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e-Monster Issue Sixteen

Editor: Scott Micheel

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       eeee   m     m   o  o   n  n   ssss    t     eeee   r     News 8-25-93
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        ee    m     m    oo    n  n   sss      tt    ee    r         #16
     Welcome to another fun-filled issue of the Monster Island eMail
newsletter!  This forum is designed to be of practical knowledge to the
everyday monster, and a place for players both old and new to ask questions
and get an immediate response.  Unlike a certain other newsletter, we will
try to keep both group and racial propoganda to a minimum here.
     Publication data:
eMonster News is published ideally on the 25th of each month, come hell or
high water.  Publisher and Editor is <SCOTT Micheel>;
send all submissions, questions, letters of comment, and subscription info
to that address.  eMonster News is distrubted free for the asking to anyone
able to receive it on INTERNET, CompuServe, GEnie, or any other service
tied into the net.  Current press run: 60.  Yes, last issue was #12, and this
issue is #16 -- I finally went through and counted all the hardcopy archives
and this is definitly the sixteenth email MI newsletter, counting Chris Jones
and Cheyl Frech runs.  To avoid problems with my mailer, I send this out in
three batches of addresses.  For a full listing of players on the net, send
a note to the address below.  Please copy, post, print, or otherwise distribute
this newsletter to as many players as you can; especially if they have email
access.  We want to promote this here game!
Editor & Publisher            Scott Micheel
Keeper of Blurbs              Aaron Fuegi
Lister of Groups & Cries      Brian Derks
Monster Mapper & MI BBS       Jim Wuerch
Weapons/Armor List            Shawn Bilodeau
  Letters and Comments from our readers...
Subject: Knolburger!!!!
Well I just got my turn back today for my monsters and my two monsters just
cleaned out a hillock.  My one monster killed a total of 16 knolltir in 19
attempts; my other monster killing ontly three knolltir in 10 tries: cleaned
it out after doing 62 points of damage to one pesky Knolltir.  In the
treasure room of the Hillock was Iron Gauntlets, Silver Knuckles, Short
Sword, and an Ancient Silver Spike.  So I am going to transfer the spike
to Claggin (who has a silver bone necklace) who will try to enter a tainted
hollow with these two items.
***** Editor Replies:
Congratulations!  I have a question about 19 tries -- is that in two turns?
*I* can only do 15 orders per turn.  Anyway, the last knolltir in a hillock
is kind of a knolltir king, and is tougher than most.  After you get him,
you can loot the real treasure room -- where the neat stuff is kept.  Jack GM
has stated that there is one specific item that will negate the magic of a
tainted hollow and allow a monster inside.  He wouldn't say what that item is.
From: Timothy Edward Ciciarelli <TEC2T@FERMI.CLAS.VIRGINIA.EDU>
In response to the letter from the kabuki follower who wondered
what kabuki meant by rewarding him for slaying a minion of the
Some creatures, like ghoul buzards, flesh eaters etc. are sacred
to shroud.  Apparently kabuki rewards his followers for
dispatching these particular creatures.  I'm sure a similar thing
works for shroud with respect to creatures sacred to kabuki like
the mhyrr dove.
*****Editor Replies:
The list of sacred creatures (known to me anyway) is as follows;
Kabuki: myrrh dove, horned marsh goat
Shroud: ghoul buzzard, flesh eater
Fuvah:  tusker, king stag
Anyone know any different?
From: e penryn flemyngx <FLEMYNG@HYDRA.UNM.EDU>
I'm personally curious whether we can find out how many
women are playing who are part of the newsletter audience, what the
range of experience is, etc.
***** Editor Replies:
>From what Jack GM has said in various propoganda, I gather that MI has
a much higher percentage of female players than most other PBMs; but this
is still only 10 or 15 percent.  Does anyone out there want to run an
infomal poll?
From: "James R. Boegman" <>
        Would you have information on getting back issues of the
newsletter?  I'm not sure if I'd want them right now (since I'm using a
fair amount of mail this month on CompuServe and may way to see how my
allocation goes before using it to get a bunch of newsletters) but I'd
like to see exactly who to talk to in case I do want some or all of them
in the future.
*****Editor Replies:
I have the last three online and can send them to whoever wants them; but
the other 13 I only have on hardcopy, and am reluctant to type them in.
I'm sure somebody has them; Chris Jones indicated he had almost all of them.
