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e-Monster Issue Eleven

Editor: Scott Micheel

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 Howdy to all the new monsters receiving this!  The former editor of this
 email thing here seems to have vanished into the ether, so I am taking the
 reigns until we find where she went.

 If you are reciving this, and don't want to, reply to me and we'll delete
 you from the list.

 This newsletter is dedicated to letting the various players of Monster
 Island get in contact with each other, spread the latest news and gossip,
 share hints and tips, relate tales of heroism and horror, and just generally
 have a good time.

 If you have something to share with us, please send it to me, Scott Micheel,, for inclusion in the newsletter.


 MI net: we gotta lotta monsters online here...

Some people have quit, others joined, and at least one moved: Please make the
following changes to your list of online MI players.  And if you yourself don't
want to be included anymore, send a note to .

!Stuff deleted - ADF!


 MI Email Newsletter Departments...

 We have a number of people doing things for us out there:

 Newsletter editor:   Scott Micheel <WARDEN@TRITON.UNM.EDU>
 Keeper of the online Blurb list:  Aaron Fuegi <FUEGI@CS.COLOSTATE.EDU>
 Group listings, Battle Cries:  Brian Derks <NORMANDYKNIGHT@CUP.PORTAL.COM>
 Monster Mapper (tm) & BBS:  Jim Wuerch <>

 New coordinator of weapons/armor: <SHAWN Bilodeau M>

 We once tried to gather Monster Bios from the people online here, but...

"From: (Sean Alan Upchurch)

 There is a major problem with keeping Monster Bios -- nobody wants to talk
 I realize that it was my job, but I'd advise that it be dropped.  If you
 really want to keep it in then I'll continue doing it, but don't expect
 too many responses."

 How about we just drop it.  Nice idea, though.


Monsters accross the water:

Mike Poidinger <SKSPOIDN@READING.AC.UK> writes that he plays in the european
Monster Island version, and wants to compare the two...

  "Tuppence the Fatblob and Nick Caveat the Norman are Shroud disciples,
   members of the Hand of Shroud, a dark group in the Jagged Mor north. 
   Since we both seem to be in a similar position in the 2 games, and I 
   understand the databases are the same, perhaps there is some info that
   we could swap. I for one am very interested in learning if there is 
   any way to increase your starting spell point allocation, how to get a 
   dark weapon, and what you need to do to become a worshipper of Vlados
   Xi, the vampyre god."

From: (Ulrich Mayring)

   I have just now registered with Daydream Productions, Munich, who run the
   German version of MI. Play will start in a few days, I already have
   studied the rules and am - naturally - very anxious to get my hands at the

   I also ordered the shareware computer program to draw a large map for MI
   and would be interested in any comments from experienced users. I think it
   is possible with this program to save the map data one has to a file and
   to load this file again on someone else's machine. So it should be
   possible to get a large map for everyone with the collective input of all
   players who participate. I'd be interested in info on that.

   BTW, I have registered for a mudwalker, too, although they are the most
   unpopular monster race here in Germany. I wonder why???

   Bye and thank you in advance,


<<< I have no idea if the maps of the American and European games are the
    same.  The Monster Mapper will work on either of them. >>>


From: Chris Kessel <CHRISK@HOOD.NCD.COM>

   I spotted your post to  I'm curious about Monster Island
   and what the game is like.  I'm not sure if I want to be on the mailing
   list yet, but I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a small

How about it?  Anybody got a good review, or kind of enticing advert that we
could post occasionally to let people know about the game?


  Monster Notes...

From: (jeff vogel)

        After looting ancient graveyards about 20 or 30 times, I met a
        six-headed adder in one. Thought it was interesting.

        Best treasures I got: zoingo gold coin, iron shield, silver tipped
        spear, silver studded club.

From: (Scott Micheel)

     I came accross a clean, fresh waterhole, and dumped 20 ScorPoison into
     it (mwah-ha-ha!  <-- evil laugh).  The water did not change color.  Has
     anyone had any experience with this sort of evil stuff?

!Stuff deleted - ADF!

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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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