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Summer Issue Eight

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Newsletter #8, November 19, 1992

Newsletter Editor:        		Cheryl Frech 

 Far Structures - 			Cheryl Frech 
 Captureable Creatures -		Cheryl Frech 
 Blurbs -				Aaron Fuegi
 Monster Profiles -			Sean Upchurch
 Unofficial Weapons/Armor chart- 	Ilya Taytslin
 Battle Cries -	 			Christopher F. Jones
 FAQ -	 	 			Christopher F. Jones
 (FAQ=Frequently Asked Questions)

Note from the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers.

>>>>>>>>>>>> I have had such an influx of email that it took awhile to
get through it.  I believe that at this point I am caught up.  If you
have asked a question that has not been addressed please resubmit your
inquiry, hint, newletter submission, etc.. <<<<<<<<<<<<


Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

* LAST CHANCE - NAME THAT BABY:  I just phoned in my turn which should
  give me control over the little monster furrcat.  So I am expecting
  that after getting this turn back I will get to name and run the
  little guy.  So if you have a suggestion for a name get them in by
  11/25.  Background - both partents are furrcats, both are disciples
  of Fuvah and both are Fire Riders.  Mother Felica, Father either
  Hobbes the Furrball or Phydeaux.  Currently near the Speckled
  Pheasant.  (Please see baby update in section X for further details.

* WANTED: Anyone have Filtok's Far Post on their map?  If so, we could 
  exchange mapping, using Filtok's as a reference point.  If
  interested, email to

* WANTED: Information on what creatures people have tried to capture
  and to what effect.  A list of capturable creatures will be compiled
  and from time to time included in the newsletter.  Please include the 
  following information - Creature Number:, Capturable:, Item needed to
  capture.  See end of newsletter for current list, send corrections
  and additions to the newsletter.

* WANTED: Hearing from anyone in the vicinity of the Blushing Lady Far
  Inn.  Chip Welch (Group leader of the Guaridans of Fuvah)

* Bored Fuvite near the Cracked Skull looking for high adventure. Are
  you nearby, and want to find something to do? Send mail to so's we can paint the island red...


Section 2 - Tips (This issue BABY news replaces the tip section)

* Well turn 6 came and still the baby couldn't do anything on his own,
  then turn 7 came and in it was the following insert:

  "About your baby Monster:  I made a programming blunder and the
   variable that was suppose to be set to kepp track of how many turns 
   it's been since your baby arrived wasn't being incremented.  So, you 
   haven't been receiving progress reports, etc. about your child. 
   Anyway, I've fixed the program.  But I have not corrected your Weeks 
   Since # as I do not know what to set it to.  So, it's your choice -
   leave it as it is now and you'll receive all of the messages (one per
   turn), or advance to whereever you'd like.  Just write something like
   "Advance baby to 5 weeks" in the address change area if y ou want your
   baby to be able to process a turn right after his parent's turn.  Sorry
   abou the error! -- Jack"

  It goes without saying that I was extremely disappointed.  I don't
  like either of his options.  I want to be able to process turns on
  the baby and know what little blurbs of knowledge or sentences of baby
  advancements data I missed.  I have written Jack a letter with my what
  I feel would correct the problem for my monsters. 

This bug does not affect the turns leading to having the baby, just
post baby.

The good news is NAME that BABY contest has been extended a week, so if
you missed the earlier deadlines and would like to enter (sorry no
prize except knowing a little one might carry the name you suggested)
your chance is here.
				Cheryl Frech


Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries

* Has anyone met a Knolltir anywhere BUT in a Hillock?

*jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize
* results     results    results    results    results     results
*jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize jazzercize

Many of you have written with your experiences on jazzercizing multiple
times for smaller amounts.  The general feeling was if you were a
newbie monster (40 turns or less) it worked well, if not then it didn't
do much good.  A few examples of this technique follow.

* Nekoman is on Turn# 68.  (Is he too "old" for this?)  A summary: 
	Action Pts.   Health   Muscle
	-----------   ------   ------
	    21          +4       +1
	    10          +2       +0
	    10          +0       +0
	    17          +0       +0
  Total Muscle gained:  1!!  Plus, now I'm thirsty.

* A friend of a friend has jazzed for 9 muscle.  If i remember right he
  was Jazzing for 8 act pts nine times. This was in his early stages of
  the game. Two people I know have taken the braun elixer and they
  gained +16 and +17 muscle by taking it (1st time).

* Apparently some people are not having any success with the new
  jazzercize technique which was in the last newsletter.  It is working
  pretty well for me, but I am only on turn 26.  Last turn I did 14 & 9
  AP and got 3 Muscle.  This turn I did 15 & 15 AP and got 4 Muscle.  It
  definitely works for younger monsters.


Section 4 - Facts

* A norman used a brawn elixer when his muscle was 170 and he gained 14


Section 5 - Rumors (Believe it or Not)

RUMOR: If you give an EF (Enhance Fort) order while carrying some
carrion talons, you will make something called a "carrion spring
trap".  The MI player who told me about it did not mention whether he
used any other items (spider springs ?).


Section 6 - Theories

* Suggestion for the Kinck Ock Mushroom Grove - in response to
  the suggestions in the last newsletter, how about a
  combination of yelling and coconuts, in other words, yell
  "put the lime in the coconut".


Section 7 - New Blurbs (see end of Catch all for index to existing
blurbs in our net monster group.)

Remember if you get a blurb which is not on the index list, send it to
Aaron and the newsletter.

!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!


Section 8 - Player Deletions/Additions
!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!


Section 8 - Catch All

note: as a general rule, damaged items are usually one class lower:
Provided by (Ilya Taytslin):

      Bashing-"club"  Pole              Edged                      Whip
1     drift                             curved machete
2     carved          crude spear       tooth sabre                kadda
3     silver studded  silver tip.spear  short sword                dactyl 
4     spiked          smite pike        long sword, Light sword
                                        Dark sword, Shadow sword
5                                       great sword

      Pointed                                   Missile
1     knife, silver knife                       sling
2     iron knife, jagged bodkin, silver dagger  hand catapult, mudpie
3     swamppus rake, iron dagger, 		zinki dart
      silver jagged dagger  
4                                               fart bomb, silver dart
5                                               rattler dart
7                                               iron dart

      Defensive weapon                      Body armor      
1     crab buckler                             
2     swarth net                            leather           
3                                           barkbrute          
4     iron shield, dam lg iron shield      gator, silver plated
5     tortoise shield 
6     large iron shield
7     King's spiked shield

      Helmet, gauntlets, greaves
1     squzskin
2     silver
3     iron
4     King's spiked helmet, King's spiked gloves

!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!
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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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