For the record, here is the list of previous email MI newsletters:
Chris Jones: Nov'91, May 8 '92, unknown date after May 8 '92
Cheryl Frech: July 15 '92, July 20 '92, August 6 '92, Sept 8 '92, Sept 30 '92,
Oct 9 '92, Nov 19 '92, Dec 10 '92, Jan 26 '92
Scott Micheel: June 25 '92, July 25 '92, Aug 25 '92
From: (Joel Halpern)
It Worked.  There is a new temple of Kabuki.
So, what normally found items are good to put in a temple treasure room?
And is the outer room really designed for the exchange of multiple items
among followers?
PS I did nothing but finished and sanctify the temple.
*****Editor Replies:
For a quick list of known items, peruse Aaron Fuegi's blurb list.  Among
other things are Kudo Bones, Sunka Death Mask, Gold Ring, Dragon Flagon,
Dragon Ichor, Ancient Iron Spike, Ancient Silver Spike, Mantle of the Dark
(good for any god), Silver Bone Necklace, Wooden Bodden Statue, Wooden
Dragon Statue, Golden Dragon Statue, Silver Dragon Statue, Golden Lion
Tankard, Wooden Fuvah Statue (only for Fuvah Temples), Wooden Kabuki Statue
(same), Bit Coins, and presumably Occulars, and all other types of coins.
It is important to have lots of Bit Coins, as they help in some way to
restore spell points to monsters visiting the temple.  (By 'lots' I mean
on the order of 500,000!)
From: (Joel Halpern)
Subject: Tuvian Plants
Has anyone seen any Tuvian plants other than near the west coast?
Reports suggest that they occur there, and have not been seen elsewhere.
*****Editor Replies:
I have found one in the Kunbar, not far east of the Illuminated Torch; this
is not that far from the north coast though.  I know of two others along
the middle/south border back in the Westlands.  If you don't find one, you
might be able to pick up an Iron Shovel, which is supposed to be even
better than a Tuvian.
*****From: (Aaron D. Fuegi)
I too know that people have found tuvian plants in the farther in areas but
they are sure NOT common.  My iron shovel I had to buy at a far forge.
From: "James R. Boegman" <>
        Speaking of our Monsters, I run Magnar Bladeslayer (a Norman
follower of Kabuki with about 50 turns) and Spheroid Shovelpaw (a Fatblob
who intends to follow Fuvah if I can ever find Him, although only 30
turns or so).  My wife runs Eyrigraoultzen (a Furrcat with about 50
turns) and Gundie Gumboganger (a Monger with about 30 Turns).  We're all
somewhat in the Jagged Mor region, although Magnar and Growler have been
there for some time and Spheroid and Gundie have just arrived.  Together
with Roguro and Gil Galad (two Mudwalkers from other players) we're
currenly looking to explore farther east into the Island and maybe start
a new group if we can find enough interested Ruks.
        If we do ever get around to forming a Group, it would be a
multi-racial, multi-religion group dedicated to working together and
exploring as much of the island as possible.  Until then we're having a
marvelous time exploring the Island and exchanging information on what
we've found.  I'll probably be passing the info we get over Email to the
others (since they don't seem to be connected to Email), although I'll
probably paraphrase it rather than burning up lots of trees printing the
whole thing out (then again, if it's a good newsletter I may just print
the whole thing and send it on as well).
        I look forward to interacting with you guys on Email as well as on
the Island (although I have to say it sounds like Magnar wouldn't get
along with Stompin very well).  Talk to ya later.
*****Editor Replies:
I run Stompin Rocksoul, Disciple of Shroud and Leader of The Black Death,
the oldest Dark group on the island, for those who don't know.  Anyone
reading this is free to copy it, print it, post it, and pass it on to
anyone they please.  I merely ask that you keep the header intact so that
they know where to contact me and get the newsletter for themselves.
Does anyone know how many points of damage you take for using reptron salve?
Something to ponder....I have made the comment to several people that I think
that it is far to difficult to find Talismans in the game.  As far as I know
there have been only four types of talismans found.  The three wooden statues
of the Gods, and the Dark mantle.  The last I heard only three or four of 
these had been found by all of the fuvites in the north (numbering 20+).  The
problem is that Fuvites need to find 17 talismans to become a priest!!  If you
consider that the game has been running for 100+ turns, muliply that by 20 
for the number of fuvites in the north, and multiply that again by 5, to get
17 talismans.  The rough calculation gives you a number of 10,000 turns it
would take for one monster to find 17 talismans!!!!!!  Even if you consider 
that it has only been in the last 50 turns that monsters were capible of 
finding talismans that still leaves you with a figure of 5,000 turns!!!
