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Summer Issue Four

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Summer Newsletter #4, September 8th, 1992

Summer Newsletter Editor:        Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Far Structures:   Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Blurbs:	         Aaron Fuegi 
Coordinator of Monster Profiles: Sean Upchurch 

Note from the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers

Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

Wanted: when was your turn 0 processed?  Earlier then 12/24/89
then let know.

Wanted: temple ruin locations north of Illuminated Torch.  Send
replies to

Wanted(?): a FAQ organizer.  Information could be put together
from various sources included the newsletter and a quarterly(?)
FAQ could be put out or sent to new monsters to the group.


Section 2 - Tips

John Stanton sends this tip:

	Try looting and vandalizing 3-4 times in a row. In addition
to getting a lot of neat stuff it can really help build up your
stats. I got an increase of wrestling offense +5 and defense +2 in
one turn. Also, the more creatures you kill the better you are at

	[Note, I am assuming John means an Ancient Graveyard.  Yes
 	 you can go in more then once and get neat stuff.  Enough
	 cemetary creepers and your wrestling skills could go up
	 and I am impressed they went up this much for John.  I
	 wouldn't try this at a Koma Den or Loggerhead camp. ]


Section 3a - Questions/Inquiries

More on Koma Dens wanted (see newsletter #1 for original post)-
	It is not necessary to kill all five snakes to get the
treasure.  You can not defeat one or more and run or have them flee
and still get the treasure.  You do have to fight (I believe) all
five snakes but can flee after the first round of fighting.


Section 4 - Facts

****Jonesey is back from his summer vacation and as such he and I
will discuss what will become of the newsletter.  ***** I will send
him the newsletters and far inn information but if you sent anything
out to everyone, please send a copy to Jonesey.****

Ancient Graveyard - large clam shells will not work as a
digging implement in an ancient graveyard if the terrain
is swamp.  (I just got caught by this one).

Lots of shroud activity arount the far post above the Illuminated
Torch.  These shrouds aren't part of a group but are ending two
to a square.


Section 5 - Rumors

Supposedly a Purpumpkin and four Stemtoad glands will allow you 
to make a lantern.  This one definitely belongs in the unconfirmed
rumor section.

	I have speculated that the Purpumpkin could be used for
	a JACK-O-Lantern.  One of my monsters had a Purpumpkin
	and four Stemtoad glands and quested and learned nadda.
	It probably means you have to do it in a square with
	the Purpumpkin field on a full moon after dancing around
	a twisted hallow four times on one foot (Or Jack didn't
	have the lantern.  A side note
	a friend made a comment to Jack about how lugging these
	Purpumpkins weren't worth it and we were dumping them and
	later in the game we were going to find out these
	purpumpkins were worth their weight in oculars.  Jack gave
	an evil manicial laugh at the comment - meaning unknown.

Section 6 - New Blurbs
<SOME ADF - deleted Stuff>

	[ This is a new section.  Since I have been sent new blurbs
	  periodically I thought sharing them would save Aaron from
	  getting lots of periodic requests.  So if you have a new
	  blurb you think would be of interest to the crowd send it
	  it. ]


  (A friend ran into one of the demon condors and was lifted up and
   then dropped for something like 11 pts. Not bad. Hope to hear from
   you soon.)

  [One of my monsters also met a demon condor but didn't get picked
   up because her legs were firmly wrapped around her plodder.]

Section 7 - Catch All

Current list of summer monster islanders (I have to mail stuff
out in two mailings otherwise my mailer runs out of ids - some
of you experienced this when I had to resend not knowing who
didn't get newsletter #3 and you got two copies).	(Jack R Martin),	(Scott Todd),		(Sarah Skovronsky),			(Michael Schultz),		(Ron),		(John Stanton),			(Shawn M Bilodeau),		(Maxwell Edison),		(Dave),		(Tommy Lindqvist)		(Aaron Fuegi),
    sau@Juliet.Caltech.Edu		(Sean A Upchurch),		(Scott Micheel),		(Ashley Taft),		(Cheryl Frech),		(Ken Primer),	(Eric Bothwell),			(Erik),		(Greta Bette Bartlog),	(Brian Derks)		(Matt Glidden)		(Tom Skovronsky)
    cfjones@phoenix.Princeton.EDU 	(Christopher F. Jones)


GENCON REPORT: Brian Derks attended the question and answer session of
Monster Island at GENCON and reports the following.

