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     Welcome to another fun-filled issue of the Monster Island eMail
newsletter!  This forum is designed to be of practical knowledge to the
everyday monster, and a place for players both old and new to ask questions
of a huge audience of subscribers.  Unlike a certain other newsletter, we will
try to keep both group and racial propoganda to a minimum here.
Headlines this time:   New Blurbs!
                       The Item Pickup Controversy Continues
                       Far Inn Price List
                       Temples?  What Temples?
     Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month, come hell or
high water.  Publisher and Editor is <SCOTT Micheel>;
send all submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription info
to that address.  eMonster News is distrubted free for the asking to anyone
able to receive it on INTERNET, CompuServe, GEnie, or any other service
tied into the net.  Current press run: 78. To avoid problems with my mailer,
I send this out in multiple batches of addresses.  For a full listing of
players on the net, send a note to the address below.  Please copy, post,
print, or otherwise distribute this newsletter to as many players as you can;
especially if they have email access.  We want to promote this here game!
Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Lister of Groups & Cries      Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch (?)
Weapons/Armor List            Shawn Bilodeau  
Capture Creature List         Larry Barrows
Please note the the following players don't get this newsletter anymore,
because I can't reach them.  If you know them, tell them to get ahold of me: <MICHAEL Mackinnon>  (timed out error) <RON Blanco> (abcd bad host) <JAMES LeBlond> (portland bad host) <J.WEBBER> (jaw unknown account) <KAI Luehmann> (kickhh bad host)
  New Blurbs & Stuff -- thanks to lots of folks
!Stuff deleted - ADF!
Item #326 Dragonbone Sword
This magical,fantastic great sword feels light and nimble but, packs
a tremedous walup.  Swish!  Its solid dragonbone, which is off white
in color and fetures a thick, black leather wraped hilt.  The Dragonbone
sword is a damage class 5 edged weapon.  What is even better is that in
battle, it is like fighting with two extra skill levels in combat.  To
Equip it you must have 110 muscle, you can carry just 1.
(unfortunatly according to jay the two extra skill levels is not
working yet.-- poor jack)

!Stuff deleted - ADF!
To get a Waterskin (#?) just go into a square that contains Clakk Snakkars,
and quest for around 16 Act. pts.....
Effects of drinking more than 1 Brawn Elixir:  I have heard of 2 monsters
that have done this.  The first one got an additional bonus similar to the
first draft, but the 2nd monster lost a similar amount of strength to that
which was gained with the first quaffing.
Important note about Lime trees:  you can not see a Lime tree unless you
have voodoo cauldron knowledge.  My advanced monster (>90 turns at the time)
traveled through a square with a lime tree and could never see it while my
new monster found a lime tree on turn #4 (after digging up a Cauldi plant).
I can also confirm that a Tuvian plant may be utilized many times.  The
exact number of times is not known.
Do you know anything about this "orb of seeing" that was found by a
fire-rider ?
  The Great Item Pickup Controversy
As many of you know, there is a *bunch* of stuff out there.  A number of
players have complained that their monsters contunually pick up junk, which
loads them down so they can't pick up the good stuff.  Two solutions have
been proposed: adding a Saddlebags item for mounts, and creating a new order
Ignore Item.  Hereafter follows the latest ramblings on the subject.
        Last turn I got fed up with having to rid squeezy snake skins,
and other worthless items every turn.  It takes up precious orders, that
could be used for yelling or training my mount.  So I used the 'I' order
and set my pickup limit to 15 large things and 35 small things.  During
my turn I found a coco palm tree, I colected 3 oil (I had one already), but
I did not get coconuts, because I already had 36 small items.  I then found
a crobbler which I killed, and I took the skin off of it even though,
I already had 38 items at that point.  Why did it take the skin?  I know
it is not because I killed it and took it as treasure, because just before
finding the crobbler I killed a carrion crow, not taking the feet.  Has
any one used the "I" command, if so what is your experience with it?
