaffuri" <INT201A49@ORION.DEPAUL.EDU>

Please submit this into the newsletter.

About Shroud's Own having knowledge of my activities; the way SO is set up,
Everything is run through Morgan. So NO ONE besides Morgan knew what I was
doing. You may not believe me, but some of you must have contact with someone
in SO, maybe from another game? These people did not lie to you, and
you should not take it out on them.

Morgan knew what I was doing.  I sent him DOL and WTC newsletters along with
other info.  I have been told that he has returned these without reading them.
That may be so, but when these newsletter were 3 weeks late to him (because of
a printer problem) he asked me what was taking them so long! No one else saw
them and no one else knew I sent them.

I don't expect you not to come after me. I look forward to it if it happens.
It gives me something to do in the game. But Morgan isn't innocent either.

I did not forward any of the mapping info I gathered to *anyone*.
The SO remains map poor. Please don't use that as an excuse to attack
members of SO. They have not seen your map info, and will not.

Shroud's Own is plenty capable of taking care of themselves (look at what
they did to the WTC.)  Though I am no longer a part of SO, I will continue
to provide help and aid to it's members, except for Morgan Hatrick's
monsters.  I ask you again to not judge them by my actions.
(I will not help any enemies of Morgan's to find him either, so don't
even ask.)

I do have a few personal bones to pick with Morgan. He didn't notify me of
my dismissal from the group, though he did tell others. I found out from one
of them. I called Morgan and he said that he was working on a letter to me.
It is rumored that he wanted to keep me in the dark until he could get
a group of monsters together to kill my monster.

Morgan has sole control of SO. I am the only player that I know of
that has tried to organize a group of SO players to travel together.
No one else communicates. Morgan wants it that way. He wants everyone to
get their information from him. He did not even want me to join
the Discussion group as a member of SO and wanted me to stay anonymous
on the Newsletter.

I have sent a very brief statement to Morgan for entry into the BMT. If
it is even entered into the BMT, I expect a reply that is much longer.
I have tried on several occasions to enter stuff into the BMT, but Morgan
said that the stuff he had to say on behalf of SO was more important.

I am now the third person that Morgan has eliminated from Shroud's
Own. The first was Tray Custar (Boa), Ben Vincent (Zagrolder) was 2nd
(he's now in Black Death) and me. When we attacked and killed Boa, Morgan
didn't tell us the identity of the target until after the fact.  

According to Ben Vincent, after Morgan found out he had another 
monster in DOL, Morgan told him to drop SO's totems.  I don't think Ben knew
that it was SO policy to only run characters in SO, it is SO policy to notify
people of this ahead of time and to let them go peacefully. Then Ben found
out from someone in the group that Morgan tried to have Zagrolder killed.
Ben was upset, and told the DoL about the problem, and said he would share
information with them, or anyone who wants it (I don't blame him.) I and
several people I contact within the group did not find out about Zagrolder's
removal until told in November. Morgan did not even notify us. Morgan
denies trying to kill Zagrolder.

Morgan believes that any group that does not strictly have Dark members
is an enemy and that we are alowed to attack them on sight. I thought that
we should try to work with other dark groups and fuvah groups. That is
one of the underlying reasons why I did what I did, to find out who
was hostile and who wasn't.

About the WTC attack. Several members of SO wandered accross the temple that
the WTC was rebuilding.  Morgan asked me to spend three turns next to it
and cast Detect Rival Followers. This put me in grave danger, but I even
volunteered to have Ishamael sit in the square so the temple couldn't be
sanctified. I contacted him after each of these turns to tell him what I
discovered and even wrote a report for our newsletter. Morgan then had most
of the players participating in the attack *send him their account numbers*
and *he wrote out and sent in turns for them.* I refused to send him mine.

As a final note; I have goodwill toward SO, and I hope most of them may
have for me.  But if my Ishmael is attacked by members of SO, I am quite
capable of making life hard for them; I still retain a *lot* of data on
the group, and have a lot of contacts who will recieve the info with glee.

Anyone personally offended by me, I have to say 'tough.' I have
played other games and done other things. I am not dropping the game and I
am looking forward to this new challenge. All I ask is that you don't hold
SO accountable for my actions.  Thank you for listening.

