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e-Monster Issue Twenty

Editor: Scott Micheel

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       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r    News 12-25-93
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Headlines this time:   Temples!  One More Time!
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                       War in the South *and* North
                       Monster Island newsletters
     Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month, come hell or
high water.  Publisher and Editor is <SCOTT Micheel>;
send all submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription info
to that address.  eMonster News is distrubted free for the asking to anyone
able to receive it on INTERNET, CompuServe, GEnie, Delphi, America Online,
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Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Group Man                     Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Weapons/Armor Expert          Shawn Bilodeau  
Capture Creature Captain      Larry Barrows
Statmaster                    Jack Vinson
Seeker of Demigods            Ben Vincent
Lord of the Hard Sell         Tom Richardson
TEMPLES!  ONE MORE TIME!  Maybe we can finally get it right.
Thanks to the following for corrections
Robert James
and to, who also informed me that the Fire Riders changed
coordinate systems on me, and that what I used last time wasn't even the
old system.  For the record, what we use is now to be officially known as
the Net coordinate system.  (To convert Net to Fire Riders add -264y, -300x).
Latest update: 12-25-93
The following is a list of all known Temples.  All coordinates are in the
Net system.  A few Net landmarks are included to help you get your bearings.
y    x
496, 395        Odd Terepus Far Inn
439, 390        Grackle, Grouse, & Grail Far Inn
380, 403        Claw & Tooth Far Inn
329, 379        Grimley's Fiendish Spot Far Inn
252, 377        Crooked Nose Far Inn
--- Shroud ---------------------------------------------------------------
y    x     #    Built by        location
501, 481        English 2       North Kunbar
491, 368  #524  Shroud's Own 1  Upper Gwardon
478, 416  #437  Black Death 1   Jagged Mor North
468, 470        English 1       North Kunbar
467, 445        Fire Rider S1   North Kunbar
447, 491        S1              North Kunbar
384, 397        S11             Jagged Mor Mid
368, 431        S2              Jagged Mor Mid
362, 370        S10             Mid Gwardon
354, 404        S3              Jagged Mor Mid  <MAY 402x 348y, at be>
337, 375        S9              Mid Gwardon
298, 390        S4              Jagged Mor South <MAY at be 403x 288y,>
298, 435        S5              Jagged Mor South
284, 484        S6              South Kunbar
272, 361        S7              South Gwardon   <7 & 8 are too close>
250, 370  #541  S8              South Gwardon
--- Fuvah ----------------------------------------------------------------
y    x     #    built by        location
500, 428        F1              Jagged Mor North
482, 458        F2              North Kunbar
447, 441        F3              North Kunbar
406, 384        Scarlett 1      Jagged Mor Mid
400, 428        F9              Jagged Mor Mid
355, 378        F5              Jagged Mor Mid    <MAY at be 374x 355y,>
314, 429        F6              Jagged Mor South  <MAY at be 429x 324y,>
291, 398        F7              Jagged Mor South
258, 382  #461  F8              Jagged Mor South  <MAY at be 371x 255y,>
255, 419        Stark Fist 1    Jagged Mor South
--- Kabuki ---------------------------------------------------------------
y    x     #    built by        location
512, 419        K4              Jagged Mor North
501, 392        K3              Jagged Mor North
452, 458        K2              North Kunbar
440, 428        K5              Jagged Mor North
407, 447        K6              Mid Kunbar
395, 390        K1              Jagged Mor Mid
333, 443        DoL 3           Mid Kunbar
329, 361        DoL 1           Mid Gwardon
309, 397        DoL 2           Jagged Mor South
279, 446        Mystic 1        South Kunbar
Here is some info from our German friends:
>From Wed Nov  3 08:48:17 1993
>From Fri Nov  5 09:50:48 1993
Here are the Oktober-High Scores of the German Hall of Fame.