        As most of you know I think that the 20/40 item limit is a limitation
on the game.  So I have been trying to figure out a way to get around this
limitation, since the whole game is based on the item limit, it would be 
difficult to change. The problem with the "I" order though is that you will 
pickup nothing unless you already have one of that item or get the item as
treasure.  Someone mentioned to me an idea about an order that would keep
you from picking up a certain item.  for example DP 10 would keep you from
picking up squzskins.  Unfortunately there is a large number of things that
I don't want to pickup.  So my Idea is to use the "I" order keeping you from
picking up non-treasure items, and then have an order that will override the
"I" order for specific items.  So a monster can set item pickup limits at
10 & 20 for large and small items respectivly.  Then a monster can issue up
to, lets say, 10 "PI" orders which will override the "I" order.
example turn
order 1   I   10   20  - limit to 10 large & 20 small items
order 2   PI  10       - except pick up all item #10 (squzskins)
order 3   PI  25       - except pick up all item #25 (coconut)
order 4   LV           -  lv a koma den
Assume this monster has 10 large items and 20 small items
This monster enters a koma den kills a Jungle rattler, and does not take the
darts because of of the item pickup limit.  He the kills a squzzy snake and 
does take the skin because of the "PI" order.  Then the monster fights a six-
headded adder and flees.  Next the monster travels east finding a lime tree
and a coco palm, here again the monster will take the coconuts because of the
"PI" 25 order but will not get any limes.  The only problem I see is that you
might ignore new items that you've never seen before.
I would like to hear what you all think of this Idea.  If I sounds plausable
I will tell Jack about it.
From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Subject: Re:  item limitation
        Well, I did suggest to Jack an order limiting item pickups (I called it 
PR Permanently Rid). He replied that he already had a No Pickup list in the
works but he just didn't have enough variables yet for it (it will obviously
take a lot of variables per monster for this list).  I think that
for me at least this will be enough to take care of the carrying problem.  
There are really probably only 20-30 items that I would really want to put on
the list and that's really not that big a deal over a bunch of turns of orders.
Also, Jack already has it set up so you don't pick up the junky armor and
weapons below what you already have so you wouldn't need to directly add these
to your No Pickup list.  I don't personally think we need to complicate this
any more than that.  Also, as I understand Jerry's alternate system you would
not pickup a Dragonbone Sword say if you didn't yet have the blurb and thus
hadn't added it to your pickup list if you were at your item limit.  As such,
I don't think that is a very good system.
        If you too want a No Pickup list either wait and hopefully Jack will
add it soon or write to him and encourage him to speed up adding it in.
I am afraid that a system where you have to list items you do not
want to pickup, would use more orders than one where you list out
the items that you want to pickup.  That was the main flaw, for me
in the PR order, I love the idea of limited the things that you pickup
because I am tired of wasting orders ridding items that I could be using
for other things.  I am afraid that it would take a large number of orders
to make it work... unless jack make the PR a special order that doesn't
count toward the 15, I like that idea.
Anyways, using the "I" order will not keep you from picking up items you
do not have the blurb for, nor will it keep you from picking up items as
treasure.  The only time you would not pickup an item is when you find it
laying around.
I would like to hear what more of you think about this thing.
From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
Well, I did write to Jack regarding my suggestion for allowing you
to set certain items such that you will never again pick up the junk and
I got the following reply from Jack.
"Aaron, I hope to add a No Pickup List - but I first have to expand
the database. -- Jack"
So it looks like the problems of limited carrying may soon disappear.
I sure am glad as I just noticed that although I had taken a special trip
thru an umber grass field a turn ago (that was quite a bit out of my way) and
I just realized this turn that I hadn't actually gotten any umber grass 
because I was carrying so much other junk (including a bunch of items I had
just picked up that turn, before the umber grass, using up my last slots).  I
will be very glad when this problem is gone.
   Far Inn appraisals by (Chris Meyer)
!Stuff deleted - ADF!