Subject:  For Lack of Honor

  I want to remain polite and civil, but that leaves me at a loss for words
when I consider what I must say concerning Ryan Gaffuri.  
  I am appalled at the number of people who have been lied to, and the amount
of money wasted on long-distance charges, etc.; all because of one person's
utter lack of gamesmanship.  I'm truly sorry that Ryan Gaffuri ever wore our
totems; I apologize for his actions on behalf of my group, and I ask you to
please believe that he is in no way representative of our membership.  The
members of Shroud's Own are roleplayers, our monsters are evil but our
players are just regular people.
  I don't want to be too hard on Ryan, but he doesn't seem to realize where
the game leaves off and real life begins.  Ryan has devoted TREMENDOUS
amounts of time and energy into subversive activities at the expense of
  I have observed firsthand the negative effects of his deceitful campaign. 
So many people have complained about Ryan's unscrupulous methods; they told
me he was ruining the game.  I can only say that we of Shroud's Own promise
to conduct ourselves with honor and integrity, and by ostracizing Ryan, we
are doing what we can in the name of ethical gamesmanship.  
  I don't want to get personal, but I'm very serious about what I've said
here.  I hope Ryan can tell when he's not wanted.  If he reads this, I would
request that he neither call my house, nor attempt any correspondence with

In response to a few of Ryan's latest fables:

  He says I specifically requested the information he stole from other
people. --What I did was to request information he had alluded to sometime
back; there was a time when we had no idea what Ryan was up to.  When I
received the info and learned of Ryan's methods, everything changed.  I
returned all he sent me (to their respective sources), and banished him from
our ranks.  
  Ryan is now trying to play "troubled-hero-on-the-run".  He professes an
interest in aiding Shroud's Own.  However, he is entertaining an
ill-conceived fantasy, because Shroud's Own will have NOTHING to do with him.
He says he wants to help the members of Shroud's Own, but each time he even
speaks our group's name, we cringe.
  Ryan indicates that Shroud's Own has little cooperative spirit or
infrastructure--I think he's trying to "help" us by spreading further
misinformation.  For clarification on anything Ryan says regarding Shroud's
Own, please contact Glenn Fuller--Minister of Policy, Jeff Taylor--Executive
Officer, or myself.
  Ryan spoke of killing Zagrolder many times.  In letters he sent to me and
others, he explained his desire to kill Ben Vincent's monster.  Ryan has
always walked apart from the rest of us; Shroud's Own had no desire to
execute Zagrolder.  Ryan's intentions were yet another example of how he was
taking a clear policy and creating confusion and attempting dissent.
  Ryan has mentioned sending a submission to be included in the BMT.  I can
assure everyone that, of course, it will be included, unless it's an attack
on personal character; vulgarity will also disqualify it.
  Ryan has implied that I would abuse my editorial position in relation to
his submission.  As I've always maintained, all items of a political/personal
nature would be included, with a few exceptions.  Items have been cut which
were inflammatory, vulgar, or repetative, and each group is held to a
reasonable amount of space in each issue.  
  I am beginning to take real offense at Ryan's spiteful attacks.  If his
defamation campaign continues, I will be seeking protection from ABM, and/or
a civil court of law.  There have been many people hurt by Ryan's activities;
if you're one of the many who've been hurt by him (financially or otherwise),
please forward an explanation of your troubles with Ryan to me.  If you have
any evidence, please include it. --Morgan

[I don't intend to continue this exchange, but I felt that the readers of
 the newsletter would appriciate being aware of the situation. -- Scott]

Emailing your turns to ABM

From: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (jonesey)

Warning on emailing turns: I sent in a turn on Dec 11 or 12 with an
address change (going home for xmas break) and it wasn't processed (the
change, I mean). Got back to school today, and there's my happy turn
waiting in my stinkin' mailbox, where it's been since the day after I left
school.  Now instead of 3 turns behind I'm 5 or so. Grrr.  Here is the
format I use so that things look neat and are right aligned (I do it with
spaces, also monster number changed to protect the innocent =+):

T    8 
I 1111
B  344    1
X  374 1111
W    5   99

Here is a copy of a msg I sent to Bob at abm.