(About 750 monsters were evaluated):
turn            6       12      18      24    ! total HS (after 26 weeks)
toughness       -       -       93      120   !   125
muscle          71      103     115     96    !   115
badness         50      64      85      80    !   88
stealth         -       22      20      24    !   57
killed creat.   16      27      35      46    !   72
battled monst.  5       5       9       9     !   17
monsterliness   259     363     465     472   !   597
blurbs will be included next rating...
I make a rating for every 6 turns and I plan to switch to ten turns after
reaching turn 30 (means 40, 50, 75, 100... like your list).
Only players who want to be included in the hall of fame are used for the high
scores. The total high score was the absolute maximum after 26 weeks (that's
the time, MI runs in Germany). Monsters that beat a high score before the
mentioned turn are also included (for example the badness of 85 after 18 turns
was reached with turn 15). The list needs willing players who send there stats
to me (check the the GMs) and that's the reason for lower ratings in the 24
turn category since most monsters haven't reached that much turns.
I hope, this gives you some insights to the German scores...
>From Tue Nov 30 13:28:31 1993
Subject: US Monster Island Statistics compiled for your pleasure
Okay folks, here is the most recent compilation of statistics for Monster
Island monsters.  Obviously, I can't tell you who has the best score in
each category, but I can tell you highs and lows for each.
The chart is pretty simple.  For each Turn, I list the average of the
statistic on the first line, then the low/high for those statistics on the
next line.  The number in parenthesis is the number of monsters for which I have
statistics in that Turn.  To see how statistics progress over Turns, simply
read down the column for that statistic.
As always, I'll be happy to take more information as it comes to me.
If anyone wants their monster's successes noted, I can add notes to this
table for bragging rights.  Obviously, not everyone wants their Monster's
statistics given away.
Average Monster Statistics (US)
Turn   Toughness   Muscle   Badness   Stealth Monsterliness Blurbs    Kills
----   ---------   ------   -------   ------- ------------- ------    -----
  8        69        42        34        12       259        49        13
(27)     20/93     27/79     16/60      6/33    211/355    31/66      4/23  
 16        85        62        40        13       369        75        28
(26)     67/99     40/108    17/67      6/34    284/490    48/96     10/51  
 24       101        83        51        18       481        95        44
(24)     76/125    46/121    26/90      8/57    377/581    62/124    19/78  
 32       117       103        64        27       593       120        65
(23)     84/140    64/144    27/95      9/55    421/733    83/158    33/117 
 40       131       111        74        33       671       132        81
(18)    106/155    74/157    34/105    15/74    489/805    98/161    46/121 
 50       149       127        88        39       790       155       107
(17)    132/174    93/181    56/115    17/76    583/935   112/174    66/166 
 75       171       151       115        59       988       184       160
(7)    159/183   135/164    82/129    42/73    806/1122  154/226   108/207 
100       186       198       132        66      1267       232       233
(6)    175/206   173/243    98/148    46/84    985/1425  199/262   155/292 
125       209       233       153        88      1471       263       319
(3)    197/219   223/251   134/164    50/146  1265/1748  246/283   218/461 
Note:  I have information on one Baby Ruk and after 8 turns, it blows away
all competition on toughness, muscle, monsterliness, blurbs and kills.
I've removed it from the stats to provide a more balanced view of things.
eMONSTER DEPARTMENTS---- Far Inn Prices----
Sender: "Tom Richardson" <SALMANILA@AOL.COM>
I'd love to be the official Price Keeper; if I
can't be Supreme Ruler of All I Observe, at least I'll have some title.
Is this a Civil Service position?  I'll dig up info on more items.
*****Editor:  Congratulations, you are now the official Lord of the Hard Sell.
     Anyone who wants a copy of the Sell To Far Inn list just ask Tom.  I
     think he may be getting together a Buy From Far Inn list too someday.