  Temple & Religion Notes
I have been trying to get a list of Temples together.  It's tougher than I
thought.  Here's what I have.  If anyone knows of *any* Temple location,
please send it to me.  It will help in eliminating the errors.
From: <TOM S.>
Subject: MI/Temples
  Sorry Scott, the list of temple locations Sarah was keeping was so full of
errors that we threw it away.  It's amazing how players can lie about
locations and then there's the translation problem of going from one
coordinate system to another.
From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
  Scott: Here's the list of Shroud Temples I have.  There is at least one
error, as two of the temples are too close together, but I'm not sure which is
correct.  The coords are in The Black Death format, I list some landmarks so
you can convert.  Also, I give every Temple a *name*, to help identify them.
(65e,23n)  English 2
(-48,13)   Shroud's Own
(0,0)      Black Death        Illuminated Torch (21, -7)
(54,-10)   (English 1?)       Odd Terepus (-21, 20)
(29,-11)   Fire Riders        Spotted Beak (-17, -10)
(53,-13)   English 1
(75,-31)   Shroud 1
(15,-110)  Shroud 2
(-12,-124) Shroud 3
(-41,-141) South
(-26,-180) Shroud 4
(19,-180)  Shroud 5
(58,-194)  Shroud 6
(-55,-206) Shroud 7
(-46,-228) Shroud 8
(12,22)    Fuvah 1
(42,4)     Fuvah 2
(25,-31)   Fuvah 3
(-26,-83)  Kabuki 1
Most are from the Kabuki Kronicles, the DOL newsletter.  As you can see, there
is at least one discrepancy (the English temple), and I wouldn't be suprised if
the locations were off, especially in the northern part of the island.
All of these locations do at least have a temple nearby, though -- or
there have been a lot of rumors about it.  I have to check my map, but I
believe the one at (75,-31) just kinda popped up in a white space, so I'll do
a little research to see if it actually exists..  The others are all very far
south (Dark Knights are active down there...).  Notice how few temples there
are in the middle of the island: between -10 and -110, there is only 1 rumor.
  Other Religion Notes
From: <BRI>
----------   Talk with Jack ---------
Jack wouldn't let me reveal certain things, especially about the new region
out east, but here are a few tidbits...
 - Have you put a demi-god into the game yet? Yes, but nearly impossable
to become a follower right now.
 - The best way to find out about a demi-god is to have something that
the demi-god doesn't like (silver spike, iron spike, etc.). So keep
those spikes. Also it sounds like you had to follow a god before you
could meet a demi-god (who knows how true this could be)
 - Is it possible to worship another god beside the big three in the
westlands or gwardon regions? Not Really.
 - You can get any spells for any religion. A kabukian can get the
lightning spell (I personally haven't seen it yet).
 - Once you become a follower of a god, don't attack one of it's
creatures. The only way you could do this is to use the attack order
( I would think that capturing creature order would be the same). A
fuvite killed a tusker and was said to have paid dearly for it. He 
wouldn't give me more info.
From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>
Scott asked "How did you expect to get spell pts back?"
-->The normal way; kowtow a a Fuvah temple.  Actually, I gained about 50 spell
points when I kowtowed for my spells and wondered if I had maxed out to my
new total.  I found out that I had maxed out, at 88 spell pts.
"How many bit coins and 'talismans' were there?"
--->Holy Hordes, Batman, there was a lot of them.  Around 5000 bit coins,
four kudo bones, a wooden dragon statue, a GOLDEN dragon statue, a wooden
fuvah statue (guarding the mess), a sunka death mask, a few silver bone
necklaces, 20 or so silver zoingo coins, 30 or so copper zoingo coins, and
probably some small stuff I forgot about.  This is most likely the biggest
trove on the Island, unless the disciples of light have been going for a lot
longer than I suspect.