  "Since submitting turns by email is a new (ad)venture for MI, I thought you
  might like some help.  As you probably know, there is a Monster Island
  newsletter that is sent out each month by electronic mail by Scott Micheel.
  The latest newsletter had your new address and some information about
  emailing turns.  The current press run is 99 people, so there are a lot of
  potential email turns coming your way.  The biggest headache I can see for
  you guys is simply figuring out how to process the turns, since they will
  all be formatted slightly differently.  I have heard that you would prefer
  not to receive turns by email, but I think that we could make it easy on
  you by setting up a standard format that is easy for abm to process.  The
  format could be distributed to players with email access via the
  newsletter.  Using email saves us (the players) time and money, and we all
  have a vested interest in helping you out if we can.

And this is what he replied:

  "You asked about speed of processing Email turns. To guarantee getting a turn
  to us in time it would have to be in my Email box by 9am ET.  I download all
  my Email around that time.  Usually I access both PSI and AOL again later in
  the day but by then some of the Quest games will have already run for the
  day.  Usually we process MI a couple times a day so its possible that a MI
  turn could still get done the same day even then."
I also gave him my opinion that it would be no fun to get MI results by
email.  ABM is running a game of quest play-by-email to try it out, but Bob
agreed with me that MI would not be so good to play that way.
I asked him about standardizing email 'turn cards' and said that I was
willing to create an email standard to make it easier for them, but he
implied that since they do not have a parser, it doesn't really matter as
long as the turn looks like a snailmail card.  I suggest (to you) that we
come up with an email standard, simply to reduce the possibility of
confusion on all sides, and distribute it to the group.  What do you think?

My turn setup follows (names changed to protect the innocent):


Monster #: xxxx
   Acct #: xxxxx
Day Cycle: x

T    2
W    5   23
T    8 
J   31
T    8
Z   20
T    1
J   26
T    1
J   26
T    8 
I xxxx
B  344    1
X  374 xxxx
W    5   99

Note that I leave enough space to put 4 characters in each column.  If you
can think of any improvements, send 'em my way.

*****Editor says: A standard format is a great idea, to reduce problems on
     all sides.  I do have two comments on your propsed form; there are
     supposed to me monsters with 5-digit monster numbers, so to be
     prepared for that you should have 5 spaces.  Also, I don't know what
     type of software or printer ABM uses, but it might be better to have
     the columns separated by Tabs, rather than spaces.  Also, to borrow
     some hints from another pbm company, I would probably add the word
     END after the last order, or even "END, number of orders = xx".
     Anyone out there have any ideas?


Letters from our readers.........................


My monster is skill level 4 in missle weapons.  I had him try to 
buy skill level 4 weapons training at the far Inn, hoping that he would
receive some training.  Unfortunaly I was told that the weapons master did
was not able to train me. Oh, well It was worth a try. I bought advanced 
stealth at the black swan and recieve 62 stealth.

Subject: MI : Jim Wuerch contact?

     Try as I might, I still cannot contact Jim Wuerch to procure a registered
copy of the Monster Mapper.  I send him a letter via US Mail about a month ago
and have received absolutely no response, even at the new address that you
gave in the previous issue of the E-Monster News.  As far as I can tell, he is
either unwilling to respond to inquiries about his software or he has been
killed and is therefore unable to respond.  I'm sure he could make a lot more
money selling his product if he'd write back to people who asked for more
information, oh well...

From: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (jonesey)

 - Congrats on a 99 press run!  We are no doubt going to break 100 in
January.  When I was 'running' things, as much as things can be controlled
around here, the run was around 50 as I recall (spring 92).  Of course all
we had then was diehard netters and a couple of aol types, not the huge
proliferation of services we have today.  As Hannibal Smith was so fond of
saying, I love it when a plan comes together.

  Just an historical note: in reading about the various newsletters, my
memory was given a jog by the mention of THE MEGA-UNOFFICIAL MONSTER ISLAND
HINT LIST, which I published on November 25, 1991 (you've come a long way,
baby).  I had put a message soliciting MI players in, and
someone put my address in the MI Journal, along with that of Cheryl Frech. 
after a few weeks, we had 20 or so people exchanging messages chaotically
at a high rate, and I saw the need to try to make some sense of things. 
Someone sent me a hint list originally compiled by Cheryl Frech.  It was a
mess, and after being whipped into shape, it debuted at around 3000 words. 
It was revised once, then again on January 23, 1992, and now stands at 3300
words, but it has not been revised since the inception of the newsletter. 
I can't imagine how long it would be if I were to try to put it together
today, since the game had only been running for 2 years then and the oldest
players were younger than 70 turns.  My own young monster (mistah hurtz)
was around 25 at the time of first publication, and is now 91 and 5 turns

(One of the original mysteries in the first hint list was what the
hell a purpumkin is used for.  Some things never change...)