Sender: "russcal" <RUSSCAL@AOL.COM>
I thought I'd send you some data on item prices.  Pricing is listed as
p(oor), o(kay), f(air), g(ood), and h(igh).
302 Silver Jagged Dagger h26
342 Damaged Iron Dagger  h26
 20 Purple Lotus Elixir  p2 o3 f4 g4
 35 White Lotus Elixir   p5 o6 f8 g9 h10
397 Small Lockpick       h26
398 Large Lockpick       o20 f24 g27 h31
From: Scott Micheel <WARDEN>
A fine state of affairs!  Here I am, editor of the newsletter, combined
total of 149 turns in the game with multiple monsters, *leader* of The
Black Death (once the second oldest group in the game,) and only *now*
do I hear about Far Inn appraisals!  What is this?  Do you just Quest
at a Far Inn?  What is the order?  Help a poor ol' ingnorant player!
From: Michael Powell <>
Subject: From questing at a far inn I got:
TRADING WITH JOSSMEN- Jossmen are very fair traders. At their Far Posts
they always give you a fair price. At Far Inns, they tell you how well
they pay/charge for a category of items. When at a square having a Far
Inn, you can ask the Innkeeper to appraise your Armor, Weapons, and Rare
>> Mail from - Re: MI/aol prob?
Items. This is done in privacy, inside the Trade Room. The Innkeeper is
not likely to blab to anyone about what you have. The Innkeeper will tell
you what price his (or her) Inn will pay, for a fee of 1 Ocular. Issue
the APPRAISE order: AP. It takes 0 Action Pts. The Innkeeper will not appraise
items in the Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, or Special categories, nor items
bought/sold at a Far Post.
Sender: "Bob Cook" <ABMBOB@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Adventures By Mail
Yes, you can Email MI turns to this address.  Currently there is no extra fee
for doing so.
Subject: MI News
I've communicated with Bob Cook at ABM and he tells me that the
address will get your move into ABM, but the preferred address is  I think Bob would appriciate it if you made this know in
the next newsletter.  - EO
From: "Bob Cook" <P00661@PSILINK.COM>
Organization: Adventures By Mail, Inc.
Subject: Re: Monster Island?
Yes you can send your MI turns here.  Regarding format, you should see 
that your Email appears exactly like a turn card.  If you forget any of 
the heading information (especially monster#) it can't be input.
From: Scott Micheel <WARDEN>
Subject: MI/turns
I did get some responses from Jack on some leading questions.
You can indeed send your turns in over the net (to ) but
they would much rather have them mailed or faxed than emailed.
From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  MI/turns
        Has anyone actually tried emailing in turns?  I personally can't 
imagine why they wouldn't like it, and anyway if they have set it up, I for one
am going to use it.  I have no fax machine and Snail Mail is too slow, and I
miss a lot of turns and then have to hurry and try to make them up.  Also,
theoretically they could have everyone be forced to meet a certain format
(a kind of electronic turn card) and thus set up a parser routine and avoid
the data entry for email submissions if they wanted to.  Flying Buffalo does
this for Starweb and the like and it works just fine.
WAR IN THE SOUTH---- last issue's headline news
To clarify a few things regarding the temple south of the Blushing Lady:
That temple was originally claimed over a year ago by the Dark Knights;
at that time, the Guardians - especially Chip himself - agreed to let us 
(the Dark Knights) have that temple in return for one we had found near
our other temple (obviously unusable by us since it was within 25 squares).
Unfortunately, we weren't able to gather seven monsters for quite some time.
Therefore, Chip thought he'd pull a fast one and had one guy running three
monsters (or was it four?) build the temple in several turns while we were
busy cleaning out that loggerhead camp everyone is so interested in.  We
caught them just in the nick of time, and were able to kill Chip's monster
and sanctify the temple in the name of Shroud.