***** Scott Replies
Incidently, my own Stompin Rocksoul just got spell points back by Staying
at a Far Inn.  Class 5 stay (the most expensive offered) got me +13 Spell
  Random Notes
From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>
Akien had one major event this turn- he hit his third Fuvah temple.  What
was intresting was that this Fuvah temple was loaded to the gills with
significant Temple treasures. Roughly 4000 bit coins, 5 kudo bones, a spike,
and a wooden and Golden Dragon statue.  This is probably one of the more
powerful temples on the island.  Anyway, Akien banged his head on the floor
and got the following spells (after taking some Excederin): Repair Sm. Iron
Item, Dig, Fire Shield, and Battle Slowness.  The spells were ok, but I
couldn't believe that Akien hasn't gotten a decent offensive spell yet (like
Fireball.)  Oh, well.  He jumped from 34 spell pts. to 88 spell pts.  88 is
probably his new max, as I think the presence of all that temple treasure
maxed out his current spell pt. max (was 66, increase of +22.) It'll be
intresting to see what his new spell pts. regained/turn is.
From: <CHERYL Frech>
        There is a tuvian plant closer to the illuminated torch
which isn't towards the odd terepus.  At least it was there
10 months ago.  The following is a small list of things on the
way to the Tuvian Plant or near the Tuvian Plant.  This should
help the fellow in the UK.  I am not sure I caught his address
(although I am trying to send this to him).  If I am wrong please
pass this onto the UK player.
All coordinates given in terms of location from the Illuminated Torch.
(If the other items are in the right location then the tuvian plant
may be.)
Tuvian Plant    = 12 south and 14 east of the IT
Goo Snake       =  3 south
Ancient Grave   =  5 south and  7 east
Plodder         =  6 south and  7 east
Lime            =  6 south
Koma Den        =  8 south
Loggerhead      =  9 south and  3 east
Large Cave      =  9 south and  7 east
Clakk Snakkar   = 14 south and 16 east
Koma Den        = 13 south and 15 east
From: (jeff vogel)
1. I have met a carrion crow outside a graveyard, so they might be
2. Some of us are cleaning out a hillock, and out of 5 knolltir slain in
   a turn, two of them had long swords. Any other instances of knolltir
   having cool weapons?
From: Alan Hutton c/o (
     I was really looking forward to the group list in the new newsletter. I
needed it to get my group leaders address since I lost it durring my move.
So please send me Andy Holms, SIX HUNDRED leader, address to me if you have it.
Also if someone out there has the locations of Kabuki temples around the
Broken Shield I would like to get some locations from you. I don't have the
monster mapper since I have an Amiga so send them to me here or to:
10296 Alpine Dr. Apt B  Cupertino, CA  95014-0911. Thanks
     Could some of the Light recuiters contact me! Ilya Taytslin wrote me and 
asked for the SIX HUNDRED and DOL to get together on joint operations. I want
to know if other Light groups are interested in the same thing. The SIX HUNDRED
is spread out but will be regrouping in the Starth sometime soon. We are a
Light group and I feel that we have been left out of group co-operation. So WE
ARE INTERESTED!! Also if there are any monsters out there who want to or
looking for a group to join please contact me. Rudra and Jake the Snake are at
the Broken Shield and will be leaving soon for the Starth. So hurry and get
a hold of us. 
By the way if any DOL members are reading this  please tell Ilya Taytsiln that
a letter is in the mail and sorry I haven't writen sooner.
*****Editor Replies: The keeper of the Group Lists is Brian Derks, who is at .  He has the most up-to-date information we
know of.
From: Michael Powell <>
I need help guiding a friend with a new monster to the Crooked Nose.
He's at a Fuvah shrine located in Jungle terrain in the lower Gwardon about
68 squares in from the coast.  Anyone see that on a map and can you give me
directions to the Crooked Nose (how far east and south) or to another Far
Inn?  He wants to mail his turn Sunday if possible.  Coordinates relative
to the Crooked Nose would be best but I can navigate from other far inns
as well.  If it helps, the terrain surrounding the shrine is mostly low hills
(nw, w, sw and s) with some jungle (n) and sticks (se).
In addition, are there Mmapper files available to everyone or do you need to
be initiated into one of the specific groups?