My Question is why?  Has jack not finished the Priesthood part of the game
and is assuring that no one attains is until he is?  I am curious what you
all think.
*****From: fuegi@CS.ColoState.EDU (Aaron D. Fuegi)
I believe that is correct that Jack will be adding more talismans and doing
other things to ease the priesthood quest(or is that just a forlorn prayer
of mine).  Also, possibly there are a bunch more talisman types to be found
in the harder places (Sunken Graves, Tainted Hollows, etc...) that we haven't
explored much.
*****Editor Replies:
Shroudians need 8 talismans of Dark, Lightsiders need 7 talismans of Light;
Fuvites need 17 talismans of any sort.  I agree with you that it'd take a
heck of a long time to accomplish; what I suspect Jack GM wants the rank of
Priest to be very special, and for Groups to cooperate to find enough
talismans to raise *one* of their own to priest.  By your calculations, this
would take 300 turns; certainly a long time, but possible.  Also, from the
list of items I gave in a relpy above, there might just be a lot more of
these things around; perhaps these fuvites aren't looking in the right
places...?  In the latest Blood Moon Tribune, Jack GM says that he is
currently 33% done with 'Completely revamping/revising/rewriting everything
to do with religion.'  Hopefully, he will make things a bit easier for
prospective priests.
From: Mike Davies in Seattle
Rebuilding Ruins is aided if you have a mount or members of your group
in the square.  Here are the numbers I got secondhand from somebody who
talked to Jack GM:
     1 member camped: +20% to your Rebuild APs
     2 members      : +35%
     3 members      : +45%
     4 members+     : +50%
     mount          : +25% (or up to 60% max with 4 members camped)
  MAKEing a Living...
Below is a handy reference sheet that Chris Meyer developed. It should 
prove very useful when plotting movement for younger monsters.
Item #    Description             Terrain   AP #   Requirements
------ ------------------------  ---------  ----  ------------------------
  1    Blow Pipe                 Sticks      40   After turn #15
  3    Crude Spear (DC 2)        Sticks      30
  4    Carved Club (DC 2)        Low Hills   24   Knife
  5    Hand Catapult (DC 2)      Swamp       32
  6    Gator Armor (AC 4)        Various     42   4 Gator Hides, Knife 
                                                  & Jute Plant 
  7    Knife (DC 1)              Low Hills   12  
  8    Dactyl Whip (DC 3)        Various     30   3 Dactyl Hides
  9    Squzskin Gauntlets (AC 1) Various     60   2 Squzskins
 24    Spyglass                  Various     10   B.P.Rowt Lens, Yogor. 
                                                  lens, & Funnelskin
 34    Fart Bomb (male)          Low Hills    2   Fart & Who Sac Bush
 40    Calabash Pipe                          8   Knife & Calabash Tree
 42    Waterskin                             18   where ClakSnakkars are
 45    Spiked Club (DC 4)                    45   15 Porququills &  Carved
 46    Sling                                 22
 47    Leather Armor (AC 2)                  50   Knife
 48    Squzskin Greaves (AC 1)               24   4 Squzskins & Knife
 49    Squzskin Helmet (AC 1)                30   2 Squzskins & Knife  
 51    Swampus Rake (DC 3)                   22   Swampus Paw & Squzskin
 55    Tooth Sabre (DC 2)         Sticks     30   20 Koala Teeth
 93    Curved Machete (DC 1)      Far Post    0   Flaming Gourds to trade @ 
                                                  Far Post
102    Crab Buckler (AC 1)                   14   8 Crab Exoscales
103    Snake Trap                             8   Knife
104    Snout Sausages                         0   Kill Captured Snout
105    Waxed Ooze                             2   2 Mudge Wax & Oozelet
107    Barkbrute Armor (AC 3)                18   2 Barkbrute Skins
Notes: This table is not guaranteed to be error-free. For example, it 
       may be necessary for your monster to be in a specific terrain to 
       get the Barkbrute blurb.
     - Barkbrute Armor: I believe this requires the 2 Skins, a Knife, 
       and for you to be in Jungle Terrain. At least, that's what the blurb 
       says you need. - Andrew Chronister
     - If possible skip Barkbrute and go straight to Gator Armor. 
     - Fart Bombs aren't really worth the trouble. 
     - Still no known use for the Waxed Ooze.
*** This article was reprinted from issue V of the Kabuki Kronicles - the ***
*** newsletter of the Disciples of Light (DOL).                           ***
  Group Listing
!Stuff deleted - ADF!
  Capture List
!Stuff deleted - ADF!

That's all for this time; remember that submissions are welcome.

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