	* Jack has 40 spells programmed in.
	* Rafts will not come into play until after starth.
	* He does have weapons and armor programmed in up to 9 (level).
	* Bows, the big ? of the day aren't going to be made until
	  after the starth since parts are found beyond the starth. But
	  he did hint that their was some trap that use bow strings.
	* He also mentioned iron club, but wouldn't verify.
	* Creatures in the 200s are special so far.
	* He did mention that one temple was above the rest, I think it
	  was one of yours [referring to a Fuvah temple the Fire Riders
	  have rebuilt south of the Illuminated Torch]. 
	* One thing that was said that people haven't done much work on
	  was forts, there is alot you can do in a fort. 
	* Jack is not going to be working on the island for nine
	  months. He is writing a new game to replace "It's A
	  Crime". But the good thing is that he said that when he gets
	  back he is planning to rewrite (some what) religion. Change
	  far inns.
	* Talking about religion, he said that there are other gods
	  (confirmed), but wouldn't tell their where their shrines were.
  	* A few people were not happy with finding out that if they
	  didn't get a plodder in the kunbar they were not going to be
	  able to get another mount first. They would have to come back
	  to get one. The crystal hills were a way to say that he
	  wasn't done with that section let.



Note - I have only had one person send any information on the 
shareware mapping software.  I thought I would put it in 
the newsletter and if anyone else has anything to add, disagree
with or such please send it to me.

>From Eric Bothwell

          I have the unregistered copy.  The registered copy
          supposedly has more functions and abilities.  I wasn't
          terribly thrilled with the unregistered version.  It is good
          to get the big picture as to the layout of the Island as
          far as terrrain goes, but the way it stores information
          about creatures, structures, etc. is not the greatest.
          There are graphics for each type of terrain which are a bit
          basic and then if there are any creatures, structures, etc.
          you have to set up a identification number for that thing
          and then the id number will be printed at the top of that
          square.  The registered version is supposed to have an
          option to exchange data which would make sharing map info
          very easy.  If someone does not have any other way of
          keeping track of things it might be worth it, but if any of
          you have, like myself, devised your own methods of keeping
          track of the info any benefit from the graphics is minimal.
          If you are really interested though, the registration fee
          is reasonable.

Note - I have talked via phone with a couple of others who are using
the registered version.  They like it, especially the click on square
and input information option.  There are a few things such as 
merging maps and such which are on the way in upcoming versions which
will make the software much better.  This is from my fading memory.
It was enough to get me interested enough to buy it.  I would like
a way to electronically trade/merge/share mapping and this may be
it.  So if someone could send me the information necessary to order
this puppy please send to:


Special Section - Babies

Felica is now the proud new mother of a male baby Furrcat.  This
section chronicals the process and gives information on the baby
(blurbs and such).  I am assuming I will get to name the bugger
sometime so if you have any suggestions for a baby male Furrcat whose
parents are both Fuvite furrcats, mother Felica and father Hobbes the
Furrball (or Phydeaux) please send them in. 

Week XX 	Found two available males and loved danced once with
		each.  In this case both were Furrcats.  Nothing
		special noted on the Love Dance readout.

Week XX		Only indication anything up was during the 'TWEEN I got
		"Sometime after waking, you experience some dizziness."

[In order to get this out I didn't get all my turns to work with the
 weekly indication of what was going on it the pregnancy.  I will
 include this in a later newsletter. ]

Week 72		Just prior to breaking camp in the 'TWEEN I got:
		You feel a bit weary - you haven't been sleeping very

Week 73		Just prior to breaking camp in the 'TWEEN I got:
		"You can just tell that your baby is going to arrive
		next week.  You're very excited about this."

Week 74		During the 'TWEEN after the health and such.

		You sight a large avian coming towards you from far
		away in the sky.  As it gets closer, you can tell it's
		not as big as you thought.  Suddenly joy fills you as
		you realize its a Great White Stork (See Blurb).  It
		must be bringing your baby!  It softly lands right in
		front of you, taking your breath away.  It's huge
		mouth, already slightly open, opens further, revealing
		your baby.   Almost as abruptly, the Great White Stork
		alights, and flies away.  You notice that the baby is a
		Furrcat.  He starts wailing...until you start breast  
		feeding.  You're very surprised to see how big your
		baby is - much larger than the babies born back in Ruk
		Domlak.  You also suspect that he's going to learn and
		grow very fast.  You guess it'll be only six weeks or
		so 'til he's ready to venture off on his own.  [You
		can't name or issue orders to the baby Monster until

	During the turn there was no mention of the baby although,
	lucky me I fought and killed seven creatures.  Then during MAKE

		"Your baby survived the rigors of travel without harm
		and seems quite happy."

	That and a mention under STATS AND STUFF after Overall
	Healthiness - 

		>>> You have a baby, Monster# 3285, with you <<<

	The blurb:

	Creature #200: Great White Stork - This is the most trusted
	bird in all the world because it is charged with the most
	scared of responsibilities.  The sight of this massive stork
	never fails to bring a smile to any Monster.  Its large
	flapping wings make a soft, peaceful sound.  Inside the Great
	White Stork's huge, sack-like mouth lies that wonder of
	wonders, a baby Monster!  You admire the stork's strength and
	stamina that enables it to carry such a heavy load over so long
	a distance.

Week 75+ Still to come
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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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