To the person how asked about Loggerhead camps.  The Dark Knights of Kunbar
were trying to clean one out but had to leave it to deal with other
distrations - don't know if they went back to it or not.
Finally, and these may not be news but I'll pass it on.  I did three LVs in
a row at an ancient graveyard this turn.  Fought one critter the first LV,
three the second and four the third but the treasury was not especially
worthwhile - silver greaves, a slink bauble and then 8 oculars.  Any use for
a slink bauble?
From: (Joel Halpern)
Subject: Far Inns
I will be arriving at a far in shortly.  Do they buy:
        Smite Pike
        Zinki Dart
        Rattler Dart
If so, does anyone know about what the GGG or SB pay?
WIth regard to Jazzercise, I am currently at 210 Muscle, doing 3
Jazz of 26 each, and getting 1, 2, and 1 muscle.  I presume this will go
down.  Does anyone know at what muscle level it changes?
*****Editor Replies:  By now you've seen the large list of Far Inn Prices.
All of those items are saleable.
From: <LARRY Barrows>
The newsletter is great.  Is it possible to get copies of the back issues
over internet vice calling up Bif's Long distance for a slow download?
As for the capture list, if you haven't gotten another volunteer; I and the
Shadow Guardians would be willing to take it on as our part of the program.  
*****Editor Replies:  Bif's Monster Resort BBS (317-962-BIFS) (8N1) is not
connected to the InterNet.  I have the last few online, just request them
from me if you want them.
And you are now the official Keeper of the Capture List!  Congratulations.
Everyone please send your corrections to Larry as well as me.  I will
continue to publish updates, but Larry should have the full list.
I found out a couple things from first, talismans of 
Demigods do count towards the 17 talismans need to become a fuvite priest.
Kabukers, and shroudians are out of luck though since you have to have talimans
of your own god.  The second is about the enchant weapon spell, Jack 
had programed the enchant weapon spell to be cast automaticly against
loggerheads... there was a small bug though, it is fixed now.
From: <JACK Vinson>
I noticed in one of the first few MI newsletters that come at startup time
that there was a list of some measuring sticks to guage your character's
progress.  I don't remember what they were exactly, but I imagine that some
of them have changed over the couple of years since that newsletter came
out.  Has anyone got a list of "average" blurbs, kills, monsterliness, etc
after 10 turns, 20 turns, 50 turns, etc.
*****Editor Replies:  A good idea.  We need someone to volunteer to tabulate
as many monsters as we can.  I will supply a list of every player on the net,
but I don't have time to do the tabulations.  Anyone want to volunteer?
From:   (Chris Meyer)
My name is Chris Meyer and I am the leader/recuiter of the Disciples of Light.
  I plan to start sending you information that I have compiled and that
which I receive in the future.  I believe that this newsletter is an
excellent method of exchanging data efficiently and accurately.  I only wish
that Internet was available to all households so that all MI players could
participate -- maybe not all, I have talked with some real losers.  Jerry
Ritchie, another DOL member, will also be sending in excerpts from our group
newsletter.  You should request that he send you an electronic copy of each
one, the data in them can be quite helpful.  I am trying to encourage full
information transfer (minus critical data that affects the safety of our
group members, such as locations).
  I am on Bifs Monster Resort at least 3 times a week. I will try to keep a
summary of interesting data posted on this BBS and forward it to you
occassionally so that you may determine if any of it is useful for the
internet newsletter. If you have access to a modem and an IBM compatible, I
encourage you to access Bifs MR occassionally.  A lot of useful
information/tactics is discussed there.  Also, a typical connect time is
less than 2 minutes with a 9600 baud modem and an offline mail reader
(available on Bifs).
  Could you please send me a list of all MI players that have access to
Internet.  I would love to determine what group members are on here that I
did not know of.
*****Editor Replies:  I will send a copy of all the players net addresses to
anyone who wants it.  If you *don't* want to be on such a list, just tell me
and I will keep it suppressed.