Chip pulled some wool over the DOL's eyes, claiming that we had attacked
him without provocation and stolen his temple.  Ha!  We were just ticked
off that he had the nerve to try to renege on our deal.  Yes, the DOL
showed up, caught us by surprise, and managed to kill one of us.  Big
deal, they got an Acolyte.  Congratulations, DOL.  In the meantime, the
rest of us managed to get our spells and clean out the Loggerheads.
You can add that temple to your list of Dark Temples, it is located
4 south, 2 east of the Blushing Lady (now you know why Chip wanted to
steal it!).  It also appears that this is the only temple in the Starth
region, so far.
Just wanted to present our side, I'm tired of everyone thinking that
the Dark Knights are the bad guys when we had every intention of keeping
our deal with the Guardians until they double-crossed us.  And we will
deal with the DOL when we think the time is right...
Steve Lindemann   -  Aka Dirty Dan Dolittle, Disciple of Shroud
From: (R. Eric Reuss)
Subject: Re: MI/news.nov
A quick note to respond to someone's version of the war in the south: The
Guardians never "yelled for help" to the Stark Fist -- WE found out about the
whole affair from the Dark Knights!
WAR IN THE NORTH---- Gripping news from the northern front!
Rumble in the Jungle!  Kabuki's from 2 groups just consecrated a Temple near
the Odd Terapus, and were immediately visited by at least 10 Shroudovians,
led by Macumba.  Early reports say that Rockwell, a Disciple of The 600 and
at least one of the Shroudovians were killed.  It looks like Shroud's Own
was trying to poach a rebuilt Temple and just missed, maybe by less than an
hour!  The phone lines were buzzing this weekend.
Other rumors...
A major battle in the North around the Odd Terepus as a Temple Sanctification
by the WTC and 600 was crashed by Shroud's Own; reports of losses vary,
but at least one of both sides died, and maybe as many as six lightsiders.
Initial reports indicate 8 lightsiders and 10 shroudians involved.
Subject: RE: War in the North
It has been confirmed. A minimum of 6 white tiger clan members have been
killed in the area of their temple.  SO lost one member.  This persons
death was due to the player's own error.
There are two more WTC members in the area who might be alive.
Yelmalio, a disciple with a light sword and an Acolyte named Azitl.
From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
Subject: War in the North
Chris talked to Brian Derks earlier this week.  According to him, the battle
at the WTC temple included 12-17 Shroudians -- including Macumba, and a few
other disciples, but mostly new guys (leather and carved club).  There were
two deaths on each side (kabuki - 1 disciple, 1 neophyte; shroud - 1 disciple,
1 acolyte).
From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
Subject: SO vs WTC
I've heard another report about the battle between Shroud's Own and the White
Tiger Clan: 4 Kabukians killed (1D, 2A, 1N), and 2 Shroudians killed (1D, 1A).
Two Kabukians are now disciples because of their kills...  Actually, not
all the Kabukians who were killed were WTC members; I don't know which were
or were not, but if not they were probably members of The Six Hundred.
Subject: WTC and Kitra
  I'm sorry to say but the WTC had a bad run
in with Shroud's Own. So far, this is all I know: We lost nine members
and one member of the 600. It took 18 attacks between turns to kill
the member of the 600. After that the people went down quick. Most 
were Acolytes and a few neophytes. But we did loose three Disciples,
one had a light sword, which was a really big loss. What really sucks
is that the 600 member had around 45 white lotus leaves. He had just bought
them, so he could make a bunch of lotus elixers. The 600 member
had three temples under his belt, now has 4. But now he has fireball,
which will help.
   Oh! As far as I know, we have killed 2. Not everyone has reported in.
*****Editor:  Ouch!  A pyrrhic victory for the Dark, as they fail to stop
     the Temple, but clear the field of Lightsiders.  Of course, they were
     all killed at a temple, so they probably weren't ghosts for long...
     Still a big stat loss, though.  Hmm... It begins to look like Rebuilding
     a Temple might just be the most hazardous action yet...
