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e-Monster Issue Twelve

Editor: Scott Micheel

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 MONSTER ISLAND E-MAIL NEWSLETTER for JULY 25, 1993 (whole #12?)

This issue is mostly a mishmash of comments directed at me by players, that
I felt were worth passing on.  If *you* have any notes, comments, or stories
to tell, I would love to hear them. - Scott Micheel - email newsletter editor - Aaron Fuegi - keeper of the online blurbs - Brian J. Derks - groups & battle cries - Jim Wuerch - Monster Mapper & MI BBS - Shawn M. Bilodeau - weapons/armor lists


New Monsters on the net: - Tom Skovronsky (Maralj the Slice) - Steve Lindemann - e penryn flemyngx - Jack Vinson - E.SHCHNEIDER - Anthony J. Pierre - T.J. Sharrock


Ronald Roff <RROFF@ENCORE.COM> change to
California Native <> to 11jkessler@gallua.bitnet

From: cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (jonesey)

yes, i am back in the country, and i am sorry i have not responded to your
email, but i have not had access until now (and snail mail is such a *drag*)


Random Notes:

From: (Joel Halpern)

I have gotten confirmation since that our group formation worked!
The Suns of the Rose is a Nice, Light group in the Upper Gwardon.
We are going to start rebuilding a temple.  We are open to new members.
I should get the detailed effects on me of the group formation next
time. The group currently consists of 6 Normans and 2 Bignoses.  Our
Totems are Sunbasker, Thermadon Rex, and Land Shark.  I got +18 Toughness,
+16 Health, +17 Muscle, +23 Badness.  This puts me over 180 Muscle.

The known record for creatures killed in a single turn is 16 -- I'm going to
keep trying, as I know you will...  kill, Kill, KILL!!  :-)

Anyway, my experience seems to imply that we do BEST at wrestling when we are
our HEALTHIEST... As the turn progresses, and I acquire damage to my body,
the effectiveness of my wrestling ability seems to diminish rapidly...

I did a Bathe in Pond:  I am now Clean.  Does this matter?

FYI: A monster recently did a Follow Light order: he is now a neophyte of
Kabuki.  For this he got +37 Health, +20 Badness, +5 Muscle.



I'm playing a monster in the relatively new German Monster Island. The game
is the same, it just has been translated, so I would be very interested in
any information and hints about the original game. I received the MI newsletter
from Cheryl Frech, but the last issue of that was in December and I haven't
heard of it since. Please send me your newsletter.

<*     Kai Hortmann - University of Konstanz - Germany      *>
<* chbrin5@dknkurz1.bitnet  or *>

From: "T.J. Sharrock" <ZBC01@SEQ1.CC.KEELE.AC.UK>

Tim Sharrock and my email address is
I play the KJC version, and am the `leader' of Kabuki's Legion of
the North. 

Concerning the maps of the American and European games: the structures
appear to be identical in the American and the KJC (British) Games, I would
guess that the initial states of the maps was identical, but that digging,
use of Scatamunga Horn Voodoo and so on will slowly make them diverge.
Group Info - (also sent to Brian Derks)
   KJC (UK) #748  Kabukis Legion of the North (light) (12+)
   Area: N. Kunbar, Jagged Mor North
   (Terapus, Myrrh Dove, Gator)
   BATTLE CRY: "North Light wins the fight!"
   Leader:  Tim Sharrock
   Surface: 23 Larchwood, Keele, Newcastle, Staffs, ST5 5BB, UK.
   Voice Phone: (0782) 634083
Bug Report
   In the KJC (UK) game there is a bug in purchasing things from
Far Forges: at the Korn Hammer's Far Forge the published prices 
     P1: Silver Jagger Dagger (10 Oc)  P2: Silver Greaves (9 Oc)
     P3: Iron Knife (12 Oc)            P4: Silver Knuckle (12 Oc)
     P5: Iron Shovel (34 Oc)           P7: Leather Barding (90 Oc)
     P8: Silver-Leather Barding (170 Oc)
But when you try to buy them the Forger charges much higher prices:
     P3: Iron Knife @ 31
     P4: Silver Knuckle @ 31
     P5: Iron Shovel @ 85

KJC have so far corrected the monsters' possesions to use
the advertised prices.
New Blurbs (both Loremaster Skills, and sent also to Aaron)
!Stuff deleted - ADF!


        I have several bits of information the first is that a monster in
our group entered a tomb of mumi, killed a blood mummy and found a
Golden Gargoyle Goblet ( item #367)
!Stuff deleted - ADF!
I found this blurb interesting for a couple of reasons.  first I have
never heard of this item, and second, when I talked to jack about three
months ago he said that he was going to be makeing some major enhancements
on the spell part of the game.  I am wondering if this item is related to
that, Hmm......

I have a little info about jazz and a question.

several members of our group have been jazz in the following pattern.

jazz 26,jazz 31,jazz 26, jazz 26,ect....  the monsters that have been 
doing this all have over 200 muscule and are gaining +1,+2,+1,+1,....
respectivly.  the one question I have is has anyone jazz twice in one
square and recieve muscule???

        I have found out that it requres between 120-128 day of being an 
alcolyte to get the temple sacrifice blurb-for Fuvites.


Subject: Acolyte

Greetings from Goorman (and that should be said with a low rumbling voice!!),
I am a male Viper.  I worship the Light, KABUKI.  