From: Ben Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
When BMT 7 came out, and Jack asked for suggestions for various
things, I sent him a long letter detailing some ideas that I
had.  About half of the letter was devoted to demigods, but
that's not relevant here.  The other half was about group
organization -- here's what I had to say:
First, I proposed that there be some type of benefit from
killing a member of another group, other than religious.
Currently, it's a waste of resources for a Kabukian to attack a
Fuv, or another Kabukian (don't ask me why one would...)  I
don't know what kind of benefit it would be, but I'd like to see
something.  I also proposed secular ranks, like religous ranks,
within groups.  Each rank would grant certain powers (this would
replace or supplement the group leader power).  I suggested that
there be a ratio for attaining a rank: there could only be one
monster of rank A per X monsters in the group, and one monster
of rank B per Y monsters of rank A...  This way, only the
largest groups (like mine - heh) could attain the highest ranks.
Finally, I suggested an order to facilitate intergroup conflict.
I call it the "call to arms."  Basically, it would work like a
Z order, so when someone got into a battle, any allies in the
square would lend a hand (I don't know what form this would
take, perhaps a stat boost, or they surround the fighters to
keep one from fleeing...).  It would be possible to issue an
"ignore call" order, if you were weak and couldn't afford to
fight.  To supplement this, I suggested a Group Friendliness
system, so that each group would set an F level towards every
other group.  A 3 would be neutral, 1 hostile (dispatch order),
and 5 alliance (nongroup members could aid in a call to arms).
A level of 2 or 4 would be influenced by the monsters individual
friendliness (as would a 3, though 2&4 would modify the
Individual F up or down).
These ideas were well received by jack, and by some other
players who I 've talked to about them.  Perhaps (if you like
the ideas) you could write to jack in support of them, and we
may see them enter the game in the near future.
From: <BRI>
   I got a disturbing letter a few weeks ago from a Joe Franklin.
JF>  Greetings! I run 3 monsters on the Island, so I've been reading
JF> your E-newsletter. Pretty good stuff! The only thing I disagree
JK> with is going straight to gator armor. It takes twice as many
JK> skins or if buying it, costs 4 times as much compared to
JK> barkbrutes. And, I've heard that a gator will destroy gator armor
JK> if a monster wearing it stumbles across one. Is it worth taking
JK> the chance for one more armor point? I'll be sticking with
JK> barkbrute armor until I get something non-organic!
  This is my reply!  First this isn't my newsletter and I agree with 
you that it is pretty good stuff. One thing I don't know. Have you
gotten the ARMOR NOTES blurb? In it, it states: you take your body
armor times 3 and then add your skin toughness and other armor (helm,
greaves, shield, gauntlets, etc.) by their armor class rating to find
out what your AC is. A iron helm is AC 3 so you would add 3. In
battle, the percent of damage absorbed by your armor in each round is
equal to your Total Armor Class X .025. The maximum amount of damage
absorbed per round is equal to your Total Armor Class. EX: A TAC of
10 would absorb 25% of the damage, up to a max of 10 damage. When 
your armor receives a severe blow it has a chance of breaking or
shattering. So if you did get gator armor, you would be three AC higher than
the barkbrute. Yes, it can be destroyed by a gator. But
if you run into a goo snake, you could also loose your barkbrute
armor as well. I would have to say that if you have the money or hides
and have map work of the area in front of you, get gator armor. Once
you get out into the Kunbar and Starth you will want the gator armor
because it helps you stay alive. I am also waiting to get silver plate
or better body armor.
--------------GenCon stuff
   This stuff is a little old but it might help someone. I was able to
find Keith away from Jack. So I asked a few questions. (remember that
some of this stuff may have changed).
 - The stone crypts and the tombs of Mumunudas are not ready yet.
 - You get more skill from fighting creatures than monsters (I thought
it would be the opposite).
 - Silver plate might go up to 8 AC. Some people aren't wearing it or
haven't fixed it at a far forge (I don't know if he is thinking of
something else, but I haven't seen anything that goes towards this)
 - He said you should go find as many scrolls as you can.