From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
Subject: new spell

As far as I know, this is the actual blurb (from Jeff Ross aka Marlin Perkins,
as seen on Bif's Monster Resort)

Spell #2 and #802 Ensnare Creature
This advanced disciple spell magically captures a creature in front of you.
Issue the Cast Spell order: C 2 or C 802.  The former to use immediately and
the latter to use as a defensive battle spell.  There is no action point cost.
The Spell Point cost varies depending on the creature.  If you haven't done
something with a creature captured this way by the time you make camp, the
creature is released - which might lead to a battle with it.  Full size deep
pits (i.e. 24 hands deep) can accommodate most any creature - so this spell
can get you something big to trap a pit with.  Warning: Jossmen like to use
their vast stockpile of spears on anyone who releases a Creature in a square
where they live.

Subject: loggerhead camps

        I have some information on loggerhead camps.  According to the 
loggerhead camp blurb, there are between one and two dozen loggerheads
in a camp.  So after our group killed 27 loggerheads,  I called jack
to find out what was going on.  He told me that it is possible to have
to kill as many as 50 loggerheads inorder to clean out the camp.  He said
though that 40 would be more likely.  I dont understand why the blurb 
says that there is one to two dozen when there is almost twice that amount????
So I guess that we will have to hang in there to get the last dozen or so...

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: bugs

        There is one otherthing that I forgot to mention and that is that
there has been a bug in the routine that erases loggerheads from the camps.
So what was happening is that people were killing loggerheads and they were
not getting increminted.  This bug has been fixed and camps that were being
cleaned out have be adjusted.  Jack said that there will be several camps that
will be cleaned out within the next week or two.


        Hello, and thank you for sending me my first editon of eMonster!  I
think it's great, and I look forward to seeing it again, soon! I just wanted
to see if I could get some of the back issues?  And, was hoping you could
mention that I am a member of the Island Geographic you guys do
that, do personal ads and stuff?  Anyway, if you do...I'm soon to become a
Disciple of Kabuki, but I'd like to follow a Demigod.

*****Editor Says: Back issues are available for the asking; I have all of
     my issues, and a handful of jonesey's & Cheryl's.

Subject: Temple locations, etc.

Of course I prefer to see your Temple lists in Fire Rider's coordinates. 
Ces't la vie.  The new list looks real good.  There's another Fuvah Temple,
'Scarlett II',  @370y,420x, and I've heard they've started another almost due
east of there in the Kunbar.  And I still think that S7 @272,361 is Fuvite.

Subject: Prices

>From the new Lord of the Hard Sell:  I am honored and humbled at this grand
task ahead of me.  I hope to be the Consumer's Reports of Monster Island. 
But I need help from you scattered adventurers.  Thanks go out to jhagedorn
and russcal for their info.  They filled in a lot of blanks.

As a northerner, my knowledge of Dixie is all second-hand.  Who has info from
the Crooked Nose, Hamilton's Cove, the Blushing Lady, and the Cocked
Spyglass?  What do they sell, with prices and order codes?  What is their
pricing for weapons, etc, training, and Inn Stay prices?  You know, the
works.  And do they have Garlic Grits on the menu?

I am very interested in appraisals from any Inn with Poor or High pricing. So
far, I know only 2:  The Grackle is High for weapons and Drokorn's Stead is
Low on armor.  [The Grackle and Happy Junglemon seem to be the best places to
sell, overall.  And Drokorn's Stead is the pits.]