I have dutifully followed the teachings of my God the almighty KABUKI and he
has spoke to me.  In my 40th turn on the Island KABUKI has said that I will
become his/her next Acolyte and I am on my way to becoming Priest!  KABUKI
acknowleged my disposing of Dark Minions and I'm sure attacking a Shroud
Obliesk helped even if I was blinded (temporarily).

In brief, I was informed of a location of Shroud
Obleisk and I had just recently received the LV command.  I decided to try
it out on a thing that I thought my God would protect me from.  Therefore,
I set out for the vile structure and set up my getaway (FAST) plan.  When I
encountered the structure I was told that I was scared like I never been
scared before.  I ran away.  Then came the LV command.  I wasn't quite sure
how to attack, but soon figured it out and then came a great flash of 
lightning and I was blinded.  I made a mess out of my pants and ran like 
nobody ever saw a monster run before.  I proceeded to hightail it according
to my escape route.  The next time I was allowed access to my God, I was
granted the acolyte status, but not for the attack by itself, but for the 
dispatching of one Dark Minion.  What this Dark Minion was I am not quite
sure.  Any Ideas?  Well that's the story.  After consulting more with some
experienced players I may give you the Blurb unparaphrased.

On other information, how many of you have mounts?  I was curious how
much more ground can be covered in a turn (double, triple, ...)?

Let the Light guide you for it will never go out!!

From: (Aaron D. Fuegi) (LOKI)
Subject: Re: Mounts

I'm afraid you're a little lost on the idea of mounts.  I too hoped they
would increase movement but they DON'T.  In fact the only gains i have 
noticed is they seem to sense and avoid poisoned water and quicksand and there
are really no disadvantages to having the mount.  BTW i have a plodder and as
far as i know no one has anything else.  If they do, PLEASE mention it. 


Howdy.  I just received a turn from my other, lesser monster; Big Danny
McQuayle (a young Monger down in the Jagged Mor South) and there is one
particular item of interest;

The Twisted Tablor Far Inn was full up -- all 10 rooms occupied.  So I had
to camp in the square.  But I resolved to return next turn and see about
doing an I7 Inn Stay (to make a pitiful 4 occulars: BDM is really broke).
While I was wandering, I came across somebody's group cashe.  It said:

You've found another group's cache! You find: only one Purpumpkin.  You think
this cache was visited 3 days ago.

Now, this is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing.  BDM isn't
even *in* a group.

Ron replies:

Twisted Tablar was pretty empty, when I was there, BUT when I arrived at
the Dragon's Tale Inn, it WAS PACKED FOR WEEKS...  When I finally was
allowed to get a room with an "I7" Inn Stay, both my monsters aided in the
constrution of additional rooms...  Last I looked Dragon's Tale Inn
increased from 9 rooms to 12 rooms...  I had called Jack before this
happened, and he said the game checks to see how many people try to Inn
Stay and cannot fit, and the game does increase the rooms to accomoadat for
the future -- not much of a pleasure to be the one sitting out in the
elements, when I WANTED TO BUY weapons skill!!!  I usually use all my order
slots (15 of them), and at an Inn, I can ALWAYS fit in one more purchase or
sale, so I hate wasting the Inn Stay AND the Weapons Training orders to
waste two of my precious limited orders **Sigh**...


>From JHAGEDORN@VAX1.UMKC.EDU Thu Jul 15 10:39:30 1993

  Are you in the northern Kunbar or Starth?  Are you a disciple?  Can you
Take out Loggerheads in a single Blow?  If you answered yes to any of the
above questions then you are the monster we are looking for.  I am trying
to gather together atleast 15 battle seasoned monsters to attempt to clean
out a Loggerhead camp in the vicinity of the Black Swan Farr Inn.  The more
monster we can gather the quicker the action will be complete.  We will start
in approx 10 turns so you have plenty of time to get in the area.  If you
would like more information write jerry at:


  I am maintaining a Monster island discussion group over internet.  Our
Group exchanges turn results and information.  If you are interested in
joining let me know.  We have room for about 5-6 more.


>From Tue Jul 20 04:45:30 1993

I have some questions about forts and groups. I have arrived at fort #414,
and the blurb says that it belongs to my group. Not only did I not know that
I was part of a group, but I have no idea on how to enter or otherwise
utilize the fort's facilities. Any ideas? And, BTW, is it possible that one
of the monsters in my original foursome started a group (w/o my knowledge)
and would that make me an instant member?....
Any help would be appreciated.

Ginsu Warrior, aka DanielD217 (America Online)


From: (Joel Halpern)

We have been making good progress on the temple.  Can anyone tell me 
about sanctifying it.  I understand we will learn the order when it gets
close to completion.  However, for planning it would help to know
Can it be done before all of the construction is complete?
Do you need more than one group member present?  If you do not need such,
        does it help?
How many points does it take?


From: Jim Wuerch <>

   Version 2.4 of the Monster Mapper is shipping. Registered users can get
the latest version in one of two ways:

 1.  Send me a request of some sort, and I'll try to send you a copy. If
you'd like can can send me a disk to send it back to you on...

 2. Dial into my bbs.  Unfortunately I will be moving on July 28, and the
BBS number will be changing.  Watch the Blood Moon Tribune for the new
I will be at GENCON this year, so if anybody has any MMapper questions, I'll
spend some time at the ABM booth.


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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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