 - Black magic (voodoo) isn't in the game yet. Jack had said that no
one is tough enough to handle it.
 - If someone finds an item or something that can get the monster into
an area that isn't done, Jack starts to work on that area.
 - The area beyond the starth will be open before Christmas. He also
hinted you need thermadon rex wings (three people have them) to get
over the crystal hills. <JACK>- They wanted it open, well they'll get
what they wanted <HIDEOUS laugh>. They will be very surprised at what
the encounter on the other side <HIDEOUS laugh>. <KEITH> the creatures
on the other side will be a lot thougher. A bortolotamus would be 
around 3 times as tough on the other side. (I think I'll be on this
side for a while).
 - if you have a fair or average plodder it is best to find another
until the jossmen says you found a good plodder.
Jack just added 20 new spells and a few delt with creatures. I
thought two were really cool (dealing with creatures) but I was told
to keep quiet.
How about this for an Idea (not tried). A fluffy hogtail, mudge wax,
a lens (BPR or Yogorilla) and a purpumpkin (heart squash or flaming
gourd) to make a lantern (homemade)
----------   Talk with Jack ---------
 - Is there a certain item that you need to get further into a tainted
hollow?  Yep
 - Are there any other mounts in the game other than plodders?  Yes,
but I don't think anyone has one yet.
  I wonder if Jack uses Keith as a decoy. Sometimes Keith is right on 
some stuff but way off on other things. Keith does give out some nice
info once in a while.
From: Allan Hutton c/o <ERIKS@APPLE.COM>
Subject: Small Islands
I was going over blurbs and came across the Sea blurb. Has anyone built a raft
and been to an island on the coast?? I would really like to know if this is 
From: <TOM Skovronsky>
Tom Skovronsky runs the following monsters:
   Maralj the Slice - Shroud Disciple - member of the Black Death - near the
Spear & Club Far Inn.
   Nekoman - Kabuki Disciple - member of the Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma -
22sq. west of the Spear & Club.
   Mongogerrie - Fuvite Disciple - member of the Stark Fist of Fuvah - near
the Dragon's Tale Far Inn.
Anyone wishing to join one of these groups and near the above locations -
e-mail Tom at    and he'll see what he can do.
Thanks, Scott-will send more later- please note new e-mail address above for
the MI Newsletter.
From: "Robert Kazmierczak" <RKAZMIER@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU>
Scott, in answer to your questions;
I have talked to a number of players who routinely Jazzercise three times
per turn, in different squares.  Have you had any luck with this?  Does it
work to build Strength faster?
--->I've been Jazzing my monsters three times a turn, for around 31, 26,
then 31 again.  I haven't really been keeping track of where I jazz, but I
guess I've been moving... regardless, It's been effective.  Both my monsters
gain +1,+2, and then +1 muscle when doing this.
From: Benjamin Vincent <BJVINCEN@MTU.EDU>
        A while ago there were some blurbs posted on Bifs about things
discovered by clearing out a loggerhead camp.  They were the things I
mentioned earlier (oil lantern, trident, etc).  I've learned that it was 
probably the Dark Knights who got those blurbs.  Do you ave any contacts
within their organization so we could learn more?  I'd like to find out what
the fuel for an Oil lantern is...
        I am trying to get incontact with fuvites in the in the middle
jagged mor, kunbar, starth.  I tryed to contact the leader of the
scarlet templars but the phone # I have is incorrect so I assume that
the adress is wrong also.  So if any out ther is either is a fuvite
in the middle or  know some  one who is please contact me.  I am hopeing
to rebuild some temple and would like to contact monsters from the
scarlet templars and Fuvahs Fearless Fighters.  I hope some one can help
Jerry Hagedorn
1100 s 22nd st
Blue Springs MO 64015
  That's it for this fun-filled issue of eMonster News.  Keep those letters
  and articles coming!  -- <SCOTT Micheel>

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