In my capacity as editor of the eMonster News, I get to see a bunch of
*other* newsletters on a kind of swap basis.  I thought I'd give you a
quick rundown of what's out there.
     The MI newsletter put out by the folks who run the game.  Sent out to
everyone.  I include it here for completeness.  4 and a half issues out.  Jack
the GM writes this.  Full of general information and coming attractions.
     The official newsletter for players, written by a player and published
by ABM, distributed to everyone.  I list it here for completeness.  8 issues
of BMT and 2 of LL have been published.  Morgan Hatrick writes this.  This
is the best place to contact lots of players, and is usually filled with
group ads and propoganda, as well as player fiction.
     The newsletter put out over email (Internet, CompuServe, GEnie, Prodigy,
America Online, Delphi, and a host of other systems).  I include it here for
completeness.  3 issues of MUHL, 10 issues of SN, 7 issues of EMN have been
sent out.  Scott Micheel writes it these days.  Lots of hints and helps,
including fairly detailed stuff.  Available to all -- over email.
     This newsletter dedicated to the Demigods.  Available to anyone who
sends in $1 to Ben Vincent, 308E Wadsworth Hall, Houghton MI 49931-1196.
Two issues out so far.  Sent by slowmail, but may be available via email
soon (send to to find out.)  Editor is Ben Vincent.
Actually, this newsletter is also general purpose, with news and a player
contact section.  Issue 1 mentions Great Caves (5 light sources, so you have
to have a spell or a lantern) which include fighting a creature on an island
in an underground lake, takes 160 APs?  Also the Lantern item is fueled by
some unknown oil, not coco palm oil.  Issue 2 has a very large listing of
Far Structures (including Far Posts) *including the id number* for each
one.  About 150 Far Posts, Inns, and Forges are listed, with coordinates.
Good stuff in here.
     The journal of The Order of the White Rose (group #728).  Published
every other week, 22 issues out so far.  Sent by slowmail.  Written by
Robert James.  I'm pretty sure you have to be a member to get a copy.
The Order is multi-religion, and is quite interested in looking for the
demigods.  Each issue is jam-packed with information gleaned from a vast
number of sources, including the Stark Fist.  A complete list of Far Inns
(up to and including the third line) and Forges formed the basis for the
list I printed in the last eMonster News.
     The journal of the Disciples of Light (group #760).  6 issues out that
I know of.  Sent by slowmail.  Written by Jerry Ritchie.  Also jam-packed
with information for lightsiders.  I have been given permission to reprint
certain things, like the Far Inn Appraisal list, in the eMonster News.
     The journal of (you guessed it) the White Tiger Clan (group #785).
 3 issues have been published.  This one was sent to me over email, I assume
that it is also sent out to members via slowmail.  Written by Brian Derks.
I have been told that it is available to Lightsiders only, and I have not
been given permission to pass anything on.  Brian is pretty good about
sending the general interest stuff to us all on the net though.  You've
read many notes from him in eMonster News.
     The journal of The Black Death (group #727).  This is sent out to members
over email and slowmail.  Written by my very own self, Scott Micheel.  Geez,
after seeing the rest of these newsletters, this just pales.  Every issue
of TBD is accompanied by the latest eMonster News, so eMonster gets all the
attention.  TBD is for internal group matters, some of which make it into
eMonster for the next month if they are of interest.  Last issue was full
of group politics and discussion of Shroud's Own because of Zagrolder's
choice to quit them and join us.
If anyone has any other newsletters, I'd love to get a copy.  As always,
you are free to use anything in eMonster News to promote Monster Island in
any way, but please mention the source.


As far as the items gained from cleaning out the Loggerhead Camp, that
is still officially a group secret.  However, I will tell you that the
items mentioned in the last couple of newsletters are not entirely
accurate.  And it was more than 40 loggerheads...