Who has appraisals on the following, and where from?  Or if they have any

Damaged Iron Shield [346], Gnitgnoff [98], Lime Elixir [64]], Locked Large
Box [384], Opened Large Box [394] (and has anyone seen small boxes?),
Tortoise Shield [44], Black Ball [354], Kudo Bone [399], Reptron Salve [56],
Silver Ring [206], and Zoingo Ruby Dagger [364]

Coming soon will be a complete [?] list for Inn pricing.  I recently received
a bunch of price lists from the DoL on Bif's Monster Resort BBS.
I am also working on Far Forge prices.  Who has info from them, particularly
the Dark Anvil, Borsthead's, and Silver Hook?  So far, I haven't seen more
than 2 different prices for any item at Forges.   And I'll
probably list separately those items [magical or whatever] that cannot be
sold.  Did you know that Unread Scrolls are valuable but identified ones
cannot be sold?  If I can't use a read scroll, I'll leave it at a Temple for
someone else to find.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: I am back

Hi, I am back on the net.
My new address is  I would like to get a reply from everyone,
I am going to do some house cleaning, and would like to make sure everyone is
still alive out there.  There are several people that I have not heard
from in a while. 

From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Do you have any idea how the hillock repopulating works?
Are they all repopulated at the same time (like that thing many, many turns
ago about the wild growing spree that seemed to repopulate everything) or is
it some kind of wait X turns after cleaned out deal?

*****Editor says: If 'twere me, I would keep a count of turns, and have it
     checked every turn for repopulation, with a larger chance the longer
     it has been.  But I don't know.  I can confirm that they *do* repopulate,
     I have evidence of one just recently found to be full again.

From: Dana Barker <>

Group pursuits: Joel Halpern has been super nice, keeping in
contact with me. I'm leaning toward his group, right now. I'm waiting for the
others to contact me; and see what they have to offer me. I want to find a
"good-fit" for Bunn. I've written to nearly all the Light groups (as well as
Fire Riders, and Order Of the White Rose). The ones I've heard from are:
           1. Cult Of Nine Lives
           2. Sons Of The White Rose
           3. Paladins Of The Island Guild      
           (All of these are really interesting).
Maybe the others are busy or something. I need to hear from all I wrote to,
before I make a decision.
              Peace & Good Karma,
                 Dana & Bunn 

From: Timothy Edward Ciciarelli <TEC2T@FERMI.CLAS.VIRGINIA.EDU>

I was wondering what kind of wrestling skills you need to defeat
a blood mummy.  I've got 19o 12d 1t... will this cut it?

*****Editor says:  Looks good to me.  My Stompin Rocksoul can do it, with
     only 18o 9d 0t (though he used a silver knife and has some silver armor)

From: "Bob Cook" <P00661@PSILINK.COM>
Organization: Adventures By Mail, Inc.
Subject: Re: Monster Island info

Thanks for the nice plug in the PBM newsgroup!  I enjoyed reading it.

*****Editor says:  Official recognition! :-)  I bask in glory! :-)  Anyone
     interested, check out newsgroup.  If you have any
     suggestions as to how I should revise or add to it, please tell me.

From: Gerald Hagedorn <HAGEDORN@UMR.EDU>
Subject: Loggerhead camp

        I talked to Jay Tummelson and found out that he cleaned out the
camp.  Here is what we found; one Oil Lantern, Silver Dragon Statue,
two unreadable scrolls, One short sword, and One Black Ball.  I was a bit
dissapointed with the treasure, but not greatly.  The camp
we cleaned out was in the Kunbar, We are heading to the Starth to rebuild
a temple and clean out another loggerhead camp.  Hopefully it will have 
better treasure.  Also I can confirm that the Oil Lantern does not use
regular coconut Oil; you have to make a voodo concaction to get it to work.

From: "Jerry E. Ritchie" <>

Here is one of the many lists the DoL keeps on Bif's Monster Resort;
the Group Conversion Table.  We have many more; just call up Bif's to
learn about them.

The DOL has even appointed a new staff position : List Director, Sharyl Leis,
337 Oxford St, Winnipeg, MB   R3M 3H9, Canada
The new staff position function exactly as it sound - a single person to
manage all of the DOL's various lists of data.  All lists (as are all back
issues of the eMonster News) are available online at Bif's Monster Resort.

Current Lists include: Far Post Buy/Sell, Group Coordinate Conversions,
Far Inn/Far Forge Buy/Sell, Making a Living, Far Structure Locations, and soon
to come Temples, and Far Inn / Far Forge services. 