Subject: RE: MI/turns
You can't totally rebuild a tower unless you have a priest. The DOL 
tried and got to where they had 200-300 AP's to go and it said 
they weren't strong enough nor had the knowledge to finish 
off the top.
From: (Joel Halpern)
Subject: Island Geographic Society
Does anyone have an e-mail or telephone number for anyone in the
IGS?  (Preferably the leaders, but...)  I wish to avoid getting into
a protracted fight with them.
*****Editor: maybe Russell can help you...
Sender: "Russell Calkins" <RUSSCAL@AOL.COM>
The Island Geographic Society is Group # 704
and their totem symbols are  Thermadon Rex, Smite, Shifting Wraith
If anyone is interested they have a Fort about 2 turns South of the Triple G.
Shifting Wraith is creature #199, by the way.
Sender: "salmanila" <SALMANILA@AOL.COM>
A message from Prodigy, 11/26:  They are now on the Internet
Email.  All Prodigy ID's are seven characters long [ex:]
There is no directory service available.  A Prodigy member must download
the Mail Manager from Prodigy to read/write email offline.
*****Editor: We have two players from Prodigy in the group already.
Subject: religious Kills
I talked to Jack this morning... One of the Questions that I asked him is
about the fact that I am not excited about killing other players monsters.
The Priesthood requires monsters to kill other monsters.  Jack said that
the having to kill other players for priesthood will change when the new
religious stuff is added.  how exactly it would change he would not say.
From: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (jonesey)
Subject: Re: MI/The
it's odd terApus, not terEpus.
jonesey (yes i looked back at turn 44, so no hay duda)
Subject: rumors
I have heard two rumors from Ryan, if anyone can confirm these rumors
let me know.
some monster has successfully entered a tainted hollow...If so 
        what item did they use to get in.
some lightsider has become a follower of a demigod
From: Scott Micheel <WARDEN>
Subject: MI/turns
First, Tainted Hollows.  Long it has been rumored that one certain item
will let one enter these fearful places...  Latest rumor is a Dragonbone
is the key.  Another rumor said all you need to do is U33 a torch to get
in.  Yet another said 'be carrying anything with the word "Machete" in it'.
I know of nobody who's actually done it yet.  Another current theory is
that you need an ancient silver spike.  Jack has confirmed that a certain
item is needed, and we have secondhand reports that people actually have
gotten inside without falling asleep, but nobody can confirm it.
I have not heard of anyone following a Demigod yet, but who knows.
Anyway.  Stompin Rocksoul got a turn back again.  You may remember I beat
the tar outta Shriker a few turns back.  Well, he wandered accross my
path again.   Luckily for him I had no spell points to speak of; he
only took 49, I took 24.  He's getting better.  Of course, *now* he is
a member of the Fire Riders, so I assume he got a stat boost.  I have
sent mail to two Fire Rider representitives, telling them of my issuing
a No Attack order for #708 (Fire Riders) and urging them to do the same
for The Black Death (#727).  Hopefully, a real truce is in the offing.
In a Tomb of Mumi I found 48 Zoingo Copper Coins and a Kudo Bone.
The Black Death Shroud Temple has 4744 Bit Coins, 78 Occular Coins, 4 Kudo
Bones, 102 Zoingo Copper Coins, 1 Zoingo Silver Coin, 13 Kwando Guilder
Coins, and a Wooden Dragon Statue.  And we've been casting Seal Temple Door
on the place too.
I did get some responses from Jack on some leading questions.
There is a small glitch in he program; when I ran accross the Fire Rider
Fort, it printed that I found it, then repeated the find.  Jack was
stymied, but he suspects it's because I also did a LV on the Fort.  If
you guys are about to run accross a Fort for the first time, tell Jack
in your orders, so he can watch to see where the glitch is...
Purple Lotus (Cure Poison) Elixir will *not* be an automatic use item
(like White Lotus (Heal) Elixir is.)  It doesn't work on tainted water,
either, by the way.
It would be difficult to add a page # or page header to the results right
Jack says he *can* add Fort and Temple names to the game, and asks me to
remind him in a couple of months when he's not so busy ("I HOPE!").  I
envision a name being given whenever the place is Rebuilt or Sanctified,
or by some other means for those already in existence.
Are there any Dark weapons other than Edged?  A Dark Mace perhaps?  Jack
said 'no comment'.
Can monsters, travelling a specific path, *make* a trail?  Jack again said
'no comment'.
Other rumors...
A Black Lotus Leaf was reported in High Jungle.
A Tusker kill netted 36 food!  The guy feasted on 28 food at camp.  >burp!<
From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  MI/turns
        On entering Tainted Hollows, the only thing I have to say is that I
heard a long time ago that with a torch you could get in and at least not fall
asleep as quickly as people without a torch do, indicating that you may need
a torch.  Apparently, though, a torch alone is not enough and somehow you still
are ejected or something just a little later.
From: Michael Powell <>
Has anybody thought of using a Belly Baub and a Purpumpkin to make a
Lantern then using that on a tainted hollow?
From: (Ulrich Mayring)
Hi monstermapping folks,
I am a registered user of the Monster Mapper, but somehow haven't received
the recenter.exe tool with my distribution. Could someone please uuencode
the thing and mail it to:
From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
Subject: Zagrolder's Init.
I received Zagrolder's turn 55 today.  Unfortunately, I didn't find the funnel 
snake I was looking for, so I have one more creature to capture (wasted a big
kowtow this turn -- oh well).  I thought everyone would be interested in the
bonuses I got, since this is the second time I've joined a group.  Well, here
it is:
Joined Shroud's Own:
+13 Toughness, +34 Health, +15 Muscle, +17 Badness
Left Shroud's Own:
-42 Health, -24 Toughness, -15 Badness, -15 Muscle
Joined Black Death:
+13 Toughness, +68 Health, +16 Muscle, +15 Badness.
+60 Health (though this is dependent on current health, so not reliable factor)
+2 Toughness
+17 Badness
+16 Muscle
I'm pretty satisfied with that, since I wasn't sure I'd get anything the
second time!
(feel free to put this in the emonster news so others know the "penalties" of
switching groups)
From: Thingfish <KEN@UXC.CSO.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: more dumb questions
    Has anyone eaten a Rock Mushroom Fungi?  Does it have a use?
Do you know what Belly Baubs or Waxed oozes are used for?
Subject: Monster Island
Wanted:  Any information on Axlbar Fine Shop and Formondon Forge.
Do these exist?  If so, where?  Please e-mail me.
Steve Lindemann           
Sender: "nynavymike" <NYNAVYMIKE@AOL.COM>
Subject: Questions
As far as weapons practicing at a far inn..Do you have to do an I7 first,
then issue a weapon practice order? I am unsure on how to do it, and don't
want to waste the oculars and not get anything out of it..any help on this
would be appreciated.  Reading back on the old
eMonster newsletters, here on AOL i might be limited to 27K for file size? If
this is the case, I can download any eMonster newsletter, as long as someone
who has access to Bif's MI BBS has uploaded it there...If not, then I guess
you mentioned something about a "split" newsletter? Thanks...Mike..
*****Editor: When you issue a Wx Weapon Training order, you must also
     issue an Ix Inn Stay Order, or the occulars will be wasted.  Training
     occurs between turns.  Also, if you issue the Ix Inn Stay Order, but
     then don't end the turn in that square, you will lose the occulars.
     I will split the newsletter into chunks for whoever requests it,
     but so far neither AOL or any other host that gets this has any
     problems with mail up to 50K or thereabouts. (AOL does split it
     into chunks on recieving it, but you guys just get two or three
     smaller messages rather than one big one...)
 Seasons Greetings to you all, and we'll be back this time in January so keep
 sending in those questions, articles, and items of interest.
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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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