The following is a list of group coordinate system conversions:

   DOL -> FIR (  97x,  45y)     GOF -> DOL (  22x,  19y)  
   DOL -> GOF ( -22x, -19y)     GOF -> FIR ( 119x,  64y)
   DOL -> SFF (  22x,  56y)     GOF -> SFF (  44x,  75y)
   DOL -> WHR (   2x,  35y)     GOF -> WHR ( -24x, -54y)
   DOL -> C9L (  42x,-116y)     GOF -> C9L (  64x, -97y)
   DOL -> COG (  92x,   0y)     GOF -> COG ( 114x,  19y)
   DOL -> NET ( 397x, 309y)     GOF -> NET ( 419x, 328y)

   FIR -> DOL ( -97x, -45y)     SFF -> DOL ( -22x, -56y)
   FIR -> GOF (-119x, -64y)     SFF -> FIR (  75x, -11y)
   FIR -> SFF ( -75x,  11y)     SFF -> GOF ( -44x, -75y)
   FIR -> WHR (  95x,  10y)     SFF -> WHR ( -20x, -21y)
   FIR -> C9L ( -55x,-161y)     SFF -> C9L (  20x,-172y) 
   FIR -> COG (  -5x, -45y)     SFF -> COG (  70x, -56y)
   FIR -> NET ( 300x, 264y)     SFF -> NET ( 375x, 253y) 

   WHR -> DOL (  -2x, -35y)     C9L -> DOL ( -42x, 116y)
   WHR -> FIR ( -95x, -10y)     C9L -> FIR (  55x, 161y)
   WHR -> GOF (  24x,  54y)     C9L -> GOF ( -64x,  97y)
   WHR -> SFF (  20x,  21y)     C9L -> SFF ( -20x, 172y)
   WHR -> C9L (  40x,-151y)     C9L -> WHR ( -40x, 151y)
   WHR -> COG (  90x, -35y)     C9L -> COG (  50x, 116y)
   WHR -> NET ( 395x, 274y)     C9L -> NET ( 355x, 425y)

   COG -> DOL ( -92x,   0y)     NET -> DOL (-397x,-309y)
   COG -> FIR (   5x,  45y)     NET -> FIR (-300x,-264y)
   COG -> GOF (-114x, -19y)     NET -> GOF (-419x,-328y) 
   COG -> SFF ( -70x,  56y)     NET -> SFF (-375x,-253y)
   COG -> WHR ( -90x,  35y)     NET -> WHR (-395x,-274y)
   COG -> C9L ( -50x,-116y)     NET -> C9L (-355x,-425y)
   COG -> NET ( 305x, 309y)     NET -> COG (-305x,-309y)

   DOL - Disciples of Light
   FIR - Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma
   GOF - Guardians of Fuvah
   SFF - The Stark Fist of Fuvah
   WHR - Order of the White Rose
   C9L - Cult of Nine Lives
   COG - The Cadets of Gascoyne
   NET - eMonster (InterNET) Newsletter

   DOL (0,0) is a Kabuki Temple 7 north and 3 east of the Twisted Tabulor.
   WHR (0,0) is the Dragon's Tale Far Inn.
   C9L (0,0) is Filton's Far Post.

If your group isn't listed use the following Far Inn locations to
calculate your group's conversion to DOL coordinates and from there you
can convert to the other listed groups' systems and figure the 
conversion to their system:

           The Happy Junglemon      DOL ( 29x,  22y)
           Cocked Spyglass          DOL ( 81x, -69y)
           Dorkorn's Stead          DOL (  7x,  98y)
           The Illuminated Torch    DOL ( 40x, 162y)
           Grimley's Fiendish Spot  DOL (-18x,  20y)

This information is distributed compliments of the Disciples of Light. 
Monster island players are free to copy each list in whole or in part as 
long as this note remains attached.  Everyone is requested to contact the
DOL with any updates/corrections. 

BBS: Bif's Monster Resort (317) 962-BIFS 8N1.

Revision History
1.00 11/15/93 Released
1.01 11/20/93 Added COG from Sharyl Leis via Bif's
1.02 11/23/93 Added C9L from Michael Curry via Bif's
1.03 01/08/94 Added NET from eMonster 20, corrections, and
              finished conversions from previous 2 updates.


    On your list of Far Posts I have the following Info:
      ?    55, 161 = Filton
      ?    70,191  = Dallan
      ?    63, 107  = 64, 107 Kiltor
      ?    12, 30 =   13,30  Kiltak
      ?    165, 234 = Migton
      ?    81, 250  = Wastak
      ?    1?, 124  = 17, 124  Kilton.
  also you list -19, -85 as Willam, I list that one as Willan.

   In #19 you gave a list of Far Inns prices and services, when I downloaded it
and put it on my wordprocessor all the columns got screwed up and I can not
make heads or tails out of it.  Maybe you could mail it to me and see if it
comes out ok.  If not maybe I could get a hard copy or something.

From: Michael Powell <74146.2211@CompuServe.COM>

Another great way to improve your wrestling is hitting an ancient graveyard
2 or 3 times in one turn.  You get lots of cemetary creepers and loot
besides.  Of Course you also take a *lot* of damage.

*****Editor says: I found a great place to get Wrestle skill; a spot near
     the Dragon's Tale with two barkbrutes and two mudges all in a row.
     I have been getting +3 offense, +1 defense every turn for three turns
     now.  I reccomend that starting monsters try mudges first, barkbrutes
     second, Graveyards third, and Tombs fourth (it was a Blood Mummy that
     beat the stuffing out of me and started this whole thread in the
     first place.)
Subject: eMonster question: King Ock Mushroom Groves

There was a discussion in the newsletters some time ago about what to do
at a King Ock Mushroom Grove.  Did anyone ever figure this out (and I
just missed it)?

*****Editor says:  It's a mystery for the ages.

From: Joshua Singer <JBS@DCS.EDINBURGH.AC.UK>

I think I read once that the higher levels of weapon skills can be attained
by joint training between monsters at a fort. Can any group substantiate this?

From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>

Some people are having trouble getting mail to you at this address.  I was 
wondering if it would work for me.

*****Editor Says:  Obviously he reached me fine.  Others are having some
     trouble.  Anyone *not* receiving this should contact me.  At the old
     address, I mean.  If doesn't work, my old address at should forward everything to me after a short

Reply-To: (Jack Vinson)
Subject: Re: Monster Island statistics

If anyone wants their monster's successes noted, I can add notes to this
table for bragging rights.  Obviously, not everyone wants their Monster's
statistics given away.

The table is pretty self-explanatory.  Each Turn is in a row with the
low/high for each statistic below its average.  The number in () on the
second line is the number of monsters reported for that statistic.

Note:  I have information on one Baby Ruk and after 8 turns, it blows away
all competition on toughness, muscle, monsterliness, blurbs and kills.
I've removed it from the statistics to provide a more balanced view of things.

Average Monster Statistics
Turn   Toughness   Muscle   Badness   Stealth Monsterliness Blurbs    Kills
----   ---------   ------   -------   ------- ------------- ------    -----
  1        52        26        30        10       138        11
(8)     47/58     18/33     25/43      3/25    120/158     8/16      0/0   

  8        70        42        35        12       258        49        12
(47)     20/93     27/79     16/60      4/33    211/355    31/66      4/23  

 16        85        64        42        14       368        74        26
(47)     67/100    40/108    17/67      5/34    284/490    48/96     10/51  

 24       102        87        52        22       486        96        42
(44)     76/125    46/131    26/90      7/57    377/581    62/124    19/78  

 32       119       105        63        26       593       119        64
(39)     84/145    64/155    27/95      8/55    421/733    83/158    33/117 

 40       131       113        73        32       675       133        81
(27)    106/160    74/157    34/105    15/80    489/805    98/161    46/121 

 50       147       131        86        42       801       157       108
(24)    132/174    93/181    56/115    17/76    583/935   112/210    66/166 

 75       170       158       110        53       996       187       149
(11)    159/183   135/201    81/129    20/73    806/1130  136/228    80/207 

100       188       200       131        66      1287       234       233
(8)    175/206   173/243    98/148    46/84    985/1436  199/280   155/292 

125       207       229       148        82      1482       258       320
(4)    197/219   218/251   133/164    50/146  1265/1748  241/283   218/461 

   Stay tuned for next months exciting episode of Skippy the Wonder Slug...
          Same Slug-time, same Slug-channel, demand yours today!

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